HTC Hero :: Best Application For Viewing Photos On Sd Card?

Feb 21, 2010

Does anayone have a good photo viewer other than Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery? I would like to have my photos listed in their prospective folders but the 2 I have don't do that. I switched from the Samsung Moment to the Hero and I know I had a program on the moment that did that but I evidently forgot to backup that program so now I can't remember the name and haven't found anything in the Market that does that.

HTC Hero :: best application for viewing photos on sd card?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Viewing Files On SD Card

Feb 18, 2010

This is probably something really simple but I'm curious how to view the files on your SD card from the phone.I had a PDF file on mine that I wanted to delete but I didn't want to format the entire card.I know I'm probably being a knuckle head but I just can't figure it out.

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Android :: Alternative App For Viewing Photos

Dec 20, 2009

Any recommendations for an alternative app to the stock Gallery application for photo viewing?

Gallery does not allow the user to choose folder (s) to add to gallery which puts lots of un-needed pictures (mainly from downloaded HTML email/email signatures) in the gallery.

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General :: Viewing Photos From Restricted Profiles

Feb 10, 2014

I just created a restricted profile on my Nexus 7 2nd edition. The goal of the restricted profile is to provide a "kiosk"-esq style profile for kids I interact with at work. Currently, I allow the restricted profile to have access to the camera and gallery for them to take pictures and I would then later post them to instagram for our social media page. I don't like the idea of them having access to the companies instagram, so, obviously, I deny that permission. The question I have is, is it possible to access, view, and edit the photos from the restricted profile from the owner profile, but NOT the other way around. Essentially, I want to create a one way street here, but can't figure out how. The photos seem to be independent per profile and I'm wondering how to change that.

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HTC Hero : How I Can Transfer Photos Are On Sim Card?

Nov 14, 2009

Can I just ask how I can transfer my photos that are on my Sim Card somewhere and have them transferred onto my Hero?

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General :: Viewing / Editing And Saving Lens Blur Photos

May 2, 2014

After I take a lens blur photo using the Google Camera app, I can swipe to the right to view the photo and adjust the blur. After I select "done," the photo updates with my blur options. However, when I exit the camera and view this photo using Google Photos, the lens blur options I chose are not there and it's not possible to edit the lens blur. It seems I have to open the camera and swipe right in order to see the lens blur effects.

-Can I only adjust lens blur options within the camera app itself?
-Can I only view the lens blur effects within the camera app?

if seems this is a waste of the lens blur feature. After I make adjustments to the blur and select done, that's the image that should be saved and viewable by Google Photos, Gallery, and backed up to Google+.

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HTC EVO 4G :: How To Viewing SD Card Video?

Sep 15, 2010

I was wondering if I am able to view pictures and video from an SD card on my EVO. The card reader has a male USB and I would need to get the correct cables. Does the phone have the software to read these also?

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Android :: Image Editing / Viewing Application?

Aug 8, 2010

I'm looking for a decent image editing, viewing, and organizing app. Something thats better than the default that comes with the htc EVO, but nothing over-kill. I'm not looking for CS5 for my phone.

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Android :: Stock Application For Viewing Portfolio?

Sep 23, 2010

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good stock app. Where you can view your portfolio etc.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Launch Application From Sd Card

May 20, 2010

I have a phone that makes calls, I can multitask, and with 2.1 - it works even better now. And the battery life has only improved since I've bought it. It's kind of hard to ignore the fact that the day 2.1 is officially released for the HTC Sprint Hero - is the same day that 2.2 is "unveiled." The one thing I really wanted was the ability to launch apps from my SD card without having to root. I think I'll just root 2.1 once that happens. But do any other Hero owners feel a tad bit messed?

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HTC Hero :: HTC HERO / Wi-Fi Browsing & Flash Viewing

Sep 13, 2009

the connection via my wifi is intermittent at best - usually telling me page not available / connection error , occasionally it does connect but hangs up when searcging - the weather widgets / gmail update regularily . I have used the browser , google widget and downloaded mini opera - all same problem. Secondly , I havn't been able to view youtube vids and only minimal success with beeb player {this may be more to do with the connection dropping off but what I saw wasnt great quality.A nokia n95, which hadnt been used for web browsing until I tried it this morning, was fine browsing using the same wifi network & viewing iplayer.I so want to love this phone [ having rubbished my iphone / nokia friends ] but a quick look through the forums suggests there may be problems with Wi-Fi.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Apps 2 - Format SD Card For This Application?

Feb 10, 2010

I'm looking for a walkthrough on how to format my SD card for this application. Can anyone point me in the right direction or write up a quick and dirty "how to"?

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HTC Hero :: Viewing Videos On Computer

Feb 3, 2010

Hi, I'm new to the forum and I didn't have any luck when I searched for this answer. If I'm viewing a video on my Hero, can I connect my phone via the USB cable to my computer and watch the video on the computer?

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HTC Hero :: Video Download - Way To Viewing?

Mar 21, 2010

Ive downloaded a few short videos to my hero but cannot for the life of me find a way of viewing them help?

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HTC Hero :: Viewing Wmv Files Sent As Email Attachments?

Oct 19, 2009

Is anyone else having problems watching / viewing wmv files sent as email attachments? On the rare occasions that I can it usually only plays the sound with no video. Tried both HTC mail and Gmail app.

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HTC Hero :: Viewing Orange Account Usage

Jan 15, 2010

When I click on 'your account' it used to show me my remaining minutes, texts, data etc.Now, it doesn't. Anyone else had this problem? Tried phoning Orange but, surprise surprise, not much help - they didn't even know you could view remaining minutes from the phone!

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Viewing All Thumbnails In Gmail

Jan 30, 2010

I'm trying to figure out why some of the thumbnails of attached pictures don't automatically show up when I open the message. It seems like when I open an older message that has 5 or more pictures in it, it will not show the thumbnails, so I have to go through and click preview to see them. And then it will only keep the thumbnails visible for the first 5 that I previewed. And sometimes it won't show any of of the thumbnails when I open a message, even if its only 1 or 2 pictures.

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HTC Hero :: Viewing Facebook Photo Albums

Oct 29, 2009

Is anyone else having a problem viewing photos on Facebook using the browser? When I open a friend's album it shows the thumbnails and once I click on a picture it brings up a (flash looking) photo viewer window. This doesn't allow you comment, like, or view comments on the pictures. Is there a different way to view these, am I missing something?

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HTC Hero :: Viewing Market Apps Orange UK

Jan 11, 2010

have recently received Hero (Orange UK) as upgrade.Followed the incredibly helpful Tips & Tricks thread to get phone set up at it's best.Have been very impressed with phone, but have come across problem that's puzzling me. Have been trying to download FingerPlay MIDI from the market, but can't navigate to download page on phone. Have downloaded various other apps from market successfully. Contacted developer who has been very helpful & he's done all possible at his end to make app visible. Have read some threads regarding visibility of certain apps in market & problem with Orange network. Does anyone know if this is still an issue? Could any other Orange UK customers take a minute to see if they can see FingerPlay MIDI in market?As long term MIDI music user this is an app I'd love to try.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Viewing .zip Files Flashed To Phone

Sep 21, 2010

I've flashed different .zip files to my hero, gaps, froyo mms fix, market fix etc. You get the point But I'm wondering how i can view a list of all the things iv flashed. Iv made many changes to my phone and would like to see what is currently flashed to my device.And also i was wondering if there's a way to unflash this stuff and if not what will get rid of it? Because i have no backups. They were all messed up and got deleted

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HTC Hero :: Flickr Integration - Fail To Download Them For Viewing Through The Mobile Data Connection

Nov 25, 2009

I have about 40 photos on my flickr account, many of which were uploaded from my Hero directly. That all works fine.

Unlike the viewing of the same photos through the Albums widget on the phone, which seems to fail to download them for viewing through the mobile data connection, even at H connection speed.....the download just seems to stall?

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HTC Desire :: Moving Photos To Sd Card

Jul 15, 2010

How do I save my photos from the phone over to the sd card? Can't figure it out - do I need an app?

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HTC Incredible :: Saving Photos To SD Card

May 19, 2010

I have the camera set to save on the SD Card. However, when I take pictures it still stores it on the device memory. Why is that? Is this a known error?

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HTC Incredible :: Way To Move Photos To Sd Card?

Aug 5, 2010

I would like to move photos that are on my phone storage to my sd card, is it possible.

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General :: How To Move Photos To SD Card

Feb 17, 2012

I would like to move my photos to the sd card.

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HTC Hero :: Facebook Contact Photos As Phone Contact Photos

Mar 25, 2010

I thought that if we sync'd facebook to the Hero that people's display pictures would automatically become their contact photo on the hero.can someone tell me if this is possible and how they've done it?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Can't Load Photos From SD Card

Jul 25, 2010

So Verizon just replaced my eris with a refurb and everything seemed to work fine. I was initially able to lo load a photo album widget, but that after doing some SD card file editing, when I tried to look at photos, the pictures no longer load. I can look at them if I access the pictures within the camera function. But if I try to look at the the android photos apps, I get a never ending 'loading SD card data'. If I try to view them through ASTRO, the program forces closes repeatedly and I have to pull the battery. I've already moved my data from the SD card, reformatted it, re-loaded the data and that allowed me to view the pics in the camera feature, but overall this isn't working. Because it worked at first, I'm thinking it isn't the phone and it's something I did.

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HTC Incredible :: Saving Photos To Phone Instead Of Sd Card

May 3, 2010

Is there a way to save photos i take to my phone instead of SD CARD when my sd card is mounted. because i want to take some pictures for my contacts but i plan to switch sd cards in the future so i dont want to retake photos for my contacts.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Is SD Card Automatic Default Storage For Photos?

Jun 8, 2010

I can't seem to find a setting on the phone that directs storage to the handset or the card so if a card is installed does that just make it the default storage dump then? I'm confused.

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HTC Incredible :: Moving Photos From Phone To SD Card

May 16, 2010

How do I move photos and videos from my phone storage to my SD card?

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