HTC EVO 4G :: MMS Received Time Stamp 4 Hours In The Past SMS Correctly?

Sep 22, 2010

I am getting MMS (Pictures) from another Sprint user (both of us are on the east coast) who has a Touch Pro 2 running Windows 6.5 and every time I get an MMS message from him its back stamped 4 hours. So if he sends it at 8pm it gets time stamped at 4pm on my phone. When he sends me an SMS (text message) its is CORRECTLY time stamped at 8pm. This causes my threaded messaging to put his MMS all the way up in the thread. This is UNACCEPTABLE and either SPRINT or HTC should figure out what is going on with time stamps and there phone and software.

HTC EVO 4G :: MMS Received Time Stamp 4 Hours in the Past SMS Correctly?

Android :: Get Time / Date Stamp Of Last Time GPS Was Updated?

Jan 14, 2010

Is there a way to get the time or date stamp of the last time the GPS was updated?

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Android :: Anyway To Have A Time Stamp On Every Message?

Jun 28, 2009

Anyway to have a time stamp on every message? I miss being able to tell when I sent the message that says I'll be 20 minutes. and well its just nice to know in general.

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Android :: Need Date / Time Stamp App

Nov 27, 2010

I'm looking for an app that lets me quickly insert the time and date in notes - Evernote, Docs to Go etc. I've tried Inserty but that was too cumbersome. Just want something I can tap on and hey presto, current time & date is entered. Any suggestions?

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General :: Time / Date Stamp App?

Oct 8, 2013

Having just switch from BlackBerry, one of the things I am missing is text shortcuts. With BlackBerry there were several pre-programmed phrases that could be entered by typing a couple of letters. For example "ld" would enter the date in the specified long date format. The user could add to the dictionary just about anything they wanted.

Any Android app that will do the same thing?

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Android :: Timer - Time Stamp My Code

Apr 24, 2009

I'm trying to put a timer in my code to determine the amount of time it takes to execute a block of code.

I've tried googling up some ideas, but they are all related to scheduling tasks, which is not what I want.

I want to, perhaps, place a time stamp in different parts of my code. How can I do this?

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HTC EVO 4G :: No Date / Time Stamp On Outgoing Emails?

Nov 29, 2010

Just joined as I have a random question. I have an HTC Evo, and whenever I send emails from the standard email program, they lack a date/time stamp. Any ideas how to correct that?

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General :: Time And Date Stamp In Pictures

Jan 30, 2013

how do I disable the time and date from "temporarily" showing up in picture gallery from Note 2.

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Motorola Droid X :: Handcent - Time Stamp Is Wrong

Sep 18, 2010

The time stamp for received messages when using Handcent, is off by 4 hours. I've tried changing the "set time stamp offset" to -4 hours but it did not help.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Time Stamp Missing From Call Log

Dec 18, 2009

Yesterday I had a missed called. I wanted to check at what time this person had called me. When I clicked on the phone icon that's at the bottom of the screen it opens all my call history (incoming, outgoing and missed calls).

But it doesn't not list anytime stamp for any type of call. I click on the menu button and click on call history. I click on the menu button again and click on the View option. Then I select Missed calls. The time stamps just show the day. For example some of them say 3 days ago or Yesterday but no time.

The only way i'm able to see the actual time of the missed call is if I open that person contact card and view the history from there.

Is there a way I can get this information with out having to open up the contacts?

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Samsung Moment :: Text Message Time Stamp Off By One Hour

Nov 9, 2009

Anyone else having this issue? My fiancee and I are on the same plan and when we text each other, many times, the time stamp is off by one hour. It puts the conversation all over the place and makes it very difficult to follow. I does not happen with my friends with Verizon when we text each other.

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General :: Migrated Photos Have Time / Date Stamp All Wrong?

May 13, 2014

I just got a Nexus 5 and spent the whole of the afternoon trying to migrate my photos and videos from my GNex to the 5. I managed to move everything over, but here is where things went wrong

The metadata displays the time of the file transfer, instead of the original time/date the photo was taken. I'm OCD and a stickler for getting my files in order, so having all my pics/vids in the Gallery app display in the wrong order is really bugging me.

Initially I used My Backup Pro to move the files over, then deleted everything and transferred them from GNex -> Macbook -> Nexus 5 via Android File Transfer. Files were transferred fine, but the time/date stamp is still wrong.

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HTC Tattoo :: Receiving SMS Text With Time 6 Hours Ahead Of Current Time

Apr 11, 2010

All text messages that I receive are 6 hours ahead of the actual time on the phone. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Android :: Handling Files Received By Bluetooth Correctly

Aug 31, 2010

I have an Android application which handles a particular type of file. It registers intent filters for both the MIME type and the filename pattern. This all works fine from file managers; I select a file, I get prompted with a list of actions applicable to the file, my application is on the list, I select it and it works.

However, this doesn't work when I beam a file to the device via Bluetooth. The file gets received and is correctly downloaded, but selecting the file from the transfer page does nothing (although I can still use a file manager to find the downloaded file in /sdcard/downloads/bluetooth and run it from there).

The log contains:


(The name of the file here is

It looks like it's deciding that the file has no MIME type and is giving up, rather than broadcasting an intent asking for a filename-based match.

This is on Froyo on an HTC Desire, and I know that HTC have been tinkering with the Bluetooth stack (as stock Android doesn't allow arbitrary files to be beamed to the device). Does anyone know how I can make this work? Beaming .jpg and .png files works fine...

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HTC EVO 4G :: Incoming MMS Time Off By 4 Hours / Solution For This?

Jun 13, 2010

I've had the phone for a few days now, and today when I received an MMS (picturemail) from a friend, the timestamp was off by exactly 4 hours (I received at 8:32PM, but timestamp was 4:32PM), normally, not a big deal, but it throws off order in the messages because those it's my most recent message, it still shows in relation to messages I correctly received before 8:32PM but after 4:32PM. Anyone experience something similar, or have a solution?

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Samsung Epic 4G :: Daylight Savings Time By 2 Hours Instead Of 1

Nov 7, 2010

I live in the central time zone. This morning I woke up and my phone decided to adjust for daylight savings time by 2 hours instead of 1. I checked the time and date settings to find that the date settings were checked to "automatic". Somehow the phone decided I was in the Mountain time zone instead of central. why/how that would happen? If I uncheck the automatic, and manually change my time zone it works fine.

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Android :: Time Card PRO - Keep Track Of Working Hours And Overtime

Nov 29, 2009

UPDATE 2.0 COMING NEXT WEEK (Feb 3rd, 2010)
New Features Include:
- Multiple Jobs (up to 3)
- Manual Time Entering

Keep track of your long hours on the job with ease with Time Card PRO! Just mark each box on your phone when you clock in and out, and Time Card PRO keeps track of the rest! Time Card PRO records your standard hours, overtime hours, vacation days and sick days, then emails your hours home for your personal records.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Time Wrong On Received Text

Sep 16, 2010

I received 2 txts- one from each of my kids and the receive time was like 6 hrs into the future of the actual time. not a big deal but then the next texts i received were all fine?

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Android :: Obtain The Time Zone From The Callbacks Received?

Jul 15, 2010

Is there a way to obtain the time zone from the callbacks received

void onLocationChanged(Location location)

using the time information that can be obtained from the location parameter

long Time = location.getTime();

Or if there is another way please provide info!

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Showing Wrong Text Received Time

Aug 30, 2010

i just got a new galaxy s yesterday so far i've found it really useful.but today i realized that when i get text messages, the received time is almost 4 hour behind.when i send a text, it shows the right time but only when i receive it

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Daylight Savings Time - Alarm & Calendar Alerts Not Working Correctly?

Mar 15, 2010

it looks like its an Android bug, but my alarm & my calendar alerts are not working correctly, as well as CalWidget. My Google Cal & the Cal on the phone are correct. I had to reboot to get the time updated to what it should be today.

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: POLL Eastern Time Zone - Received DI18 Update OTA Yet?

Oct 3, 2010

If you live in the Eastern time zone, please participate in this poll and indicate whether you have received the D118 update yet OTA (over the air). If you downloaded and installed the update yourself, please do not participate in this poll. This poll is designed to determine the penetration in the Eastern part of the United States. If you indicate NO and leter get the update, please come back and change your response (hopefully vBullitain supports that).

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Android :: App "Cannot Be Refunded At This Time" 20 Hours After Purchase

Sep 12, 2010

I bough the Doggcatcher app to try and get an itunes podcast to work, but it didn't. Today I realized I hadn't uninstalled it yet, so I went to the market to uninstall it. I bought it yesterday around 8:00pm. I tried refunding and uninstalling however I was told they were not able to refund me "At this time" and to try again later. I uninstalled it anyway and tried refunding it an hour later (now) and it says "Your purchase could not be refunded." I thought I had 24 hours, why can't I get a refund on it? It doesn't work for me and I have no use for it, however I have plenty of other use for the $7 I paid for it. Anyone know of a workaround? WHat happens if the 24 hour mark passes and it never allowed me to refund it?

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Samsung Vibrant :: 4 Hours Of Use Or 48 Hours On Standby

Oct 4, 2010

Do those numbers seem normal to the rest of you? Right now if I am using my phone for browsing, video, etc. it will run the battery from full charge to dead in just under 4 hours. If I just leave the phone turned on but with no apps running (standby) it runs out of power in roughly 48 hours. Is this the battery life I should expect from this phone?

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General :: Disabling Location Stamp On Droid X Camera?

Oct 10, 2011

Is there a way to disable the location coordinate stamp on pics taken with the Droid X camera? I've gone into the camera settings, but can't find anything related to turning this on and off.

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General :: Take Screenshot From Phone Camera And Stamp On It GPS Coordinates

Apr 13, 2012

I'm looking for an app that can take the screenshot from the phone camera and stamp on it the gps coordinates and compass bearing with time and date like the picture that I've attached.

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Android :: How To Parse The GMT - Hours:minutes Or GMT-hours:minutes Using SimpleDateFormat In Java - Android

Sep 15, 2010

For example, I want to parse the string below:

Tue Sep 28 18:02:24 GMT+08:00 2010

And I use the pattern for the SimpleDateFormat:

new SimpleDateFormat("EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss zzzzzzzzz yyyy");

But I keep getting the ParseException.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Want To Get Past 30fps

Sep 12, 2010

I know that it is possible to get past 30fps, but I am not in any way shape or form a techie so I dont know how to root or what a ROM is. Do I have to root to get a ROM? And also what exactly is a ROM and how will it affect my device? Just looking for a newb walkthrough. I know this may have been asked before but I really appreciate your patience in helping me.

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HTC Eris :: Kernals - OC Past 800

Aug 23, 2010

I'm still new to this Rooting so I have a question. I've tried about 14 different ROMs over the past month or so. My Eris always freezes up when I set the OC past 787mhz. I have read where some people are using Kernals that let them OC past 800. Is this something I can flash to my Eris or is my Eris just limited to 787?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Unable To Overclock Past 1.19

Sep 2, 2010

on Fresh what gives? every time i try through setcpu the evo reboots, then gets in a boot loop. any suggestions on how to fix this?

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