Desire :: HTC_IME Mod Keyboard Not Working After System Update

Aug 15, 2010

Ok I'm not overly techy on this Android stuff but I've just done a system software update to software number 2.09.405.8 and after the update the HTC_IME mod keyboard was constantly going into force close so I unchecked to use the standard keyboard than checked to use the HTC_IME mod again and its having no effect just using the standard keyboard now don't seem to be able to get HTC_IME mod back.

Desire :: HTC_IME mod keyboard not working after system update

EVO 4G :: Htc_ime Mod Keyboard Error / Way To Fix?

Aug 3, 2010

Ugh my favorite keyboard is not working. And the agenda calendar list app is not showing my calendar event. Anyone know a fix or update for my evo?

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Sprint Hero :: Need Link To HTC_IME Keyboard Mod

Oct 17, 2010

the one that is in roms like NFXHero and stuff. im using the rooted .7 deodexed rom.

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Android :: Samsung Galaxy Isn't Working After Update Whole System Error

Oct 3, 2009

A few minutes ago I have updated my Samsung Galaxy with the "New PC Studio" for Germany (not Android 1.6!!!). After that, my mobile restarted and now the whole system isnīt working. There always appers an error message that process has stopped unexpectedly. Normaly( when I bought this phone ) I was able to tap to Wait, but now there is no way to do it. Now I can only tap to close but then it cuttes all my conections. This wouldnīt be the problem if it appeared only one time, but THE ERROR MESSAGE APPEARS EVERY 5 SECONDS.

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HTC : Desire 2.1 Rooted - Failed System Update

Aug 1, 2010

I have a rooted Desire with 2.1 OS and I want to update to 2.2 but when I check in About section for a software update first System Update Available is 1.21.405.2 . Ok until now. I supose the first thing is to do this update and after reboot when I'll check to new System Software Update a 2.2 will appear.

After I download 1.21.405.2 via Wifi phone starts backup process and then reboots in a black screen with green SYNC icon and a loading bar stop loading after a few seconds an another black screen with a BIG RED question mark appears and then phone reboots as usual but with no update Why can't update in order to pass next step: 2.2 OS update ?

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Android :: Motorola Backflip - Android Keyboard - Dialer And System Update

Aug 23, 2010

My Motorola Backflip is just 2 days old. I am facing some issues regarding Android Keyboard and Dialer applications and the Update of the system.

Android keyboard :- application functions improperly on an intermittent basis.When I want to compose a message and I open the keyboard for typing the typed characters are recognized (I can see them popping up) nut in the input box nothing gets typed.

Dialer application - When I want to place a call and hit the Green Call button in left of Home button I face following issues

1) the application takes a few second to appear

2) when I double-click or press and hold the contact to call the desired number the call does not initiate.

Finally I had to restart my phone.In two days this has happened so many times.

Also I tried checking for updates may times.But it said "the device is unable to connect to the server.Try again later."

There are no issues with my Wireless network.I ran Marketplace application and signed into my Google account successfully.

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HTC Desire :: On Screen Keyboard Sometimes Stops Working

Sep 13, 2010

Whenever possible I always use the landscape keyboard but have noticed that sometimes in messages (and web browser) that if I spot a mistake and use the trackpad or touch the screen to go back and correct whatever I type on the keyboard will not appear in the text. The keyboard still responds as you can see the popups for the keys when you press them but the text doe not go into the box. The only way I found to cure this is to close and reopen the keyboard and everything then starts working. I am running the recent OTA firmware update on a completely unrooted unbranded Desire.

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HTC Desire :: Igo Bluetooth Keyboard Not Working / Get To Work

May 19, 2010

I have managed to pair my keyboard with the phone, but can't actually use it.
The Keyboard is an Igo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Keyboard.

I've got a wall of text to write so would be good if i could get it working.

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HTC Desire :: HTC IME Keyboard With Voice Input Not Working On 2.2 - Alternative

Jul 25, 2010

HTC_IME keyboard with voice input not working on 2.2. Alternative?

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HTC Desire :: Wifi Not Working After 2.2 Update

Sep 9, 2010

I have just downloaded and installed the 2.2 update (2.10.405.2) and everything went well except now my wifi will not work. I go into the wifi settings and it says "error" next to the wifi tab and it will not turn on.

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Android :: Loading Native Libraries - System Load - Dlopen - Nexus One After FRG83 System Update

Nov 17, 2010

I am an Android app developer, and I have purchased a Nexus One device which I use to continuously test my developed Android applications.

Background: ----------------- One of the applications I developed uses a native shared library (e.g. Only my application loads & uses this native library. I had developed this app before Android NDK came out. I pack my native library into my apk's 'assets' folder, and during my application start- up, I extract this native library from my package's assets folder to my app private directory (i.e. <assets> -> /data/data/<myappprocess>/ Then I use System.load() API in my application to dynamically load this native library.

Problem: ------------ This application was developed during Android 1.5 (i.e. cupcake) days {I didn't have the Nexus One then}. The above procedure has been working without any problems right from Android 1.5 to Android 2.2 (i.e. Froyo). I have also tested the same on my Nexus One for Android 2.1 (i.e. Eclair) and Android 2.2.

The problem began the moment I recently upgraded my Nexus One to Android 2.2.1 via the FRG83 system update. Now, whenever I try to load my native library, I get the following error:

D/dalvikvm( 3653): Trying to load lib /data/data/<myappprocess>/ <mynativelib>.so <some address> I/dalvikvm( 3653): Unable to dlopen(/data/data/<myappprocess>/ <mynativelib>.so): Cannot load library: link_image[1995]: failed to link <mynativelib>.so

What I have Tried: -------------------------- 1. I tried my application using Android 2.2 SDK (emulator) works, no issues. 2. I checked out the latest froyo & android2.2.1 source code from Android open-source, built & tested my application + native lib using the latest froyo built & ran, no issues. This should've taken care of any changes in the native code dependencies between Android 2.2 & Android 2.2.1 3. I even checked Android 2.2.1 source code for dalvik (java System & Runtime classes) + bionic (linker & dlopen sources) between Android 2.2 & Android 2.2.1 (using source checked out from Android open-source), but couldn't find anything consequential 4. I am unable to return my Nexus One to Android 2.2.

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HTC Desire : Market Widget Not Working After Update To 2.2 / Way To Run

Oct 16, 2010

My Marketplace widget is not working after the update to 2.2 I am on 3 network here is what the message is when i press on the market icon on my phone - " The linked program is no longer installed on your phone"..

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Need Htc_ime V22

Jul 6, 2010

Anybody still have v22 or a working link to it? It's an older version but someone told me the keys are a little bit wider so I wanted to check it out.

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HTC Droid Eris :: How To Install Custom HTC_IME On Xda?

Apr 21, 2010

Is it possible to install the custom HTC_IME keyboard on XDA on an UNROOTED Eris? Running 2.1 leak v2.

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General :: How To Install Keyboard App To System

Mar 5, 2013

I want install an Keyboard app like Gingerbread/Ics or another Keyboard from store to System/app on my Samsung Galaxy Y s5360,but the problem is with all Keyboardapp that i have tried the same:FORCECLOSE.

i can choose it in settings but than comes the fc.

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Android :: How Does System Replace Current Keyboard?

Aug 29, 2010

To use a custom IME, it must be selected from the "Settings app". How does the system do this operation? What are the code files that changes the settings?

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General :: Xperia S - FC Using Keyboard When Pushed To System

Aug 3, 2013

I have an xperia S running rooted stock 4.1.2 jellybean, and I'd like to install a keyboard from the playstore as a system application. The keyboard works fine when installed from the playstore, but when I push it to system (and set the permissions properly) it just force closes and does not work at all.

I've pushed various other apps from the playstore into system and they have worked without fault. Is there something finicky with installing keyboards from the playstore as system applications?

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Motorola Droid :: Keyboard Found In Verizon System

Jun 8, 2010

I hope this is true... it would make an awesome phone even better!

Motorola Droid 2 found in Verizon system, keyboard makes an online cameo? (update: specs) -- Engadget

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General :: Nexus 7 System UI Not Working?

Feb 14, 2013

My Google Nexus 7 which is running 4.2.1, at least I'm not aware of a 4.2.2 upgrade having happened, is flashing up a message "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped working"

Nothing I do can get rid of it, It won't even turn off.If your quick enough after accepting the OK option you can get it to say access the emails but you can't get any further.Its become totally useless.

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Motorola Droid X :: Some System Sounds Are Not Working?

Oct 11, 2010

I have just noticed a couple days ago that some of my sounds aren't working on my Droid X. Ringtones, alarms, notifications work. Audible touch tones, audible selection, keyboard typing and some other sounds in games are not working. Also, when rebooting the "droid" sound isn't playing (not sure if that was taken out with froyo.) About a week ago these sounds were all working so I know it wasn't the update that killed them. And yes I've looked and made sure that all the checks were selected for these sounds.

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HTC EVO 4G :: System Update Is Available

Oct 5, 2010

Do we have any info on what the update is? I was thinking about rooting this week (I have 2.2) but don't want to update if it will get in the way of the XDA root method thingy

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General :: System Update Not Available

Feb 24, 2013

I've read many threads about the following message that I am getting when checking for system updates:"Check for update is not available at this time. Try Again later."

I've never seen a definitive cause nor cure. Anything definitive about this or is this just one of those deals that sometimes comes and goes? I have seen it before, but it's never stuck around for so long on any device I've owned.

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HTC Incredible :: System Panel / Task Manager History Not Working

Jun 12, 2010

As it has already been noted in EVO threads, SystemPanel App / Task Manager history /installer and a few other features no longer work. That is because it has finally broken into a lite ver and paid ver.
The lite (free) might be fine for most. The paid is $2.99, well worth it IMO.

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Motorola Droid X :: System Update Not Available

Jul 24, 2010

I just checked the system updates for giggles but it is saying that check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.Anyone else seeing this? I am just worried that it might be because I am rooted.

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Android :: No Streamlined Update System

Feb 23, 2010

I just posted this in the regular android discuss group but I do believe that developers should read this as well. This directly affects you as well. This first began with my personal experience, I have an HTC Magic and I'm at version 1.5 a friend of mine has a g1 while another just got a Milestone. The issue is one friend can't understand why one phone can see this app and another can't or why one phone can do one thing that another can't, Their both running android whats the problem (ex. The Milestone has maps 3.3.1 the G1 has old Maps 3.1). I'm getting tired of explaining that even though they are both androids one is more up to date then the other and there really is no way to update. Even "IF" you rooted the phone you have to deal with bugs and ports its ridiculous. Now I love Android and I want to see Android KILL iPhone and eventually Symbian and I DO know that this is not necessarily Google's problem but it is indeed a problem that affects Google and it's users wanting to get the full Google Experience. I recently read a PC World article stupidly titled Android doomed to self destruct which I do not believe and its at this link: but I realized that I am not the only person that sees this. Today there is an article on Slashdot as well as 2 on infoworld. We need to fix this at least some kind of update system that does not rely on manufacturers or at least forces them to act. Devices are releasing today with android 1.6 and if I research I'll probably find a few releasing 1.5. HTC is still pumping out Magic's with this old firmware, it's just getting very messy all across the board. Is there any suggestion as to what can be done at least on paper, any ideas?

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General :: System Update Popped Up But There Was Not One?

Mar 6, 2014

So today, my phone was preparing the network for a system update. I already have 4.4, so I cancelled it. I checked for Firmware updates, nothing. A bug? It's a GS4.

my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk

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Jelly Bean :: Kocaso M1066 Tablet - System UI Has Stopped Working

Dec 25, 2013

Bought a Kocaso M1066 Tablet from as a Christmas gift. When we opened the box and turned it on, it instantly started displaying the "System UI has stopped working" message. As soon as you hit the "Ok" button, the message comes back. Waiting to hear back from customer service if I should sent it back to them or manufacturer. I know there is a service mode of Android, but cant seem to find the right keys to hold down on power-up.

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HTC Hero :: System Updates / Update Profile

Oct 24, 2009

Under the System Updates menu that's an option to Update Profile.What is that used for?

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HTC Aria :: System Update Option Missing

Jul 9, 2010

Under the system options then about phone, It appears the option for system updates are missing. If this phone was to be scheduled in the fall when HTC does Froyo, How would one go about getting it if you miss an OTA option or what not. Would it be a download instead? Another thing this phone is absolutely the best phone that I have had. I have tried the backflip, droid Eris and Moto Droid and this one in my option is the best!

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HTC Incredible :: System Update Not Installing (Rooted)

Nov 23, 2010

My Incredible is rooted. For the past few days I've received a notification that a system update will be installed and the phone will reboot. Nothing happens, no reboot and no evident change. Now that the phone is rooted do I need to apply updates manually? Should I take the Verizon updates at all? (The only specific change mentioned in (more info" for this update is the addition of an app called "Slacker").

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