HTC Incredible :: Notifications Changing System-Wide

May 31, 2010

If I customize all of my alerts for SMS, email, calls, etc., to sounds (no vibrate), and put the phone in vibrate mode, does it replace all of these sounds with vibration? So that there is no sound coming out of the phone? Same with if I put the phone on silent? I would hope you don't have to go in and change the notification settings for each application to vibrate if you want vibrate, right?I've read some stuff that suggested that this could happen, and it doesn't make sense, but I wanted to make sure.

HTC Incredible :: Notifications Changing System-Wide

General :: Apex - Changing App Icons System Wide?

Apr 6, 2013

I am using Apex now and I can change the icons in the drawer and homescreen but when i open the Recents menu or actually go into an app, the icons are still stock (or from applied theme).

Is it possible to change the icons system-wide or is there an app that can at least change the icons in the Recents menu?

My device is rooted running 4.1. .

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Android :: How To Listen For System Wide Key Presses?

Jun 4, 2010

I am trying to add a listener to my service that listens for volume key presses. I would like to act on presses even if my service is not in focus. Any idea how to do this? I have looked over the API, as well as performed google searches.

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Android :: Need System - Wide Touch Event Application

Sep 5, 2010

I'd like to receive a TouchEvent in my Android application any time the screen is touched. Even if my application is not in focus.Is there an general even listener or intent filter I can write to achieve this? The goal is to write system wide gesture engine. So for example, if the user swiped up and then down, a certain application would be launched regardless of where the user is.

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General :: Apple Color Emoji System-wide

Jun 27, 2013

Is it possible to make an app which does, was WhatsApp does? - Replacing the Unicode emoji codes with pictures of Apple Color Emoji.

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General :: How To Get Full Color Emoji System Wide

Nov 30, 2013

Can we somehow get android 4.4 color emoji on Android 4.2.2? I don't mind replacing some system files. Obviously Apple emojis would be cool, but they use some proprietary stuff in the ttf file.


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HTC Incredible :: Spontaneously Changing Notifications

Sep 20, 2010

The problem seems to happen more often since the 2.2 update. Custom ringtones for individuals, as well as default ringtone, change for no reason, as do notifications. I typically set my notification at zero volume plus vibrate, then the next day I'll hear a notification go off, and find in the settings that the checkbox for using the same volume for notifications as ringtones is checked again. So I have to uncheck it, and slide the notification volume back to zero. Is there some way to lock my settings?

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General :: Changing System Settings In ROM

Sep 11, 2012

I'm modifying a stock ROM for work to have everything setup and ready to go after flashing the tablets (currently we flash and run a setup app) and have run into an issue I can't seem to find an answer to.

I need to be able to set certain system settings, such as "USB Debugging", "Unknown Sources", "Display Timeout", and a few other things.

I presume its one of the files inside the system.img.ext4 but can't find one that has anything like this.

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Nexus :: Changing SMS Notifications To Ringtone

Mar 22, 2010

Ive tried searching but nothing came up for this. I made a folder on the root for ringtones so I could get my personal ringtones selected for phone ringtone.Now the issue is how do I get some of those ringtones to come up for notifications like mail or sms?

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Motorola Droid X :: Changing System Fonts

Oct 2, 2010

I changed the default Droid Sans font with Helvetica Neue (which looks gorgeous by the way) and rebooted, worked perfectly. I then decided to change the bold version as well, rebooted, but now I'm stuck at the red Droid eye loading screen over and over again (not the Motorola logo). It just loads for a couple seconds then flashes then repeats. I'm 100% sure I didn't misspell anything and I still have the backups of the fonts in the system folder but how can I now boot into the phone without factory resetting it?

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Motorola Droid X :: Changing LED Lights For Notifications?

Aug 3, 2010

Is their anywhere on the X that you can setup your LED lights for your notifications?

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General :: Changing Status And System Icon Colour?

Jan 11, 2013

I have a Galaxy Nexus running JB 4.2 and I've started playing around with (basic) customisation. Is it possible to change the colour of the Status and System Icons at the top of the screen from the default blue? Preferably to white. I have a nice dark look going courtesy of sammyycakes and others, the blue spoils it a bit.

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Android :: Changing Number Of Vibration Alert For Different Notifications

Jan 4, 2010

One little thing I miss on my Blackberry was that I had it set to vibrate once for Social Network notifications, twice for an email and three times for an SMS. That way I knew how important it might be and whether to take it out of my pocket. My T-Mobile G2/HTC Hero (1.5) doesn't seem to have the option to change the default "vibrate twice". Is there any way of changing it? Or an app that might do it?

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Android :: Changing System-level Dialogs - TimePicker - DatePicker

Feb 14, 2010

I have HTC Hero, and i see that TimePickerDialog and DatePickerDialog were changed by HTC (they look different than those in the emulator). My question is how can i change such system level dialogs?

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Android :: How To Get All System Notifications That Shown Now?

Sep 24, 2010

How can i get all the system notifications that are shown now?i want to write a program that can intercept the notifications that other apps notified.

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HTC EVO 4G :: System Panel App Preventing Email Notifications

Jul 12, 2010

I downloaded System Panel, and its cool as hell I really like it. But after a day went by I noticed I stopped receiving email notifications. So I assumed System Panel was the culprit. So I proceeded to uninstall it and voila, I'm getting email alerts again. So I reinstalled it and made sure all the HTC system services were under exclusion, because I thought that maybe I killed the app that handles the email notifications. Well after reinstall and making sure that all the critical HTC system services were set to exclusions, It started again. No email notifications. What am I doing wrong? The EVO is my first Android Phone and I really like System Panel. I just want them to play nice together. My 24 hours are up so I cant request a refund. But If I cant figure it out I will accept the 3.00 dollar loss and go back with ATK.

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Media : Customize Specific System Notifications?

Mar 1, 2010

Basically I would really enjoy the ability to customize the sound for plugging my phone in, and a different one for unplugging. Even better if these could be "outside" the default notification sounds. I realize this sounds crazy, but my phone has a mario theme to it, and the plug in is "gain a mushroom" sound, and I would love it if it did the "loose a powerup" sound when I unplugged.

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General :: System Time Resets After Changing Battery - Sony Xperia V (LT25i)

Jan 6, 2014

Sony Xperia V (LT25i)
Official Android 4.1.2 9.1.A.1.145

Problem: I have two batteries, default one and Mugen one. Every time I change a battery the phone system time resets.

What I have tried to do: Set "Automatic date & time" and "Automatic time zone" on - No luck. Restar after set on -

Install different NTP server synchronizing app. I am in china, so it could not connect to the server and I get error every time, even after change to chinese NTP server - Still no luck... 

Install different GPS synchonizing app, sometimes it work sometimes not and it takes too long to synchronize.

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HTC Incredible :: System Unlocked - Can We Modify The System While Booted

Jun 23, 2010

Can we modify the system while the phone is booted now that we have the unrevoked recovery flash tool? is this what NAND unlock means?

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Motorola Droid :: Pull System Ringtones / Notifications Off - Phone To PC?

Sep 4, 2010

Some custom ROMs have different ringtones. I have a "Ringtones" folder on my SD with my own, but the ROMs carry theirs internally and once you change ROMs, so do the ringtones. I haven't looked yet, but would they possibly be in the ROM zip file and could I just pull them out of the zip to my computer? I guess I will look now, but let me know if this is the right way or if something else works better. Ultimately I would like to pull off all system ringtones so I can condense to my own and ones I have selected. It's overwhelming sometimes given that I don't and won't ever use 70% of the stock tones.

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Motorola Droid :: Gmail Notifier For Changing Gmail Notifications

Jan 29, 2010

Some have complained about not being able to change the LED or get repeat notifications for gmail. I stumbled on this last night and thought I would share. I haven't tried it and make no claims to its greatness.Gmail Notifier.It lets you change the color of the LED, vibration length, and gives repeat notifications. It also works for multiple gmail accounts I believe.

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HTC Incredible : Incredible Display Is Changing / Setting To Work Out Color Balance

Sep 30, 2010

Over the past week, the display on my DInc has been slowly tinting toward a redish/pink hue. It appears the greys are turning pink. Anybody having this problem with their device? Is there a setting to work out the color balance anywhere?

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Android :: Want Best Wide Keyboard Apps

Jul 11, 2010

I've been using the HTC IME keyboard for a while
but i want to try something different
does anyone know of a keyboard application with wide keyboards?

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Android :: Setting Application - Wide Themes

Feb 22, 2010

I have created several files in a res/values/styles.xml file.

Here's one of them:


I can apply the style to a single element in the xml by setting the style element like this:


So, that works, and I notice that change. But what I really want to do is use the style above to apply to my entire application. I thought I'd be able to use this line:


Before the super.onCreate of the first activity. But it doesn't work. Should it?

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Android :: Applying Theme Over Application Wide

Mar 7, 2010

I want to apply theme over setting application wide. So I implemented below code but there was no effect.

1. AndroidMenifest.xml
<application android:label="@string/settings_label" android:icon="@drawable/ic_launcher_settings" android:theme="@android:style/Widget.ListView" android:taskAffinity=""> -> added Widget.ListView style provided in android system and I changed style.xml file like below

2. FrameWork/base/core/res/res/values/styles.xml
before change : <item name="android:listSelector">@android:drawable/ list_selector_background</item>
After change: <style name="Widget.ListView" parent="Widget.AbsListView"> <item.................................

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Android :: Scroll Infinitely Wide View?

Oct 17, 2009

I am pondering the alternatives on how to scroll an "infinite", scale-like, control in android. The simple idea is to redraw the entire view on each scroll movement, but somehow it doesn't seem like the proper way. It is possible to draw the contents before-hand, but I have no clue how wide I should make the view in the first place, and what happens when the user scrolls to the end of the view? I guess I need to extend the view towards that direction. Should I go towards programatically adding (and removing) chunks of view to a linear layout? It would be great to hear what experiences are out there regarding drawing this kind of long-scrolling custom control.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Some Macro / Wide Angle Lens Shots

Jun 23, 2010

I just got the Macro/Wide Angle lens I ordered online for my Evo last night, so here are some shots from today.

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Motorola Droid X :: Wide Spread SMS App Slowdown

Aug 12, 2010

I noticed lately that my stock text message application, is going very slow. On entering the application, screen goes black for 5-10 seconds, loads up each contact, picture, name, 20 seconds later, no lag. In this post, a Droid X user actually contacts Motorolla and Verizon about the issue:Text Lag is Back - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum.

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Android :: Application-wide Resources / How To Achieve?

Sep 17, 2010

So I'm struggling a bit with what is probably a fairly basic concept.. Activity Lifecycle.I have read a bunch of thread on the topic, and I feel I understand well both the functionality, and rationale behind the lifecycle model implemented for Activities, but it raises a bit of a problem for me. My app (game) has a couple of distinct Activities for various sections:

1. The TitleActivity is a very small Activity that just launches a GLSurfaceView and renders a startup logo.I use this to detect the OpenGL capabilities of the device (eg so I know if it's using a software renderer)

2. The LaunchActivity is the main menu screen where the user can access options etc and start a game

3. The GameActivity will either launches a GLSurfaceView or a standard View depending on hardware capabilties.

The issue I am having is that I want to pre-load some "slow-to-load" resources, specifically audio, in the Title Activity so when the Launch Activity renders I can play some background music.I have the concept of a "media library" which I use throughout the game.Because of memory limitations in the SoundPool, I have limited this to only absolute real-time sounds and all others are played using mulitple instances of MediaPlayer.Hence my media library has a bunch of pre-loaded MediaPlayer instances which I access regularly during game play.. so it makes sense to have a centralized access point for all audio.All fine, however the problem is that when I launch one activity from another.. for example the TitleActivity starts the LaunchActivity (via a call to startActivity(Intent...)), the former goes through the onDestroy stage of its lifecycle.Now logically I had assumed that if I allocate a bunch of resources in the onCreate of an Activity, I should clean them up in the onDestroy, however in the case of my "media library" if I load up the audio files in the onCreate of my TitleActivity they will be torn down when the LaunchActivity is started because the TitleActivity will have its onDestroy() method called.

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Android :: Webview Displaying 100% Wide Pages

Mar 25, 2010

I am working on an app that uses webview for a help section.The help section is loaded from an external site, that is specifically designed for mobile phones.There are a series of 5 pages, with a simple next/ back navigation.When the first page loads, it loads perfectly, filling the entire area of the screen.When you click next, the page is now smaller with a large white gap around it (right and bottom), when I click back to the first page, this page now is displaying the same way (gap around it).I have tried setting body/table/container divs to 100% wide, and this continues to happen.However it works perfectly on any desktop browser.

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