General :: Constant Notification And 4.2 / 3

Sep 23, 2013

Apps like Takser for example, it has a persistent notification. Now IIRC, that allows the app to stay always running and not be killed by Android. If I uncheck Show notifications in the App info section, does it have the same effect?

Meaning, will it still stay a persistent app and not be able to be closed by Android? I have a Pebble and I have not had any issues with the app since I have done this.

General :: Constant Notification and 4.2 / 3

Motorola Droid X :: Constant Blue Notification Light - Why?

Jul 22, 2010

All of a sudden my notify light displays a constant blue light when the phone is put to sleep. I've uninstalled Chomp and I do not have any social networking apps installed nor do I have accounts synced to the phone. All messages on my phone have been read.

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HTC Desire :: Constant New Message Notification After Froyo Upgrade

Oct 7, 2010

Since upgrading to Froyo when I get a text and have read the message and returned to the home screen it still shows as if I have a message. I have to go back into the messages and then back to the home screen for it to go away.

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Motorola Droid :: Flash Installation Notification / Constant Prompt

Jan 29, 2010

When visiting a few sites on the Droid, I get a message telling me to install flash. It comes up 3 times before the site finally loads, and I have to cancel each time. What's strange is that even though I hit cancel, everything still loads. Is there any way to disable that notification and just prevent it from attempting to load flash?

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General :: YouTube App Constant Buffering?

Dec 31, 2013

I got this weird issue on all my devices where after a certain point the video freezes, buffers for ~8 seconds, plays for a couple and repeat. This is not video specific and changing the quality does not fix this, it just makes the problem appear later on. In HQ quality, after about 1:45 minutes of playing flawlessly it starts buffering the whole damn time. SQ quality can play up to 3-4 minutes before any issues arise.

This is on a broad range of devices, both mine and those of friends. My own Samsung Galaxy S2 running CM10.1 and Cube U30GT running CM10, but had the issue on stock, and a stock Galaxy Note and HTC Hero 2.

Other info. It's not network related. Happens on both wifi and 3g and on different connections/ISPs. My own Internet connection clocks up to 20mbps and has no problem playing any YT video on my PC. Other "streaming" video stuff work great. plays great as does dailymotion. Other players, other than the default YT app, have no issues playing videos even on HQ. YT through the browser works fine but somehow doesn't let me switch to HQ and the "UI" generally feels bad. Feedly (which is great btw), has a sort of plugin that uses the YT app to play videos natively. Any videos played in the feedly app, using this "plugin" play great even in HQ, which is weird. I've tried reinstalling, uninstalling, stalling, killing, maiming, clearing data+cache, completely wiping the devices and sacrificing firstborns to Lucifer.

This feels like a caching issue of the youtube app. It feels like it starts caching up to a point (playing great in the process) and at some points cache fills up and starts deleting in order to make space to cache further. That leads to the pause and buffering of the video.

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General :: Constant Android Security Popup?

Jul 23, 2013

I own a rooted Droid RAZR M with ADAWAY installed but am having trouble recently. My browser, no matter which one, as Ive tried fixing this already, continues to open by itself every couple of minutes going to [url]..... I've tried new host files and different ad blocking apps, Even froze google chrome using titanium backup and installed fire fox but it continues to happen.

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General :: Ascend G300 Constant Lockups?

Mar 19, 2014

Basically I've had nothing but hassle from the G300 in general. I've had the stock ICS rom on it for ages and at one point it slowed to a crawl, so I tried a new ROM and eventually it had the same problems. Now no matter what I do, the phone is pretty much unusable. It'll lock up completely for minutes at a time. I've tried several different ROMs including going back to the stock/original bootloader.

Nothing works. That said, I haven't wiped the user data and THEN returned to a stock rom but I don't know if that'll work at this stage.

So I'm looking for something like the G300, cheap, and works. I don't really need anything fancy but i'd like it to be of comparable capability to the G300 which is now a 2 year old phone. Huawei aren't stocked everywhere here so something a bit more mainstream might work better for me.

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General :: Saving Battery In Constant Low Signal Areas

Feb 6, 2012

So I know it's usually best to place your phone in airplane mode when your phone doesn't have signal; however, are there any alternatives to this if you're in an area that constantly gives no reception? I live in the first floor apartment and I'm guessing the materials of the building completely kill my cell signal because I barely ever have more than one bar of signal if any signal at all. For example, my cell standby is usually about 50-55% time without signal during a given day.

I'm wondering if there is another setting or perhaps an app that will save some battery.

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General :: Constant Reboot After Titanium Backup App Uninstall

Jun 8, 2012

I've a Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 with the lastest official ROM (2.3.3), rooted with Flashtool.

I've tried to uninstall a ROM app (Wize Drive, a GPS app without interest) with Titanium backup (lastest version). It annouced me the phone will restart 2 times to perform the uninstall.

But actually the phone just reboot again and again.

If plugged on power it restart itself. If unplugged, I must start manually (power button) and after a few seconds it powers off.

The cycle is Sony Ericsson logo, and after that a logo on black screen: a phone with a blue arrow and a yellow caution triangle for a few seconds. And it reboot again. This loop is endless, I can't use the phone anymore

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General :: Google Play Store Constant Crash

Oct 23, 2013

I don't know why google play store wants to crash all of the sudden as it worked fine yesterday and I haven't done anything that would upset it.

-I've checked if the app "downloads" was disabled which is was not.
-I've cleared cache and all that stuff to no avail.
-I've deleted my google account on the phone.
-I've uninstalled play store, rebooted, downloaded the newest apk and installed it

I thought maybe it was the new 4.4.21 update that broke it but after installing an older 4.3.10 and still no fix I don't think that's the issue.I've been doing lots and lots of reboots after several of the above mentioned tries.

I'm using a modded ROM and I'm rooted as well if that's important.I've deleted some stuff in the root folder with X-Plorer as well but that was way before this happened, maybe two weeks ago? I've also got SD Maid installed and am using it rather frequently, maybe it deleted something that was needed in the root folder? BTW, in some apps, a pop up appears with something about that it's unable to communicate with android market. I don't recall I ever had that installed?

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General :: Android 4.0 - Constant Errors With Google Play

Feb 14, 2013

OK I got this 7 mid Google Android 4.0 multi touch capacitive tablet PC.

Now everything works fine ...the only real issue I have is whenever I go to Google play and try to download anything I would get this error and the only way I could get past it is to remove my account and sign in again. Is there a way to fix this so that the error don't continuously show up?? A13MID

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General :: Galaxy Nexus - Constant Gmail Sign In Fail

Apr 13, 2013

I'm using a galaxy nexus with the newest version of jelly bean. For the past couple weeks, ive been experiencing a constant barrage of gmail sign in failed error messages.

I am able to login to gmail using the gmail application, as well as the generic email application. in the google account settings, it is able to be synced, and manually syncing doesn't prompt the error message.

I googled this issue and came across a couple solutions - changing my password using the chrome mobile browser, clearing the cache, etc, but nothing seems to work.

Its getting fairly frustrating having this notification pop up every few minutes or so.

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General :: Constant Ads Coming In As Messages With Round White Circle With Plus Sign

Mar 20, 2013

Droid 4, with 4.0.4 op system - I'm getting messages (10-12 per day) advertising games on Google Play Store - most all have an icon like a white circle with a black plus sign.I have a notification app on my phone so I know when I missed a message or call, and this silly thing is going off constantly. I put a spam blocker on the phone but that didn't stop this.

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General :: Hide Notification Icon Without Hiding Actual Notification

Aug 16, 2013

Is it possible to hide just the notification icon without hiding the notification itself from pulldown?

Use case: Yahoo Weather app, the persistent notification in the pulldown is beautiful. I want it to always be there. However, the little temperature notification icon is pretty ugly, and I want to hide/disable it.

Using JB's "disable notifications" won't work since it will disable the entire notification, not just the icon.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Constant Data Usage

Jul 5, 2010

well the last couple days, my phone has been using data almost every second. i dont have the facebook widget, flickr or friendstream, only the weather one. my mail is set for every 5 minutes. i checked spare parts, it didnt show any apps using a large amount of data. i havent installed any new apps this week, so it shouldnt be a new app, though it could be an existing one.

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HTC Incredible :: Constant Rom Switchers

Aug 17, 2010

To the people that switch Roms fairly often: What are you using to get settings and apps back as painlessly as possible? I was told titanium donated version will install all your apps back with the press of one button is that right? I been using web installer with Appbrian.. its helpful but still a pain in the ass since I have a lot of apps. I installed the first Froyo leak, and now I been using some of adrynalynes' roms.. but its just a pain in the ass if your doing full wipes to make installs are clean

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HTC Desire :: Suspend Constant 1-2% CPU Usage

Nov 12, 2010

I've had System Panel's monitoring feature enabled overnight and I've noticed something using the CPU all night at between 1 and 2%. I have managed to track it down to a process called 'Suspend'. I just wondered if this was normal for whatever this process is? I would have thought the CPU should be at 0% if I'm not using the phone.

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HTC Incredible :: Virtuous In Constant Sync

Sep 21, 2010

I have been very happily using a Sense 2.2 Lite ROM since August, but what the heck. I've heard good things about Virtuous.I cleared the cache and hard all data since this is a new ROM. Loaded fine. Titanium backup etc.I disabled weather updates. Turned off all google updates. Anything I could find.I still see the sync icon in the top bar spinning. If I go into Accounts & Sync I can hit "Cancel Sync" and it stops, even though I have no idea what it is trying to sync.I restored my older ROM but would love to give Virtuous a shot again.Any suggestions on a setting a may be overlooking?

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HTC Incredible :: Constant Sync Icon

Nov 6, 2010

I've been having a problem for the past few weeks with my Incredible being in a constant state of sync. I can tell this by the sync icon spinning around and around in the bar up top. There's a rouge app calling for sync somewhere, how can I find it? I've already tried to obvious method of going into settings > accounts and sync and disabling literally everything in there. Facebook, Weather, Google, everything is turned off. Another app somewhere is using sync. The only way to get it to stop is to hit the cancel sync button on that page and then it goes away for a few hours and then it comes right back. I'm sure this is a huge battery suck. Is there an app that monitors other app usage with sync or something?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Constant Freezing On CM6

Sep 23, 2010

My phone will freeze completely at random. It's happened two times so far. Once in the camera app and the second time on the home screen after I tried turning the screen off. I am using the most recent version of Cyanogen. It just does not work, at all. No input on the screen or the buttons. I have had to remove the battery both times. Is this a bug or something else. The home screen blacks out but the status bar is still seen. This happens at random too and it reappears whenever it wants to.

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Android :: Map Resource Name To R.member Constant?

Mar 18, 2009

I have an activity that serves 40 layout files. I like to map a given string say layout/main10 to the corresponding mnemonic in class. Once I get the mnemonic, I can pass it to setContentView () in onCreate(). Is there a way of doing it?

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HTC Desire :: Phone In Constant Reboot

Oct 16, 2010

My phone soft reboots every few seconds, gets as far as "HTC, Quietly Brilliant" and then reboots, anyone had this before and know of a solution? I've googled around but most people with a reboot issue it is random, mine is constant and has been rebooting constantly for over an hour, only way to stop it is yank out the battery but still can't boot afterwards.

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Android :: Constant Vertical In LinearLayout

Feb 15, 2009

Eclipse doesn't seem to like the constant VERTICAL in the LinearLayout. Can you tell me what the problem might be. Here is a snippet of the code I have. I am using the latest Android SDK.

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HTC Incredible :: App - Wallpaper On A Constant Change From Day To Day

Aug 15, 2010

So if your like me then when you enter the market you spend a lot of time there. I like to keep my wallpaper on a constant change from day to day. I came a across an app called "flikie wallpapers" that seems endless. Just thought is share with you cause its a freebe.

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Android :: Droid Game With Constant FPS?

Feb 18, 2010

I'm implementing a game loop with constant FPS. I'm thinking about 25-30 FPS should be enough.
Any ideas from your own experience? Should I even restrict FPS at all?

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Android :: RadioButton Return A Constant?

Oct 16, 2009

I am trying to perform a rating system, where with the choices to select from returns a constant number so I can insert a value into a database. My intentions are to have 3 choices, 'Great', 'Mediocre' and 'Bad'. I would like Great to be a constant for '3', Mediocre to have a constant '2' and Bad to have a constant for '1'. I would like to insert only the numerical values if possible, any easy way to do this?

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HTC Incredible :: Have A Constant VM Indicator In My Notifications Bar / What To Do?

Aug 24, 2010

I have a constant VM indicator in my notifications bar....Google Voice VM indicator problems

Google Voice software has an issue where the software is telling the phone I have voice mails, or the phone is telling the software I do. I don�t know which but its clearly a bug.

I�ve only been able to temporarily fix by factory resetting my phone. I do not have any unread/unheard voice mails, on my phone OR online. When I press the notifications (which is currently telling me I have 3 Voice mails) it dials google voice, where it tells me I have none.

Its just annoying.

Any idea on what the cause is, and if I can get rid of it. I cant imagine I am the only one with this issue.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Ringers That Have Pause In Between Rather Than Constant

Dec 15, 2009

I don't know if its all android phones or just the Sprint HTC Hero but is there any way to change the rings so they have a pause in between like normal phone ringers rather than a constant ring until answered?

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HTC EVO 4G :: No WiFi Connection - Process In Constant Loop

Aug 3, 2010

This is my first problem with my EVO, so I'm not sure if it's been addressed. When I enable wifi I see:

- "Obtaining address..."
- "Remembered, secured with WEP"

Then repeats this process over and over, and the phone heats up quite a bit. I installed the most recent update, and am waiting for Froyo. Is this something that's been solved with 2.2, or is it another issue?

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HTC Desire :: Phone In Constant Boot Loop

Jun 27, 2010

I've followed this guide on this forum to get a2sd:
[APP] Darktremor A2SD (Apps2SD) version 2.7 Update 3r1 (2010-06-26) - xda-developers
And I have the Modaco mod, and I know it said there was a chance it could go wrong. But I tried nandroid restore and it didn't work, now I'm still in a boot loop, what should I do?

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