Android :: Pro Grammatically Adjusting Margins

Feb 10, 2010

I am trying to create a menu that slides up from the bottom.It starts with the menu's view just visible at the bottom of the screen, and then clicking it causes it to slide up.I tried using a TranslateAnimation, but although the pixels move, the hit areas of the menu are in the same position as before.So I think that if I can adjust the menu's margins after the animation is complete, this will accomplish what I want.However, I can't figure out how to adjust the margins.I've tried to create a LinearLayout.LayoutMargins object and then set its margins and apply it to the menu's view (which is a LinearLayout), but this doesn't work.

Android :: Pro grammatically adjusting margins

Android :: Way For Reading Phone Model Pro Grammatically

Jan 3, 2010

I would like to know if there is a way for reading the Phone Model Pro grammatically in android. I would like to get a string like HTC Dream, Milestone, Sapphire or whatever.

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Android :: Want To Set Focus To Xyz View Object Pro Grammatically

May 7, 2009

We see API for saying which is the next focusable view.. however during the event handling we want to set the focus to xyz view object pro grammatically . Is that possible.

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Android :: Set A New View's Margins Programatically

Sep 4, 2010

I have a FrameView that's created in my XML layout, and in my code, I'm trying to create a series of new ImageViews and add them as children of this FrameView. The ImageViews are small, only about 15 pixels square, and I want them to show up in various positions around the FrameView (I'm trying to implement what looks like a radar screen). I'm able to create them and add them just fine, and they show up on the screen.

However, when I try to set their margins, it doesn't seem to have any effect. No matter what I set, all the ImageViews show up in the top left corner of the FrameView, as opposed to offset by the appropriate margins. My XML layout is listed below, along with the code that generates the child views. Am I doing something wrong? How can I get the margins to show up properly? Or is there a better way to do this than by using margins.





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Android :: Set Gravity (margins) Of ImageView Using Code?

Apr 11, 2010

I want to add ImageView to FrameLayout with Gravity or margins. but FramLayout and ImageView has no method about that(Actually, I can't found that). Reason that selects Framelayout is to put ImageView on ImageView. code...

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Android : Stop Camera Click Sound Pro Grammatically In Phone

Oct 20, 2009

I am using android's default camera to click images from within my app. I want to stop the click sound that it does on clicking an image. Is there a way to stop that click sound pragmatically?

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Android :: 9 Patch Background Image Affects Margins?

Feb 15, 2010

i have list views with image views and text views etc in them, and i'm trying to fix up a situation where the background image of a list element changes in the "pressed" state. if there's a straightforward way of doing that, please let me know! right now, i override onTouchEvent() in the topmost view, and also in those child views who don't just delegate to their parents which would be image views. i have to check for long clicks myself, but basically this scheme works. the list views are potentially different sizes depending on how much text is in the views etc, so i thought i would use a 9-patch as the background. however, when the background changes from flat white to the 9-patch, this seems to indent the view a bit - ie give it margins. eh? if i change the image to a non-9-patch, the margins remain as they are. i've tried different sizes of 9-patch, from 320x150 or so down to 100x30 etc, no change. what's going on?

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Android : Redundant Margins When Adding ImageView To ScrollView

Jun 8, 2010

I have been trying to use a ScrollView on a single ImageView with a JPG (~770 x 1024) over an AVD that's 600x800.

My main.xml is code...

It is important for me to avoid stretching the image. I can not use FIT_XY for ScaleType.
What is the recommended way to implement a display of a page that can be potentially scrolled?
Do I have to do it manually with a plain layout and scrolling upon GestureDetector.OnScroll events?

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General :: Change Space / Margins Between Icons?

Jan 28, 2012

Any app which lets me change the space/margins between the icons? I've changed the font and it is a little larger size, therefore it gets chopped off at the second line caused by the icon below.

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Android :: How Can We Check Pro Grammatically The Version Of Android OS?

Nov 12, 2010

Have any one of you checked the Android Os version Pro grammatically on the onCreate of very first screen of the App?If yes then please describe the code here.

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Android :: Adjusting CPUFreq Over Framework API Possible?

Mar 10, 2009

Recently, I have been interested in the android platform, especially power management. And then I tried to find the settings about cpufreq, but in vain. I really want to know if there is a way that we can modify the cpufreq governors within my application over the framework api.

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Android :: Adjusting Contents Of ListView At Runtime

Feb 8, 2010

I currently have a ListView being filled by a custom Adapter with content it gets from a JSON string on a web page. The ListView's row layout is a LinearLayout that has two things in it, one AdMob layout and one TextView. The AdMob layout's visibility is by default set to Gone.What I want to do make every 5th row's AdMob layout visible. The current way I am doing this is by Overriding getView in my custom adapter (something I already had programmer to get my rows to have alternating colours), within this I keep track of the position variable and see if I have moved down 5 rows yet. When I have I find the AdView object and set it to visible. This works fine for a while but for some reason as I scroll down more on my list the ads become every other instead of every five. This doesn't make any sense to me because I have set up logcat to tell me when it reaches my "make ad visible code" and according to that I should not be having double ads. Has this happened to anyone else before? I'm not quite sure how to handle this situation.

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Android :: Screen Adjusting Ability Feature

Oct 28, 2010

I have an application which is designed for a fixed screen size.But when i install the application on a device with different screen size ,i am not able to view the complete application.Is it possible to allow layout adjustments based on variable screen sizes? like setting width with some % of screen size which is decided when application installation is done.For eg: 60% of screen size or 60% of relative layout

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Android :: Adjusting Application Permissions Real Time

Feb 25, 2010

I know you can apply Permissions for Applications on it's manifest.xml file. What I want to know is, can those Permissions be adjusted by the Applications on the fly?Here's my reason: say I have an application that is allowed to do "x", "y", and "z" (SMS, sockets, etc) Permissions. Now lets say I have a logical "user" that connects to this Application, and I want that user to only be able to do "x" and "y", but not "z" Permissions. It would be nice to have the Android Framework handle that instead of having a bunch of "if's" in the App code.

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Android :: Volume Controls For Adjusting Notification Sounds Automatically?

Nov 18, 2010

An app or mod that will use the microphone to sense the amount of noise around you and adjust the notifications accordingly - that is to say when its quiet, next to my bed and I am sleeping I want it to be all quiet sounds - but when I am working and there is fan noises and other stuff that is louder then normal I want the notifications to be loud - but if I walk into the break room which is quiet I want it to be quiet again - or if I am listening to music in a room or car turn up the notifications so I can here them and back down when not. You know take a sound reading and turn up or down the volume of the notification that is happening at that given time.

Only problem being when its in your pocket it will always seem to be quieter then normal so they will be quiet also, so there would need to be something to listen to the sound and determine if its being muffled by a pocket or whatever and turn it up then - if playing a sound and analysing that sound it should be able to determine what environment the phone is in, like a pocket or bag that will make it quieter. I am not even sure if i am describing this properly but I know someone can probably figure it out, but it might have to be something the manufacturer does, like that phone that has 2 microphones to auto cancel out background noises like a bluetooth headset.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Keyboard Not Adjusting ?

Jun 22, 2010

For some reason after I reset my Evo 4G. The keyboard will not turn with me when I want to type faster. With the full keyboard?

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HTC Incredible :: Adjusting Wallpaper Pic

Nov 19, 2010

Sorry for the stupid question, but I can't figure this out.I downloaded a pic to my phone that I want to set as my wallpaper.I was able to do it, but I want the full photo to be on my screen when I look at it rather than having to scroll left and right to see the whole thing.Can someone tell me how to fix that?

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Android :: Adjusting Font Size To Fit / Paint Measure Text Returns Too Small Value

Oct 31, 2010

I'm using the FontFitTextView that was posted in this other thread, but it isn't working exactly right for me. The measureText() call is returning a number that is obviously too small to display the string. When it runs through to find a font size that will allow the text to fit, the font size it settles on is still too big. I feel like there is some other kind of padding or margin or some other invisible that is contributing the math that makes up the width which is causing the discrepancy.For example I want to set the text of my FontFitTextView to be "10,000.25".The width of my FontFitTextView is 96 pixels, with 8px padding on both sides, so my available width is 80 pixels. The call to measureText() says that the text "10,000.25" is 64 pixels wide. This means that the current font size should be small enough to display the entire string. However, when the string is actually drawn on the TextView the last 2 characters are chopped off and all I see is "10,000." instead of "10,000.25"

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Motorola Droid :: Overclock Adjusting Itself?

Mar 16, 2010

Ive been noticing that ill set my droid overclocked to 1000mhz max and now and then ill notice that it sets itself back to 800mhz max. why does it keep doing this?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Adjusting Media Volume

Mar 25, 2010

I did a search but did not find a specific answer to my question:Is there an app/widget to toggle the media volume from mute to ON? Or some other shortcut method to adjust the volume and/or mute the media volume without having to first play media?Another thread said that there was an app for it but it did not state the name and I could not find it on the market.

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Motorola Droid :: Adjusting Destination Locations?

Nov 13, 2009

I am used to being able to take my current position on a map or point to a position and set it as a contact's position. I can't seem to figure out how to do this on the DROID.Even though it is still a bit buggy (beta and all),I love the application, but I have noticed that specific addresses can be off by a block or two.I would like to be able to tell the phone that the correct position of this address is here.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Automatic Brightness Not Adjusting

May 23, 2010

coming out of standby my phones brightness is always very bright and not dimmed appropriately any1 else experiencing this?i go to the display options in the settings and uncheck then recheck automatic brightness and the screen dims appropriately but once i turn the screen off and back on the problem returns

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Motorola CLIQ :: Adjusting Pics For Wallpaper

Nov 17, 2009

Does anyone know how to adjust pics to use as wallpaper in the Cliq. Everytime i adjust mine, the pic still comes out too wide to fit the screen.

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HTC Eris :: Adjusting Tajm Text Size

Aug 25, 2010

I'm using Tajm as my clock and a lot of screenshots I've stumbled across shows the text for the app a lot larger than the default I get. Am I missing some super simple way to increase the text size? Have my eyes blinded me to the obvious?

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HTC Incredible :: Adjusting Volume While Screen Is Locked

May 18, 2010

When my screen is locked, I can't adjust the media volume.Is there a way to change that?

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HTC Incredible :: Adjusting The Frequency Of Google Sync

May 3, 2010

I've got one Gmail account setup with the Gmail app; in Accounts & Sync I've got Contacts and Gmail selected to sync.however, its currently 11:46 and according to what I'm seeing here the last sync was at 11:14.I need a little better than every 30 minutes or so.anyone have any insight?

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General :: Adjusting Storage Allocation (SD / USB /Apps)

Dec 14, 2011

Problem discovered while installing Navfree. Got the error message "not enough space". I cant move it to the SD card or anything as I can't install it even.

I have 25Gb of available space but less than 2Gb for apps? I'd like to use all internal storage for apps and the external card for media. How I set that up?

I have a Galaxy S2 Epic (SPH-D710) stock ROM, rooted with the zermax kernel and fited with a Sandisk 16Gb class 4 micro sd card.

Settings>Applications>Manage applications>All
112Mb used of 1.9Gb available.

Settings>Storage>USB storage
Total space is 11.5Gb and Available space 11.5Gb

Settings>Storage>SD card
Total space 14.83Gb (aka 16Gb!) and Available space 14.81Gb.

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Samsung Captivate :: Stop Brightness From Adjusting On The Notification Bar

Sep 1, 2010

When I use one hand to use the phone I often accidentally adjust the brightness by holding down on the notifications bar. Is there anyway to disable this feature?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Prevent Calendar From Adjusting Times To New Time Zone?

Jul 26, 2010

I entered some appointments prior to a business trip in another time zone. When I arrived in the new TZ, the calendar shifted all my appointments by 6 hours, so a 9am meeting was shown at 3am. How can I set an appointment at what will be the local time for that event and not allow the calendar to adjust it?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Adjusting Amount Of Rings On Phone?

Dec 8, 2009

Has anyone been able to adjust the amount of rings on their phone? My phone rings about 6 times before it goes to voicemail but my girlfriend's phone rings only 4 times. I brought both numbers over from T-Mobile where they each rang about 4 times but now w/Verizon mine went up to 6. Tried calling tech support about it and they said there wasn't a setting for this on the phone itself and they gave me an answer like some phones just tend to connect to the network faster.

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