Android :: When Open Browser "Voice Search" Stops Responding / How To Start

Feb 2, 2010

I have a Motorola Droid; today the Voice Search stopped working. I've not installed or even updated anything, have not changed any setting in any app anywhere- but it sticks on "Speak Now." Hitting Cancel makes it stop, but killing all apps and restarting didn't help, and problem continues. Any ideas of where to even start?

PS- the problem occurs when I have the browser open.

Android :: When open browser "Voice Search" stops responding / How to start

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Cannot Open Market / Browser Not Responding After Update

Aug 10, 2010

Today, when I connected the phone (SE Xperia x10i) to PC, I was shown 'update available'. I updated. All worked well, but the Market is not working after the update, nor is the browser. The market is showing 'loading' with terms and conditions (it is more than 3 hours now), while in the browser, only the Google homepage is opening.

No other site or Search option in Google is working. However, other widgets like Facebook, G mail or email is working fine. The phone is showing to be 'up to date'. I have accessed the market quite a number of times before the update & require some apps from it urgently.

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Motorola Droid X :: Google Voice Search And Default Browser

Sep 27, 2010

I have 2.2 OTA on my DX and I have the Google Search widget on my home screen. If I do a voice search through that widget, the results come up in the stock browser. If I do a text search, the results come up in my default browser (Dolphin HD). How do I get voice results to open my default browser instead of the stock browser?

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Android :: SMS Text Log Is So Long That Phone Often Freezes And Stops Responding

Jul 12, 2010

On my Samsung Moment, me and my girlfriend's SMS text log is so long that my phone often freezes and stops responding 2 or 3 times before I can finally read something she just sent. We're talking almost 5000 messages here. I don't want to just delete them all so it goes faster tho, I'd really like to log them away in case I ever want to read them again. Does anyone know how I can do this? I couldn't seem to find them by just browsing the phone during usb connection.

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GoogleMap Resets And Stops Responding?

Jan 27, 2013

I am working on an app that uses a GoogleMap and lots of overlays/markers. Controls and navigation is handled automatically (no direct user interaction with the map needed so far).

Things work the way I want right until the app pauses and goes into the background. When I resume the app the map has zoomed out to 0:0 and it doesn't react to animateMap or anything anymore. I can't seem to figure how I get it back to the state where it doesn't react to user interaction and actually updates with my markers and stuff..

Below are the three methods handling the map, and it doesn't seem to react on any of it after a resume.

private void setupMap(){
getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().replace(, new SupportMapFragment()).commit();[code]......

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General :: GoogleMap Resets And Stops Responding

Jan 27, 2013

I am working on an app that uses a GoogleMap and lots of overlays/markers. Controls and navigation is handled automatically (no direct user interaction with the map needed so far).

Things work the way I want right until the app pauses and goes into the background. When I resume the app the map has zoomed out to 0:0 and it doesn't react to animateMap or anything anymore. I can't seem to figure how I get it back to the state where it doesn't react to user interaction and actually updates with my markers and stuff..

Below are the three methods handling the map, and it doesn't seem to react on any of it after a resume.

private void setupMap(){
getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().replace(, new SupportMapFragment()).commit();
FragmentManager fragmentManager = getSupportFragmentManager();
SupportMapFragment supportMapFragment = (SupportMapFragment) fragmentManager.findFragmentById(;

[Code] .....

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General :: Phone Touch Stops Responding?

Jan 13, 2014

My phone touch stops responding after using it for some time after locking screen .

Micromax A26

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HTC Droid Eris :: Phone Stops Responding After Reboot / App Causing Interference?

Jan 6, 2010

First off, I apologize if I start a new thread when one already exists. I tried searching, but couldn't find anything related to my issue.

The issue:

When I have to restart my phone, all apps stop responding, including phone, google apps, everything. I can't make calls, I don't have a signal, nothing works really. The solution: uninstall recently installed applications, and that fixes it.

However, I wonder if there is something else going on causing this. The reason: Yesterday I installed Backgrounds (a popular 4-5 star application from Android Market). I had to reboot my phone (locked up), when I did, nothing was responding, got messages like acore, gapps, and other apps stopped unexpectedly. I removed Backgrounds, restarted again, and everything worked. My wife uses Backgrounds, but her phone doesn't stop working when she has to restart. Why is this happening on my phone? Is there another app causing interference?

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Android :: Emulator Stops Working - Not Start At All

Jul 19, 2010

I'm using Eclipse and the Android SDK for Linux. When I start my emulator at the beginning of the day it works fine. Later in the day it's sluggish and still later it won't start at all. This computer runs Debian linux, the testing branch, with 1Gig memory and a two 1.6 Ghz processors. On another machine I have, the emulator works the same at the beginning and end of the day.

It has 500M ram and a single 1.6 Ghz processor. As it turns out I cannot use the second machine for all my daily tasks. How can I get the first machine to work? Is it the number of processors? I cannot figure out how to disable a processor in the emulator. I was looking at the '-qemu' options, but none seems to do the trick. I don't understand the qemu options that well.

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General :: Google Play Won't Open / Not Responding

Mar 20, 2013

Every time i click on the play store icon it looks like it starts to open then before the page could even load it closes and if i do it enough times it says sorry play store isnt responding... Whenever i restart my phone this message pops up, unfortunately, the has stopped

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How To Start Activity From Where It Stops

Oct 28, 2012

I have 2 activity...suppose i name it activity A and activity B.When the application starts it shows activity A.Then after 5 seconds,it automatically switch to activity B.Activity B contains a listview and checkboxes with each item of listview.If user checks something then he press back button and returns to activity 1 page.All these works correctly.

Now my problem is,activity A has a button to go again activity B page.When user press this button i want to start activity B from where it stops..that means the user will see what items he had checked earlier.Is it possible to view the activity B page from where it stops?

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Samsung Moment :: Audio Stops Suddenly / Get It To Start Again?

Jun 2, 2010

I rooted and installed a custom kernal several days ago and am very happy with the battery life. However I have a weird problem ever since. My audio stops working all the sudden out of the blue. Ring, text alert, etc. just stops. the only way I can get it to start again is rebooting. Anyone else having this issue? Can i fix it?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Camera Stops Working - Would Open Then Immediately Close Down

Jun 24, 2010

This morning my camera and video camera would open and then immediately close down. I shut the phone down and rebooted. Camera still did not open. Next, I shutdown the phone and removed the battery. After a few moments, I reinstalled the battery and rebooted. The camera still would not open. I had to do other work, so I just set the phone aside for a few hours. When I came back, I tried the camera again and after a short pause it opened, but not as smoothly as in the past. It is still not opening as it should. First it displays a very quick view of the desktop with an error message. It goes too fast for me to read and then it opens the camera app.

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HTC Incredible :: Navigation Voice Stops Music / What To Fix

Nov 6, 2010

I just upgraded To the incredible so it looks like I'll be posting here from now on. So yeah , My problem is when I'm listening to music and running navigation the navigation voice stops the music and it doesn't come back on I have to push play. Now coming from a rooted eris I had seen this problem in a rom or two, But now its happening on a stock incredible what can I do? Does anyone know of a fix? I mean I know I can trade it in for another refurb but that's kind of a last resort.

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HTC Desire :: Default Browser Stops - Crashes - Stalls When Using 3G

Apr 25, 2010

I am having a problem with the default browser on my HTC Desire where it will stop loading web pages (or not load them at all) even when I have a H connection or 3G connection. All other programs seem to be able to connect via h/3G fine i.e. Market, Opera Mini, GMail etc...

I tried this morning on the following sites:

Latest news, comment and reviews from the Guardian |

And none would open. The little green bar gets stuck about 3mm in. I have a H showing in the status bar. When I first loaded the browsed and went to HTC - Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Cell Phones, PDAs this worked fine. However, this has also stopped loading as I type. EDIT: now working (3 minutes later), Google is working, but still none of the above mentioned sites..

I am in Manchester UK and am on 3. I have been on 3 for quite a few years and have never had a problem with connecting in Manchester. I don't think it is a carrier problem as I am able to connect to the internet with other programs as already mentioned. Also, all the above mentioned sites open fine when I use WiFi.

It was mentioned on the other thread that someone has informed 3UK of the problem and they have informed HTC, but if any other people are having the same problem please detail it here and inform your carrier and HTC.

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Android :: How To Start Activity With Long Press Of Search Key?

Nov 11, 2009

By default, if we long press search key it opens quick search box with the keypad slided up. what should be done if I want to change this default action to launching of an application when ever search key is long pressed. This obliviously requires changes in the framework. i tried changing some code in Search dialog.Java file but we can't use Start Activity there. pls guide.

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Android :: How To Open Application When OS Start Up?

Jun 14, 2010

Is there any one know how to open an App when the Android OS start up, I have to do it in an embedded system?

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Samsung Epic 4G :: Screen Brightness Seems To Adjust Up On Its Own - Voice Recognition Stops Working

Oct 9, 2010

I have two constant issues on my Epic-I've been ignoring them for a month but there must be a fix & I could really use your help! Also it would be good to hear from others who are seeing the same things so I know I am not completely insane...

1 - My screen brightness seems to adjust up on its own... To increase battery life I have it set all the way down...but, for example, as I was typing this post the brightness increased on its own... Any ideas?

2 - My voice recognition stops working all the time...not with one app either... Resetting my profile seems to fix it for about 5 minutes but it doesn't take long for it to go TU again

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Android :: Start An Activity On Clicking Search Button On Droid Handset?

Dec 9, 2009

I would like to start MyActivity class when the user clicks on the search button on the handset.

Are there any strategies you can suggest for this? Any code examples would be very useful.

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Android : How To Add Voice Search?

Dec 1, 2009

I want to add a voice search button to one of my apps but I can't seem to find documentation on it anywhere. Can someone give me an example or point me to one?

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Android :: Make A Dialog Box To Open When Start A Program?

Feb 9, 2010

I'm trying to make a dialog box to open when I start a program. Eclipse likes my code, I like my code =), but the emulator does not like my code. It says that something went totally worong and the application has to shut down. Bellow you can see my code. When I run it in debug mode everything seems to go as it should but when it gets to "return dialog; " eclipse debug windows says source not found.


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Android :: Start App From Browser

Nov 2, 2009

I need to start an app from the browser on my android-phone (on my own webpage) Is that posible (what to do)?

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Android :: Voice Recognition Like In Search STT?

Feb 9, 2009

Voice Search is new with RC33. I am wondering if the voice recognition will be part of the API 1.1. Or at least an Intent? Btw, is the SDK 1.1 JavaDoc available somewhere yet?

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Android :: OMG Go Upgrade Your Voice Search NAO

Aug 12, 2010

Google's One-Button Voice Actions For Android 2.2 You have to search for it in the market but it upgrades your voice search to one that recognizes actions within the statement. You can use now just use the maginfying glass to do everything. Send texts, initiate navigation, play music, set alarms and call.

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Android :: Google Voice Search Has API

Dec 14, 2009

I am interested in using the Google voice search capability as an API. I tried looking for it but cannot find it. Is this voice search capability not available to developers?

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How To Stop Scrolling Bar When Start Search Using Edittext

Nov 16, 2012

how can i stop the index-alpahbtical section or the scrolling-bar when i start search using edittext. i used Intent to pass the value of edittext to the scrolling class and check if not empty scrolling.hide() ,but i got error massge and can't work,

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Android :: Open GL Surface View Renders Black On First Start

Apr 1, 2009

I have an Activity that was created based on the TriangleRenderer example. It works flawlessly as a standalone project, but when I use it as the tab of a tabhost there is a problem. At startup the whole activity is just black - I can get touch events and do everything else but it doesnt show anything. When I change the orientation (and therefore recreate the activity) it all works well. Maybe the problem comes from the View focus. My SurfaceView is not focused when created inside of the tabhost. I tried to fiddle around with the methods available in my onCreate() and onPostCreate(), but couldnt find a way to get the SurfaceView focused. The following sourcecode blocks in the guardedRun() method because needToWait() is true because !mHasFocus is true. If I exclude the ! mHasFocus, it goes on but shows a black View anyways. Do you have any idea why it does work after orientation change, but not at the first startup? The Activity looks quite simple.

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Android :: New Google Maps? How Do You Actually Use Voice Search?

Jun 23, 2009

The new GOOGLE MAPS? How do you actually use the voice search? I can't seem to get it to work on the Magic or find the option for it. The other thing as well I dont understand the lack of a Compass? No Orientation of Google Maps they did it with the new Iphone why not with Android?? we have a Compass.Bad Google! did they only give the USA the Search VIA Voice? Other then the 2 points I listed this app is great!

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Android :: Use New Voice Search Instead Of Dialer Over Bluetooth

Aug 20, 2010

I've seen an app that can launch voice search from the BT headset, but it still uses the phone's mic. It would be great if the voice dialer could be completely replaced with the much more functional new Voice Search. If you agree, please vote over at google for this feature: Issue 8973 - android - Add voice search over bluetooth, similar to voice dialer in 2.2 - Project Hosting on Google Code

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Android :: Music Player That Has Voice Search

Jul 5, 2010

I have the Droid with it's car mount and everything, but I am driving 1200 miles in a couple months, and wanted to know if there is a music application that allows me to hit a button, and say the name of the song/band/ album, etc, and have it play that? For example, I hit a button, say "Pendulum (Pause) Witchcraft" and it'l ask me, did you mean this? Basically, contact voice search, but with music.

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