General :: Removed Google Accounts Can Still Remotely Install Apps

Aug 24, 2013

I have a problem with my android phone. During the holidays I added my mothers and girlfriends gmail-account to my android phone (android 4.0) so they could check their email at wifi points. Afterwards (about a week ago now) I removed their accounts again. So, there is no trace from their accounts left on my phone. However, I just noticed that when they go to the play store on a pc, they can still install apps! Even though they are not logged in to my phone! I tried it, and indeed, my phone started downloading the app.

Googling how to stop this did not turn up anything useful, How do I disable their ability to install apps? I even added the accounts again to the phone, made sure all syncing was off, removed them (with all syncing off), and it still worked!

General :: Removed google accounts can still remotely install apps

General :: Remotely Install App Without User Noticing?

Mar 19, 2014

is it possible to secretly and remotely install an app without the user noticing?

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Android :: LVL And Google Apps Accounts

Oct 20, 2010

The primary account on my N1 is a Google Apps account. I added code to one of my apps to support the LVL. Now I am trying to test it on my N1. Since the address associated with my market publisher acct is an @gmail address and not my Google Apps account the license check fails every time. I tried adding my Google Apps account to the list of "test" accounts in my profile. It continues to fail. Has anyone else encountered this? Has anyone been successful using a Google Apps account as a test account?

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HTC Desire :: Removed Stocks And Weathers From Accounts / Get Them Back?

May 27, 2010

Under Accounts and Sync (in Settings), Stocks and Weather seem to nestle permanently - I can't see a way of getting them out of there. I don't use the Stocks app at all and have turned autosync off on it. Is there a way to get if off the Accounts and Sync screen?

Adding why I want it to go: each time I go to the Accounts and Sync screen, the Stocks app ends up getting restarted! Even if I force close it from "Managing Apps", it shows up again as running when I go to the Accounts and Sync screen.

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General :: Cannot Install Apps On Google Play

Apr 17, 2013

When I try to install any app from Google play store it all goes well until I press the 'accept and download' button and the app just goes back to main screen and the app is not installed. I am using Samsung Galaxy S3. I cleared the data of google play yesterday because I was getting these annoying messages which slowed my phone down (they were popping up every 2 seconds or so)

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General :: Can't Update Or Install Any Apps From Google Play Store

Mar 26, 2013

All of a sudden I get an error "insufficient storage available" when I try to update or install any apps from the Google play store. I have deleted the cache for the Play store app and restarted my phone, but I am still having the problem.

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General :: Install Google Apps On Coby Kyros Without Rooting?

Jun 20, 2012

My only goal is simply to have Google Play up and running on my Android without rooting and putting on all sorts of fancy mods. Besides, I'm not even sure if there's a Cyanogenmod for my device. I looked and it's not in the list.

I recently got a Coby Kyros MID1042, Android 4.0 tablet. It doesn't come with Google Apps. I want to install Google Apps. I have tried doing this by using the APKs and installing manually. I found instructions on Youtube and downloaded some signed apks with Vending 3.3.12.

Things seemed to be fine until I clicked on Google Play in my apps tab, I was prompted to enter my Gmail account info, so I did. I got the message "Your phone needs to communicate with Google Servers to set up your account...", but after a few minutes, I got a message that says, "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server", followed by "Unforunately, Google ServicesFramework has stopped."

have come up with solutions that seem to involve something called "rooting", resetting and installing some MODs... I'd rather use rooting or modding as an absolute last resort. Why I'm getting these messages, or any better .apk package.

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General :: How To Install Same App Twice - Two Accounts

May 4, 2013

I want to install some app twice because i need to handle two account at the same time not doing log in and log out.I hard that I have to change the package name of the app but i dont know how.

can i some how do it with titanium back up?

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Android :: Google Apps And Google Accounts Merging - Android Impact?

Jul 5, 2010

According to: What's changing : About the conversion - Accounts Help, Google will be merging Apps Accounts and regular accounts. Anyone know how this might impact Android? I currently use an Apps account and a regular account both with a login. Once I got the hang of which services used apps vs, regular vs. both (and how to tell which one I was using for what), this seems to work OK on the desktop. But on Android certain services like Checkout seem to only work with accounts. I wonder if this change will make things more or less confusing on Android.

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General :: Apps Removed From Home Screen

Mar 11, 2012

I put in folders apps in the home screen pages but after i turn of my player the apps deleted from homescreens is there a way to keep the apps in the home screen pages even if i turn of my device?or an app that make the apps return like they were before i turn off my device?

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General :: Install WhatsApp Multiple Accounts On Nexus 7 Without Rooting?

Dec 15, 2013

i am using nexus 7 2012 wifi version android 4.3 It's true that multi user support is available on Android 4.2 nd 4.3 Is it possible to install multiple whatsapp acct. using this feature i tried it and everything works jst fine but somehow when i'm done with mobile verification process on my second profile whatsapp crashes saying "whatsapp isnt responding"

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General :: How To Duplicate Apps With Different Accounts

Jan 12, 2013

How can i duplicate apps on my phone for example 2 facebook apps with different accounts

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General :: Way To Merge Google Play Accounts?

Jan 6, 2013

Any way to merge Google Play accounts? I have two email accounts on my phone, I wish to take that down to one but there are purchased apps in both accounts at Google Play. I looked into this some time ago and Google told me back then that they could not merge accounts -- which I thought was rather ridiculous. Doesn't Google have the (sometime scary) power to do just about anything? Anyway, they told me that I'd have to contact each and every paid app maker that I'd purchased from and see if they'd give me a new download under a different email addy since I'd already paid once. I finally gave up and just re-purchased the most important apps.

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HTC Incredible : Way To Install Google Apps?

Jul 16, 2010

So, I was messing around with Jager rom yesterday, and liked it enough. However, I really prefer the default gmail app to the K9 mail he included. How exactly can I install gmail's android app to Jager rom? I downloaded a pack from the incredibleroms site that was for Cyanogen (the 2.1 version) that said it was for google apps.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Run Google Earth Remotely And More?

Jun 12, 2010

htc droid / Verizon / Colorado springs CO

so I am one of those that has not been able to download Google earth even after the update. I have tried every link and every idea to no avail. well I found a way, slow, but functional. android app phone my PC. this app lets me control all PC apps from my phone to my PC because what's on the PC screen at home is on my phone. and now Google earth has joined the group.

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General :: Google Nexus 7 - Download Emails From Both Accounts?

May 12, 2014

I've used IOS for a while and wanted to try something different. That being the case I bought a google nexus 7 to play around with it. I have 2 google+ accounts set up on this phone because I play a game called Clash of Clans. I had to link both my IOS accounts over to 2 google play accounts. Now when I connect via Wi-Fi anywhere, it downloads the emails from both accounts. Is there a way for only allow for one of them to download? I'm not too familiar with this new operating system, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right spot.

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General :: Google Play Store With Multiple Accounts - 403

Mar 22, 2014

Have had an ongoing problem with error 403 in the Google Play Store.In this case, the issue seems to have arisen because I have historically used 2 google accounts to purchase apps. 'Account A' from 4 to 3 years ago, and 'Account B' from 3 years onwards.

I now only have 'Account B' on my phone (N7000), however, some of the apps which I purchased with 'Account A' still appear as purchased in my Google Play Store, even although phone can be hard reset with no further 'Account A' reference. So I get this 403 download problem, although I wouldn't even mind just buying some apps afresh with 'Account B'. Also, maybe of relevance, the same card was used to purchase on both accounts.

Is there a way I can 'clear' the original 'Account A' purchases?

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General :: Sync Contacts Multiple Google Accounts

Dec 20, 2012

I have the phone running Android 2.3.4 (rooted).I have two Google accounts setup on my phone. I use both of them as there are apps purchased from both accounts.

I would like to sync contacts from my phone to BOTH the accounts. As of now, contacts are being synced to just one Google Account. In the "Accounts and Sync", I see both the Google Accounts listed, with the "Sync Contacts" option enabled for both accounts.

Is it possible to sync contacts to both GOOGLE accounts from the phone? If yes, how?

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General :: Galaxy S3 Stolen - Finding Via Google Accounts?

Jul 22, 2013

My phone stolen, some prats smashed my window through and took everything. I've tried installing all of those tracking apps, but it seems my phones either constantly turned off, or has been wiped.

One day they are bound to use my phone, and set up another google account with it. I was wondering, is there anyway that I could find out what google account they use?

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General :: Restoring Backups - Google Accounts And 2 Step Verification

Oct 6, 2012

I have a nandroid backup of my phone. I also have a tablet. Is it possible to advanced restore the data from my phone onto my tablet?

Story is : Phone broke with sim card.... Sent it off for repairs....

Forgetting I have two step verification for my Google account

Installed new ROM on tablet with full wipe andwithout nandroiding

I need to access my account without my phone and I don't have backup codes. So the idea was: to restore the google account information from the nandroid of the phone to the tablet.

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General :: Can't Update Apps In Play Store After Changing Accounts

Jan 3, 2013

I am having an issue on my Asus Transformer Prime tablet. I had my account on there and downloaded a bunch of apps and games. My wife signed up for an account and we added that one and removed my account as she has taken over my tablet. LOL. The app/game says there is an update but when we go to the Play Store it will not allow us to update it, it only shows OPEN and UNINSTALL. If I add my account back onto the tablet the option for update is there.

Is there anyway to update the apps/games without my account being on there? I thought about just deleting the game and re-installing it under her account but that would erase all of her progress in the game.

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General :: Setup Two Different Google Accounts To Stream Music From Google Music?

Oct 8, 2012

Any way to setup two different google accounts to stream music from the google music service minus using two different devices. Is it even possible.

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HTC Eris :: NEW Google Voice Search Can't Install Apps

Aug 12, 2010

Ok so google just announced the new Voice Search and Google Search apps, that work only on Froyo (2.2). I'm on that OS (yeah!) but can't install the apps? Anyone have some clues? Neither app can install successfully. I'm on CelebFroyo 1.9 for full details on the new function: Just speak it: introducing Voice Actions for Android

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General :: Browser Sign-in Method For Adding Google Accounts In Android?

Apr 16, 2012

Android 3 and 4 have a new option that allows the user to add new a Google Account to the phone by using the Browser Sign-In. The option is available when you try to add a new Google Account to Android (see screenshot).

Use Browser Sign-In with SAML based Single Sign-On? It is not working with our SAML setup.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Need Removed Stock Apps

Sep 9, 2010

I just rooted and wanted to get a few apps back that were removed from Fresh3.2.2. How can I get those back?

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HTC Desire :: Removed Apps Left Behind Files

Sep 11, 2010

i have removed some apps but there is still some of the files on the sd card.should i either delete the files with the pc or download the apps again then clear the app cache before removeing again? will just deleteing the files with my pc when it hooks up to the htc cause any problems or fail to remove hidden files elswhere for the apps? also could somebody list what the default files would be from a new phone and what the file names mean/corespond to please so i dont delete important files.

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Android :: How To Obtain Apps Removed From The Market

Aug 25, 2010

I had Sickipedia but had to restore phone. Now I can't get this app on the Market. Is there any solution for this?

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Sprint HTC Hero : Apps Not Removed After RUU Restore

Mar 5, 2010

This is very strange but whether i do a simple wipe or rollback to stock rom my downloaded apps don't seem to have been erased? The ROM i was intending to load loaded fine and everything seems to work I'm just baffled how my downloaded apps could survive a wipe and RUU reflash. i don't use apposed btw...

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HTC Hero :: Facebook Link With Google Contacts Automatically Removed

Aug 20, 2009

Just got my hero couple of days ago. I've linked my google contact with facebook, but sometimes it just reset somehow and I've linked it twice now, really annoying, cause it takes loads of times.

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Android :: Apps Labeled As Tetris Clones Removed From Market

Apr 7, 2009

I received a message from google saying that my game "Robotic Space Rock" was pulled from the android market after a request made by a legal firm representing an entity known as Tetris Company. My application was removed from the android market together with Blocks, Cubik, Net Tetris, Netblocks and Tetroid (6 apps in total) under claim that it violates the DMCA and more specifically trademarks and copyrighted material owned by the Tetris Company. However, none of the trademarks or copyrighted material (music, graphics and sound effects) are present in my game. Sound effects and music were created by me specifically for the game. There is no reference to the word tetris in the game. Additionally, all the game code, graphics and sound effects were created by me and published on the code site

Additionally, I am not aware of a software patent covering the game mechanics of Tetris, so I cannot see how I could violate something that is not protected by a software patent. Also, even if the game was protected by a patent, the patent would have expired, since the original game, Tetris, was created 23 years ago. However game mechanics cannot be covered by patents.

I would also like to point out that my game is available completely free of charge to every user of the android market.

I wrote those concerns to Google and I sent an email to the EFF. The bottom line is that for my application to be restored on the android market, I have to send a DMCA counter-notification. And then the Tetris Company can sue and take the case to Court.

When games were pulled from the iPhone App store, they blamed apple, but it is not hard to see that behind application removals we can find companies like the Tetris Company, that demand application removals claiming copyright infringement and trademarks. However, it is not easy to battle these companies as individual developers. I, for example, am a Greek citizen living in Greece, so it is difficult for me to file a counter-notification, because then the Tetris company will probably sue me and I will have to defend my case in court. Why should I bother? Am I making money out of the game? No! But even if I did you can see how easy it is for corporations to neutralize developers like that. I think that something should be done. Independent developers should get together to battle against such misuse of the law by corporations. And to those that want more facts, you can find more details on my blog: [url]

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