General :: Can't Use Gingerbreak After Factory Reboot

Feb 25, 2012

I pressed hime, down key, and power to boot into the recovery console on my virgin mobile Optimus V. Looked around and told the phone to reboot when I didn't see what I was looking for. Phone was rooted previously using Gingerbreak.APK v1.20 After reboot phone was no longer rooted? Also programs and such were deleted, but super user app remained. Downloaded and installed gingerbreak again. Fire it up and I get a big, fat, steamy pile of "Could Not Extract Assets!" error message. Tried a couple of fixes I saw on the developers site, but nothing seems to be working for me. How to get my phone rooted again. I have Terminal Emulator on my phone, or I can do it through my computer's cmd window. Either way works for me. I've been sifting through and trying all kinds of stuff for the last 5 days.

General :: Can't use gingerbreak after factory reboot

General :: Galaxy Tab GT P1000 - Stuck After Factory Reboot?

Oct 7, 2013

Samsung tab GT-P1000 is stuck, I tried the factory reboot, wipe data and reboot, nothing is working, is it a brick now?

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General :: Factory Reset On Rooted HTC Explorer - Reboot Stuck At Logo

Jul 4, 2013

I am using HTC Explorer A310e. I rooted my cellphone yesterday. After rooting my cellphone, I had WhatsApp install and uninstalled couple of times, which led to some corruption as well. Thought of clearing the space by "Factory Reset" option with an intention of retrieving the built in apps.But after I did this, runs a process of resetting and when it restart it stuck at the main screen where HTC comes out on the display. My cell phone is not running beyond this screen. Cellphone screen is still on and displaying the "htc" only.

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General :: Manual Rooting Using Gingerbreak?

May 22, 2012

I'm working on a toolkit for the optimus me (p350), more exactly on the rooting part, but I've got a problem, I can't find a tutorial of how to do a manual root using adb shell with the gingerbreak exploit.

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General :: Can ROOT HTC Desire HD With Gingerbreak Running Android 2.3.3

Aug 9, 2011

Can I ROOT my HTC Desire HD with gingerbreak? I run Android 2.3.3..

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HTC Hero :: Factory Re-Set To Its Original Factory Settings

May 28, 2010

I would like to re-set my Hero back to its original factory settings.

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General :: CM Causes Reboot Loop

May 7, 2014

I installed CM using CWM onto my HTC Deluxe. I tried 4 different nightlies and the 10.2 stable and after installing any of them, I get this... it reboots into the white htc screen with a quick vibrate. Then it goes black for a second and reboots again. No CM screen or anything!

I've tried flashing it multiple times, doing factory resets, clearing cache and dalvaic cache. I am at a loss as to what to do next. with the 10.2, instead of rebooting it just gets stuck at the HTC white screen!

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General :: Evo LTE - Phone In Reboot Loop?

May 26, 2012

I went through the long process of setting up my new Evo LTE yesterday. Basically, installing and configuring a bunch of apps. Everything was looking good and working well. So the last thing that I decided to do last night was to give it a reboot. I saw it reboot (and was nice and fast) so I walked away. When I came back I noticed that it seemed to be rebooting again. So I watched it. The phone starts up and I can unlock it. I see items in the notification bar starting, I see a message right above the bottom menu bar appear stating "Content update error. Try again later.", and then about 30 seconds later the screen goes gray and then reboots. I have time to get in and look at settings and uninstall things - about 1 minute. But I really do not know where to start.

Is there a way of preventing apps from auto starting at boot? The phone is stock (no root).

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General :: App To Reboot Phone Without Root?

Feb 28, 2014

any app to reboot phone without root?

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General :: Apps On SD Card Gone After Reboot

Oct 1, 2010

I am running Project Elite and it is a great Rom. My problem is not Rom specific as it has happened to me on SS, Sapphire and Project Elite.

Following any reboot, all of apps on SD are not available, and only show the default green icon. Back when I used Launcher Pro, I would just keep restarting it and the apps would eventually come back after several LP restarts. I am now running ADW (with zero redraws), but the apps do not come back with the launcher restarts. I generally must reboot the phone numerous times and eventually, they come back, but this process sometimes takes several hours or longer. I do not know if it is OS related, ADW related, or an issue with the SD card (which seems to work fine otherwise). The amount of downtime I experience with this process is becoming a significant problem for me, and would really like to resolve this.

I also notice that when I am in this state, the apps all show up in the "Settings, Manage Applications", but are greyed out. During this period where the apps are accessible, I can still access content on the SD card through Astro, Root Explorer, etc.

I notice when I click on any application (including ones in internal memory), in the manage applications menu, it will just hang and never give me the file size, data size or cache size. I must do a force stop to get out of the settings menu. Lastly, in this state, I can not install any applications from the market, update any apps from the market or restore anything with Titanium. So something seems to be going on that is effecting more than just the apps stored on the SD card.

One final observation/question, I never created an app2SD partition on my card. The apps move to the card and function just fine, once the phone eventually recognizes them, but didn't know if this was somehow contributing to my issue.

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General :: Every Reboot Is A Hard Reset?

Mar 21, 2013

I have an lg c800 -- mytouch q by lg

I rooted it yesterday and removed all the bloat. I also installed several root only apps to optimize the phone. It ran smoother than even right out of the box.

So, I figured it be a good idea to backup the rom, and maybe later try cyanogenmod... So I installed Rom Manager by clockworkmod

It said i needed to install clockwork recovery rom. I went in there but it said my device was unsupported (only like 12 were) so I backed out, and stupidly hit TWRP listed under "Recovery Already Installed". (thinking that meant what options I had to SETUP a recovery/backup)

I hit backup rom. almost instantly the phone restarted. After the bios, but before android it went to a screen with a box, and an arrow pointing from the inside of the box to the little android man. Then went to the regular android boot screen. It does this every reboot now. The SuperSU is still there, whenever Rom Manager (which I have to reinstall each reboot) asks for root access I get that dialog box, so it hasn't actually hard reset the phone I don't think. But all the user data, contacts, apps, wifi passwords, google id "(to access Play) get wiped out.

I understand what I did wrong. I think I understand what its doing (booting to the factory rom as it was, and I can't set it to stop doing it each reboot)

what I had previously, among other things, I had a bunch of tasker profiles and notes that will be time consuming to replace.

EDIT: SuperSU is now listed among the factory installed apps. This is unchanged each reboot.

Question: If I unroot the phone what that invalidate Rom Managers ability to run before android boots?

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General :: How To Add Reboot Option In Android 4.2.1

Apr 13, 2014

Is there any simple method to add Reboot option in android 4.2.1? Dont tell me download app from google play. i Am using Karbonn Titenium S2.

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General :: Battery Is Up From 60 To 80 % After System Reboot?

Aug 23, 2012

What does it mean when my battery is up from 60 to 80 % after system reboot?


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General :: Force Close Of App After Reboot

Mar 28, 2012

Recently I have problem with following apps. If I try to run them, I get force close. When I reinstall that app from market and re-run it, it works perferctly, until I reboot phone. I attaching system logs, where in all cases is java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError thrown.

I/01:33:44.910 ActivityManager( 2789)
Process pixlr.OMatic (pid 5836) has died.
I/01:33:44.860 Process ( 5836)
Sending signal. PID: 5836 SIG: 9
E/01:33:39.910 AndroidRuntime( 5836)

I think it started when my phone was low on memory (for applications) and I did market update with lot of errors. By now low memory errors is fixed.I tried some advices, like wipe data of that app, wipe dalvik cache, global fix permissions, disable autostart of non-system apps. Nothing worked.

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General :: New SDCard - Reboot When Installing App?

Jul 24, 2012

i've got a little problem with my new SD-Card.

Actually i'm using an ICS ROM for HTC Desire with reverse mount. With my old SD-Card the whole system got really slow and laggy although i tried several settings in the ROM. So i bought a new one (Sandisk Ultra Mobile Class 6 - 16 GB).

My old card has a FAT32 partition and a little EXT-3 partition for the reverse mount option. I've read that EXT-4 is maybe a bit better and faster and more reliable so i decided to format the new one as followed:

14 GB FAT32 primary partition
1.4 GB EXT-4 primary partition

I've formatted the new SD-Card in my PC with "Mini tools partition wizard". Everything went fine until then.

Then i made a NANDROID backup of my old system onto my old SD-Card and copied alle the files from the old to the new card (FAT32 only). Then i put the new card into the phone and tried to restore the system. It worked but the system acted really strange (i think because of the change from EXT-3 to EXT-4 file system).

So i wiped and cleaned everything and made a new install of the ROM with reverse mount activated. Everything seemed to be ok but when i started to install Titanium backup to get my apps back the phone reboots at the beginning of the installation progress (after download). I made three installs of the ROM but it's always behaving the same way. Is the new SD-Card broken or did i mess things up when formatting the card?

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General :: Cannot Reboot Into Recovery Mode

Mar 21, 2013

I want to make a clean hard reset of my GoClever Tab R974.2 but no matter what I do it won't load the bootloader. I tried all pssible combinations of all 3 abailable buttons (power,vol+,vol-) and all possible pressing times from a few seconds to a minute.I also tried rebooting into bootloader via the ADB but without any luck (device not recognized).My main problem with this system is that I tried to root it and it seemed like it worked, the superuser .apk was installed, however when I tried to start Titanium backup or any other prog that requires root access, it shows that there is no root access. Then I also tried z4root, but no luck either and SuperOneClick just freezes when restaring the ADB daemon.

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General :: How To Hide Navigation Bar Without Reboot

Aug 2, 2013

How to hide navigation bar without reboot my phone.

Stock Android 4.3 rooted
Nexus 4

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General :: How To Reboot Instead Of Battery Animation

Aug 13, 2013

I am a budding developer in Android platform..while I have developed some small tools on Android, the project which I am on now demands a unique requirement.. I want to keep the phone running my application always on and must boot up automatically when a charger cable is plugged in. I know this question has been asked many times and there are many threads for this. But to no real answers..

I had managed to do the auto boot on power insert by editing a script called "battery-charging" in /system/bin in a version of Android I used earlier.

I managed to get the same effect in another device (a Samsung phone) by editing /system/bin/chargemon

Forum rule says I cannot post the external link ... this is how I did achieve what I wanted earlier...


echo "echo skipping chargemon" > chargemon.script
adb pull /system/bin/chargemon chargemon.backup
adb push chargemon.script /sqlite_stmt_journals
adb shell
$ cd /sqlite_stmt_journals
$ su
# mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock0 /system
# cat chargemon.script > /system/bin/chargemon
# chmod 755 /system/bin/chargemon
# reboot -p
But I have been handed over a phone running Android 2.2.1 where I could not find both "chargemon" or any file regarding battery charging status in the /system/bin or in any other path.

I just have to edit the script which executes the battery charging animation graphics when the phone is switched off but is powered up to allow the phone to reboot.

which file to edit to make the phone reboot instead of just showing battery being charged..

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General :: MHL HDMI Reboot On Connect?

Feb 24, 2013

my phone freezing right after plugging in the MHL Cable.

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General :: Contacts Disappearing After Reboot On ICS?

Jul 28, 2012

I've got an HTC Desire HD that's been rooted and have tried out several ROMs, the last couple have been ICS. I would like to stay with an ICS ROM but there seems to be an issue with contacts. I sync my contacts (and calendar) with Outlook via MyPhoneExplorer, Google isn't in the running here. On GB all is fine and both contacts and calendar go into a 'phone' memory. With ICS this 'phone' memory has gone and you have to sync with your gmail account locally. With ICS the calendar is fine but if I reboot the phone (it gets switched off most nights) this causes all contacts to disappear. I usually use Contapps as my contacts app but the stock People app also shows the same behaviour. Tried all the settings I can think of, and SEARCHED the forums (and further afield) so far, but still the same.

In all cases I've set up my Google account but then turned off ALL synchronisation, as I want to keep things local to my phone and PC. The calendar works fine, it's just contacts. I've checked with my gmail account online and it does NOT have copies of my contacts or calendar so it would appear that 'not syncing' is not the issue as my phone's calendar keeps it's data intact.

Also, call history doesn't seem to get deleted either but you obviously just get the phone number in each entry, with no contact details.Using the stock People app to check (though other contact apps show the same lack of contacts!). I've tried 3 different ICS ROMs and at least two have shown the problem (the 3rd may have done but that was the first I installed and may not have checked). I've seen other comments both on xda and the wider interweb that indicate that I'm not the first to see this but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on the solution, if any. how Google changed contacts operations in ICS?

Oh, I know that I "could" sync with Google, but I don't want to. I know all the arguments for and against and I'm in the "against" camp on this one so comments along the 'just sync with Google' line aren't that useful. No disrespect to those that think differently ...

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General :: CM 10 Reboot Loop P7500?

May 19, 2013

something strange happened today on my tablet got cyanogem 10 installed and running on the tablet, when i go to market and installed the ebay application tablet reboot, and now will not start, I tried to format the partition / data tablet and after a few seconds Reboot....,

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General :: Rooted And Installed ROM - After Reboot It Won't Turn On?

Nov 22, 2013

Yesterday i decided to root my xperia tipo, and i did that, and I also did CWM recovery and right after, i tried to install a new ROM. I found some "Xperia Z Fire Series 5 XP [Tipo]" rom and followed the instructions from yt....backed up, wiped everything, wiped cach, wiped the cache in advanced ( cant remember the name ) and than I installed the rom from phone sd memory... it showed as if succesfully installed. Finally, the video guy says that i should reboot the device (the first option in boot window) and to wait as long as it takes.

So I did...I rebooted it and it just turned off...i left it whole night, hoping it will boot up eventually, but it didn't...After I realised it wont, i tried to turn it on, but when i hold the power button, it's just vibrating every few seconds for half a sec as if it will turn on, but it doesn't. The light doesn't turn on, nothing shows up on screen....when i push the volume down and power button at the same time, along with vibrating, the led light goes green every few seconds. When i put the charger in, it doesn't do anything. Only diffrence is that when i put it on the charger and than press volume down and power button, the led light turns green and it doesnt turn off untill i unplugg it. Is this what they meant when they said "bricked phone"?

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General :: How To Reboot Phone With Non-removable Battery

Mar 11, 2012

Seems there might be a trend towards phones coming with non-removeable batteries.

Is there a definite way of rebooting one of these phones if it crashes or freezes on the odd occasion?

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General :: LG Optimus L3-8C Not Reboot Into Recovery Mode

Jul 1, 2013

I recently rooted my LG Optimus L3-8C (E400) running stock rom and version 2.3.6 Gingerbread (yuck) and I followed all the instructions from this video:

in order to flash the CM9 ROM. Problem is I can NOT reboot into recovery no matter what I do it seems. When I try tp reflash the CWM recovery it tells me "successfully installed!" then when I press 'reboot into recovery" it gets stuck on the LG logo for so long I often have to hold the power button to go back to my device. I even download "recovery flasher utility" found here [URL]....but, whenever I run the app it tells me "no recovery.img" found onexternal SDCARD even though I placed it there! I tried to fastboot but whenever I run CMD it tells me " 'fastboot is not recognized."

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General :: App Shortcut From Launcher Disappear After Reboot?

Apr 9, 2012

I moved those apps to my SD Card.

And when I reboot it, the shortcuts disappear.

Is there a way to not make them disappear? (Don't want moving them back to phone memory.)

I have Xperia Active.

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General :: S3 Not Reboot After 4.3 Upgrade On Unlocked Phone

Apr 27, 2014

s3 doesn't reboot after the 4.3 upgrade on the unlocked phone

Today, i updated my new unlocked Samsung galaxy s3 gt-9300 from JellyBean 4.1.2. to Official JellyBean 4.3 using below mentioned file 5

After successful upgrade using the odin 3.07, the phone didn't reboot automatically. Instead, keeps on blinking the initial screen "Samsung galaxy s3 GT9300" how to resolve this issue,

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General :: Device Got Reset After Every Reboot Or Shutdown

Dec 24, 2013

I have problem with my funbook infinity. After I uninstalled busybox X from my device it gone crazy. When I try to shutdown and turn it on then it shows the reset page, even I complete the reset process (e.g fill up my name, date-time, google account) then I goto Settings-->Storage there I saw that my zero size internal storage. I think this is because of busybox am I right ?? By the way my funbook is running ICS 4.0.4 . I can't do any root work because i unrooted my device after i uninstalled busybox. I also cant re-root my device because after the reboot by root process the device shows the reset page.

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General :: How To Make System APK Persistent Through Reboot

Feb 18, 2013

I have Cyanogenmod 10.1 (self-built) on my Samsung I9300 Int., but I assume the question applies to every android version (I'm new to android development and flashing custom firmwares to my phone, but I have thorough experience with other embedded devices and gnu/linux):

I'm currently modifying a system apk (specifically LockClock.apk), which comes with CM10.1. From time to time, I "adb push" a modified version of the apk to my /system/app. (When the app works), it works without problems until the phone is restartet. After the reboot, the application does no longer appear to be installed (though the modified apk is still present in /system/app). I have to "adb push" the apk again, to make it work again. Is there a way to make the app permanently installed after an "adb push"?

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General :: Swype Language Deleted After Reboot

Mar 8, 2012

I was having WiFi problems with my 2.3.5 rom S5660OXXKS2. voetbalremco told me this one has baseband problems and I should flash Russian S5660OXXKS5 firmware to fix it.

the Swype keyboard of this rom doesn't have Dutch dictionary included. So restored my Titanium backup which does include Dutch dictionary.It works fine, but everytime I reboot my phone, Dutch dictionary is gone and I have to restore my Titanium backup once again.

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General :: Hosts File Resetting On Reboot

Feb 2, 2014

why my hosts file gets reset after a reboot no matter whether I change with adaway or adblock or if I manually replace the hosts file myself and set to read only. Have searched about and only solution I read about was get a custom kernel. Although I am already on a custom kitkat ROM and using dorimanx kernel for galaxy s2. Also never had problems with hosts resetting on jb or ICS. Even creating a symlink to data/data/hosts doesn't work. On reboot the symlink just gets replaced with the original useless hosts file.

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