General :: Deactivation Of Device Administrator Fails

Sep 14, 2013

after receiving the recent update for my HTC One X (stock ROM, now Sense 5.0 and Android 4.2.2), the Notes Traveler app for my work e-mails is causing problems (it seems to lose account information regularly and notifies me of failed sync). Since it is about to be replaced soon anyway, I wanted to uninstall the app, which is not possible.

I tried to deactivate the device administrator for Lotus Notes in the system security settings. The checkbox remains checked after deactivation, although there was no error message.I tried to uninstall the app using the app management in system settings. However, the button for uninstalling is still deactivated.

When I go to device admins again and tap Lotus Notes in the list, it asks me if I want to activate it as administrator again. So here it seems as if it was removed from the admins, although the checkbox in the list is always checked.The same happens when I start Notes Traveler while Lotus Notes is seemingly not an activated administrator. I can then re-enter my password and the sync works for a while (less than 1 day) before it loses the password again and re-entering won't fix the problem unless I try removing Lotus Notes from the device admins (which causes all Traveler data to be wiped).

So it seems that the removal of Lotus Notes from device administrators does not work properly. Although I am asked for reactivation when I start the app again, the administrator is still active somewhere in the system and prevents uninstallation of the app.

I already asked HTC support but they only wrote that the system update often cannot be extracted completely and the only way to fix it was to wipe the phone. However, I never received any error message during or after the update and everything else is working perfectly well. Therefore I doubt that it is caused by a failed system update installation.

General :: Deactivation of device administrator fails

General :: Can't Remove Device Administrator

Dec 22, 2010

I'm new to Android (LG Optimus S) so maybe I'm missing something but I downloaded a lock screen widget today - and I can't uninstall it to save my life. I am not totally ignorant, I read the special instructions to remove the widget as a device administrator and tried that first but it just lets me select Deactivate but does not actually deactive, it stays as an administrator no matter what I do, so then the app won't uninstall.


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Motorola Droid :: Activate Device Administrator With A Whole Bunch Of Permissions

Aug 31, 2010

Just installed the new 2.2 updated from Verizon/Motorola and received a message that my Exchange account needed to Activate Device Administrator with a whole bunch of permissions. Anyone else see this, know what it is?

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General :: Dell Streak 7 / CM9 Port - Device Fails To Boot

May 19, 2012

Here is my vold.fstab WHICH I think is the problem

dev_mount storage_internal /mnt/sdcard 7 /devices/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/mmc_host/mmc1
dev_mount external_sdcard /mnt/external_sd auto /devices/platform/sdhci-tegra.1/mmc_host/mmc2
dev_mount external_usb_disk /mnt/usb_storage auto /devices/platform/tegra-ehci

This is for a Dell Streak 7 ( a tegra 2 device) for a CM9 port.

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Android :: Draw Textured Triangles On Device Fails But Emulator Works?

Jan 21, 2010

I have a series of OpenGL-ES calls that properly render a triangle and texture it with alpha blending on the emulator (2.0.1). When I fire up the same code on an actual device (Droid 2.0.1), all I get are white squares. This suggests to me that the textures aren't loading, but I can't figure out why they aren't loading. All of my textures are 32-bit PNGs with alpha channels, under res/raw so they aren't optimized per the sdk docs. Here's how I am loading my textures:......................

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Android :: Device Manager Fails To Find Android Debug USB Connection.

Jul 6, 2010

I have tried with zero success to get a USB debug connection from a WinXP dev box to a brand X Android 1.6 tablet. I believe I had everything configured correctly on the Android and installed correctly on the dev box, but when the two are connected with a USB cable NOTHING HAPPENS; i.e. Windows finds no new hardware much less a new USB device; therefore, I cannot then install the Android SDK USB drivers on Windows and do the debug thing with Eclipse.

Either the mfg of the Android tablet device has disabled USB debugging and just didn't remove the UI that appears to enable it -- or I've left out some crucial step(s). (The device manual is 100% Chinese and I'm 0% Chinese, so it's no help. The tablet is very nearly, but not, the model A84 7" touch screen 'laptop' at '' in case this helps.)

On the tablet:

- 'Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging' is enabled.

- Tried 'Settings/Application/Development/Allow mock locations' enabled and not.

- Has 500MB internal flash 'hard disk'

- Has installed 2G SD card

- Firmware: 1.6

- Kernel: 2.6.29-002360g4f8dbbb-dirty

- Build No: 1.7.3

On Dev box:

- Windows XP SP3

- Device Manager finds no 'new hardware' when XP<-->Android USB cable is connected.

- Neither USBDeview.exe (Nirsoft) nor USBView.exe (Microsoft) find any evidence of connection with the Android

- Eclipse Galileo (3.5.2) with Android SDK (for 1.6) and ADV Manager.

- USB Driver package, rev 3. downloaded using ADV Manager.


- USB ports on both Tablet and dev box successfully connect a USB mouse.

- Tablet and Windows XP have been rebooted often.

Is permanently disabling debugging something that Android manufacturors are allowed to do and therefore I'm trying something that can't be done?

If the mfg has 'disabled' debugging, is there a way to work around this; e.g. download a tool that can change Android OS configuration to reenable it?

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Android :: Run Application From Super User (administrator) Mode

Feb 4, 2010

I am running a shell script stored in the device from android application by creating instance of Process class. But my script has commands which will be executed only in "su" mode.

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Motorola Droid X :: Change Lock Screen - Disabled By Remote Phone Administrator

Sep 22, 2010

This is annoying me- When i try to turn off the pin lock i can't choose none. i see "Disabled by remote phone administrator"

I don't want a pin lock i just want the slide- is this a bug on my phone or is this a new thing that Verizon is enforcing?

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General :: Unbrick Via ADB - Recovery Fails

Jan 8, 2013

I believe I have bricked an Alcatel 990 after flashing "" via CWM.

Here are reasons why I believe it's bricked good and proper ;-P

1/ device boot loops when charging only via usb connection to PC
- 1.1 - device shows android logo - then "Alcatel One Touch Cyanogenmod 7" text/logo
- 1.2 - this loops continuous and never fully boots - output of adb logcat below

2/ when power-up off charge, only "menu", "search" and "back" soft keys illuminate - the screen+backlight stay completely off
- 2.1 - this remains constant until battery pull
- 2.2 - recovery mode via key combos do not work. Period. (no user error - assured!)

3/ when connected via usb during point 2 - there is not feedback from adb logcat - dead as a doorknob
- 3.1 - when boot looping (1.1 above) I get ~2seconds of adb connectivity then device reboots.
- 3.2 - fastboot <options> <commands> does nothing - device stays as "waiting forr device" this is contstant
- 3.3 - adb has better luck - I can invoke adb logcat and this captures log info as below
- 3.4 - adb recovery options fail and device reboots and hangs as on point 2 above
- 3.5 - adb shell shows rooted prompt for 2 seconds when <up/previous command+enter> very quickly repeated keyboard bashing style
- 3.6 - I have invoked "adb shell rm -r /cache/*" and "adb shell recovery --wipe_data - all to no avail in context of unbricking device

david@1000H:~/Downloads/src/adt-bundle-linux-x86/sdk/platform-tools$ adb logcat
- waiting for device -
--------- beginning of /dev/log/main
I/cm ( 105): Welcome to Android 2.3.7 / CyanogenMod-7-20121221-UNOFFICIAL-brandy
I/cm ( 106): _

[Code] .....

This is replicated on command and is constant. Replicated under slackware/linux and under win7-32bit-ultimate.

Recovery fails to boot so I need some sort of usb 'bridge' to interrupt the boot loop and invoke recovery - or flashall back onto device - but fastboot fails to identify the device/connectivity.

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General :: Tablet Fails To Connect To Network?

Jan 1, 2014

I have an Acer tablet and after a while using it it just disconnects from the internet and when I try to reconnect it can't connect to network. I got Acer Iconia A1-180

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General :: Market Fails To Process Order

Jan 27, 2012

When I purchase something from the market, it hangs on authorising payment in the market app. In the meantime the payment is taken from my card, I get an email with receipt for the order, then the market will error with the message "You will receive email when your purchase is resolved". The app then seems to freeze in a state of permanent purchased but not delivered. 24 hours has passed and I can still hit the refund button and process a refund.

This happens both on my Xoom and SGS2 whether purchased from the market on the respective device or from the website. The entries on Google wallet appear to be the same as previous successful purchases just without the delivered/shipped detail on them, and the message this item will be automatically downloaded to your device is absent.

I'm stuck in hospital at the moment and my tablet and phone are all I have, so this really sucks.I have tried multiple payment methods with no success.

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General :: HTC Rhyme - Installing Custom ROM With RUU Fails

Jan 14, 2013

I have HTC Rhyme and i installed custom rom on it and now when i want to go to stock rom i can't because i haven't done backup.

When i try to install with RUU it fails.

Any way getting to stock rom or installing custom rom that is okay?

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General :: Contacts - When Text Number Sending Fails?

Apr 26, 2012

When I text the number it fails, I double checked, the number is correct, I deleted his contact and noticed a capital N in front of his number. I manually typed his number to text and again it failed to send and again it had put a capital N in front of his number

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General :: Auto Connect 2 Bluetooth Devices Fails

Jun 7, 2012

I wan't to AUTO connect 2 bluetooth devices in my car.1 device uses phone-audio (parrot) and the otoher ad2p protocol (car-radio)..It only auto-connects 1 device. Somethimes the parrot and the other time my radio. When i connect the other device by hand its connected to 2 devices.

I have an origonal rom on my HTC sensation. I had the same problem with the revolution rom.

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General :: Internet Connection Fails After Trying To Call Via Skype?

Apr 7, 2013

I have HTC Desire Bravo Gingerbread, Win7. I'm sharing my connection via Virtual Router Manager v1.0. I can successfully connect to internet and surf. I can even sign in to skype. But When I try to call someone via Skype (call someone to their phone) it just kindda blocks internet connection. neither call works neither surfing the net works. But connection works on my laptop.

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General :: How To Install Kitkat On Nexus 10 WiFi - Flash Zip Fails

Nov 15, 2013

How to install kit kat on my nexus 10 wifi

I downloaded the update file ( placed it in my rooted device and started twrp custom recovery.

When i click on flash a zip file the flash always fails?

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General :: Upgrading Hboot Fails - Signature Verify Fail (N1)

Jul 22, 2012

Putting jelly bean on nexus one

My Phone
Nexus One
hboot 0.35-0017

My Problem

Upgrading hboot. I've looked into the other posts. But in none (that i have looked at) they do "fastboot flash hboot". Maybe it's just the same?

I'm just following everything step by step (link)

$ fastboot flash hboot hboot_jellybean_260-8-168.nb0
sending 'hboot' (512 KB)...
OKAY [ 0.095s]
writing 'hboot'...
(bootloader) signature checking...
FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)
finished. total time: 0.219s

My bootloader is already unlocked. Might it have something to do with read/write permissions?

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General :: Captivate - Error Phone Daemon Install Fails

Apr 23, 2012

I have captivate. I just up rom to CM9 "update-cm-9-20120417-NIGHTLY-captivatemtd-signed" and "gapps-ics-20120317-signed". However i connect to 91 PC suite, it show messenger error follow:

" Sorry, phone daemon install fails!; there is not enough memory to install the daemon, check your phone's memory space and then connect your phone".

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General :: Android Fails To Load WiFi Access Login Page

Aug 20, 2010

When I try to connect to my University's network , the my Galaxy S is able to connect JUST fine. However, when I open a browser it says the incoming certificate is not secure and then I have NO INTERNET on any page. It tries to redirect me to the login page for the network but fails to do so with a "communications error" and subsequent no internet access of any sort.

What the network is supposed to do is redirect me to the login page so that I can register the device to the network and login using my university account. My phone can't do that apparently and just sits connected to the network with NO INTERNET connectivity.

This is the university network and the instructions how to get on it for Android devices: [URL] .... I connect to it just fine but am UNABLE to get to that device registration/login page.

This is NOT just for my university. ANY public network which requires me to accept an "agreement" before it lets me have internet access, my phone KILLS ITSELF and CANNOT pull up the agreement page but instead tells me there is no internet. I'm SURE its a software problem or something with settings but can't figure out just what it is.

Just about the only networks I can connect to on Wi-Fi are home networks.

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General :: App To Use Android Device As Media Controller For IOS Device

Feb 28, 2014

Basically I have an old iPod touch 2g on iOS 4.x and a Nexus 5.

I want to use my iPod as my media player but I'd like to be able to control music from my Nexus (only basic controls).

Is there an app on either device that allows this? I know tsk skipping can be done by some Bluetooth headphones so I'm hoping there's a way to make iOS accept command from my Nexus

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General :: How To Get Stock Rom Of Device To Install On Different Device

May 28, 2013

I have 3 Galaxy Player 5 ( YP-G70 with 3 capacitive buttons ), only one of the actually have a working rom that i flashed a while ago.

The other two have a different rom that only have the back and menu button working ( the home button doesn't respond )

Is there a way for me to take the Rom and kernel off the working galaxy player so i can install it into the other two ?

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HTC EVO 4G :: 2.2 Update Fails

Aug 3, 2010

I have been checking out these forums for a while, trolling the good advice. Today though I definitely need some of my own. My Evo is unprovoked and is running:
Build:147.651.0 CL195459 release-keys
PRI 1.34_003
PRL 60668.
The problem is that I've downloaded the OTA and used "install now". The phone tries to update but I get this error.
Build: Ra-evo-v1.7.0.1
Findining update package..
opening update package..
verifying update package..
E:no signature (624) files
E:verification failed. Installation aborted.

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App Fails To Compile

May 28, 2013

I am very new to development on Android phones and started to use AndEngine today. Ran into a weird bug when I was following a basic tutorial. Whenever I run this tutorial example on my tablet it says that the app just fails to work. As far as I can tell the problem is that it doesn't even compile.

05-27 20:30:01.243: E/Trace(8707): error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2)
05-27 20:30:01.283: W/dalvikvm(8707): Unable to resolve superclass of Lcom/example/gametest/MainActivity; (649)
05-27 20:30:01.283: W/dalvikvm(8707): Link of class 'Lcom/example/gametest/MainActivity;' failed

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HTC Desire :: Htc Sync Fails

May 17, 2010

Have had no issues at all with the phone since i have owned it, but this morning it has decided it no longer wants to synchronize with my windows 7 ultimate installation. has been syncing fine daily for 2 weeks, i select the sync option on the handset, it sits for 1min "finding htc sync on your pc". then get error "unable to find htc sync on your pc. please make sure sync is installed and opend on your computer" etc, htc sync is running and open, and the device is not mounted by default. its not a usb connection error, as i can mount the disk drive and copy files etc. so suspect drivers are ok. i first made sure i was running latest version of the htc sync software, by downloading the latest and installing again. (i haven't removed and clean installed yet) 2.0.33. i also rebooted the device by removing the battery. i do also sync with an xp machine, so i will give this a try later, i suspect it will work, my money is on it being a PC issue rather than handset. although cannot think what has changed over the weekend to effect this.

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Android :: Adb Remount Fails On 1.5

May 13, 2009

I have upgraded my phone's images to Android 1.5 images (from Now when I try commands like adb remount, chmod, adb push etc I get "Operation not permitted" and "Permission denied" errors

I was able to give this command when I had 1.0 images flashed on my phone.

Has something related to permissions changed with Android 1.5?

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HTC Desire :: HTC Sync - Always Fails

Jun 28, 2010

I am in the process of trying to de-brand/flash my desire, but keep constantly coming up against the same problem, HTC sync. I open it on my PC then plug in my phone, set it to HTC sync and it tries to find htc sync on my PC, it always fails to do so, i have installed the latest HTC sync from, tried changing USB ports but it always says that its unable to find htc sync on my PC..... I think this is the reason i am unable to make a gold card. So has anyone got any suggestions for me? I need this phone de-branding I cant believe what Orange UK have done to my phone!! The Internet icon is changed from the stock icon to their own orange world icon I want to be in a position to root my desire if HTC refuse to update to 2.2 without a gold card i cant do that.

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Android :: App Fails To Launch?

Apr 16, 2010

I'm trying to do is open a very simple application that is supposed to do nothing but display an imageView above a textView. The application worked fine until I added the imageView so I'm assuming my problem has something to do with that.

Here is the code:


Here is my layout -> main.xml


When I try and run the app in Eclipse through the Emulator the emulator gives me the following error:

The application Application Name ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

The Console log in Eclipse shows the following messages:


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Android :: SDK Fails To Install ?

Jan 6, 2010

When I try to install the android SDK it fails to install.

My OS is Windows XP. I just downloaded and installed Java JDK 1.6 Java -version from the command line returns: java version "1.6.0_17" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_17-b04) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 14.3-b01, mixed mode, sharing)

My environment vars have: JAVA_HOME=c:progra~1javajdk1.6.0_11. I downloaded I unziped it in V:AndroidInstall

When I go to the V:androindinstallandroid-sdk-windows> and type "SDK Install.exe" nothing happens...If I go this from graph

When I do this from a graphical file viewer I get a quick flash that looks like a command line window and nothing....

When I try to run android list targets from the tool directory I get:

Error: Error parsing the sdk.
Error: V:androindinstallandroid-sdk-windowsplatforms is missing.
Error: Unable to parse SDK content.

So the basic install setup is not happening.

Additional clues:

I have a G1 and Android 1.0 was running on this machine. (Almost a year ago) I've updated my G1 to 1.6 so I thought I'd update my SDK before starting new development.

When I tried to upgrade it tried and then died as the "directory was in use"
So I cleaned out all the android directories, rebooted and redownloaded everythign from scratch.
Now it won't run at all.

I've clearly got something in an unhappy state, but I've cleaned up all the directories and no remanants seem to be running I've rebooted....

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HTC Eris :: Download To SD Over 3g Progress Fails

Jun 25, 2010

trying to DL white window 4.4 to my SD card over 3g. tried in default browser and it said unable to DL. in opera mini 5 the DL makes no progress then eventually fails. have tried multiple links. just wondering why it won't work. any ideas? I'm really just screwing around anyway so its not a huge deal. also using tainted vanilla 1.4 if that makes a difference.

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HTC Eris :: MMS Not Work / Download Fails

Nov 19, 2010

I am running KaosFroyo v37. I have Droid Wall installed and I've allowed Messeging and Handcent through. Also, I've turned on 3G. Anytime I try to download a MMS it fails. Even when I disable Droid Wall it fails.

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