General :: Freezing Applications - How To Unfreeze / Defrost Via PC

Apr 7, 2011

Finally decided to bite the bullet and make an account.

Yesterday I bought my first android phone (LG Optimus 2x). Rooted it succesfully today and downloaded Bloat Freezer. I froze several applications successfully, but I think I went a step too far and froze somthing vital. Now my phone will not get past the intial 'StarHub' screen when turning on.

I have tried several things to try and fix this. I have tried unrooting the phone - this has not worked. I have also tried running the NVFlash and this has also yielded no results. I've tried the hard reset (holding volume keys when turning on) however it seems to freeze and nothing tends to happen.

My question therefore is, is it possible to defrost/unfreeze applications via computer?

General :: freezing applications - how to unfreeze / defrost via PC

General :: Cannot Unfreeze Stock Email App

Jun 13, 2013

I had disabled the stock email app when my Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 had Ice Cream Sandwich.I upgraded my phone to official Samsung Jelly Bean while the app was disabled.

Now, I have to configure office exchange email and I want to use the stock email app rather 3rd party ones like Touchdown. But, now I can't enable it back Looks like, Samsung won't let users disable the stock email app in Jelly Bean . In Settings-> Application Manager-> All-> Scroll to the end, it says disabled next to Email, when I click on it and get in, there is no enable button, but there is a disable button which is grayed out I also tried some of the apps in the Google Play Store to unfreeze apps. It shows the email app to be frozen. But it requires to be root to unfreeze them.

how to unfreeze/re-enable the email app without the following:

- rooting the phone

- factory reset of the phone

How do I get the Samsung Galaxy S II GT I9100 4.1.2 email.apk?

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Motorola Droid X :: Installed 2.2 Through PM / Applications Freezing

Aug 21, 2010

This dude helped me root and then install 2.2 all through PM! Had a couple issues that wouldn't have got through without him, and he also explained a lot of the terminology for me! Now pulling high 1500 quadrant scores. Time to get to freezing apps, and all the other rootie goodness!

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Motorola Droid :: Freezing Then Automatically Closes Applications

May 19, 2010

My Droid keeps freezing then automatically closes applications... especially when I'm doing something online. And if it doesn't end up closing out then there's a bad delay. I just got it and i dont have many apps. Any ideas as to why or what I can do to fix it?

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Samsung Fascinate :: How To Unfreeze Apps?

Nov 30, 2010

I recently traded my droid x for a samsung fascinate. I realized while browsing through that it has been rooted. Some of the files have been hidden or frozen. Buddies now friends stream and swype. I would like to unfreeze the apps. I have super manager installed and I can see that they are still there. Beyond that I have no clue what to do.

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HTC Desire :: Defrost Rom Email Error

Sep 1, 2010

just changed to defrost rom. works brilliant this time! Only problem is the email. on the default rom it allows you to skip past options if it cant connect to it. eg not been able to connect to your smtp server. if it canbt connect it says cant promise it will work while sending but you can continue. if that makes sense lol. With this one if it doesnt connect it wont let you. My email smtp is However i believe the three network which i am on block the port this ISP uses. so i cant send mail from my phone. How can i get round this? im not to bothered about the fact i cant send but because of the menu option it wont let me finilize to recieve? im so rubbish at explaining myself Hope this makes sense guys?

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HTC Desire :: Flashing With HTC_IME_MOD On Defrost

Nov 24, 2010

Flash (in clockworkMOD) a .zip file containing a themed HTC IME Mod, however, it is not installing properly.
I have the keyboard in apk file. I place this in a folder called app and that is in a folder called system. I then sign the file and save it as a .zip (I have created other files and they have worked perfectly). The problem is, the HTC_IME in DeFroST is already installed, and my themed one is not over writing the one which is on the ROM as standard. I have tried to change the name to the same as it is in the ROM (HTC_IME_hi22.apk) within the system/app folders, but this still didn?t change it. Am I missing something here?

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HTC Desire :: Can't Send Email After DeFrost Update

Jul 16, 2010

if this is in the wrong section but since I've updated to 2.2 (using Lekky's fantastic guide), I'm unable to send emails and just can't think what I'm doing wrong. I can receive emails (set up as POP3) but the outgoing server just tells me there is a connection error. I'm on orange with an NTLworld account. For the outgoing SMTP server I have tried:

Either port 25 or 465 (found on the net - not orange's website) Leave the 'sign in' unticked. Is this a problem with FroYo or me being a numpty?

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HTC Desire :: Does DeFRost ROM Support Stereo Bluetooth

Sep 28, 2010

I can't get my Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth Stereo headset to work with my HTC Desire.I have previously had it working fine with the stock HTC sense & the LeeDroid ROM. I have recently loaded the DeFRost 4.6 ROM.I can get it to pair OK and it appears in the 'Bluetooth Devices' list as 'Paired but not connected', when I try to connect I get a 'Cannot establish communication with Nokia BH-214' error.I am guessing this ROM does not support the A2DP standard. Is there a workaround?

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HTC Desire :: Giving Vanilla Froyo Go But Defrost Didn't Come With An Email Widge

Aug 27, 2010

Giving vanilla froyo a go but defrost didn't come with an email widget and I miss my sense email widget. Anyone got any suggestions for a replacement?

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General :: Probook 107 PC Tablet Keeps Freezing

Dec 22, 2012

so this is my first android tablet with 9.7", Allwinner A10 1.5 GHZ Cortex A8 and android 4.0.4..actually my brother gives it to me as a gift after a trip to Turkey.i really enjoyed in first time and i like it so much, its great and fast... so i tried all google play applications until that bad black night! my tablet shuts down automatically. and it start freezing from that time.. i tried factory reset with many firmwares but till this night it keeps freezing sometimes in android logo or if it passes that or booting steps, it blocks in lock screen and it come not responding .

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General :: Freezing And Restarts When Use Swap

Mar 30, 2013

I currently have a phone based on mt6577 where I started to modify the kernel to improve performance but I have a big concern about the swap. I want to enable zram.I turn on when I swap it ends up freezing the system reboots instantly or with a random delay. Kernel 3.0, 4.0.4 ICS

I tried to create a swap file system, the result is the same.I have been looking for a while or could be the problem but without result.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy S2 Keeps Freezing Up?

Oct 16, 2012

I got a samsung galaxy S2 I love this phone. I've had it since early this year and it's been the best phone I've had in a Long time. But the past few weeks it keeps freezing up I either have to just leave it alone for a few minutes or pull the battery. And then I leave it alone and it resets it's self when it comes back the time is always of by s few hours and most of my apps that I have on my sd card are not there. And it takes awhile for everything to go back to normal. What are my options? should I just do a factory reset? Or is there something else I can try. It is rooted but I don't think that had anything to do with it because this started well after I rooted. And since it is rooted is there anything I have to do before doing a factory rest.

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General :: Android Device Freezing All The Time

Feb 13, 2012

Have been having issues with MyTouch 4G freezing. According to community area, minimum amount of available internal device space for Android device is 25 MB. This amount was first determined by Android to be for the G1 which only had 126 MB of internal device available space. My question is, with Android phones having more available space ie: MyTouch 4g 4GB ROM and 512 MB RAM, should the available internal phone storage be higher than 25MB in order to run properly? It would seem to me that if the phone had more available internal phone storage, the available space needs to be proportionally greater to run properly.

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General :: LG Optimus G2X - Waterlogged Phone Freezing On Wake

Sep 13, 2012

I have a LG Optimus G2X (p999), running CM7.

The phone got waterlogged being in a backpack during a thunderstorm. The common "overnight-in-rice" remedy worked to dry the phone. On power up everything seemed fine except for one thing, the notification that says "Safe to remove SD Card". Upon further inspection it seems to be irrelevant to the real problem, as the sd card is still readable and writable by the phone.

The phone "freezes" after allowing the phone to sleep (locking not necessary for the problem to occur). After the screen goes off for more than a few seconds, then next wake action will turn on the screen but the system will not respond. Only hitting the power button seems turn off the screen. From that point onward, no key is responsive (screen will stay off). The cause seems to be caused by the following logcat message

[ 09-12 16:36:26.434 1110:0x495 W/SharedBufferStack ]
waitForCondition(LockCondition) timed out (identity=67, status=0). CPU may be pegged. trying again.

This warning is spammed from the point of "freezing" untill I pull the battery. Also the following message seems to be an indicator as to why the phone won't wake again.

[ 09-12 16:36:26.991 1110:0x497 D/KeyguardViewMediator ]

The problem is difficult to debug because I cannot debug it, literally. The problem only occurs while on battery power. Connecting the cable to a usb port stopping this problem from occuring.

Things I've tried
-Airplane mode (to eliminate any communcation device as being the problem)
-Loaded an entirely different rom (Paranoid Android CM9 Based)

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General :: Ematic EGlide Steal Tablet Freezing When Trying To Run Chrome

Dec 1, 2012

I have an Ematic eGlide Steal 7 inch tablet. It is unrooted (it's factory but the Flixter app insists it is Rooted) running 4.0.3. I try to install Chrome from the old Google Market app (play won't work on this device) and when ever I try to run it it locks up the entire tablet with in 30 seconds of launch forcing me to press the reset button. The only place i have seen on the forums with anything close to this was with the beta versions which I am not running.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Terrible Freezing While Charging

Nov 8, 2010

When my EVO is charging it freezes as to become almost completely unusable. Finger presses, swipes, etc. are only barely registered, if at all. Multitouch completely doesn't work. The 4 buttons at the bottom rarely work.

The problem persists across multiple chargers, even the stock charger, and it doesn't matter whether I'm plugged in to the wall or into my PC via USB. But here's the confusing part: the problem only seems to occur when I plug in at work. I've never experienced the problem when charging at home. Is the voltage in my outlets at work somehow screwed up? Too much/little/inconsistent power?

I've only had my EVO for about 25 days, so should I try to exchange it? It would be a pain since I'm already rooted, customized, etc. but it would probably be worth the inconvenience if it would fix the problem.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Keeps Rebooting And Freezing

Aug 31, 2010

Since we got the phones mine has been fine and my wife has had nothing but trouble. Her phone reboots all the time and freezes. We finally went to the Sprint store Friday and they determined hers was bad and sent her a new(refurb). We received it last night. We activate the new one and this one is worse. She has had it reboot 3 times today alone. It also keeps freezing on her.

Another strange issue the new phone is having is when she clicks on an email in the Gmail app the screen flashes like it is going to open the email and it just goes right back to the inbox.

Did she get 2 bad phones ? Now we have to go back to the Sprint store again. She also only receives one out of every three of my text messages.

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HTC Incredible :: Freezing A LOT While Texting

Oct 3, 2010

Lately my phone has been freezing a LOT while texting. I'm using handcent. No fancy contact pictures, just simple iphone setup with black and white. I don't have a lot of apps on my phone, I have froyo, I don't have a lot of music on it, I mean.. I text a lot, but lately this slowdown has been pretty bad. Freezing every few minutes, locking up, having to lock the phone unlock it to work, sometimes having to reboot it.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Handcent Freezing When I Open App

Oct 24, 2010

Im having this big issue with my handcent freezing when i open the app, it also freezes when i recieve messages. Ive deleted apps to see if that was the issue but nothing helped.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Sense Keeps Freezing / Fix It

Oct 2, 2010

I have baked snack and htc sense keeps freezing it says force close htc sense and i do that but then it starts loading and it says force close or wait. how do i fix it.

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LG Eve :: Message Freezing / Stop It?

Jan 10, 2010

Whenever i open the text messages it always freezes, most of the time while i am typing and it is forced to force close. This happens every day at least 20+ times.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Titanium Backup - Freezing Apps

Oct 12, 2010

I do have a pro version of the TB. And I'm trying to go thru and freeze all the bloatware, but when I hit the "freeze" button. It says "Freezing "FM Radio 1.00"..." and just sits there. I tried it with the Amazon MP3 as well, but gave up waiting after 10 minutes and rebooted. When it came up, it showed that the Amazon MP3 is frozen. Figured that it worked, but its stuck again. Am I doing something wrong? Do I really need to reboot after each freeze?

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Keeps Freezing / Locking Up

Apr 29, 2010

I've had to pull the battery out three times now because the phone freezes up seemingly randomly when I use the browser. Haven't experienced this while using any other apps. Is anyone else experiencing this? Hoping this will stop happening or a new ROM will fix it.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Constantly Freezing After 2.2 Update

Aug 21, 2010

Ever since the 2.2 update, or downgrade as I now call it, my phone has been freezing nonstop. I have no clue what's going on. I have very few apps. The only reason I got this phone was because I'd thought it would be better than my old Samsung Instinct, which also constantly experienced freezes.

Here's an in depth look:
Press top button, slide down to unlock but no response.
Home screen, will not respond to touch.
Placing a call to someone, and before they answer, another call will come in completely freezing my phone, hard reset required.
The only reason I switched from the instinct is because I was sick of the freezes. And this phone hadn't done it before the update. Now, since my 30 day return is over, and the update came after the 30 grace period, I'm stuck with this POS phone.
Do you guys have any clue about this?
If not, looks like I'm switching from sprint after my 12 year run with them.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Freezing Up In The Cold

Dec 6, 2009

I've been out side smoking and playing on my eris and I notice it really starts to lag in the cold. I live in Minnesota and winter here is pretty cold. I'm just wondering if any one else has experienced this?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Constant Freezing On CM6

Sep 23, 2010

My phone will freeze completely at random. It's happened two times so far. Once in the camera app and the second time on the home screen after I tried turning the screen off. I am using the most recent version of Cyanogen. It just does not work, at all. No input on the screen or the buttons. I have had to remove the battery both times. Is this a bug or something else. The home screen blacks out but the status bar is still seen. This happens at random too and it reappears whenever it wants to.

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HTC Incredible :: DInc Freezing My Computer

Nov 14, 2010

So My DInc keeps freezing my computer every time i connect it with the usb. It only does it on mine which has the ADW driver and an internet connection. the other computers I use it with don't have a net connection and it works fine when I use Easy tether to get the net. Any Idea why this would be happening on my system only? Also in case it's needed My PC uses windows 7 and the others have XP and 7 on them.

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HTC Eris :: Superuser Permissions App Freezing

Aug 7, 2010

I'm having trouble with my superuser app and wireless tethering. I just flashed a new rom (xtrSENSE) and successfully set up tethering on my phone. However, I think I screwed something up after that. I allowed permission for access, and went back in to the superuser app later, clicked on the corresponding line and it disappeared. When I went back in to tether my phone today, it transferred to the SU app and promptly froze, later force closing. Every attempt since has had the same result.

I have tried changing several settings and even flashed a new rom (aloysius) to try to fix it. I have no idea what I did, but it freezes then force closes every time I try to get into the SU app. The only thing i can imagine I did is click on the permission but I don't know how that can screw things up. Anyone know what I did or have suggestions to fix? I'm really missing tethering. Thanks!

Went back to an old nandroid backup and restarted my phone... all better now. No idea what the problem was, but it clearly was user error. Sorry to clutter up the boards.

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HTC Incredible :: Music Player Freezing

Jul 21, 2010

This just started today. I try and play music on the music player and it freezes. I cant do anything but pull the battery. Now i've noticed its doing it with google talk as well as everything else on my phone. The only thing I was trying to do when this occured was play all music and not a playlist.

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