Android :: Android - How To Track Bandwidth Usage By Application Or Process?

Nov 3, 2010

I can track the overall bandwidth usage of Android device. I wanted to know if there is any method or way, maybe any API or class that can help me track my bandwidth usage per application or process? Reason for this question? I want to stop all those processes or applications that are using way too much bandwidth usage and draining the battery.

Android :: Android - How to Track Bandwidth Usage by Application or Process?

Android :: How To Track Bandwidth Usage On Android Phone?

Apr 15, 2010

How To Track Bandwidth Usage On My Android Phone? Most existing applications shows the total used (in/out). I'd like to show the use by each application. I want to find the application that consumes more bandwidth from my internet.

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Android :: Any Application To Track 3G Internet Usage?

Oct 5, 2010

On my contract I think I've got 500mb Internet. Is there a app that will tell me how much mb I have left? I don't mind paying but free will be even better.

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Android :: Internet Bandwidth Usage / Paranoid About This

Dec 2, 2009

Ok so IMO wasting bandwidth is a terrible act in this day and age. Yes I'm talking to you sitting at home browsing the forums on your phone but not on WiFi but 3G. Am I the only one paranoid about this? I think you should use WiFi whenever available because if 50 guys hog all the bandwidth watching youtube over 3G while they are at home with WiFi and 1 guy riding the bus can't check his email is that fair? Let me know what you guys think on the matter.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Ethics And Bandwidth Usage From Cell Phone

May 18, 2010

This is a question asked in various incarnations across smartphone forums, and I'm sure here as well. But I'll ask again with a slightly different spin. Is it "wrong" to consume much bandwidth from your cell phone? The implication of high bandwidth usage being the stress of the network and unfairly impinging against other users. It is an argument I've seem most from iPhone and other users contracted with AT&T.

My take is to view the availability and use of bandwidth like a market. The supply and demand for data establishes an "equilibrium" bitrate. With this view in mind, I think it seems a little more pointless to begrudge high bandwidth users just for consuming what is available. Maybe there ought to be a cost associated with high usage, which could be funneled into making a more robust network. But the responsibility ultimately is with the carriers to see that demand can be satisfied.

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Samsung Captivate :: Bandwidth Usage / Feeds And Updates Widget

Sep 28, 2010

I am trying to track down a rogue application that seems to be receiving massive amounts of data. On the iPhone, I would use about 200mb/month due to WiFi at work and at home. However, on the Samsung Captivate, I can go from 100MB/month to 2+GB/month! I noticed huge amounts of data being used on my commutes to and from work.

On occasion, my home WiFi/DSL would get so lagged due to my Captivate being on the network that my son would complain and I would then put the phone in air plane mode. I reasoned that if it was happening on my WiFi network, as well as 3G, then perhaps I could using my router to log the activity to see what sites my phone was trying to connect to, then perhaps I could pinpoint the offending application.

My phone was connecting to a website that was part of a posting that was on facebook, which was only showing on the Samsung "Feeds and Updates" widget. I wasn't running the native facebook application at the time. I had the "Feeds and Updates" widget set to never update, unless I manually did it. Why was it trying to connect when it shouldn't have been? Don't know. Am I certain that this widget was the offending application? Not sure. Since removing the widget, I haven't had any bandwidth spikes.
PS. I tried Droid Wall, but it fails to work.

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Android :: How To Get App To Track Mobile Internet Usage?

May 19, 2010

Is there any Internet traffic tracking app that would show the amount of data that was downloaded/uploaded by specific application?

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Android :: How To Find CPU Usage Of Process?

Nov 26, 2010

I have been developing a task manager for android for three months I have successfully found the memory usage of a process but I could not find any API or other help to find the cpu usage of a process, so it is requested that any one who knows about it please tell me as soon as possible, if any one has the code then plz share it with me.

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Android :: Retrieve CPU And Memory Usage Of Particular Process

Dec 23, 2009

I need to retrieve the CPU usage and memory usage of a particular running process in android. 1. Can i retrieve the above mentioned information in android. 2. If yes how to do that. 3. If not what is the alternative for this.

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Android :: Obtaining/calculating Process CPU Usage

May 4, 2009

How can I get/calculate current process CPU usage? ActivityManager provides method that returns a list of all active processes (list of RunningAppProcessInfo), but that class doesn't provide any CPU usage information.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Way To Keep Track Of 3g Usage?

Apr 15, 2010

I use slacker radio most of the work day on my phone. I do have an unlimited plan but I've heard that if you go above a certain amount VZW will start to charge you. should I keep track of the 3g and limit slacker usage?

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HTC Incredible :: Need App / Widget To Track Battery Usage

May 7, 2010

Which is pretty cool because it puts a small icon in the top left corner of % remaining. But it does not tell me statistics - like what is using it the most, etc. I would really like an app that tells me the estimated time remaining on the battery.

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Android :: Keep Track Of Runtime Of An Application?

Oct 15, 2010

How do I keep track of the runtime of an application.

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HTC Desire :: Track / Stop Data Usage - Ways To Conserve Data?

Aug 23, 2010

I just signed up for these forums because soon I will be an HTC Desire owner in Canada. Having never owned a smartphone before I do have a few questions. The plan I intend on signing up for is the Telus Student 40 and that will come with only 100mb of data. Now I don't see myself being too data using heavy so I feel like I will be able to live with it. However I do have some questions regarding my data consumption.

1. Is it possible to completely stop all data usage by somehow disabling the data connection if I find myself reaching my limit?
2. What are ways to track my data usage to make sure I don't use too much data?
3. What are good ways to conserve data usage? I'm getting the feeling that there are some applications that will constantly be sending data back and forth updating themselves, is it possible to have these applications but stop them from constantly updating and only have them update when I want to access the application?.........

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Android :: Possible To Skip Track From Droid Application?

Apr 17, 2010

I'm planning on doing a application for Android 2.1 that changes song every minute (through what I hope exists in Android, "next") for the application using the audio device atm.

So if I have Spotify running in background already, playing music, can I through my program change to the next track?

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Android :: Organizer Application For Keeping Track Of Books?

Oct 13, 2010

Anyone know of a simple organizer app to keep track of books that you've read? I used to have a group in my contacts called strangely "books" on my BB storm. In the notes section I could keep an unlimited amount of information. Now on my Fascinate the notes section is limited and unusable for my needs.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Android Application - Keeping Track Of Minutes Used

Aug 31, 2010

I would like to find a simple application that I can zero out at the beginning of my monthly service cycle and keep track of the total minutes I use, then reset again each month. It can be free or paid app.

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Android :: How To Get Application Name From Process?

Jul 12, 2009

I am trying to retrieve all applications that are running on the android phone. Following is the code I have wrote, but how do I get the application name into my Array items?

Context context = getApplicationContext(); Resources appR = context.getResources();
ActivityManager actmgr=(ActivityManager)context.getSystemService (Context.ACTIVITY_SERVICE);
List<RunningAppProcessInfo> appList = actmgr.getRunningAppProcesses();
CharSequence[] items = new CharSequence[appList.size()];
Vector <Process>allProcesses = new Vector <Process>();
for (int i=0;i<appList.size();i++) {
RunningAppProcessInfo rti = (RunningAppProcessInfo)appList.get (i);
Process p = new Process (,rti.processName,rti.pkgList);
allProcesses.add(p); items[i] = p.getProcessName(); } : : :

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Android :: Application Service Ever Run In Different Process?

Apr 26, 2010

If an application begins a Service via bindService or startService, will this Service object ever run from a process different from that of the application? I ask because many Android example projects begin a service and communicate to them using IPC which seems wholly unnecessary considering that, according to the Android Service documentation, "... services, like other application objects, run in the main thread of their hosting process." IPC, AIDL, and the IBinder interface only seem useful if connecting to a Service started by an application other than your own. Is this a correct or fair understanding?

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Android :: Network Usage By Application

Jun 22, 2010

I am running the new EVO on Sprint, not rooted, and I am looking for an application that can display active (and perhaps historical) network bandwidth usage based on the application(s) utilizing it.

So far the only one I have manged to come across is "NetMeter" from the market. While this shows active network activity, it does not single out applications.

Trying to figure out what's whoring out the bandwidth on my phone and how I can fine-tune the problematic applications. As I type this I am looking at ~10min of 3G usage totaling over 15MB so far, and from what I can tell I am not running anything that would require the downloading of said data chunk!

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Android :: Getting Application Usage Statitics

Sep 20, 2010

How to get application usage statistics on android? What I want is to access the time (in milliseconds) that each application is used.

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Android :: Cannot Start Parent Application / Process Is Bad

May 12, 2009

As an exercise I attempted to add an AppWidgetProvider-derived class to one of our existing Android applications. When the widget is created and appears on the home screen, the output from adb logcat notes: W/ActivityManager(58): Unable to launch app com.mycompany.myapp/ 10042 for broadcast Intent { action=android.appwidget.action.APPWIDGET_ENABLED comp= {com.mycompany.myapp/com.mycompany.myapp.MyAppWidgetProvider} }: process is bad

This output comes from around line 10814 in ActivityManagerService (looking at cupcake on git). This is running on an ADP 1.5, FWIW. The same AppWidget code, once separated from the main application's project and put into its own simple project, runs as expected, so I know my manifest entries/XML/Java are all as they should be. Has anyone else run into this, or perhaps can the Android team comment on what aspect of my application might be preventing the AM from starting up the process when the widget is added to the home screen?

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Android :: Application Process Has Stopped Unexpectedly

Apr 22, 2009

For some reason I can't explain, when my app runs, I will on occasion get the following error message: "The application xxxxxxxx (process xxxxxx) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". When I debug my code, it seems to break at random places that doesn't make sense. On top of that I tried to surround the entire code with a try/catch block just to try to catch the exception, but it doesn't work either. I'm suspecting it's the OS that is producing this error message but I don't know why. As far as my code goes, if there were exceptions caused by it, it would've been caught by the try/catch block. Can someone shed some light here?

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Android :: Process Died After Exiting Application

Jan 14, 2010

I am seeing a curious behaviour in my app. I have a widget that gets updated by a service every # hours, when the service finishes I stop it, using "stopService(new Intent(this, MyService.class));", the widget if pressed launches an Activity. Now it gets interesting, while im on the activity everyting works fine, then when I exit the app(by the back key or a button I designed which simply calls this.finish() ) the ActivityManager would tell me that my process has died, I do not see any error of any kind, just that the process has died.

Why I am seeing that message and what does it mean exactly? That is having a side effect on my service regarding static variables getting set to default. Could my code be the cause of this? Is there any way to know that your process has died? I have tested my app on a HTC Hero running 1.5, it always works well on the emulator and I never get that message. I know android kills processes to reclaim memory but Im always careful to close apps heavy on resources.

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Android :: Memory Limit 16 MB Per Process Or Application?

Aug 5, 2010

Is android's memory 16MB limit per Process or Application? If the limit is by process, I can make some services remote. That means the service will be in different processes, and the limit will be 16 x N.

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Android :: Process And Application Lifecycles Are Separate?

Mar 15, 2010

Being interested in Android development and still in the experimentation phase - there's something I haven't been able to grasp. As far as I've been able to understand, the process lifecycle and application lifecycles are separate and as such, it would be possible for the application to still to exist, even if it's process has been killed. So I guess my question would be, in what scenario could this occur and how is the application accessible if the containing process has been killed?

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Android :: One Process - Two Live Application Objects?

Oct 31, 2010

In a comment on an epic StackOverflow question-and-answer, a gentleman who I will call Tim has outlined a scenario he says he is running into, one I have some difficulty believing. Reading somewhat between the lines, the flow would appear to be this:

1. User taps on an activity icon in the launcher 2. Process starts up 3. Application object is put in that process -- and a custom Application object loads an NDK library which initializes some statics/singletons 4. User uses application 5. User abandons application (e.g., HOME) 6. Later, user returns to application, before the first process is killed or recycled for use with another app 7. A second Application object is created, in the same process, before the first Application object is called with onTerminate()

This screws things up for Tim's app -- apparently, it does not deal with pre-initialized statics/singletons well. They were presumably counting on onTerminate() to let them clean up the NDK space. As a result, they are relying upon killProcess() (somehow...unclear under what conditions they might call this) to force their own process to go away, so their statics get cleaned up. Step #7 is what confuses me. I can see a new Application object being created, but only if the first Application object were terminated. I don't see any NDK-related bugs out on that seem to match this complaint, though in principle it might cause problems for non-NDK apps as well. Has anyone encountered a new Application object being created in a process before the old one is terminated?

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Android :: Intent Difference And Their Usage In Application

Mar 12, 2010

Can anyone say me the main difference between intent and pending intent? And their usage in application with example.

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Android :: Any Application For Call Usage Statistics?

Dec 15, 2009

Is there an app that can show me call usage statistics for the phone? Particularly, I'm trying to figure out how many minutes I've spent talking to a particular person. Sure, I could go through and add up every single call I've made to them in my call log, but is there some app that does that for me?

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Android :: Calculates Memory Usage Of Application?

Sep 4, 2009

I have an application in Java-side, and it uses some "SO" files in native-side. How to calculates the memory usage of my application, in Java-side and native-side both? Does Android provides toolkit to calculates the memory usage of application?

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