General :: Galaxy S3 - Playlists Aren't Saving

Sep 25, 2012

I just got a Galaxy S3 and I moved my songs onto a micro sd card. This was a chore. The sync feature didn't work. Th message on my machine said my disk was full,. So, I finally ended up taking out the microsd and puting it into an adaptor and moving my songs onto it.

I put back the card back into the phone. I can play songs off of the card. However, I can't seem to save any made up playlists. I've used winamp and google music player to try to make playlists. The playlists seem to disappear after a while.

Hardware used
Windows 7 machine with media player.
Samsung Galaxy S3
Patriot 16GB class 10 microsd

General :: Galaxy S3 - playlists aren't saving

General :: Some Features Aren't Working On Samsung Galaxy Grand

Nov 27, 2013

I have a samsung galaxy grand and I so like it but I am quite disappointed as some of its features aren't working. For instance, the automatic feature for making calls. The instruction says that if you put the device on your ear, it will automatically prompt you to contacts where you can make calls.

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General :: APN On Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Not Saving

May 14, 2013

I bought a galaxy s3 yesterday from a guy online. I am switching services from version to straight talk. I got the phone working with straight talk text and calls but when I try to enter the APN I click save and my APN never shows or saves.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy S3 Saving MMS Pics

Oct 13, 2012

When I save photos from text messages, the phone defaults to saving the pic under the same name for every photo "imagejpeg_2.jpg" I have tried a variety of things to prevent this. The phone will not let me alter the name before saving. I also removed the "Download" folder completely off my phone which contained any saved photos, thinking when I saved another pic it would default to the first photo "imagejpeg_1.jpg" and go in sequence from there.

I'm trying to prevent having to do a hard reset or using other apps for messaging.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Playlists Using Stock Player

Jul 21, 2010

I have searched high and low with no answer to this. I like the stock music player on the Galaxy S and want to use it but my playlists do not show up in the playlist tab. I do not want to re-create my playlists on the phone. I have used mixzing which is great and shows my playlists imported using salling media sync or ones added to the /playlist directory but I am happy with the stock player, but I can not find where or how it reads playlists or if it is some special format? I guess there is a way around it by viewing the recently added playlist and just create a playlist from there, but any help with this would be great.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Using Media Monkey No Playlists On Stock Music Player

Aug 4, 2010

common question this one, but i have had a search but no luck i;m afraid. Using Media Monkey to sync to my SGS, but the stock player doesn;t seem to recognise playlists, or the difference between podcasts and otehr tracks. Anyone else using Media monkey and know how to get it working? I've followed the steps here easiest Way to Sync Music to Android Device Using Media Monkey

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Saving Conversation Thread

Nov 2, 2010

Can it be done? Is it possible to save a thread? or take screen shots without rooting the phone?

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General :: Scripts Aren't Working?

Dec 16, 2012

So I'm trying to make Google play music save on my sdcard and I'm having a problem with the script. First the phone I have is the DROID RAZR MAXX and I just did a FDR because of a root problem and now that I have it rooted the scripts aren't working. My script text is this

"Mount -o bind sdcard-ext/MusicCache sdcard/Android/data/"

The error it shows is like this:

exec sh '/mnt/sdcard/MusicScript.txt'
/mnt/sdcard/MusicScript.txt[2]: Mount: not found

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General :: Friends Aren't Receiving Pictures

Mar 17, 2013

I've been trying for over a day to send pics. It tells me they sent but no one is receiving them. I've tried shutting off my phone and updating and still not working. I have straight talk and a Samsung galaxy precedent

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General :: Hardware Buttons Aren't Responding?

Sep 6, 2013

So I was trying to edit the buttons on my Tmo Galaxy S3 (with AOKP Milestone 2) and accidentally broke all of them. They don't respond at all now.

I went into system/usr/keylayout. I copied the files to my sd card. Then I edited them (I also kept a backup of the old files). When I was finished I went back to the system/user/keylayout section and pasted the new files. As soon as I exited the file browser my phone reset itself. When the phone came back on none of the keys worked.

So I deleted the files I put in, and replaced them with the old files that were there before (using pie controls to navigate). I reset my phone using the app Quick Boot because I heard you have to reboot your phone in order for the new software coding to take effect. But still none of the hardware keys work.

I don't understand. All of the original files are there now. I'm afraid to let my phone die or to even turn it off because I don't know if the power button will work anymore. To wake up my phone I have to plug it into the charger and then use pie controls to navigate. get the hardware keys back to the way they were?

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General :: Eclipse Shortcuts Aren't Working

Feb 19, 2012

Recently my Eclipse IDE seems it has stopped letting me use the common shortcuts like Ctrl + Shift + O and it is not prompting me with suggestions when I hover my mouse over an error.

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General :: Notifications Aren't Muted In Silent Mode

Apr 19, 2013

When I put my S3 in silent mode, the ringer is muted but the notification alerts are not. I have to manually mute the notifications alerts (and then manually turn them back on). This happened after I downloaded a ringer mode widget that I almost immediately uninstalled. how to reset the ringer mode so that Silent includes notification alerts?

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General :: Xperia Pro Rooted - Access Point / APN Settings Aren't Shown

Apr 13, 2013

I recently rooted my Xperia Pro and after I finally did it, I have a problem now. The mobile internet isn't working. I can activate it, but the E- H- or 3G-symbol isn't shown and the internet doesn't work. I read in another forum, that my APN-Settings may be wrong, so I tried going to "Settings > More... > Mobile Networks > Accespoints", but this menu is empty. I only see the headline "APNs", that's it...

I deleted some apps, perhaps that's the problem, but I did a backup of the system/app folder. If that's the problem, perhaps you can tell me the app I need to reinstall...

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General :: Playlists Don't Sync To HTC DNA Phone

Nov 29, 2012

I successfully moved all my music and playlists from iTunes to the HTC Sync manager and there all is correct. But on my phone, none of the playlists came over and the music is just in one big pile. I don't want to create new playlists on my phone only.

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General :: Playlists On Android ICS Tablet

Jun 5, 2012

I am new to android ics. I have about 2000 songs that I want to arrange using playlists.

Whats the best playlist maker for android ics? I am using stock music player.

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General :: Songs From External SD Missing From Playlists?

Jun 20, 2011

Basically what happens is any music on the external SD card will sometimes just disappear from my music app playlists. Most of the time it happens after unmounting/remounting the external SD. So I starting shutting off the phone every time I needed to remove the card. But it's happened at least once without unmounting the card.

I could put the music on the internal storage and not have a problem, but wanted to save that space for other things. So hoping to find a way to be able to restore the missing songs back to the playlists without having to manually remake them myself.

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General :: Can't Play Any Playlists With Lenovo A820

May 21, 2013

I have J river MC 18 (last stable 175) and I have android 4.1 phone. I use a official ROM. I use SD card of 32GB kingston. My phone is Lenovo A820.In MC I have many list of music.

So, the m3u file is correct. In m3u file there are 193 songs and all it's ok. the problem is that when I try play this playlist, in the playlist since in the app phone, there are only 120 songs (not 193). So the app in the phone only read the list with 120 songs! I try this apps and I have the same problem:

-Google music

MC work fine because m3u file it's ok (in there there are 193 songs). So I suppose that is a problem of my phone? but in ALL applications I have the SAME problem!

Any of my songs there are the name with special chars . I've seen that ALL lost songs in the playlists have special chars. If the name of the song is "caf del mar 12" there song don't play in the list. But if the song file name is "cafe del mar 12" there song is played ok in any program. The mp3 files are sync well. The m3u files are sync well. But when I try play the playlist from the phone many songs are lost (only the songs with the special chars).

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General :: Any Android Video Players That Can Save Playlists?

Jan 10, 2014

Love Act 1 but it can't save playlists. Are there any that can?

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General :: How To Delete Auto Playlists (Play Music App)

Jan 29, 2014

There is an annoying playlist on my Nexus 5 on Play Music app. It is under Auto Playlists and is called "Last added". I can't seem to delete it, which is annoying. I don't know if these auto playlists will go away after some time by themselves, but if not, do any of you know how to delete the playlist?

Btw, I used iSyncr to transfer my music from Mac to phone, and I didn't have that playlist before.

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General :: App That Can Extract / Export Playlists From Music Players?

Dec 27, 2012

Is there an app that can extract playlists from the default music player in CM9 (the one before Apollo)?

Alternatively, is there an app that to build universal playlists (i.e. .m3u) on my device?

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General :: Android Playlists - Editing / Managing Outside Music App

Jun 11, 2012

I've been having some playlist issues... I've got one that I made and one that keeps reappearing, that I started to make at some point but lost (or, thought I lost). I can delete it, but it will come back eventually. Also, is there an easier way to edit playlists than within the music apps? e.g. on the computer, in a text editor or something?

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General :: How To Get Google Music Playlists Back Into ITunes

May 2, 2014

I think I'm going in the reverse direction of most people here, but my lapper hard drive died and took my itunes library with it. However, I have a backup of the music and playlists to Google Music and I'm using the Music Manager software to download my library back to my new PC.

My question is can I get my Google Music playlists download to my PC and then synced to my new iTunes?

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General :: How To Avoid Duplicate Songs In Google Music Playlists

Jun 11, 2013

how to avoid duplicates in Google Music playlists? Since signing up for All Access, I've been adding tons of songs. It's real easy to add songs after you've already added them before.

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General :: Droid Bionic - Syncing ITunes Music / Playlists Never Appear

Mar 29, 2013

What is the best way to sync iTunes music? I've been using DoubleTwist but it is just not working these days (especially after ICS update). I sync it and sync it and Playlists never appear. So I need something else. I'm mostly concerned about a Smart Playlist I have for podcasts, which would not sync with Google Play. So frustrating dealing with Doubletwist. I have Droid Bionic.

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General :: Deleting Google Music / Cloud Playlists Stored Locally?

Jan 30, 2013

I've noticed that despite having only four or five playlists on Google Music (desktop) my phone shows a bunch - mostly ones from albums I've downloaded. They don't show up in the browser version on my desktop so it looks like the only way to get rid of them is to manually delete every single one via the phone app.

Also, I've noticed that when I switch the settings to "on device only" my playlists created on the web page no longer show up, despite me having the majority of the songs on my microSD. I remember I used to be able to switch to "on device only" and the cloud playlist would scale down to only what I had on local storage. Was so....logical! Is there any way I can still do this? My microSD music is pretty much pointless since I don't have access to the playlists when I'm using "on device only".

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General :: Razr Maxx - Download Google Music Playlists Onto Phone

Jan 24, 2013

I have downloaded all of my music onto my phone because streaming it out of the cloud used about a gig in 3 days. One of the issues is that I could not find a way to download the playlists I had created in google music onto the phone. So, I created playlists on my phone, made sure all of my music was set to be on the device. As soon as I made a playlist on my phone it immediately began downloading those songs out of the cloud.

Running a Razr Maxx with Android 4.0

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General :: Rooted Apps Aren't Working With Rooted Phone?

Jan 24, 2014

I have a rooted mytouch 4g slide phone that seems to work fine but when I try to use certain apps that require root (for example "extended power menu") it doesn't work. here is a quick video : [URL]

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General :: Droid 3 - Saving SMS To PC

Apr 22, 2012

I have a Droid 3 and I'm attempting to backup my texts and save them to my pc so I can print them out if I need.I have downloaded SMS Backup and Restore and PhoneLeash. From what I've gathered, Phoneleash only emails the texts that have been sent/received after the app has been installed. I do like the organization of the texts, though. For Backup, I have gotten my texts backed up and saved to my SD card. When plugged into my pc, I've been able to open it up in XML format, but the texts are so hard to read, due to all the coding. Also, it doesn't organize the messages very well. It put all the texts I've sent together and all the other person's texts together. It would take a long time to get them organized correctly. So my question is, is there any app the works like SMS Backup, but organizes like PhoneLeash?how to make Backup organize the texts correctly?

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General :: Battery Saving App

Apr 26, 2014

I am planning on buying a new Android phone in place of my old ageing Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE. I'm choosing between the Nexus 5, HTC One (M7) and the Galaxy S4. One thing that is common to these phones are they both have Snapdragon processors.

My question is:

1. Is it wise or even practical to even install a battery-saving app for these phones? (as I heard such apps does work but also is a drain to the batteries themselves and resources/RAM)

2. What battery-saving app recommended? (I know I can easily search in Google or the Play store but there are just hundreds of them. I want to trickle it down to the "best of the best" or the "top one" out there currently?

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General :: Saving To Memory Card?

May 9, 2009

How can I set my HTC Magic to save images/music/applications to memory card and not the phone? Or is this done automatically?

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