HTC Hero :: Whats The Specifics On USB Cable

Jun 23, 2010

Mine is fraying and is struggling to charge, need to know the name of this cable asap so I can buy a new one before going on holiday. I think it's mini USB, is there any further details I'd need?

HTC Hero :: Whats the specifics on USB cable

Sprint HTC Hero :: Specifics On Airplane Mode & Mobile Toggle?

Jan 25, 2010

In a recent thread, someone suggested to me that using Airplane Mode can chew up battery. Initially, I thought this seemed pretty silly, cause all it's really doing it turning off the wireless connections (how could that use more power?), but I had no reason to doubt this person.

I figured this evening, I would simply turn off my WiFi and Mobile Radio using the toggles. I noticed that your signal bars do not disappear when you turn off the mobile radio via the toggle. In fact, I can even place a phone call!! Not a very effective toggle in my mind.

Can anyone drop a little science on what's going on here? Is the Mobile radio ONLY for data? If so, is there a missing toggle widget in HTC's collection on this device? And ultimately, what is the airplane mode doing (and how could it not conserve battery over a fully "on" state)?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Whats Best Rom Out There Atm?

Aug 25, 2010

right now i am currently using the DD froyo from 8.24 i love it, it runs so fast only gripe about it is not having visual voicemail what other roms are there are fast and give me my visual voicemail back? are there any other froyo roms out there?

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Android :: Strange JAVA Syntax - Specifics?

Apr 1, 2009

I am a C programmer before, and I am looking into android source code right now, some JAVA syntax is confusing, I am not sure whether or not it's android related, see:


1) What's the meaning of Override? Is it ommitable?

2) What does the "synchronized" mean?

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Android :: Whats Best Browser To Use For Hero?

Nov 27, 2010

ok i have tried dolphin and didnt really like it . i now have skyfire which is good for viewing flash but is really laggy and with the new facebook integration its really horrible. is there any other browser that have flash support ? if not which is the fastest browser . i dont mind if it a paid or free app

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Whats Up With This Site?

Oct 21, 2009

In my mobile view of this site, there's a huge, space wasting white box on the left side of the screen called "my android".

How do I get rid of it?

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Sprint HTC :: Whats Best Way To Make Your Own Hero Themes?

Dec 6, 2009

Can anyone link me to a guide on what programs are needed. Blackberry and Apple (jailbroken) were great fun making themes and changing icons.Hopefully someone can hook me up with a solution.

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Sprint HTC :: Whats Worst You Have Ever Dropped Your Hero?

Jun 5, 2010

Just dropped mine for the FIRST time since I purchased it in February. Dropped it from about average arms height onto a hard-wood floor, and it had a silicone case on it. Not really worried, but I am just curious how bad you have dropped your Hero at one time or another? Also, what kind of testing do these phones go through? Are they designed to take a bit of a drop? I have always been curious about that.

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HTC Hero :: Whats Latest Version Can Upgrade?

Feb 14, 2010

I am new to HTC Hero, and want to ask few questions from the experts sitting here...firstly my mobile has a tag of T mobile, but i am using it with another sim in a country where HTC hero was not meaning my phone is unlocked or something??if i upgrade the firmware will it get locked?My current firmware is 1.5, whats the latest version i can upgrade too??in case it gets locked...can i unlock it in someway??Also that what is ROM in android??my current build is do i need to upgrade it as well??

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HTC Hero :: Calls Lose 3G / H Signal - Whats Wrong Here?

Dec 20, 2009

When i turn on my phone it gets a 3G signal then H but after a while it drops to just a G signal. When on a G signal the browser/market/facebook app etc don't work, (says check Internet connection) If i tick the 2G only box then untick it I get 3G/H signal again? Also when i receive phone calls the G/3G/H signal disappears totally (just the 3-4 bars). Once the phone settles on G signal it wont go up to 3G or H signal again without ticking 2G only then unticking? Any ideas whats wrong here?

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Sprint HTC Hero : Whats Most Recent - Best Recovery Image?

Sep 16, 2010

ran into a little problem yesterday when i was going back and forth between roms. i usually wipe before restoring nandroid but this time i ran into the error nandroid adb thing. i was able to get into rom manager and flash clockwork recovery and then flash back RA_v1.6.2 to restore my nandroid but i was wondering whats the BEST and NEWEST recovery image out right now? i dont want to run into this problem again. i thought i broke my phone! lucky i searched on here and someone said to reinstall the recovery image which is what i did and it worked!

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Window Pops Up When I Mount Phone / Whats Going On?

Jan 28, 2010

ok so when i mount my hero to my laptop it asks me if i would like to scan it cause there may be problems with files on it or something and if i click scan it pops up another window with a start button i click it and then it brings up my hero as a removable disk and says please reconnect or something idk never saw this until now anyone know what going on?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't Download Incoming MMS Messages / Whats Wrong?

Mar 18, 2010

Incoming MMS messages are not downloaded or the phone says it cannot download. Whats wrong? i did not use to have this on my previous moment or hero before this one.

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HTC Hero :: Do Need USB Cable

Nov 29, 2009

I'm used to using USB to transfer files from PC to phone so was a bit surprised when my Hero didn't come with one.

Obviously most things can be done wirelessly now, but I have lots of music files I want to transfer and my PC does not have bluetooth.

Am I missing a really obvious solution here? I use iTunes, so is there a way to just synch up the account with the Hero?

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HTC Hero :: Charging Via USB Cable

Feb 17, 2010

I've got a little problem with my HTC Hero. I got it yesterday and plugged it in to PC at home and charging was fine. At work today when I took my phone out of a pocket I noticed that red light is flashing. I've connected it to my Mac at work and it doesn't seem to charge it what so ever. It has been connected to Mac's USB for about 30 minutes and red light is still flashing. Tried to turn it on but ON/OFF button doesn't work. How long it needs to be plugged in to start again? Is it a Mac issue?

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HTC Hero :: T-Mobile UK G2 Touch USB Cable

Feb 9, 2010

I have a G2 touch UK and the USB cable that plugs into the phone end has not got a mini usb port but rather something shaped like it but not quite the same. Tried a usb to mini usb adapter on it and it wouldn't fit. What connection is it? It's not micro usb either.

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HTC Hero :: Adding Files Via USB Cable

Nov 5, 2009

Still learning my Hero only had it a few days, it came with a 2gig SD card in it. When I hook the phone up via USB cable the SD card shows up in MY COMPUTER but I cannot open/browse it, I tried the card in my old Samsung E900 and its fine I added my music and other files that way.

I have HTC sync and added some apps I had on PC to the Hero withno problems at all but how to I add other files?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Mini USB Synchronization Cable

Dec 18, 2009

I am looking to buy a new Mini-USB Synchronization Cable, where I can I find one? The one on sprint costs 24.99, is there a better place to buy it?

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HTC Hero : Can't Use Phone Sync With Windows XP And Old USB / Do Without Cable?

Feb 13, 2010

I have a new HERO that works perfectly and I love it. But I have an older laptop that doesn't have USB 2 on it and I can't seem to sync my calendar. In fact and I can't get to first base with it. The install fails on the laptop because I don't have usb 2.0 I'm guessing. Is there any other way to sync this with out a cable? This would be nice to get going as my HERO would be 100% then..

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HTC Hero :: My Charger Cable Has Frayed And Isn't Working Properly

Oct 20, 2010

My charger cable has frayed and isn't working properly. The wall socket is ok.Which of these cables will I be able to use with my wall socket? (UK Amazon links only)

1. Essex Electronics 1m USB 2.0 A - 5 Pin Mini B Camera: Electronics

2. Garmin USB/PC Cable for Nuvi and Zumo series: Electronics

3. USB 2.0 Hi-Speed A to mini-B 5 pin Cable (PSP/Cameras etc) - 1.8m: Electronics

4. USB Y Cable for External Hard Drive - USB A to mini B - USB cable - 4 PIN USB Type A (M) - mini-USB Type B (M) - 30 cm ( USB / Hi-Speed USB ) - black: Computers & Accessories

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Computer Won't Recognize Phone With New Cable

Aug 2, 2010

I recently lost the charger and cable that came with the phone, and bought another one, but the actual connector is slightly different. When I plug my phone into my computer, I don't get anything, either on the phone or on the computer, except that the phone does start charging. I get no "start USB service" or whatever option in the phone and the phone does not show up as a drive. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero. I'm guessing it's the cable, but I'd like to confirm before going out and buying another cable.

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HTC Hero :: Software For Connecting USB Cable / Exploring SD Card

Sep 22, 2009

Is this the software that automatically installed from my phone when I connected the USB cable? It allows me to explore the SD card?

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HTC Hero :: Turn Phone On Without Battery In There By Using Charging Cable?

Jan 1, 2010

Is there anyway to turn the phone on without a battery in there by using the charging cable? No one seems to sell the battery, not in store that is and getting it online will be a couple of days ...

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Charging Battery - Alternative Methods? Charging With USB Cable To Any Computer?

Nov 10, 2009

Charging Battery - Alternative Methods? Charging with USB Cable to any Computer?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Whats Best Way To Workout?

Aug 10, 2010

I go to the gym a lot and I have a hard time with my Evo. How are you carrying your Evo at the gym when you workout. Any suggestions.

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Android :: Whats Best Aim Client?

Jun 13, 2010

im a big aim user but im new to android just got the evo

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Android :: Whats That App Called?

Aug 27, 2010

I saw it on the market but forgot to install it. It displays the number of remaining minutes, texts and data left for the month if your on a monthly mobile phone plan.

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Android :: Whats Your 3G / 4G Speed?

Sep 26, 2010

so I've been waiting for 4G in minnesota for a while now for my epic. They haven't announced it yet but. They've been. Tinkering with the towers lately and I've been seeing sme 4G coverage here are my mobile speed test results I was surprised considering I've been reading about people saying its more like 3 and a half G with speeds not much greater than 3G I realize however that right now there's almost 0 congestion and bandwith will slow considerably however the froyo update should even that out So what are your speeds?

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HTC Desire :: Whats A Radio?

Oct 9, 2010

I have flashed my Desire with many thanks to Unrevoked, but on these forums I've been reading about radio, What exactly is all the heat about?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Keyboard Lag On Web / Whats Cause?

Sep 27, 2010

I am getting a bad case of this. anyone know the cause?

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