HTC Hero :: Drop Box When Browsing

May 2, 2010

I am the proud owner of a Hero, and like it! The only issue I have is that I use a website to book golf on-line. There's an icon which gives a list of all the courses. On a standard PC there's a bar on the right side of the list which you slide up or down to acess about 50 courses. On the Hero I can open the list, but it only shows the first 6 courses, and not the bar. For the life of me I have tried everything and I can't find a way to access the "hidden"courses. Does this problem ring a bell with anyone?

HTC Hero :: Drop Box when Browsing

HTC Hero :: HTC HERO / Wi-Fi Browsing & Flash Viewing

Sep 13, 2009

the connection via my wifi is intermittent at best - usually telling me page not available / connection error , occasionally it does connect but hangs up when searcging - the weather widgets / gmail update regularily . I have used the browser , google widget and downloaded mini opera - all same problem. Secondly , I havn't been able to view youtube vids and only minimal success with beeb player {this may be more to do with the connection dropping off but what I saw wasnt great quality.A nokia n95, which hadnt been used for web browsing until I tried it this morning, was fine browsing using the same wifi network & viewing iplayer.I so want to love this phone [ having rubbished my iphone / nokia friends ] but a quick look through the forums suggests there may be problems with Wi-Fi.

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HTC Hero :: Browsing While In Airport

Apr 25, 2010

This may be a simplistic question, but one reason I went with a web browser phone is so I can do browsing while in the airport. Is this possible with the phone as it is or do I need to use Wifi? To be honest not even exactly sure what it is used for.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: No Flash When Browsing

Jan 29, 2010

Not sure if its just me, but flash content doesn't show up when browsing. Is there a setting that needs to be turned on or off? If there is an update, how do i do so? For example adobe home page On side note: when I hit the pre installed google bookmark it brings me to a French version. I edited that bookmark but I just thought it was funny

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HTC Hero :: Refresh Whilst Browsing

Dec 5, 2009

How to refresh the page your viewing on the browser? I cant see to find any way of refreshing the page im watching..

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HTC Hero : Not Receiving Calls While Web Browsing

Oct 23, 2009

I have noticed that when I am browsing web pages I cannot receive phone calls - they go straight to voicemail. I am using a T-Mobile G2 on the T-mobile network in the UK. Is this a standard issue and, if so, are they any ways of dealing with it?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: WIFI Connection Just Drop

Oct 26, 2009

Has anyone else had their WIFI connection just drop the connection? I'm sitting less than 5 feet from my router and have to restart my WIFI twice within the last hour.

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HTC Hero :: How To Sync Photos / Is It Drag And Drop Like Mp3?

Oct 23, 2009

well i am gettin friendly with my Hero so i need more info.

1 - the default storage for applications after instal is - SD card or internal Memory?

2 - how much internal memory you need in the phone for a proper funcionality.

3 - how to sync photos - is it drag and drop like the mp3 ?

4 - how many proccesses you haw on your phone. ( is killink apps dengerous for the phone)?

5 - how can you see where the contacts are stored and can you move them.?

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Media :: Browsing Covers In Music App On HTC Hero

Apr 17, 2010

I've just got a new Hero and before I replaced the bundled memory card with my own I had a really nice 'view' for browsing tracks in Music. Now I've put my own memory card in and applied the album art, I don't have this nice view any more. It used to show tracks with big album art pics that you could flick through horizontally, iPhone style. Now I get a crappy looking vertical list with tiny pics and can't get the other view back. How do I do this ?

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HTC Hero :: Internet Browsing Frustratingly Slow

Nov 19, 2009

I was so happy when I was able to pull myself away from the iphone and really was hoping for great things with my new hero.I must say the hero is great! BUT Im tempted everytime I go online with my Hero to either stamp on it or throw it out the window.I used to surf a lot at home over wifi with my iphone, It was quick always a great connection absolutly no problems.Now i have no iphone and surf with my Hero, must say the worst and most annoying situation from a surfing point of view.I have full bars on wifi connection, yet it is sooo slow. But not only slow I also need to refresh the page i want to view at least 3 or 4 times till the network error dissapears and the webpage is shown, same goes when accessing the market app.Like I said the hero itself is really great, but at the moment for me it is a much more pleasent experience surfing over wifi on the iphone.I thought I was over the iphone groupie phase but it looks like their going to get me back unless maybe theres someone who knows about this wifi problem.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Reception Terrible - Drop Calls

May 26, 2010

Where I work is on Sprint and has bought Hero's for the office people. Most seem to like them. I like mine too(my own). However, my Hero has horrible reception. There are a few places around where I work that are dead zones. I drop calls there EVERY time. They NEVER drop there. We even went through there on the way to lunch the other day and all of us made a call to see how reception was on each. My Hero dropped the call and the rest did not. I have updated everything and still nothing. Sprint seems to be unconcerned. How can I get them to swap phones or something. I actually purchased from Best Buy. I was on 1.5 and have switched to 2.1 and it is the same on both.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Edit Drop Down Menu's - Way To Remove?

Oct 14, 2009

I buried this in another thread. When I got to my photo album and select the "Share" option. My listing starts off with FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK, FLICKR, GMAIL, etc...

I only have one Facebook app installed. Is there a way to remove one of them?

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HTC Hero :: Browsing Hero Files From PC

Aug 2, 2009

I've got HTC Sync working fine, are there no options to sync files though? Also, in a related matter, how do I browse the Hero from my PC?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: After 2.1 Upgrade / Phone Seems Laggy / Network Drop Out

Aug 3, 2010

I wanted to ask you if there are some must do's after upgrading to 2.1.Since upgrading..the phone is very laggy and sometimes the network will just drop.I won't be able to surf or use any programs that require getting on the internet.Is there something I can do now that I'm on 2.1 to restore it's speed? Should I do a reset to the phone and then upgrade to 2.1?What have you guys done to speed up the phone?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Data And Voice - Constantly Drop Calls

Mar 3, 2010

Lately I have been getting very poor signal strength on my Hero. It went from 3 or 4 bars, down to 1 or 2 at my house, and I constantly drop calls. I live in an area where I am supposed to have excellent signal strength too. Called tech support, they checked the towers, and all is fine. I have my phone set to Sprint only, and whenever I make a call, and end the call, my signal drops to 0, and sometimes even get an x meaning no signal, but either way what bothers me is when I end the call my data, whether it is Ev, or 1x lights up and sends/receive's data for about 5 seconds. After that the signal comes back. Now what in the world does data have to do with voice? Nothing. My phone is stock with no 3rd party apps installed at all.
I have reset to factory too, doesn't help Firmware and PRL are both up to date too.

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Android :: Track Web Browsing And Web Browsing Ralated Activities On Android

Sep 16, 2009

I am a newbie and just started coding in android. I have got a task on which I want a little help from you all. This is the problem :"Track web browsing and browsing related activities including user's total time spent online, complete URI's and timestamps, downloads initiated from the browser. Differentiate between main , embedded and redirected URI." I dont know where to search and how to go about it. Any kind of help would be really helpful. Please post your expert comments and help as early as possible.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Second Half Of Battery Drains Faster Than First Half - No Music Playing - No Wi-fi - No Internet Browsing

Oct 15, 2009

I used my Hero this morning/afternoon with music, wi-fi, internet browsing, and I used up the first half of the battery. And after that, I have been mostly studying and not using my phone... but the second half of the batter drains, it seems like, FASTER than the first half did! No music playing, no wi-fi, no internet browsing? Is this normal? Is it just the nature of these batteries?

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HTC Hero :: Offline Browsing / "save Web Page"

Sep 28, 2009

Some time ago we discussed in a separate thread whether it was possible to save web pages from the Browser app for browsing off-line when an internet connection was not available.At the time the simplest workaround that was suggested involved emailing a link to oneself, opening the link and saving the web page on a PC, then copying the saved page to the Hero's SD card.In fact, if all you want to save is the text content of a web page (without any pictures or other linked content), this can be done straight from the Hero Browser. Long-pressing on a link brings up various options including one, "Save link", which actually saves the target of the link to the downloads folder on the SD card. If the target is an html file then that file (and only that file) will be saved.I still think it would be good to have a "save web page" option which saves not just the text but the images and other linked content as well. But, in the meantime, this "Save link" option is a good deal better than nothing.

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HTC Incredible :: Understanding Drop Box

Jun 21, 2010

I'm just not getting it. How do add files/folders to the android Dropbox? I've copied files and folders into the /sdcard/dropbox folder but they don't show up in the Dropbox app nor are they synched to my PC Dropbox. I don't see a way to paste into the app. In the Dropbox app I see "Upload" then "Add any file" but the only options are to add a photo, music or voice recorder file. I was hoping to use it to back up some ebooks and data files to my desktop.

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Nexus :: 3g Speed Drop

Jun 5, 2010

I am in NYC and get great connection speeds, often over 3000kbs.Then out of no where it drops to 600k, while my other phone, a mytouch still gets over 3000 right next to the N1.If i turn on airplane mode and then off, i start getting over 3000 again.

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Android :: Drop Vzw And Inc For Evo And Sprint

Aug 12, 2010

i have 3 smart phones on a family 1400 min plan .it costs over $ 200 a month . i like the incredible but it always pops up with another problem and its becoming a pain .sprint has the family for 1500 min shared with 2 evos for $ 129 .free mobile to mobile nights weekends .sounding better and better.anyone use sprint in the past?

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HTC Eris :: Drop Down USB Tether

May 29, 2010

I rooted this week, and my first two roms were alyousis (probably wrong spelling) and Evil Eris, both of which had wired tether built into the OS, and it would appear as an option in the usb selection screen. I was having problems with EE, so I went to the the rooted stock version of 2.1, which is very stable and is running well. I'm having problems with the wired tether in my current rom (I can't remember the dev who makes the stock ROM, I think it's ECLIPS3), but this ROM also doesn't have the dropdown tether option. In EE, tether worked pefectly with my mac and once I installed the drivers it worked perfectly on my XP thinkpad. In the stock ROM, it's the complete opposite. My mac doesn't recognize the eris as a new NIC and nor does XP or 7. Is there a better, more compatible version of wired tether for my ROM, and is there a way to get the same drop-down options that was in EE? Also, is there a fix for the 50% bug present in the eris official ROM?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Time To Battery Drop 10% In 4G?

Jul 11, 2010

How much time it takes for your battery to drop 10% when you're on 4G doing no downloads, no streaming, no Youtubing, nothing? In my case just 30 min. Complete discharge in approx 4 hours The temperature is very hot too. Do not put it under the pillow.check it out, this is ultimately just a 30 min test, and post it here (say to voice dialer "Open battery Info" for battery numbers and temperature instead of bars)

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HTC EVO 4G :: Screen Shattered With No Drop

Jun 17, 2010

Placed Evo on counter with thumb on side toggle switch. Screen completely shattered! Had the phone for 6 days, and was never dropped or mishandled! Deductible $100. Wondering if anybody else had a shatter with no trauma?

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Sudden Drop In Traffic?

Sep 24, 2012

I had a couple apps that were getting around 400 daily installs. They suddenly dropped down to around 50.

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Don't Get Drop Down Menu Section

Oct 22, 2012

I'm having some trouble with spinners. Basically I just want a drop down menu when touched, the undrop when touched again. The code seems to work halfway. I just don't get a drop down menu section.

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Android :: Web Browsing Ports

Sep 2, 2010

Anyone know what special ports android uses to browse the web? Of course it must be port 80, but there has got be an additional port or something. My web server is accessible via computer browsers but not by android unless I turn off the software firewall. Something about the android connection, the firewall doesn't like.

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Android :: Non Mobile Browsing?

May 5, 2010

I hate typing in a web addy and getting the stupid mobile version m.whatever. is there a setting to bypass this and get the actual webpage, in full mode?I'm running 1.6 on an ADP1

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HTC Incredible :: Browsing Pages - Best Rom

Aug 18, 2010

then browsing these pages forever. what is the best rom.. has the most happy people and works?

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Android :: Slow Browsing With 3G

May 27, 2010

I have a rooted mytouch 3G and I've been using the barnacle tether app for the last few months for internet on my laptop. Just recently I've been playing online poker on my laptop. It worked fine for about a day or so, then things started to get extremely slow, barely being able to load google (taking about a few minutes to load a basic html page). I don't know if it has something to do with using my phone for a connection with the poker clients or if it's just coincidence with the timing of it, I called T-Mobile and they said there are no problems at all with the coverage in my area and to do a Power cycle which didn't seem to help. Does anyone have ANY idea what could be wrong?

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