HTC Incredible :: Randomly Freaks Out At Times And Starts Switching Screens And Stuff On It's Own

Nov 15, 2010

So what is going on after the last update? My phone randomly freaks out at times and starts switching screens and stuff on it's own. Seems like it is possessed. Never did this before the update...and a friend of mine is having the same problem with their Incredible. Also at times I try to go back to the home screen and the screen goes completely black for a bit....then will eventually go to it. When it freaks out the only thing I can do is restart it and then it will work fine until the next time it freaks out.

HTC Incredible :: randomly freaks out at times and starts switching screens and stuff on it's own

HTC Incredible :: Phone Switching Between Screens Itself

May 4, 2010

Just had an issue today with the phone after I got off of NYC and went back to the home screen. The phone decided to have a mind of its own and was actually switching between screens itself. Every time I hit the home button it would switch to screen 2 and three and so on and so on. Also when I tried to text right after that I was unable to input text for w.e. reason. After a shut off and turn on of the phone the issue was resolved; "weird". Anyone else having this problem?

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HTC Incredible :: Headphones Switching To Headset Randomly

Nov 20, 2010

On my phone whenever I use the music player or Pandora or anything with music, and I plug in my headphones it messes up. It'll work normal and then all of a sudden itll switch to a headset icon and the music messes up. I have to take out the headphones and plug them back in, and on Pandora I have to switch songs also. I've tried 3 sets of headphones and even a pair of speakers. Tried search, didn't find anything.

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Keeps Switching Between The Home Screens By Itself

Apr 29, 2010

My phone keeps switching between the home screens by itself!

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HTC EVO 4G :: Music Starts Playing Randomly / How To Fix?

Jun 23, 2010

Had this happen twice now. If I look at the Sense music player, it's not playing. Pandora isn't open. Nothing else is happening, just... music playing. Volume does nothing. Only way I could find to turn it off was by turning the phone off.

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Android :: Make A Trial Version Which Starts A Limited Amount Of Times?

Nov 8, 2010

I want to make a trial version, where the application functionality works a limited amount of times. The consumer will then be given the option to buy the complete version on Android market. How can I implement that?

I could write some info to the sdcard after each start of the app and then read that info on the next start or reinstallation of the app. But would that work? This thread :

says that there's no 100% sure way to keep someone from reusing a trial version. That seems strange. It is possible to make a functionable trial version in J2ME with the RecordStore class. Why shouldn't this be possible in Android?

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HTC Incredible :: Removing Headphones Freaks Phone Out

May 26, 2010

On my way to work I use the headphones attached to my Incredible to listen to iHeartRadio/Padora, etc. Once I get to work I make sure I kill the applications that I am not using, including the music applications. Once they are killed I remove the headphones from the phone. The problem is that once I remove the headphones, the music application automatically starts and plays over the speaker on the phone eventhough the applications were killed before I disconnect the headphones. The only way to stop the music from playing is to task kill it again after I disconnect the headphones.I am using the headphones supplied by the Blackberry Storm that have the microphone.

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Android :: Changing Screens - Switching Between Layouts

Jun 1, 2010

I am trying to create an app for android 1.5 which would be organized around 4-5 'screen's that will be changing in a given order.

So I start ma app with the first screen, which it's background and a button. When I click on the button a new screen appears with a different background and different options which lead to next screens. Sth. that is usually seen in games. The problem is that I need to pass a lot of data between those 'screens' like and array with recorded sound. My idea was to create a separate xml layout file for each screen and change the context in the activity class so ie:


A simple test app for 3 screens works this way but my I don't really like this approach and it seems to be inappropriate.

Is this the correct way of organizing such an app in android or should I take another approach - if I should, please give a more detailed advice on how to do this.

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HTC Desire :: Phone Randomly Scrolls Through Screens / Fix It?

Nov 6, 2010

I got my desire yesterday and when as soon as started to use the phone, it would scroll from the home screen to the left or right. It won't stay on one screen sometimes. Other times it doesn't do this at all. When it is doing, I can go into a menu or something and it will scroll through the different icons. I don't know what the problem is, but it's getting on my last nerve.

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General :: Photo Flashes Randomly Between Screens?

Jun 2, 2013

I have even since deleted it, but sometimes when I'm switching screens, it randomly flashes on the screen for a micro second.

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Motorola Droid X :: Navigation Spontaneously Switching Screens

Jul 16, 2010

Just starting to play around with the new X. I tried the car dock on my first trip with nav without having the charging cable plugged in. Nav seemed to stay on the turn-by-turn screen just fine, except that the screen kept timing out (as expected running on battery). Today I also plugged in a charging cable. Nav started out working fine, but then several times during my trip the X inexplicably switched away from the turn-by-turn screen to the directions screen (or to the "maps" top-down screen). I didn't see anything in the options, and can't imagine why the thing would be switching. Also, I just updated to the latest Google Maps application (last night, between the two nav tests), so maybe that had something to do with it....

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Android : App To Randomly Change Home Screens - Wallpaper?

Aug 23, 2010

Is there an app that will randomly change your home screen and wallpaper to a different one at some pre-determined interval, say every time the phone restarts? There are so many cool looking home screens and wallpapers that I can't make up my mind. It would be nice to select a bunch and then have them randomly selected every restart or specified interval, kind of like shuffle on a CD player.

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Motorola Droid :: New ADW Launcher Backs Up Screens - Rom Switching Faster

Jun 15, 2010

Just read this from another thread thought root users would like to know you can save your screen setups now. I figured this will save me about 30 minutes each time I change a rom. I tried it out and it worked great. With all the ROM's I like to try this will make me change from L.P.

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Samsung Captivate : App To Randomly Change Home Screens - Wallpaper?

Aug 23, 2010

Is there an app that will randomly change your home screen and wallpaper to a different one at some pre-determined interval, say every time the phone restarts? There are so many cool looking home screens and wallpapers that I can't make up my mind. It would be nice to select a bunch and then have them randomly selected every restart or specified interval, kind of like shuffle on a CD player.

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Phone Randomly Open Apps In Background At All Times / This Will Affect Battery Life?

Nov 11, 2010

Just got my D2 yesterday after spending way too long with the Eris... so far I'm loving it, but I have one question: do everyone's phones seem to randomly open 10-20 apps in background at all times? These aren't even apps I use, like a Sudoku game I haven't tried once yet. I'm not too worried about it, since performance seems to be fine, but I'm wondering if this will affect battery life.

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HTC Incredible :: Backup My Stuff With Titanium?

Aug 3, 2010

So I just rooted my dinc and am about to add the ota radio but I'm trying to backup my stuff with titanium and can't seem to figure it out. I would greatly appreciate any advice or answers to these questions:

Must the phone be plugged into the computer? If so must it be windows?

Must usb debugging be on as well as allow unknown sources?

I download busy box and can get to the screen where I select backup apps and data but have no idea where the backup of this is stored...where? I hit the backup apps and data button and run but instantly I go back to the home screen. Is my stuff backed up? Please Help! THanks so much!

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HTC Incredible :: Strip My Rom Of Stuff I Dont Need?

Oct 23, 2010

I know this is redundant, i just cant seem to find the thread explaining it

id like to remove apps and widgets that i don't intend on ever using.

no interest in restoring them, i want to make myself a stripped down speed-deamon version of my current rom (SR3.3.1) which i love. If i need any of the stuff back ill just flash a new rom.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Outlook - Automatically Delete Stuff As Delete Stuff On The Exchange Server

Jan 15, 2010

I connect to my works Exchange server using EAS (I think, it was the default) and it syncs with my mail automagically as stuff comes in. I'd really like to find a way to automatically delete stuff on the Hero as I delete stuff on the exchange server. Is there a way to do this without involving another program?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Phone Totally Freaks Out About Twice A Day

Nov 1, 2010

My Hero is running CM6. About once or twice a day an icon shows up in the notification bar that looks like a "play" icon (triangle pointing to the right). If you open the notifications while this is happening it shows a bunch of commands alternating quickly in random order including Camera Shutter, Low Battery, Undock, Keypress Spacebar, Keypress Standard, Keypress Return, Keypress Delete, Lock, Effect_Tick, Video Record, Unlock.There may be others but this is all I can comprehend as they go by really fast. When this happens there is nothing I can do to stop it except pull the battery.This is driving me crazy! Can someone tell me what is going on?

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HTC Incredible :: Stock Rom - Manually Remove Stuff

Oct 2, 2010

I've tried ShadowRom and CM6 and love both but it's far too buggy for me right now. On SR I would have 5-6 reboots a day which I can't bear. With CM6 it's down to 1-2 reboots a day but sometimes my phone will completely cut off and not reboot at all and I won't know that it's off until I go to wake it up. I also have had voicemails and missed calls that I haven't been notified of and the missed calls won't even show up in the call log later. I only know they are missed when friends tell me they called me three times in a row with no answer. Lastly the battery life is killing me on CM6. I've never drained my 2150 battery before and everybody for the past week I've had CM6 the battery had died with display as the main cause. So I've finally decided I just need to go back to Stock 2.2 and install LauncherPro. So my question is, I know how to remove some of the crapware but what other things can I remove that are Sense related from the stock rom that won't compromise the phone in any way but that will make it run faster and smoother? Is there a tutorial for this somewhere?

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HTC Incredible :: Transferring Stuff From SD To Onboard Memory?

Apr 29, 2010

I just purchased my first Android phone (HTC Incredible from Verizon). It has 8G internal memory. My microSD only has 2G and it's almost full. Many of the apps I've downloaded require the SD so I'd like to transfer my pic's and music from the SD to the onboard memory. However I've been unable to figure out how to do that.

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HTC Incredible :: Goes Retro With Nexus Style Stuff

May 15, 2010

HTC Incredible Goes Retro : Nexus One Launcher and Apps | WJD Designs I figured people would like to grab some of these things from my site - showin off the Nexus style drawer too

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HTC Incredible :: Deleting Stuff On SD Card After Root?

Jun 29, 2010

Before I rooted I would go through my sd card and delete files that were no longer needed such as application files from applications that I would download and later delete. Now that I'm rooted I am a little hesitant to do that because I'm not sure if there are files on there that are necessary for root.

For example: the SU file on the SD Card. Is that the program itself or is it just the install file. If I were to delete it would I lose the superuser or would it not effect it? I just got a 16 gig sd card so I am wondering what files I need to transfer over if there are any.

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HTC Incredible : Ringtone Stops Ringing Second After It Starts

Sep 9, 2010

Got my Incredible last Wednesday.It has been great.It does not seem to have any of the issues others have been having until last night.It started having problems with the ringtone.When some one calls it will ring but only for a second than it goes silent.I can still answer the call but I know I will miss calls this way.Also sometimes it is hard to open it up from the lock screen to answer call when this happens.Anyone else have this issue.I already did a battery pull and called *228 for a prl update.Still having issue. Of course when I took it to the Verizon store it did not do it.

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Motorola Droid :: Touchscreen Freaks Out When Plugged In - Ongoing

Aug 24, 2010

Any time I have the phone plugged in or on a docking station, the touch screen seems to go pyscho. It never seems to select the icon I want, or randomly switches screen when I touch the screen briefly or doesn't do anything at all.

Would this fall under something I should take in and deal with on warranty or is this a common thing amongst them all. I am finally just getting tired of it.

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HTC Incredible :: Change Mobile Hot Spot / Cool Stuff?

Aug 25, 2010

I DL'ed and ran the unprovoked program. It did its thing and said done. it rebooted and looks exactly like it did before....questions:
1) how do I know if it is rooted and ready to go?
2) how to I make changes, like allow mobile hot spot and cool stuff like that?I wont even get into how I can add froyo, simple things first

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HTC Incredible :: Connecting Phone To Computer And Getting Music Stuff

Apr 24, 2010

I have no idea where to go to get these (probably routine, simple) questions asked. Thanks for answers/links. I just purchased my phone and I'm really excited. And nervous, is that weird? 1. I have a MacBook Pro w/ my music on itunes, although I didn't buy any of it through them. Is there any issue with connecting my new phone to my computer and getting my music stuff on it? Is it easy or do I need to read about how to do it from somewhere? FWIW, easy to me = drag and drop, or have it automatically transfer.

1a. I am hoping to replace my ipod touch with this device. Realistic? Or silly dream?
2. What should I do to the phone when I first get it? Are there things Verizon includes that I should delete (like when you first buy a computer and it's preloaded w/ a ton of crap)? Are there things I need to immediately get?
2b. I assume those things I need to immediately get are apps. Can I browse them now w/out the phone or can I only do it from the phone? What are the "must haves"? Is there a website that lists the most popular/useful apps?
3. Is there a good tutorial for how to get the most out of Android? Or do I just monkey around and see what I like/dislike?
4. Should I root this thing? Not quire sure what that means, but it seems to be what the cool kids do.
4b. Other than paying for the teething thing from VZW, is rooting the only way to get that ability?

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HTC Incredible :: Installation Of New Kernel Will Remove All Apps And Stuff?

Jul 16, 2010

If I install hydra kernel does it remove all my apps and stuff or does it just update the kernel? Would love to have an undervolted, overclocked kernel.

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HTC Incredible :: Using Dolphin Browser I Can't Buy Stuff On Ebay / Find It?

Jul 19, 2010

I can only "watch" the item and look at it but there is no purchase button how can I find it?

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HTC Incredible :: HTC Music Player / Droid Incredible / Mp3 Randomly Appeared

May 1, 2010

Well i plan on developing for android now and figure i'd sign up.I've only had it only for like 1.5 days now, installed a few apps here or there. Well i installed pandora and have pandora one, i've also bluetooth'd it to my car stereo on the way home yesterday.Well tonite i was messing around it some more and noticed there are about 8 songs that i didn't download or transfer in the HTC Music player, they are songs/artist that i've possibly listen to in pandora. I'm not sure if pandora downloads songs and the htc player picked found them. So i tried to play a couple songs, skip a few and nothing new appeared in the htc player.

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