General :: Install Google Apps On Coby Kyros Without Rooting?

Jun 20, 2012

My only goal is simply to have Google Play up and running on my Android without rooting and putting on all sorts of fancy mods. Besides, I'm not even sure if there's a Cyanogenmod for my device. I looked and it's not in the list.

I recently got a Coby Kyros MID1042, Android 4.0 tablet. It doesn't come with Google Apps. I want to install Google Apps. I have tried doing this by using the APKs and installing manually. I found instructions on Youtube and downloaded some signed apks with Vending 3.3.12.

Things seemed to be fine until I clicked on Google Play in my apps tab, I was prompted to enter my Gmail account info, so I did. I got the message "Your phone needs to communicate with Google Servers to set up your account...", but after a few minutes, I got a message that says, "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server", followed by "Unforunately, Google ServicesFramework has stopped."

have come up with solutions that seem to involve something called "rooting", resetting and installing some MODs... I'd rather use rooting or modding as an absolute last resort. Why I'm getting these messages, or any better .apk package.

General :: Install Google Apps on Coby Kyros without Rooting?

General :: How To Install Google Play And Other Gapps On Coby Kyros Mid1060 Tablet

Feb 10, 2013

how to install google play and other gapps on coby kyros mid1060 tablet?

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General :: MID7015 Roms And Rooting Procedures Work With Coby Kyros MID7012

Nov 9, 2011

Is there any new development on this tablet. Been searching google and all I come up with that is close is the MID 7015. I guess my question is can the same roms and rooting procedures work with the MID7012.

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General :: How To Root Tablet - Coby KYROS MID7035

Dec 18, 2012

I can't find working root Utility for this model.

Model number MID7035
Android version 4.0.3
Kernel version 3.0.8 MID Serials
Build number IML74K 20120607.181903

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General :: Coby Kyros MID9742 Won't Boot Past Android Screen

Nov 17, 2013

My friend gave me this tablet because he couldn't get it to work, and now I'm trying to fix it. I'm pretty sure he tried to root/install google apps on it, but not exactly sure what he did and did not do.

I started by trying to just reset the firmware by booting into recovery and choosing a factory install. It was not able to do it because of an error reading the cache files. There was also an option to reset the cache files, but this threw the same error. Because of this, I also cannot install from an SD card. Along with this, USB debugging had not been enabled, so I can't use ADB to sideload a new bootloader or firmware onto it.

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General :: Coby Kyros Mid8048-8 Stucks On Startup Logo Screen

Dec 22, 2012

coby kyros mid8048-8 stucks on start up logo screen after rom update . what to do o thing to make a sdcard boot but i dont know how.

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General :: Epic 4G - Apps Missing From Google Play After Rooting

May 2, 2012

I have a epic 4g rooted, stock rom, seems that when i go to the market, it does not show the apps that i have installed and/or the ones that i purchased. additionally, if i were to delete one of these missing apps, they still dont show up in the market/google play. I have attempted to use various market enablers, but this has not solved my issue. on another note, and perhaps related, when i use titanium backup only one app shows setcpu, while previously it was working.

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General :: Cannot Install Apps On Google Play

Apr 17, 2013

When I try to install any app from Google play store it all goes well until I press the 'accept and download' button and the app just goes back to main screen and the app is not installed. I am using Samsung Galaxy S3. I cleared the data of google play yesterday because I was getting these annoying messages which slowed my phone down (they were popping up every 2 seconds or so)

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HTC EVO 4G :: Rooting To Install Apps From Market

Oct 16, 2010

New to android and EVO. Do I have to root my phone to install apps from Market or Appbrain are there just certain apps that require rooting?

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General :: Removed Google Accounts Can Still Remotely Install Apps

Aug 24, 2013

I have a problem with my android phone. During the holidays I added my mothers and girlfriends gmail-account to my android phone (android 4.0) so they could check their email at wifi points. Afterwards (about a week ago now) I removed their accounts again. So, there is no trace from their accounts left on my phone. However, I just noticed that when they go to the play store on a pc, they can still install apps! Even though they are not logged in to my phone! I tried it, and indeed, my phone started downloading the app.

Googling how to stop this did not turn up anything useful, How do I disable their ability to install apps? I even added the accounts again to the phone, made sure all syncing was off, removed them (with all syncing off), and it still worked!

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General :: Can't Update Or Install Any Apps From Google Play Store

Mar 26, 2013

All of a sudden I get an error "insufficient storage available" when I try to update or install any apps from the Google play store. I have deleted the cache for the Play store app and restarted my phone, but I am still having the problem.

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General :: ROM For Coby Kryos MID8125?

Oct 11, 2011

The Android Gingerbread OS (2.3.3) is just ok.

I have tried to root the device using other models instructions however, I have not been successful.

I would rather have Android market and Kindle on the device rather than AppsLib and B&N Nook (I have about 100 books already in Kindle).

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General :: CWM Recovery For Coby Tablet?

Mar 12, 2013

I have a tablet with a MID7048 hardware but software has a MID in 8048 .. and that's ok for me, but my problem is that I have a lot of time looking for a cwm recovery for this tablet, looking for some .img file? 4.04 which is actually the rom happened to me a friend, but I realized that was Vampirefo,)

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HTC Incredible : Way To Install Google Apps?

Jul 16, 2010

So, I was messing around with Jager rom yesterday, and liked it enough. However, I really prefer the default gmail app to the K9 mail he included. How exactly can I install gmail's android app to Jager rom? I downloaded a pack from the incredibleroms site that was for Cyanogen (the 2.1 version) that said it was for google apps.

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HTC Eris :: NEW Google Voice Search Can't Install Apps

Aug 12, 2010

Ok so google just announced the new Voice Search and Google Search apps, that work only on Froyo (2.2). I'm on that OS (yeah!) but can't install the apps? Anyone have some clues? Neither app can install successfully. I'm on CelebFroyo 1.9 for full details on the new function: Just speak it: introducing Voice Actions for Android

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General :: Install WhatsApp Multiple Accounts On Nexus 7 Without Rooting?

Dec 15, 2013

i am using nexus 7 2012 wifi version android 4.3 It's true that multi user support is available on Android 4.2 nd 4.3 Is it possible to install multiple whatsapp acct. using this feature i tried it and everything works jst fine but somehow when i'm done with mobile verification process on my second profile whatsapp crashes saying "whatsapp isnt responding"

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General :: Can't Get Certain Apps After Rooting

Nov 8, 2013

my tablet was orginally a samsung galaxy GT-P5113, however I rooted it and everything and now it's a 4.3 GT-P5110.

I rooted it because everyone said it would be better, however, how is limited access better? Did I do something wrong?

I can't download anything that has to do with samsung and I can't even download the samsung app store.

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General :: Google Music App - Equalizer Presets After Rooting Nexus 7

Dec 21, 2012

I rooted my Nexus 7(Wifi only), v4.2.1, with the Nexus 7 Toolkit v4.0.0. Since then the Equalizer presets from google's music app is gone and I cannot adjust the bass boost or 3D effect.

Update: I just restored back to stock and that solved the problem. May try to root again in future.

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General :: How To Shut Off Auto Apps Without Rooting - Galaxy Note

Feb 24, 2012

I've been through pages of forum posts about shutting off automatically updating aps and almost all seem to suggest rooting. I know nothing about such things and really don't feel like risking my phone, new Galaxy Note, to my ineptitude. I've read and re-read the manual too. Yes, I'm sure the answer is probably on here but I couldn't find it, or maybe it went over my head. The problem is I've been watching my data usage and tracked down the extraordinary usage to a slew of aps, all undeleteable and pre-installed by AT&T/Google. I don't want to delete the programs because I may want them at some point, but they're running and updating in the background and using megs. I shut them off within a setting menu and many of them came back later. Most of these aps are things I never even opened. Is there any way to keep these aps from running until *I* want them to?

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General :: Unable To Uninstall Google Search And Google Play Apps Completely?

Feb 17, 2014

l uninstalled Google Search and Google Play store apps, but they were not completely uninstalled and now I can't reinstall them because the store says they are installed. I cannot find them on my android tablet and so I cannot use them. What is a good app to completely uninstall them. Some of these apps will not install on my Lenovo tablet.

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General :: Google Apps Like GMAIL / GOOGLE+ / PLAY / Maps Not Working In Airtel 3G

Apr 16, 2014

I am using Nexus 4 Bought from US thro my friend.Current Android version id 4.4.2..My Service Provider is Airtel. All my google applications like Gmail, Maps, Play,Google Plus are working fine in WIFI.But when i try to refresh or update these application thro Airtel 3g,i am getting No Connection Error.

All my 3rd party apps like Facebook,Whatsapp are working fine in 3G.

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General :: Not Install Apps On HTC One X?

Jun 26, 2012

I recently bought android phone HTC One X. I already rooted it and installed costum ROM (proud of myself). And now I want to install games. I live in Georgia, so I can not buy any payed app from google play. I started to find alternative ways.

For example I want to download MC3. I have APK file and SD Data to. It sais I have to put SD data in android/data/com.gameloftblablabla. But when I do this, it still says game has to be downloaded.

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General :: Install Apps / APK In CM 9 / 10 ROM

Sep 27, 2013

I have htc explorer and i installed cm9 in it. I want to add facebook in rom. Tell me how can i add apps which are built in with rom.

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General :: How To Install Google Talk On 4.1.2

Dec 12, 2012

My custom ROM didn't come with Google Talk. I don't want another IM client that can have Google talk on it i want the real thing. I have tried loading talk in system/app but it didn't load. Another time i tried again it came in the app drawer but when i opened it it crashed. I am running salty bean ROM and devil kernel. does this kernel support it or not? I did set the permissions correctly and still no luck.

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General :: Apps Don't Install / Want To Change OS

Dec 7, 2013

I received my nexus 4 from Ebay a couple of days ago. But it does not seem to work properly. Indeed, I do not have Google Play or the Voice Search on my nexus 4. I havemtried installing the app from the website Google Play. The website tells me I already have the apps installed. Every time I try to download a new app and try to install it, it just disappears after the download is completed. Meaning, I don't know where I freakin' goes. Since then I have spent a considerable amount of time (more than 15hours) browsing the web for solutions.

My Nexus 4 is running Android version 4.2.2 with CyanogenMod cm-10.1.2.

I don't want to use that OS, I want to use Kitkat or what ever works with Google Voice Search and consumes the least of my battery. I saw on the internet that SmoothLiquid seems to do that but at the moment I am so frustrated that I don't even want to try, I just want the average OS, with automatic updates. I have been on so many websites trying to understand how things work and trying to find solution to install a new OS but every time it gets really confusing. People talk about flash, root, ROM, OTA and PATH but this is just gibberish to me. I tried getting into it by reading a lot of things but it just doesn't make any sense. I don't know if I am supposed to enter commands from the Terminal (I only have a mac) or if the proposed unzipped files are supposed to be copied within the phone. I have installed Android File Transfer and I thought I could just copy past the image of an OS and install it from the phone but apparently no. I have even tried to install CWM to prevent my phone from being broken before attempting any serious operation but I don't know how to do that. All the terms get really confusing so I'd rather do nothing than lose my investment. I though Androids and phones were supposed to be ready to use easy equipment of technology.

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General :: How To Install Apps To SD Card

May 2, 2014

How to install apps to SD card


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General :: Apps Won't Install Over WiFi?

Dec 24, 2012

I'm having an issue where apps won't install or update when connected to my home wifi. I have localized the problem to something with the Wifi because the problem persists over the 4 android devices in the house: rooted HTC evo 4G lte, rooted epic 4G touch, stock (non rooted) evo design and a stock (non rooted) nexus 7. With the 3 phones, play store updates with no issues when connected to 3g data and if I go to a friends house, the nexus updates no issue with that wifi. Everything else with the wifi works, I'm even posting this from the nexus 7 over wifi.

I've tried the standard clear play store data, but since the problem persists over all 4 devices, I feel it's more Internet localized.

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General :: Install Apps With Flashable Zip?

May 7, 2013

I want to install apps normal with a zip in cwm.

I know how to create a flashable zip with systemapps. But some apps give me fc when installing as systemapp.

Now I want to create a flashable zip for normal apps that will be installed automatic.

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General :: How To Install Google Play On Kurio 10

Jan 13, 2014

i have a Kurio 10 Tablet which im trying to get google play store installed on, ive tried downloading the apk and transferring it over from a computer but it doesnt load after installation

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General :: Can't Install Google Music Player

Aug 3, 2013

When I attempt to install the google music player from google play, it goes through the installation process, but then always says "Install" afterwards. It is never actually installed. I tried cycling power to my 7" Nook, but that did not work. I also checked for any hung process using the Elixer sysinfo tool, which did not work either.

Why the google music player won't install?

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