General :: A-13 MID / No USB Or Touchscreen

Dec 29, 2012

I bought a cheap A-13 MID of the internet and flashed a firmware for another variant common problem with these devices so i have no touchscreen and the usb has snapped of tried soldering it but was unsuccessful.

I have recovery installed but only way i can use it is through novotools but need touch screen.

So i need a way to flash firmware through sdcard on boot (Can be done, can't find guide though)

Or a script that will run on boot from sd or maybe emmc

Or that will run when the sd is mounted so that if i insert an sd card into the device with script on it it will reboot to recovery

General :: A-13 MID / No USB or touchscreen

Motorola Droid :: Ghost Writer Touchscreen - Lost Control Of The Touchscreen

Mar 18, 2010

I wonder if ne one had an major issue with their touch screen before like I had with mine. So I decided to post this little story. Let me start off with a little background info. I got my droid november 6, 5 46am central time zone. don't ask me how but the vzw dude was letting me earlier cuz I had work. I was so happy that day leaving t mobile I did love my g1 but wen I read all about the droid I felt likt I had to leave her and move on. She did do a lot for me but time tells all and it was my time go and move on.Untill two months ago (Present time I'm talking in) I realized not everyone has the bubbly keyboard. I saw friends at my unit (I'm in the army reserves) that bought the droid a couple of months after me had flat keyboards n they were bitching bout how flat it was. I agreed with them since I was woth a g1 the keyboard was a bit flat but nothing to were its such a pain, so my friend shows me his keyboard and I looked shocked played with it was like wow and I pulled my n did a side by side side comprasion and this before I saw the bubbley keyboard thread on here. So unforunately my toucscreen starting doin its own thing like it was ghost writer and spazzing out. I had no control over it this happened monday nite and I was dreading it that I will end up replacing it. But it would not let me do nothing.I couldn't go ne where on my screen it would randomly hit different icons to the point were sum times it would call my contacts. I only had control over the physical buttons. So on Tuesday during work I fought the ghost writer to let get to setting a do a system restore. First minute of the set up was ok but right wen it finish and I was on the home screen again. I was like FUDGE I don't want to replace my rare Droid. After work I replaced it, I was real pissed I had the bubbly keyboard and (something I didn't noticed untill I got my replacement) the golden plated volume side button. I miss my precious rare droid. I was soo proud to be first non employee to have the droid in houston.

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General :: Control Galaxy From Touchscreen?

Jan 26, 2012

I have been trying to find a way to control my phone from a touchscreen. I have a samsung galaxy running android and would really like to hook it up to my touchscreen in my car. I know there is a module called mimics that allows it to be done. It is difficult to install into a monitor tho. Any way to connect it to a touchscreen another way? Maybe a Mirroring app and cable(s)? My galaxy has a micro usb out, it can be used as a video out maybe?

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General :: CM9 For ZTE N760 - Touchscreen Is Not Working

Dec 7, 2011

I ported ICS for my ZTE N760

booting but not unlock , touchscreen is not working

ts->input_dev->name = "Fts-touchscreen";

This file is used for FocalTech ft5x0x_ts touchscreen

How to write idc for this touchscreen

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General :: Touchscreen Fail After Custom ROM?

Oct 3, 2013

I wanted to root my new galaxy victory 4G LTE from Sprint and put a custom rom on it. Followed rooting guides and that worked fine. Then I went to find a rom that would work and all I found was victorious, which I was so eager to try I didn't even think to read that part that said VM only. Got stuck in a boot loop. That's where I made the real mistake and decided to try a rom for another galaxy model, a custom s3 rom. Ever since that my touchscreen has been unresponsive, soft buttons and hard buttons work though. Using ODIN I've tried to restore to stock, I've used KIES to try to update, and everything has worked as far as I could want it to, but nothing restored touchscreen functionality. I am able to get into the hard button guided recovery menu and download mode, but have been unable to get anything touch based to work, and cannot find a CM non touch recovery that will work with this phone.

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General :: BC1077 - Touchscreen Does Not Work?

Jan 1, 2013

The problem is with the touchscreen as it does not work. i have done a factory reset using a mouse but that did not work, is there anything else I can try like flashing it using my PC?

Also It looks like a protab2xxl clone

Link for tablet: Type this into Google search as i am unable to post links - " 10" Capacitive Multi Touch Android 4.0 Tablet Pc All Winner A10 universalgadgets "

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General :: App Which Can Remap Keyboard To Touchscreen Entries?

Feb 11, 2014

I would like to play games using my physical keyboard to simulate various screen touches. I found various apps which do it for a Gamepad but bit really for a physical keyboard.

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General :: CM10.2 - How To Fix Touchscreen Turned Into Touchpad

Apr 19, 2014

I try to fix these problems after compiled CWM for my device.

1 ) Touchscreen turned into touchpad.

2 ) Notification bar missing.

3 ) Softkey navigation missing

I had added 'qemu.hw.mainkeys=0' to build.prop

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General :: Allwinner A13 - CWM Boot And Touchscreen Failure

Sep 15, 2013

I own a Allwinner A13 7 inch tablet, on which I installed the Cyanogen 10 mod (Due to restrictions I cannot place the link to the mod)

The problem is I probably installed the wrong touchscreen driver, so the tablet boots perfectly into the Mod but I can't do anything. Normally it would be no problem to just put back my backup, but I can't get it to boot into CWM.

In the first place I rebooted into CWM to instal the mod by adding the following command through the "terminal app" before rebooting,

Command: "echo -e 'boot-recovery' > /dev/block/nandf; sync"

Now I cannot use the screen so i cant use the terminal. I also cannot use ADB because USB debugging is standard switched of after flashing a new MOD. Any other way to get into CWM??

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General :: Tablet Touchscreen Doesn't Work?

Oct 23, 2012

I have a problem with my chinese generic tablet:

Model: Mahdi M6
Android: 4.0.3
Led: Blue[url]...

My girlfriend dropped a glass of soda on it, I could clean and dry all now works perfectly the screen, but the touch screen stopped walking.

I wanted to get into recovery mode (Vol Up + Power) but I get an android with a red triangle and did not display any options.Get the manufacturer to install ROM from SD but since I can not go into recovery mode I find it impossible.Know it's a generic Chinese tablet but how I could do to get it working again.

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General :: How To Disable Touchscreen While Playing Video

Apr 2, 2013

Is there any way to disable the touchscreen while a video is playing so there is no possibility to stop the video accidentally touching the screen?

Example: I put a video for a small child and I wont the child could modify the video by tapping the screen

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General :: Unresponsive / Laggy Touchscreen While Connected To USB

Feb 19, 2012

I couldn't use the phone while charging (solution maybe not 100% accurate naming, because i'm using german windows and am just translating it).

- control panel
- system and security
- energy options
- energy saving plan settings
- change advanced energy settings
- usb settings
- settings for selective usb energy saving
set both to deactivated

-> finally the touchscreen is not lagging anymore

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General :: Ainol Hero 2 Touchscreen Inverted

Aug 10, 2013

Few days ago when I was flashing the firmware But I've instal the wrong firmware from Ainol novo 10 Ethernal. It onn's but the touch screen was "crazy" it was inverted, to push the button on the down left corner of the screen I must touch in the same spot in the upper right corner, to scroll home screen right I must slide my finger left etc.

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General :: App To Disable Touchscreen By Proximity Sensor?

Jul 5, 2013

My phone (Xperia mini pro) unlocks itself way too often when it's sitting in my pocket. I was using a MIUI ROM for some time and there was that cool feature that didn't allow to unlock the screen when the proximity sensor sensed something in its... proximity. I really miss it, but I don't feel like switching from CM to MIUI just for it.

I know there are lots of apps like Gravity Screen Off or Cover Algorithm, but they don't do exactly what I wan't to have (or I didn't explore them enough), as I don't want to lock/unlock my phone by the sensor or anything. just a simple thing:

0. the screen is locked and turned off
1. the home/power button is pressed
2. the app checks the proximity senor's state
2a. if something's covering the sensor (e.g. my pocket's inside), the touchscreen is disabled (and some message appears to say so)
2b. if nothing's covering the sensor, then unlocking the screen is allowed

Something like that in Play Store?

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General :: Touchscreen Not Working Huawei Slim 7?

Oct 2, 2012

My Ideos slim 7 touchscreen is not working since a few days, and the usb debugging mode is OFF

I tried to re-install many firmwares ( the original one, MTN firmware etc), but the problem persists

is there a way to turn the usb debugging mode to ON from the computer so that I can use the fastboot ?

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General :: Mapping Touchscreen To Physical Keys?

Feb 9, 2012

Any way to take games with virtual controllers (D-Pad and buttons) and map them to physical keys?" Either on a built-in keyboard like the Droid 4, or the Xperia Play's keys, or even mapping them to a third party device such as a bluetooth keyboard or Wiimote/PS3 controller.

So what I was wondering, is if there already is an app out there that can take a point on the touchscreen, and assign it to a keypress on a physical device?

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General :: Where To Find Touchscreen Drivers In Android

Jun 15, 2012

I have two tablets but on of them I've flashed and messed up (touch screen is not working).

How can I get this to work? How can I get the touch-screen drivers and replace them?

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General :: Recovering Data From Phone With Broken Touchscreen

Mar 20, 2013

My HT Desire HD touchscreen died (at least partly) last week. I can no longer use anything in a column about a centimetre wide that runs the whole right side of the screen - which includes the Enter button. So I can't actually login to the phone

I've bought a new phone (Sony Xperia Z) and got my sim copied and switched the SD card from the Desire to the Sony. However, there is still stuff on the phone. I've realised that at least some of my data was on the onboard memory and I'd like to get it back. So basically I'm looking for ways to get the data back.

I can't plug the phone in and pull data off because I need to be able to login to switch it from charge only to USB drive. Maybe there's a way to force this?

I read an interesting post on hooking a USB keyboard to android and it should "just work" (How To Connect a USB Keyboard To Your Android Phone). However, I don't have the adapter to connect it, and the Desire ran an older version of android with Sense on top, so it may "just not work".

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus - How To Enter On Phone With No Touchscreen

May 5, 2014

My touch screen doesnt work and i need to enter on my android to take my pictures back. I have no SD Card, they are all in the internal memory of the phone.I tried Kies but the phone is locked by a security code.

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General :: HTC One XL Touchscreen Unresponsive After Installed Stable CM 10.0.0-evita

Jun 5, 2013

I encountered one issue when hacking my HTC One XL, the touchscreen was unresponsible after installed CyanogenMod(cm-10.0.0-evita stable version)

I followed the installation guide mentioned in Cyanogen wiki..Unlocked with official HTC Dev Unlock and flashed eyeballer's recovery attached in above installation guide, whole procedure is smooth without any errors.Already wipe the cache and system, also factory reset before installation.

But after installed the stable CyanogenMod, touchscreen was unresponsive fully, buttons (power and volume) can work normally. When I rebooted to recovery mode on device, touchscreen function was back and worked well.The basic info of my device as below:

Asia Pacific device
Jelly Bean 4.1.1, HBoot 2.14
HTC Sense 4+
Software Version: 3.17.708.5
Kernel: 3.4.10-g240d4d5
Baseband: 0.23a.32.09.29_10.128.32.34aL
Internal Version: 3.17.708.5 CL134054 release-keys

Following quoted administrator's words in CyanogenMod Forum:

"It is likely due to a firmware update that was put out by HTC in a later version of their software. The same problem happened with the regular (non-LTE) HOX. Luckily, with the regular HOX, the developers were able to find a working kernel version that brought back the touchscreen. Since work has halted on the HOXL due to a DCMA takedown notice on github, I don't know if the maintainers have worked with newer kernels. However, it may be worth checking on xda and see if there are any updated kernels or CM builds that address this issue."

"Due to the DCMA takedown notice to github, unless it gets resolved, it is likely this won't ever see another official release (whether nightly or stable). You would likely need to resort to the xda forum for people compiling their own builds."

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General :: HUAWEI Ascend G300 Lower Touchscreen?

Jan 5, 2013

The part with red doesn't work on my phone anymore, i can't acces the apps in the app drawer because when I press there nothing happens, also home button, menu button and back button don't work anymore. Could it be the screen digitiser?

I disassembled and assembled it to check if a cable or something wasn't right, but everything seemed ok, but even after that it's still not working.

I did a factory reset and the dock buttons worked but the 3 menu, home and back buttons didnt work and later on the dock buttons didn't work again, should i flash a ROM again? Maybe it would work then, but I'm not sure if the home button is going to work in CWM Touch.

BTW, I went to developer settings and enabled show touches and that area which is affected can't be touched at all but sometimes if I bend the phone, it gets ghost touches and even the dock gets touch inputs.

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General :: Galaxy S2 I910 - Touchscreen Not Responding For Old Game

Aug 27, 2013

Recently i downloaded some old app (Quadrapop from SE xperia) , It loads fine but when i have to choose my language it just don't respond to my touches .I installed it on my Galaxy s2 i9100 , then on table -same thing on both

I can send apk file if needed.

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General :: Ainol Spark Firewire Touchscreen Not Working

Jan 28, 2014

i upgrade unoficial rom,and when i restarted the touchscreen not working.

I have searched and installed a lot of original and custon roms,but it continue not working.

My tablet is Ainol novo 9 spark firewire a31 allwinner

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General :: Using Android Tablet As Touchscreen For Windows 8 Installed On PC

Mar 15, 2012

We can setup a vnc software or use remote desktop in windows 8 to access it on any android tablet with a vnc software.I have installed windows 8 on my pc and I do not have a touchscreen.I have a 10.1 inch android tablet. I have setup remote desktop on windows 8 and can access my pc's display on my tablet. But it can be used only with the mouse pointer given on screen. When I try to slide my finger on the screen for example, to navigate in the new start screen, instead of scrolling, the display of the screen moves and the blank space appears. This is because the vnc app is designed to work with a pc os that requires mouse.

But since this is windows 8, optimised for touchscreens, I want to use my tablet as the touchscreen monitor for windows 8 to use it as a tablet. I will keep my pc on and access it o n my tablet. Is this possible? Does vnc software for android that supports touch input for windows 8.

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General :: Touchscreen And Soft Keys Not Working After Installing New Custom ROM

Dec 18, 2012

I am using wt19i, after installing new custom rom my touchscreen and softkey are not working..........

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General :: HTC Sensation Shutdown After Battery Empty Now Touchscreen Not Working

Aug 26, 2012

I have a Htc Sensation, with Cm9 Nightlies. My battery was empty in the morning, it shutted down in a very weird way. I (fully) charged it, and now the touchscreen isn't working. I can get in to recovery, but i can't use it because i installed 4Ex touch, but the touchscreen isn't working.

I do can still access it from the pc, but i don't know what i can do now to fix it.

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General :: Navon Platinum 10 Firmware - Touchscreen And Buttons Don't Work?

Oct 28, 2013

I have Navon Platinum 10 and I bricked it.I can still upload firmware to the device via Livesuit.All I need is stock or custom firmware.Device is based on Allwinner A10.I tried many roms, but i couldn't find working ones. Best firmware i have found runs, but touchscreen and button's don't work.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 - TouchScreen Not Working After Flashing Custom ROM

Mar 29, 2013

After attempting to root my device with [URL] .... My device boots up, but touchscreen doe not work. What can i do?

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General :: Installed Wrong Firmware For Ainol Novo 10 - Touchscreen Inverted

Jul 26, 2013

I've buy ainol novo 10 hero quad a few month ago. Few days ago when I was flashing the firmware But i've instal the wrong firmware from Ainol novo 10 Ethernal. It onn's but the touch screen was "crazy" it was inverted, to push the button on the down left corner of the screen I must touch in the same spot in the upper right corner, to scroll home screen right I must slide my finger left e.t.c.

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LG Eve :: Q - LG Eve - No Touchscreen

Oct 4, 2010

I am running 1.5 r00ted and unfortunately it was last used in mass storage, not debug mode. How can I get my data off the phone using ADB? Remember, I have no touchscreen, so I guess this will have to be done in fastboot mode or something similar. I cannot navigate to the settings from the homescreen using the keyboard as I have an unlock pattern...

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