General :: Sharp Sh837w (MTK6577) Lost Preloader

May 15, 2013

I have Sharp SH837W, when I try to install CWM, I wrote it to address 0x0 and it is bricked. I know I write something over its Preloader.

I tried but can't write down preloader again.

I tried to find TestPoint, maybe I found it but I don't know what should I do with it. I connect the test point with USB -5v and connect cable but still can't write anything (I got error 5054 in SP Flash Tool).

General :: Sharp Sh837w (MTK6577) lost Preloader

General :: THL W100 Won't Boot Up After Flash - Preloader Checked

Aug 4, 2013

I flashed a THL W100 with sp tool and stupidly left the preloader checked, it finished all good and show me the green circle, but now it wont boot up and when i try to flash with any w100 rom it says the rom is not compatible with this device..

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General :: How To Customize Rom Of MTK6577

Apr 10, 2013

How to make custom rom from this cpu MT6577(STARMOBILE ASTRA). If it is same to procedure like samsung andriod..?

Divide into... kernel, rom, gapps..? I have a back up this rom from SP flash tool..

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General :: How To Root Sharp Sh 12C

Jun 22, 2011

How to root sharp sh-12c.

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General :: How To Unlock DoCoMo SHARP SH-06E

Jun 26, 2013

I bought Sharp SH-06E how I can make an unlock to use phone with any sim? Phone is outside Japan.

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General :: MTK6577 - No Sim Card 3G Data

Jan 25, 2014

I ported rom from OPPO R817T for Lenovo A390 and everything is working, except the issue of 3G data. I have to replace from stock rom and the signal was already out . but in setting can not be set 3G Data and every time I make a call * 123 # signal is lost and changed to "no sim card".

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General :: How To Port JB ROM In ICS For MTK6577 Devices

Feb 10, 2013

How to port JB rom to MTK6577 ICS Device.......

My device is Micromax A90s, which are similar to micromax A110 and A110 have more then 2-3 Jelly Bean ROM but we dont have any Jelly Bean ROM so i have to port it, but dont know about porting methods

I already make Custom ROM for my device but don't know about porting. Can I able to port A110 JB ROM in to my Devices.....??

A90s specifications
MTK6577 1 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
Super Amoled 4.3' HDPI (480x800) Resolution which are only things not matched to A110..........

How to port JB ROM in A90s

Cuz A110 QHD and A90s is HDPI so m able to port it........or not...........?? Or I have one more similar device rom which are same screen resolution and camera and all other things but its hardware is different cuz its Qualcomm MSM7627a Device but screen resolution are same HDPI, so can i able to port that ROM in my A90s ........??

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General :: MTK6577 Fail To Load ROM?

Apr 3, 2013

I have a clone Samsung Galaxy Note II N7102,

That's chip MTK 6577, but I can't load the rom on it.

The error message is firmware & chip set not match.

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General :: Rooting Sharp Aquos SH-02e?

Jul 26, 2013

to obtain root on my device which is the Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-02E.

After reading lots and lots of forums in Japanese (which I barely started learning) I found a couple of commands and files to obtain root on the device. Reading it looks simple. However my expertise on the area is no more than 0.The code goes like this

adb push sh02eunlock /data/rootkit
adb push acdbwritevalue /data/rootkit
adb push su /data/rootkit[code]...

The file is available at the bottom. That's all I got. I really need to delete all this spy/statistics apps from the phone and without root it's impossible.

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General :: Sharp FX Stuck At Boot Logo?

Jul 11, 2012

My Sharp FX (ADS1) is stuck at the "Sharp" logo when I try turning it on, now I know that are several of these post on this forum, but I still can't find any that offers a solution for me. The phone is rooted and that's it, I haven't had time to put a new ROM or anything yet (although I would love to) and I can't seem to get into any type of recovery mode, and I think I have tried all of the button combinations, the only time that I can get it to show something other than "sharp" is when I plug it in, it shows a charging battery.

how to get into recovery mode (sym + power)

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General :: (MTK6577) PMT Corrupted - Can't Upgrade Firmware

Jul 21, 2013

My 9300+ (chinese mtk6577) is dead... I have to updated wrong firmware and my phone will don't turn ON again, when I use the SP Flash Tool appears the message: "Firmware Upgrade could not be executed without PMT. Please "Download" ONLY first to create PMT on the target!

My internal partition is corrupted and i can't create PMT because my phone don't Turn On, but my USB is recognized by windows.

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General :: Goophone I5 (MTK6577) Will Not Turn On After Using Flashtools

Nov 27, 2013

I'm desperately trying to install a new recovery to install new rom, the phone will not turn on anymore, when I connect it is not detected (with the usual beeping sound on your computer).

I found online a full backup of a MTK6577 (boot.img, preloads, logo, recovery, etc.) I put all these files and made the procedure of flash with the software flash tools, the operation is completed I came out the green circle all that went well, but the phone will not turn on anymore.

The only strange thing is that I can load it with the power supply, this is because I use a cable that makes you see when you are charge(see attached file),this when there is no charging source will turn off automatically.

I have buyed this phone by this store: ([URL]...), I tried to apply for a refund, but they are gone (as usual)

I tried to click on the back button (reset), but there is no button on the inside.

Any possibility of recovery in some way, even opening the phone, otherwise they are thrown money.

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General :: MTK6577 S3 Battery / Light And Proximity Sensor

Aug 7, 2013

i bought a mtk6577 clone s3. My problem is sometimes i rebooted phone, after opening proximity and light sensor doesn't work. screen don't turn off in call and doesn't call the person displayed on screen when i take ear. And battery drains too much. (example: when proximity and light sensor works with %90 battery, when it doesn't work after reboot plummets to %50).Another issue is when i reboot phone, boot animation doesn't show when proximity and light sensors don't work.

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General :: Root / Recovery Haipai X720D MTK6577

Nov 29, 2012

Any guide to root the device Haipai x720D and i have seen different ways of doing it but a lot of them are in another language or appear not to be really trusty so i am afraid of trying any of them and end up with a brick..

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General :: How To Root Or Toggle Fullscreen On Sharp SH930W

Mar 25, 2013

(Sharp SH930W - Japan smartphone) I can't find the way to root my phone and of course I can't install ROM (if available) for this phone too . I know that this is not a famous smartphone but it running Android 4.1.1 and have all the standard apps, the phone is quite powerful itself (dual core, 2Gb RAM, 5inch IGZO screen).

If there is noway to root it, perhaps to toggle fullscreen mode (hide status bar, bottom bar). I tried many app on CHPlay but all of them for rooted device or older Android version.

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General :: Magnetic And Orientation Sensors Not Working On MTK6577

Dec 6, 2012

How to make the following phone's magnetic and orientation sensor working? Both of these sensors are not working on my phone (verified by many apps such as Z-deviceTest, AndroSensor and Android Sensor Box).

Various applications have shown that this phone has 5 sensors :

- yamaha530 Orientation Sensor : 0.25 mA by Aichi Steel
- yamaha530 3-axis Magnetic Field Sensor :0.25 mA by Aichi Steel
- bma222 3-axis Accelerometer : 0.13 mA by The Android Open Source Project
- tmd2771 Proximity Sensor : 0.13 mA by Capella
- tmd2771 Light Sensor : 0.13 mA by Capella

Phone name : Clone Samsung Galaxy III S9300
Manufacturer : alps
Model: e1901_v77_jbl1_9p017
CPU: MTK6577 Dual Core 1.0GHz
Android version : 4.1.1
Baseband version : MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V15,2012/10/08 20:09
Kernel version : 3.4.0 (root @ abc-desktop) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Nov 12 18:32:14 CST 2012
Build Number : e1901_v77_jbl1_9p017_20121105

Perhaps there is new ROM or kernal that can handle the sensors better?

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General :: Goophone I5 MTK6577 Can't Bypass Android Recovery 3E?

Mar 25, 2013

I have MobileUncle Tooll (granted SuperUser) and ROM Manager (granted SuperUser) installed on my Goophone I5 MTK6577 BUT I still CANNOT bypass Android Recovery 3E to install the ROM -

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General :: How To Change Display Drivers Of MTK6577 With SPMDT

Nov 3, 2013

I have tried with so many SPMDT versions to change the display driver of my Alps Note 2., which has MTK6577 Chipset. But in all those tools., can't change the drivers., when click unlock., there are nothing to select., all the values are NULL..

Here I have attached some screen shots..

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General :: S3 Clone MTK6577 - How To Enable USB Debugging Mode

Mar 14, 2013

I just bought this phone three weeks ago and It was working well .. then I tried an App (pimp my rom) and I forgot to enable Usb Debugging mode so I restarted phone then Found a message ( Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped ) and when I press ok it shows again .. I can only switch on/off wifi bluetooth GPS and those stuff on Notification bar but I cant enable Usb debugging mode because settings crash with ( Unfortunately, Settings has stopped ) No menu No home screen .. only those messages with a useless notification bar I tried everything possible to recover this phone but failed because The computer cant define the device because of the Debugging mode and when I try to flash a rom by recovery mod it tells me signature failed Is there anything I can do for this phone? or its over?

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General :: Root Access On Star 001s MTK6577 Phone

Sep 4, 2012

How-to root a Star 001s phone?

It's a new one with the MTK6577 chipset from china.

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General :: Haipai I9377 MTK6577 Network Not Detected After Formatting

Mar 23, 2013

I've used SP Flash tool to replace rom, and accidently pressed "Format" instead of "Download".

now, the phone recognizes the SIM card, but could not connect to mobile network at all! also, on engineer menu, I go to Radio Information and it doesn't display my phone number. and there's a "gsm service: out of service".

I've managed to restore my IMEI using MTK6575 Imei Restore tool. but still it doesn't work

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General :: How To Replace Boot And Shut Animation - MTK6577 Mitoa300

Feb 9, 2014

I have a china phone . has been at the root and I have to replace the boot animation and shut animation .

when I want to change the background , using root explorer I copy framework - res.apk into the sdcard . after extract it , I replace background_holo_dark.png with the image I want in accordance with the resolution and I 've changed the name background_holo_dark.png .

Then I did the zip folder framework - res.apk that I have edited , I replace the zip result into framework - res.apk and then I copy and paste into the system / framework / this . notice " the folder framework - res.apk have already exist , are you sure tu overwrite " , I tap ok but my phone stuck on the display .

I waited a while but the screen does not change . I pull out the battery and reinsert and boot , but stuck on the boot animation .

I tried pressing the home button + vol up + power no recovery option , power + vol down only a test , clear flash , boot , no recovery option , power + vol up + vol down no response .

my phone : mtk6577 mitoa300
root by Frama root
not have CMW recovery or other
USB debugging not checked

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HTC EVO 4G :: Super Amoled Screens Not Very Sharp?

Jul 25, 2010

Is it me or are the super amoled screesn simply not as sharp as normal lcd screens such as the EVO or Droids?I am a stickler for a sharp screen and looking at the super amoleds seems like looking as font constructed from lego blocks.The resolution grid, if you will, is very obvious/visible and not very impressive.I noticed this first on the Droid Incredible and to a worst extent on the Samsung Galaxy S which I looked at yesterday.I am simply not very impressed at either of these screens and wonder if we will suffer the same visual fate in the event that a future superphone or even subsequent revisions of the EVO switches to the amoled screens. Sure the colors are great but if that means blocky font then I am not willing to take one step forward and two backward.To be honest I am completely satisfied with color on my EVO, just wished resolution was higher.

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HTC EVO 4G :: SprintTV Picture Not As Sharp After Root

Sep 16, 2010

I noticed that the SprintTV channels picture are not as sharp after I Rooted my phone. When i was on stock watching World Cup over 4G, the picture is almost HD quality. Now that I've rooted, it's very pixalated. Even with WC, the action is very fast, but the picture always remain sharp.So far i've tried Root with stock settings, BakedSnack 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and now Fresh 3.2.Anyone have sharp reception on their SprintTV?

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HTC Eris :: Sharp Battery Decline With Out Using Phone

Jun 12, 2010

Well I finally put my phone on the charger with 11% battery life yet. It was off of the charger for a little more than 42 hours! I have never had this kind of battery life before. Last night I was at 67% and figured there is no reason to place it on the charger, woke to it at 54%. I used my phone as normal; email, texting, calling, market, games. I really don't know why I had such good battery life. I keep my SetCPU at 767 performance when in use and charge and sleep mode are the same at 480.

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Android :: Change Them To Sharp / Edged Corners?

Oct 31, 2010

The default EditText widget has rounded corners. How do I change them to sharp / edged corners?

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HTC Incredible :: Pictures In Gallery - Full Screen Not Quite Sharp

May 28, 2010

I can see the pictures in my gallery, but when I view them full screen, they are not QUITE sharp. So then when I zoom in a just a little and wait a second, the picture gets totally in focus and sharp, and when I zoom out to full screen size, it is fixed and sharp, but I would like them to display as completely sharp when I first pull them up. Kind of nit-picky, but I am constantly showing people pictures on my phone, and it is kind of a pain.

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HTC Incredible :: Image Not Sharp After Loaded Blurry Applications?

May 28, 2010

Does anyone else get this when they load apps? I notice it in particular when playing seems like the image isn't that sharp at all. Examples: Zenonia demo, Abduction demo, etc...

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Sharp Multi-touch Demo Vs Another

May 24, 2010

HTC phone (think it's the HTC Incredible)

Samsung Galaxy S, Has The Best Multi-Touch Screen Ever? | Android Community

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: X10 Receivers Hearing Sharp Static Noise At Their End

Aug 24, 2010

When ever i make calls from my X10. Recievers are hearing a sharp static noise @ their end. this problem has been discussed in length in below forum http://android forums .com /sony-ericsson -xperia-x10/113115-xperia-x10-problem-receivers-other-end-hearing-sharp-noise-emitted-x10-during-calls.html#post1436896 I have taken up this issue with my SE service center in INdia. and they have given me till now 3 replacement mobiles. In all the three the same problem persists. Is there any answer for this problem in SE X10 mobiles? even the service center have admitted of this problem in X10. check the thread you will come to knw.Waititng for a proper rely from SE team on this issue in X10.

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