Android :: Avoiding Spam In Standard Mail App

Sep 4, 2010

I have a HTC desire and have my hotmail set up in the standard mail app. i have noticed that some of the mail that lands in the junk mail folder on hotmail itself goes straight into me inbox on my phone. can i avoid this at all?

Android :: Avoiding spam in standard mail app

Android :: Check Your E-mail Spam Folder

Nov 24, 2009

The e-mail sent to devs regarding the finish of the ADC2 when into the spam folder again. The e-mail contains a link to update your details for future opportunities. We have received sufficient scores and have now closed public judging for ADC 2. We are reviewing the final results and will announce the top winners this coming Monday, November 30. In addition, we will be highlighting all of the top 200 applications on We plan to include your previously submitted icon and description. If you have an update to your description, please also include it in the above form and we will update it in future refreshes to the site.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Mark All Mail As Read In Standard Mail App?

Jul 5, 2010

Is there anyway to mark all mail as read in the standard mail app?

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HTC Desire :: Receiving Mail From Spam Folder

Apr 11, 2010

Until yesterday my email was working fine, now for some reason I'm receiving mail from my yahoo spam folder in addition to my normal mail. Can't say I can remember changing anything.

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General :: Report Mail As No Spam In GMail ICS App?

Mar 1, 2012

The GMail-App on my Xoom and my Nexus S (both with Android 4.0.3) is driving me crazy. In former times I could easily report mails as no spam.

That doesn't work anymore. Instead I guess it should be possible to mark the mails and label them as "Inbox". But that doesn't work, either. With some luck, it works with 1 or 2 mails, but the rest stays in SPAM, even though at first they disappear from the spam-folder.

Isn't there a way to do that? Why is there no real option to mark the mails as no spam?

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HTC Hero : Yahoo Mail Importing Spam Folder / Way To Stop

Feb 18, 2010

Ive set up my htc hero to receive the emails from my yahoo account, however it seems to be importing in mail from the spam folder of the yahoo account as well. anyway i can stop this?

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HTC Incredible :: Yahoo Mail - How To Just Receive Regular Emails Instead Bulk & Spam?

May 11, 2010

Does anyone know how to just receive regular emails instead of everything, like bulk and spam emails?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Select And Delete Multiple Emails On Phone / Get Rid Of All Spam Mail?

Nov 1, 2009

I just upgraded from a five year old phone, so apologies in advance. The geeks at Best Buy set up my email for me which works fine (after multiple trips back to the store). Except that I can't figure out how to do a couple of things. 1. Is there a way to select and delete multiple emails on the phone and 2. How do I get rid of all my spam mail that comes in on the laptop (and gets filtered out there). Do I have to set up some kind of email push program so that the email comes in from my computer (already filtered) instead of from the server? You can see my learning curve is steep.........

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Android :: Can't Change Email Font Size In Standard Mail App

Sep 21, 2010

Does anyone else have problems changing email font size in the standard mail app? I would like to see email text in a smaller font size, but changing it to smaller or smallest in the settings does not seem to have any effect.

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HTC Desire :: Exchange For Mail - Any Standard Application

Apr 19, 2010

I have a problem getting the mail application for Exchange to work. I read through several threads and got to install Touchdown. Strange thing is that this app works fine and the mails from the Exchange server are sent perfectly to the HTC Desire. What is even more strange is that a colleague of mine has exactly the same Desire and is on the same Exchange server as I am and for him, the Mail application for Exchange works perfectly. I really want to use the standard mail application. I saw there is an option in Touchdown 'Fetch and trust certificate' which is not available in Mail for Exchange. I already tried to logon to the webmail via a browser but this did not seem to help.

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Incredible :: Anything Better Than Standard HTC Mail App For Pop3 Accounts?

Jul 1, 2010

Anyone know of anything better than the standard HTC mail app for pop3 accounts?

It just seems so basic and I'm looking for something with a little more pizazz.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Select Standard Default Greeting For Sprint Voice Mail

Jul 20, 2010

How do I select the standard default greeting for my sprint voice mail? the standard greeting Im referring to is the default we always hear with the female electronic voice"...u have reached the voice mail box of ###-###-####.....". A couple of nights ago I was prompted to enter (record) my own "greeting" and now I cant find the option to revert back to the default one. I tried all the options after calling my own voice mail but cant seem to find the default greeting option. Also, I stopped receiving voice mail notification (the numerical number of voice mails I have next to the voicemail icon) after the software update. how do i get that to work again?

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Motorola Droid X :: Way To Have LP Show Unread Mail / Messages With Non-standard Apps?

Sep 2, 2010

Instead of the default apps (such as gmail or text messaging), I use k-9 mail and handcent and as such, have gmail set to not receive email, and text messaging to not use notifications. Is there any way to have LP show unread mail or messages with non-standard apps? If so, how?

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Sprint HTC Hero : Does USB Standard Have A Standard Power Output?

Oct 26, 2009

so i made a wonderful discovery this weekend that my phone will take a charge from my CD deck in my car that has a USB jack. my concern is, that it may end up damaging the phone somehow and i was beyond paranoid. does anyone know if it is a safe thing to do? Does the USB standard have a standard power output?

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Android :: Avoiding Compression On Large Files

Sep 29, 2010

Apparently you can't have a file in "assets" larger than 1MB (except for certain file types) because it's considered too large to uncompress. But I'm finding mixed info about how to circumvent this limitation. Some say that you can put the files in "raw" and avoid the limitation but others say that files in "raw" are compressed too.And there's the -0 aapt option that can be used to turn off compression for certain file types, but there's no way to specify aapt options in Carbide. I realize that I can break the file into pieces, but that's error- prone on both ends.And using one of the known uncompressed file types not only confuses things but also runs the risk that the Android PTB will decide to start compressing that file type.

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Android :: Avoiding Image Compression On Some 3G Networks

Jul 3, 2010

I want to download an image from the 'net and set it as the users background. This works great over wi-fi, and some 3G networks, but others (T-Mobile UK, for sure) seem to compress the images before sending them. This effect is noticeable when using the browser, too - however, if you long press on an image and save it, when viewing in the gallery it is either not compressed at all, or substantially less so. I want to be able to do this in my own app.I assume it has something to do with the HTTP headers, but of the ones I've modified, none has made a difference.

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Android :: Avoiding Activity Stack Overflow

Sep 17, 2009

I have the following situation. I have a task with the following activity stack -- A - B - C I have a menu item that allows me to start activity D; so my activity stack looks like this -- A - B - C - D Then I could select a menu item that allows me to start an activity C, which would cause my activity stack to look like this: A - B - C - D - C Then I could go back (via the menu item) to activity D, making my activity stack look like this: A - B - C - D - C - D Doing this a few more times, it would wind up looking like this -- A - B - C - D - C - D - C - D - C - D - C - D - C - D - C - D - C - D - C - D - C - D This seems kinda stupid to me. I'd like it to simply re-use an activity, or pop the activity below to be on top (which goes against the nature of a "stack"). So, what I mean is if I had this activity stack: A - B - C - D And I started activity C (from the menu), I would get: A - B - D - C And if I then started activity D (from the menu), I would get: A - B - C - D Is there a way to do this without keeping some global list of activities and doing gross things to them to reorder them?

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Android :: Avoiding Softinput Specifically In One Activity?

Sep 29, 2009

I want to avoid softinput specifically in one activity in a very specific case.

When i *long press "menu" button *softkeypad is coming irrespective of the activity.

How can i avoid this? i have tried "stateAlwaysHidden" etc for that activity. But did it work.

Al other cases ok. Just this case* long press "menu" button*.

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Android :: Does Use Of A Remote Service Help Avoiding GC Lags

May 18, 2010

Since yesterday I got an idea running around my mind but I donīt know first if it would work, and then how "hack" it would be.

People who develop audio processing/recording/playback apps for Android know how hard it is to maintain GC away from our critical paths: playing and recording audio. Processing must be as optimized as possible not only to save battery and use less CPU, but also not to create new objects/allocate new memory spaces ... this all to avoid GC at all cost. Well, we have knowledge and this we can handle (mostly). But what about all the other processing that happens from and for user interaction? Media players display images, some apps display ads, ... and sometimes we have to avoid releasing features to the users just to maintain our critical paths free from GC.

Yesterday I stumbled upon an article about remote services and this led me to a doubt: if they can run as a different process, would a GC call from my activity impact the performance of my remote service? I really donīt know how GC works on the Dalvik so this may be a dumb question. If so, I apologize.

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Android :: Avoiding WiFi Charges For Yahoo & AIM

May 6, 2010

I'm traveling to the Bahamas. Does anyone know if i can you my wifi to avoid charges for instant messenger like yahoo and aim and sending and receiving text messages and which app to download for it?

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Android :: 'Avoiding Memory Leaks' Article In Blog

Apr 10, 2010

I just read the article 'Avoiding memory leaks' in android blog written by Romain Guy.

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Android :: Avoiding Black Screen On Application Startup

Apr 6, 2010

When I start my application initially, I get a black screen which stays for a few seconds before my main activity starts. In case of iphone an image with name default is displayed for that split second. I am not sure how to do the same in android. I tried as below in vain

<activity android:name=".Index" android:label="@string/app_name"
android:screenOrientation="portrait" android:theme="@drawable/defaultimage">
<intent-filter> <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />
</intent-filter> </activity>

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Android :: Need To Use Some Open Source Code With GPL3 / Avoiding GPL

Jun 22, 2010

I need to use some open source code with GPL3. As usual I don't want to open source code for full application.

Now what I understand is if I make two separate process one with my main application code and other as a service or something with Open source library then in that case I have to open source code only for the other one.

Now the question is what is the best way to do so in Android. Suppose My Main App is A Open Source code is B. So A will give some data to B. B will process this and sends data back to A. B may not need to have any UI.

1. Is it possible to install 2 seperate applications / processes from one APK? 2. What is the best way ?Should B be a service? How will be the communication between A and B ? 3. Is it possible to run/call B from A?

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Android :: Avoiding String Allocation In TextView.setText()

Dec 28, 2009

On Android 1.5, using the Allocation Tracker I see that every time I call TextView.setText() with a StringBuilder as first argument, a String gets allocated from the following call stack (first line is last call):

java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder toString java.lang.StringBuilder toString android.text.TextUtils stringOrSpannedString android.widget.TextView setText

I tried specifying the buffer type with setText(strBuilder, TextView.BufferType.NORMAL) but it doesn't change anything.

Is there a way to avoid this allocation?

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Android :: Avoiding Float Operations In Game Design

Jun 8, 2010

I've read this in a few articles, that one should avoid floating point operations within the physics update of a game.

But how do you really achieve this? Surely all half decent games are going to involve this kind of maths?

Does it mean, convert all your variables to int, or use double instead, or simply just cut it out as much as possible?

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Android :: Avoiding Garbage Collection For Smooth 2d Animations

Dec 28, 2009

I'm drawing a rect to a surfaceview. Nothing special, just a test like this, in the surfaceview-extended class:

private int mPosX = 0; private Paint mPaint = new Paint(); Code...

the rect just bounces around the screen. I'm watching DDMS, I still see the garbage collector being called, even with this simple draw loop. There is no other application code being executed.

I'm wondering if it's realistic to expect the gc to not be called at all if we take care to not allocate any objects during our draw loops. I'm trying to extend this example to do some smooth animations, but every once in awhile the gc is called and you can see the drawing stutter. Although none of my application code is allocating any new objects, I don't know what the underlying API is doing inside surfaceview etc, and I doubt we can control that. Just wondering if this is not possible, I'd prefer to abandon this game idea up-front if we can't guarantee smooth animation.

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Android :: Avoiding Duplicate Contacts With Gmail / Microsoft Exchange

Jul 5, 2010

I have Gmail set up on my Nexus One (personal email). I also have Microsoft exchange setup (work email) and both work fine. The problem is that under my contacts there are duplicate entries both for Gmail and Microsoft exchange. That is causing some problems with my SMS app (duplicate contacts) and wanted to see how I could avoid syncing Microsoft exchange and delete it from my contact but still keep it on my phone. I have already unchecked the box to not sync my contacts but did that after adding it.

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Android :: Starting Activity Through Notification - Avoiding Duplicate Activities

Feb 24, 2010

I am currently showing a notification. When the user clicks this noticiation, the application is started. The notification persists, to indicate that the service is running in the background.


However, I have detected a case where a bug appears. If the user starts the application through clicking the normal icon, and while the activity is running clicks the notification, then a new activity is started without the earlier one exiting, the later being on top of the earlier. And that is not all: Further clicks on the notification will create additional activities and place them on top of those already running. How can I prevent this? Is there a nice check to do to see if a certain activity is currently being shown or is loaded?

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Android :: Manage Severla Bitrmap For A ListView Avoiding OutOfMemory

Nov 17, 2010

I have to manage several Bitmap in a ListView where each row is composed by one thumbnail and one textview. This ListView can be very long, over 500 rows...

There are two problems I have to solve:

1) it is better if I cache all the bitmaps, maybe using SoftReferences in a HashMap. I've tried this way, but I noticed a strange behavior with the SoftReferences. It seems that the GC clean them too fast. Why?

2) In order to implement the cache correctly I'd also like to understand which is the best practice you suggest me to realize a "image lazy loading". For example... I'm thinking to load all the data for first and then to load only the thumbnails, but only those really visible on the device screen at the and of the scroll action.

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Android :: Avoiding Duplicate Resources In Project / Want Some Of Landscape Images

Aug 25, 2010

I have some images in my drawable folder and they have landscape versions in drawable-land. However I want some of the landscape images to be shared, as it seems a waste to duplicate the file with a different name. Is it possible to make a sym link (shortcut) or something for one of the duplicated files to prevent wasting space

Folder explanation below as I'm not great at explaining myself:

> image1.png
> image2.png
>image1.png <-- This image
>image2.png <-- is identical to this file

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