HTC Incredible :: Unrevoked3 - Having Trouble Rooting

Sep 29, 2010

I've searched for hours for this, so I apologize if it's answered elsewhere, I simply can not find a solution that works.when I start up Unrevoked for the Incredible, it says to plug my phone in. I do that, making sure it says debug mode is enabled in the drop-down pane. But the unrevoked screen doesn't change I've tried:
- mounting as disk drive
- "charge only"
- one Windows XP PC and one Windows 7 PC
- removed PdaNet and tried those options again
Nothing gets me past that screen. I tried looking for an HTC Sync app to uninstall, or setting to disable (since it says "make sure it is NOT installed"), but I wasn't able to find anything.

HTC Incredible :: Unrevoked3 - Having trouble rooting

Samsung Moment :: Trouble After Rooting

Sep 13, 2010

After a lot of thought, I finally decided I would root my Moment even the whole bricking issue had me really worried. I decided to try it anyway. I got it all done last night well, I think I did. I never actually went into anything that verified that I had rooted it just assumed it was rooted after the instructions I was reading said it was. Well within these instructions was a link to the SDX website where I could download a custom update zip, and had a link to create my own update zip, so I chose to create my own. I'm not sure if I made some wrong choices while creating the zip or what, but now I am having some major trouble.

After creating my zip, I placed it on my SD card. Then, I shut the phone down, and started it up in recovery mode (maybe that's what it's called.... volume down, talk, and end buttons). I went to apply from SD, or something like that, and then went to the custom zip I had just downloaded. The phone did it's thing, said it was installed and then said I need to reboot. I did.

I've not been able to get into my phone since. It gets to the Samsung splash screen, finishes it's animation, and then nothing. It's just black. It won't do anything at all until I take the battery out and put it back in. Then, I am able to get to any of the startup screens or whatever they're called, but no matter what, always goes black after Samsung Splash.It could be that the phone is actually starting, but just not showing me a screen....not sure about that.Well, I read a little bit, and decided I would try to fix it by installing a different update zip, so I put my sd card into my laptop and removed the custom zip. Then, I put the SD card back into my phone and ran the joeykrim zip again. It's still doing the same thing.Has anyone got any ideas for me here?? I am so sick that I decided to do this. I sure hope it's worth it in the end.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Adb Trouble With Rooting My Phone

Nov 15, 2010

I'm trying to root my HTC sprint hero 2.1 and I have gotten to step #9 .2 and when I copy and paste adb devices I get 'adb' is not a recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Can anyone help me with this problem so I and move forward and get out of 2.1 hell

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HTC Desire :: Trouble Rooting Using Unrevoked / Gold Card Tool

Oct 16, 2010

So I tried the rooting method using unrevoked3 but it came up with

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Trouble With Updating Mini Pro After Rooting

Aug 25, 2010

I rooted my phone to use barnacle wifi tether and titanium backup to delete unwanted applications. Now I can't install the latest updates for my x10 mini pro. I can download the software from my phone but can't install them. I also tried SE update service and PC companion. Update Service just says my phone is up to date and exits.PC companion says the same thing "your phone is up to date". I read somewhere today that you cantnot update ur phone after rooting it so I tried to repair my phone using PC companion but that failed too. I got a download error and something about checking my internet connection. I was wondering if anyone knows a way of flashing my phone with the original u20i generic uk so i can update again.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Having Trouble Rooting - Using One Click Auto Root

Feb 7, 2010

Im trying to root my hero using pre kitchen but its not going threw i run the diagnostics text before you root everything checks out good. I have tried to root by having checked the box (with google) and tried it by not checking it. When my phone reboots i get the exclamation mark with a little phone on it. Everything seems to be running good except for this part# flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-heroc-v1.2.3.img flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-heroc-v1.2.3.img error opening /sdcard/recovery-RA-heroc-v1.2.3.img: No such file or directory can this be the problem? If so, how can i fix it?

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HTC Incredible :: Unrevoked3

Aug 16, 2010

I have a nearly stock system running the original root. Today I tried the Unrevoked3 to get the clockwork recovery, however every time it goes into rebooting phone, the phone turns on and it get hung up there. The furthest Ive gotten was waiting for system to settle.

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HTC Incredible :: Linux - UnrEVOked3

Jul 15, 2010

I'm looking for a few answers on how to do the painless root on Ubuntu

1. Download unrEVOked3 for Linux (check)
2. What now? (be descriptive)

Do I literally just connect the phone and double-click the file in the tar.gz?

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HTC Incredible :: When Will UnrEVOked3 Be Back Up?

Sep 17, 2010

wanna root my phone but when i go to the link it says use 2 for now. when will 3 be back up?

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HTC Incredible : What Is Difference Between Unrevoked3 - Unprovoked Forever

Sep 14, 2010

What is the difference between Unrevoked3 and Unprovoked Forever?

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HTC Incredible :: Having Rooted Using Unrevoked3 - What Happens When Next Android-Sense Upgrade Comes Out

Sep 25, 2010

Having recently successfully rooted using unrevoked3 one-click, what happens when the next Android/Sense upgrade arrives? Do I simply stay rooted and install the upgrade? Does this in any way disturb the existing Clockwork functionality?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Having Trouble Rooting Hero

Sep 29, 2010

I've tried a couple methods today, manual as well as the Fresh Kitchen 1054, and I'm getting stuck with both. I'd probably prefer the manual method so let's troubleshoot that I get through most the steps found here (and I believe I've followed them exactly, to the letter): How-To Root a Sprint Hero But when I enter the code for #6: /data/local /asroot2 /system/bin/sh My system returns: [1] killed /data/local/asroot2 /system/bin/sh It simply won't continue past that point. Ideas please?

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HTC Incredible :: Having Trouble Installing Skyraider 2.5.2

Aug 20, 2010

I have rooted with unrevoked 3 done a nandroid backup, done the unrevoked forever and sucessfully upgraded my radio to the 2.15. I downloaded sky2.5.2 and put it in the root of my sd card. when I boot into recovery and and try to install the zip from sd card it keeps saying "aborted". Is there something that I need to do before installing Skyraider? Everything is working fine on my phone, the call quality is amazing now, I just can't get up to 2.2!

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HTC EVO 4G :: Signal Trouble In Incredible Are Not Present For EVO

May 27, 2010

I am hoping that some of the signal issues in the Incredible are not present for the EVO. Has anyone compared their EVO with another Sprint phone? Is the signal the same? I know it may be a bit early to start this topic.

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HTC Incredible :: Trouble Answering Calls If I'm On Other Line

Aug 2, 2010

Am I the only one having an issue answering an incoming call if I'm on the other line? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Incredible but this is quite an issue for me. It will show the call waiting, yet I cannot answer it to save my life. I have tried the mylockphone tools which is great but whether that is activated or not, I still can't grab the incoming call. Ultimately, I let the person I am speaking to go and then have to call the other person back. What am I doing wrong? I recall my Moto Droid having the same issue.

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HTC Incredible :: Trouble With Quick Contact Pop-up And Facebook

Jul 14, 2010

on my droid eris, when i press on a contact's picture, a quick contact pop-up appears with a link to their facebook profile. See here But when i do the same thing on my incredible, it doesnt show up. What can i do to make it show up?

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HTC Incredible :: Dragging Menu Down Seems To Give A Lot Of Trouble

Sep 15, 2010

I've got a customer with the incredible who has all sorts of problems answering his phone when it is locked. Dragging the menu down seems to give him a lot of trouble and didn't know if anyone knew of a simple fix to that? My eris you simply press send....

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HTC Incredible :: Trouble - Runs And Eventually Stops

Aug 21, 2010

Been trying to update the radio and apply the latest ota , every time I get to apply the it runs and eventually stops with something similar to the following:

"Can't apply radio"
(No room on device)
"Can't apply firmware"
(No room on device)

Then I can reboot and I get the new droid screen, new widgets, etc. But no wifi, etc. I've done this about 10 times now so I admit I'm bit foggy after 18 hrs of reading and trying to apply froyo.

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HTC Incredible :: Trouble Installing Baseband Version 2.x Update

Aug 4, 2010

I have a rooted Droid Incredible currently running froyo (2.2) with a sky raider 2.0 ROM. I have attempted to install the then the onto a rooted incredible then installed the sky raider ROM. I did not realize that the did not successfully install. From what I could tell it unzips it then says that it cannot find the images. After downloading it to my PC before putting on the root of the SD card it wont let me open it and says that it is corrupt and could not create the file. However I am able to unzip it from my PC running XP. Basically My issue is that the sky raider 2.0 ROM only works with the version2 baseband and I have baseband 1.x version and cannot seem to get it updated. It is causing the wireless tether to not work and the camcorder. Sorry If i have provided too much detail or confusing. I have also tried to unroot but since it wont open the i am unable to downgrade.

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HTC Incredible :: Trouble Answering A Call / Touchscreen Is Unresponsive

May 12, 2010

my wife says that sometimes when she has an incoming call and the phone is already unlocked it will give her an option accept or decline. she claims the touchscreen is unresponsive and she is unable to answer the call and she has to call the person back. anyone else have this problem?

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HTC Incredible : Way To Organize Apps Trouble Keeping Track

Nov 13, 2010

a question for MIUI users: how do you organize your apps? I'm loving the ROM, but I'm having trouble keeping track of my apps. The ROM lacks an app, tray, correct?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Unrevoked3

Jul 25, 2010

I have looked all over and still can't find it. If it is in here somewhere, please forgive me. I did the unrevoked3 for my EVO. Now what? I am getting the triangle with the exclamation point on the status bar. How to I get the hotspot to work? Is there an app I have to open that was installed already?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Unrevoked3 - CM6

Sep 25, 2010

Trying to install CM6 unto my rooted evo.Used the one click method, not sure what im doing wrong but when flashing i get an error. is it even possible? I tried to read instructions after instructions and i hate to make a new post for being a noob, but im just plain ol stuck. Not sure what info you guys need to help me out but you ask ill answer.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Can't Open Unrevoked3 On Mac

Nov 29, 2010

Before I tell you my dilemma please rest assured that I have scoured these forums to find what I'm looking for but to no avail.I am trying to use a Mac to root my phone. I downloaded unrevoked3 . When I tried to open it a prompt appears that says, ' you cannot open the application "Reflash" because it is not supported on this architecture'. Does anyone know why this is? I'm running Leopard and all of of my other programs and apps run fine.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Netarchy FPS Fix After Unrevoked3.2?

Sep 11, 2010

I rooted froyo with unrevoked 3.2 and I have Superuser and all that good stuff. But I tried applying the Netarchy Froyo FPS fix through recovery by applying the .zip from sdcard and it runs through but I still only get 30fps max. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Way To Get S-off After I Root With UnrEVOked3?

Sep 16, 2010

I'm looking for a linux friendly root system for my evo.It seems only unrevoked puts these out for linux... but what's the point if it isn't a full root.I see that 3.2 has only had 2 users with problems.Are there any onofficial sources to get this root technique?I'm willing to take the risk

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HTC Incredible :: Trouble Mounting Internal Phone Storage And Sd Storage

Aug 22, 2010

For some reason my Incredible won't mount both the internal phone storage and the SD card storage at the same time. What I mean is...when I plug my phone into my PC I only get a single popup asking to mount the phone's SD card storage, but not the internal phone storage.If I remove the SD card (or unmount the SD card using menus on the phone) and then toggle the connection type from Disk Drive, to Charge only, and then back to Disk Drive (to burp the connection), the internal phone storage will mount, but the SD card won't mount because it has been removed.When I connect my wife's incredible, my computer sees both the SD card storage and the internal storage (as expected) and gives me prompts for both. I took the SD card from the problematic phone and put it in the "good" phone and there are no issues at all (IE.. both the internal storage and SD storage mount). This of course means there is no issue with the SD card.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Rooted With Unrevoked3 On Mac / How To Flash ROM?

Jul 17, 2010

I rooted with unrevoked3 on a Mac so how can I flash a ROM on this thing. For example the Fresh ROM?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Does Unrevoked3 Wipe Your Phone?

Jul 26, 2010

Just wondering if anyone can help me. I want to root using unrEVOked3, but I don't want to lose anything. Does unrEVOked3 wipe any data or settings from the phone?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Froyo With Unrevoked3 No Need For Stock

Aug 3, 2010

I had an issue doing the OTA with Unrevoked3.It can work, but you have to do it manually.First, download the update and save it to the root of your SD card.The official one is floating around somewhere. I can't upload it here - it's 84 Meg.Anyway, all you have to do is boot into the bootloader:

1 - turning off the phone

2 - while holding down the volume up key, press the power button to turn the phone on (DO NOT RELEASE THE VOLUME UP KEY)

3 - when the fastboot screen appears, release the vol. up key. Use the vol. down key to move to <bootloader>

4 - press the power button to launch bootloader. Hboot will do some diags.

5 - Vol. down key to select <recovery>. Press power button to launch

6 - Phone will boot into recovery mode.

7 - Use vol. keys to select sd Press power button to launch. Sit back and let the install do it's thing.

I am also still rooted with unrevoked3

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