Android :: Creating A Drawable Rectangle In Xml With One Gradient On Top Half And Another On The Bottom Half

Feb 21, 2010

I'm trying to create a drawable in xml, a rectangle with one gradient on the top half, and another on the bottom half.

This is NOT the way to do it, apparently:


How can I do this, preferably in a way that makes it stretchable to any height?

Android :: Creating a drawable rectangle in xml with one gradient on top half and another on the bottom half

Sprint HTC Hero :: Second Half Of Battery Drains Faster Than First Half - No Music Playing - No Wi-fi - No Internet Browsing

Oct 15, 2009

I used my Hero this morning/afternoon with music, wi-fi, internet browsing, and I used up the first half of the battery. And after that, I have been mostly studying and not using my phone... but the second half of the batter drains, it seems like, FASTER than the first half did! No music playing, no wi-fi, no internet browsing? Is this normal? Is it just the nature of these batteries?

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Android :: Bottom Half Of Button Text Missing In Layout

May 4, 2010

Please see this image:

Notice how the bottom half of the words "Done" & "Clear" are clipped. This does not happen on the emulator or on the N1, Droid or G1. But, apparently is happening on the Xperia X10. Here's the layout for the buttons (background set programmatically):

<Button android:text="Done" android:layout_height="fill_parent"
android:layout_margin="5dip" android:layout_width="60dip"
android:id="@+id/cancel" android:textStyle="bold"></Button>

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HTC Desire :: Bottom Half Of Screen Not Functioning Properly

Aug 2, 2010

I've just come to notice a problem with my desire, which I believe to be fairly long standing.For quite a long time I've been thinking that scrolling down lists/webpages/in apps etc has been quite stuttery, the wierd thing being that if you flick the list/page/whatever and let go (ie let the momentum take it) it's a lot smoother. I noticed today that when I'm scrolling with my finger on the top half of the screen it's actually really smooth, but as soon as my finger reaches the halfway point on the screen it starts to stutter. The stuttering isn't random, it seems like there's a grid of sensitivity on the screen, so it only catches up every 5mm or so (it feels like there's about 15 points of sensitivity horizontally on the screen).To test it I first downloaded the multitouch test app (as it purely reads from the driver where the touches are being detected and displays it on the screen). It still happened. I then downloaded a free drawing app, which seems to accentuate the problem, as when my finger reaches the midpoint of the screen it stops drawing altogether!I imagine it's probably a hardware problem as it's been happening for ages (only just recognised though) and during that time I've installed a debranded rom and then updated to froyo.Has anyone else noticed anything similar? I'll try and get a video on youtube to show the problem at some point. Any advice of things to try or should i just call T-Mobile support?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Volume Only Go Up Half Way - Even Alarm Volume Only Goes Half Way

Feb 23, 2010

why is it when i hit the volume rocker on the side, it only goes half way? i mean, its still loud as hell, but still. Even the Alarm volume only goes half way.

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Android :: Half - Downloaded App - Says Installed

Nov 15, 2010

So a few days ago I went to download a few apps. None of them seemed to want to download and I was pretty annoyed about this for about 2 days. Suddenly the Market seemed to work again, and I got 5 or 6 notifications of successfully installed apps. Winner

Unfortunately, there's one that seems not to have downloaded: "Street View On Google Maps". It thinks it's downloaded, but it's not there. If I go to delete apps on my phone, I can't see it. If I go to place an app or a widget on my home page, I can't see it. However, if I find it in the market, it says it's installed. And if I tap it in the market, both the "Open" and "Uninstall" buttons are greyed out. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here and how I can fix it? If it makes any difference, I'm on a HTC Desire HD.

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Android :: Seekbar Half Clickable

Mar 2, 2010

I have seekbar wich is for example 100dp height. How can i make only the top 50dp to be clickable and the down 50dp just to be covered with the progress.

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Android :: OpenGL Half Screen

Oct 7, 2010

I have follow an example of an opengl application and I don't know why is this thing happening...I have a GLSurfaceView with it's corresponding renderer drawing a triangle. But, instead of getting the whole view on screen, I have just the upper half, and it's also duplicated as you can see on the picure. I'm using a Nexus One.

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Android :: Half Screen Email Widget

May 16, 2010

Anyone know of a 4x2 or 4x1 email widget? Am using a htc Desire and while the htc widget is fine I'm looking for one that does not fill up the whole screen.

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Android :: Using GlColor To Set Textures To Half Transparency?

Nov 19, 2010

Basically I have a fully functional ogl program (2D game) in opengl es 1.1, everything works fine except for one problem: glcolor

I'm trying to set some of my texture to half transparent and I would like to do it as follows;

gl.glColor4f(1f, 1f, 1f, .5f);

gl.glColor4f(1f, 1f, 1f, 1f);

I'm using VBO for my vertice, my textures and indices. (if that is relevant)

the problem is that nothing gets set to 50% transparency...

I'm don't think relevant to post all my code (mainly because it is spread out several classes with several GL options changing (blends, scissors etc etc).

What I would like is for people to tell me what state of OGL could prevent glcolor form working like I want, what functions should I check, what state should I call.

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Android : Assigning Half Available Screen Width

Apr 5, 2010

Is it possible to assign a widget width to half the available screen width, and do it using declarative xml?

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HTC Desire :: Seems Half Locked

Jul 17, 2010

I have just purchased a telstra branded HTC desire [outright] 2 days ago from JB HIFI, the salesman said its unlocked and i assumed its all good.

I can definately send/recieve calls and sms, BUT i cannot connect to the net for browsing unless im at home in my wifi area... i dont get it.. its like the device is a half locked phone, calls/sms -ok, internet-no only to telstra >>

I have a vodafone [prepaid sim] and i was able to browse and recieve emails and so on with my nokia e63 on prepaid with no issue whatsoever. This is my first android phone and im feeling a little lost/stumped with it and taken advantage of with half truths from the salesman at JB HIFI. Im sure they would know about this, i did make it clear and stress out it is a non telstra sim and that its prepaid.

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How To Make GUI To Half Use WebView

Apr 16, 2013

How can I make the GUI to half use webView and half to show .xml gui file?

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Android :: Market - App Suddenly Lost Half Its Installs

Jun 12, 2010

My app suddenly lost half its installs. Both on the Market website and on the device Market app.

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Android :: Apps Taking Up Half Space When Moved To SD

Aug 11, 2010

Love apps so was pleased to get 2.2 and start moving stuff over to create space but noticed than when an app moves, it typically takes up a lot less space.

As an example, install alchemy today:
Space according to market = 2.08MB
Without running, app manager space reported = 2.35MB
Move to SD
Space reported = 276KB

I haven't done any kind of detailed research so I'm not sure why this is but would make a guess at the install/temp files being disposed of when they move...?? Makes sense to me, all apps still work fine but take up much less space.

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Android :: Audio Book Came In Half Hour Segments

Nov 15, 2010

I just got an EVO and love it. I got an app called 'Audio books' by Traveling Classics. It has thousands of free classic audio books. It works fine, but there's something I don't like- the books come in 30-minute segments. Every half-hour the reader stops reading and gives the company name and some legal info. Are there any audio book apps that don't do this, that read straight through a book without breaks? I want one that has thousands of classic audio books and remembers where I left off in a book. The one I got is free, but I'll be happy to pay for an app that doesn't have those 30-minute breaks.

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Motorola Droid :: Android OTA Update While Half-Roaming

Jan 22, 2010

I normally live in Houston so I obviously have service there but I go to Texas Tech in Lubbock where this used to be alltel. Now the weird thing is that both the voice and text network (a.k.a the one with no signal next to the bars on the droid) as well as 1X national access, is full Verizon now. However, my 3g is still considered extended network!! ( I know this because if I set my phone to home only I lose 3g or if I put it to evdo only my tag changes to extended network) I know that Verizon said that no updates would go to you if you are roaming so I am kind of stuck as to what to expect about getting it, since I am half roaming lol. I have had the phone on wifi as much as I can but nothing yet. I wondered though if you do it on wifi wouldn't that come out really late since wifi does not connect to the network so wont Verizon have to post it somewhere on a server for the phone to find? I still do not understand where the update goes if you use wifi and how your phone knows to look for it. Also i never got the original OTA for 2.0.1 and waited five days before downloading the file but I would like the OTA if possible. Just mainly wanting to know if anyone thinks it is going to work?

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Android :: Facebook App For Phone Not Half As Good As For Bb / Iphone

Nov 3, 2010

Is it me or is the facebook app for android not half as good as for bb or iphone...r there any better apps i cud download?

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Android : Pdanet Not Working - Only Loads Half Pages

Dec 25, 2009

Pdanet worked up to where I was getting the warning that the trial was about to expire. I purchased the full version now I only get a strange partial connect that only loads half pages of what I'm trying to view or get pages that are timing out. Any suggestions on if it is a setting that somehow got changed or something else.

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General :: Android Is Half Bricked - Partitions Seems Broken?

Feb 2, 2012

I've got a Motorola Flipout, just yesterday night I was copying and moving files to /system/bin (having root).

Lik this:

cp /sdcard/binaries/iptables-save /system/bin

But then I have did something wrong, typed something like this instead.

cp /sdcard/binaries/rfkill/system/bin

That throws me an error (normal) but then everything was screewed up.

The files and folders have been dissapeared to `ls` command.

`ls /` shows / doesn't exist.

`ls` shows nothing.

when i enter to accounts it reboots, doesn't detect sdcard partition...I do a rollback with a partial backup from 30 days ago, and still appear nothing.

It's like the partition system have been screewed up.This can solved reflashin again with sbf_flash ?

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HTC Desire :: Half Installed App - Installing Apk From Web

Aug 27, 2010

I was installing an apk from the web (fennec) but I ran out of memory half way and now it has taken up all but 3mb of my internal memory! I can't uninstall it normal because its not really installed!

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Android :: Keyboard In Landscape View Displays Half Sentence Of Text

May 6, 2010

I'm using Docs to Go on my Incredible. If I have the keyboard open in the landscape view, it only displays half a sentence of text and I can't scroll through the text at all. It makes editing impossible. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Motorola Droid X :: Screen Only Half Visible

Aug 12, 2010

I just woke up and the bottom half of my X's screen is black/grey with green lines! This is the FIRST issue i have had with this phone. Picture is from the only other camera in the house, my crappy webcam, so its hard to really see. Anyone else had this? Did verizon help (especially if you bought it from their site) what should i bring to the store to get it replaced?

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HTC Desire :: Launcherpro Half Vanishing Dock

Sep 7, 2010

I have an issue with the dock icons on launcherpro. If I use the hide status bar option I get an empty Black bar at the top and half the icons are pushed down at The bottom of the screen. Not all the time just now and again. The icons stil function ......I know its probably linked to an app I'm running But I can't find which one after many deletes and Reinstalls.

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HTC Incredible :: Sound Is A Half Second Out Of Sync With Movie

Jul 20, 2010

MY question and problem is that when I watch my movies, the sound is a half second out of sync with the movie. Anyone experience this? It makes no difference which player I use. I've used 3 different converters for the movies I have and that doens't seem to matter either. I used to watch most of my movies on my, forgive the language, on my Palm (Gasp) and they worked fine there.

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General :: Weather Widget That Will Take Up Half A Screen (4x2)?

Mar 31, 2012

I'm looking for a weather widget that will take up half a screen (4x2). It'll show me a 5 day forecast for an area and show other areas I have chosen at the touch of a button.

Think similar to the Facebook widget where I touch a small arrow and the next City comes up.

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General :: Rebooting Half Way Into Boot Animation

Apr 2, 2014

What i did was using the temp cwm 6 I installed the motorox rom and JB theme, and it all worked fine but my status bar dissapeared, so i tried to do it again and it kept rebooting half way into the boot animation. So i flashed back the SBF from that thread and same thing happened.

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HTC Incredible :: Can I Disable Half Of The Auto-Rotate Feature?

Sep 2, 2010

I kinda liked the fact that the old system only rotated when put on one side. I didn't realize that I counted on the screen orientation to stay the way when it was leaned the other direction. But I do like to type with the unit on its side from time to time.Is it possible to switch it back to the way it used to be (pre 2.2)? I saw an on/off for the entire rotation, so I doubt it but felt it worth asking.

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HTC Desire :: Rooted Now Battery Lasts Half As Long

Oct 17, 2010

I gave up on waiting for my telco provider to upgrade me to froyo OTA, I decided to root my phone and I've put T-Mod 2.2a rom on it.I also installed the 'undervolt' patch.My phone's battery was lasting me about 2 days before, but now it lasts roughly half as long.

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Motorola Droid :: Battery Life Suddenly Cut In Half

May 6, 2010

I suspect many of you are like me and monkey with your phones so damned much that sometimes it's hard to pinpoint what changes we've made to which changes we've noticed. I've been running UD 9.0 ever since it came out. I've had great battery life with SetCPU profiles set from 250MHz to 1Ghz unless the battery goes below 30%, in which case it goes down to a max of 550MHz with a low still at 250MHz. The only thing I've changed recently is downloads of app updates, (...including SetCPU, btw). The other day my home WiFi crapped out, so I used a tether app and played around online with my laptop using my phone. I had never done it for so long before, but inside of about three hours, my battery was at 20%, when usually at that time of day, it's at hour 13 from last charge, and at about 40%. Now my battery is not lasting a whole 14 hours, where it used to go from 5 AM to 10 PM before it gave me the "15% juice left" heads up. I don't know if it's because of a bad SetCPU update, or a wifi tether app problem, or what.

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