Android :: Application That Can Set To Power Down And Rebooting System?

Mar 30, 2010

Is there an app that you can set to power down and reboot your system? When I had a blackberry, it would always reboot at 3:14am (my birthday).

Android :: Application that Can Set to Power Down and Rebooting System?

General :: Phone Keep Rebooting And Can't Enter Into System

Oct 26, 2010

I am an android mobile developers from giayee company. 2.2 is still at the final testing, with some bugs need to fix. In the development of transplant android2.2 to the phone, Have a problem when testing: in logcat , The main services in phone always reboot, the interface is always stop at andid state, can not continue to enter into the system?

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General :: Botched System File Permissions - Phone Stuck In Rebooting

Apr 13, 2013

I was following the directions of this thread trying to install notifications toggles to my phone. Used root explorer. However, l changed the permissions on the wrong file or folder, it seems, as the phone just displays the logo and reboots, caught in a loop.

What files and folders has to have which permissions? How can I change them if I can't boot my phone? I don't have any mod other than Root, as this was the first I was trying to use, as I have to have better access to the toggles.

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General :: Error While Rebooting - Process System Not Responding / Force Close Or Wait

Mar 17, 2012

I have put any files OUT KITCHEN into the and install this rom with recovery.

then my phone while rebooting has appeared an error "process system is not responding,force close or wait"

My phone couldn't display to main screen. I also not be installed RUU ( relocked bootloader),always error...

I'm using Htc explorer.

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General :: How To Debug Android-System Power Consumption

May 27, 2012

find out which app is draining my battery and if it's really necessary. couldn't find any information on the SDK pages.My Phone seems to be very often Awake while in standby. I can't understand why it has to wake up that often. Am I right, that this "Awake" means, that the cpu is running (not in sleep mode)?

Is there any way to log which software is waking the device up?

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General :: Power Off Menu In Android System Doesn't Come Up?

Apr 21, 2013

The power off menu doesn't come up when I hold down the power button, because the power button is broken. where the power off menu in android system ? and I am currently using the application reboot menu to turn off the phone.

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Android :: Deleting The Application Database While Rebooting

Nov 9, 2010

I am having a own device which is running on android 2.1.I have installed one application in that .That application will create a new DB if there is no DB for the application.It is creating correctly .I have accessed the device memory as well.I have seen the database in the device memory.But when I reboot the device the Database got erased .The app is not persisting the database after rebooting the device.What will the problem?

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Android :: Application Killing - Expending Power

Nov 11, 2009

It seems to me that all of these much-touted app killing programs are pretty much worthless. I kill all sorts of stuff I never even opened, and 5 minutes later, it's back again. I'm probably expending more power killing programs than I would if I just let the phone sit idle. Am I mistaken? What good are the app killing programs if the programs keep coming back? I'm starting to wonder if the hyped "run multiple applications at once" bit is more of a drawback than anything. Edit: Would there be any harm in removing the Footprints, Twitter, Gmail and Market programs that came with the phone that I don't use yet keep popping up?

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Android :: Handles Power Management Application?

Oct 3, 2009

I am looking for an application that handles power management. I downloaded the Power Management app, but the free app has limited features. I am looking for a free app.

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Android :: Power Consumption - Profiling Of Application

Aug 20, 2010

I'm the developer of PowerTutor, a power profiling tool for the system. This tool profiles the system power consumption and decomposes power consumption on hardware components (e.g. LCD, Wi-Fi, CPU and etc.). It also assigns power consumption to individual application as the application is running alone in the system. In this way, it could potentially help developers to profile the app and detect energy inefficiency usage behavior in the application.

More details could be found at

Note that PowerTutor is free to download and no advertisement is embedded. I'm posting this here to so that the Android community can be aware of it. Any one who cares about power consumption of their applications will find it useful.

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Android :: Application To Power Down Phone Without Using Hard Buttons

Nov 15, 2010

Is there an app out there that can power down the phone without having to hold the power button? I am not talking about reboots, I mean a full power down from using only the touchscreen?

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Android : Run My Application In Background When Start Device Power On

Jun 4, 2010

I am trying in one of my application when i am going to start i mean power on my google android g1 my application automatically will start but i am unable to understand how can.

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Nexus :: Can't Find Power Conrol System Widget On Nexus One Home Page

Aug 24, 2010

My nexus one phone crashed a week ago, I reseted the factory settings, and since then I can't find the power control system(wifi, gps, Bluetooth and screen brightness) widget which I had on my home page when I first bought the phone.

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Android :: Security Lock Application / Enabling Code For Power On

Jan 24, 2010

Seems to me that Lock 2.0 is the best Screen Lock I've found. Only Issue is, even with the security code enabled, all one has to do is power on/off the phone and your in with no need for the code. What I am looking for is a locking app that doesn't get disabled when powering the phone off/on. Looking for something secure much like every BB has where no matter what you do, to proceed into the phone you need to type in the Lock Code.

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Android :: My Application Is Trying To Replace System

Jan 27, 2009

after i got my application ready, i put it on my web server, then i got a big problem. i played around and finally find out couple facts between using edge (not 3g) and wifi to download my file 1. the size different. if i use wifi, the downloaded file is 59k which is correct, the one from edge is only 53k. 2. when i try to install them, the wifi one is just fine. but the edge one shows it is trying to replace Android System. and of course, the installation failed.

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Android :: Signing Application With System Key

Sep 27, 2010

I have written video renderer application which is using surface flinger APIs to get access of it. I am developing and building application on eclipse. So when i build it , it is already signed default. But when i run it on emulator, i am getting access permission failure of surfaceflinger.On the some portal i have read that if i want to access surfaceflinger i need to signed my application with system key. Is it correct ? If it is correct, can anyone guide me how can i signed my application with system key to get access surfaceflinger.

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Android :: Application For Tasks - Reference System

Oct 18, 2010

Greetings. Years after reading the GTD book and trying all sorts of apps and methods, I still can't find myself settling for a todo system that's simple and effective using my phone. I'm always looking for threads and articles on task managers, but most are only people spouting "I use generic todo app xyz and it rules!" Never how they practically use it in their daily lives. So, I'm asking all of you: what apps do you use for tasks and maybe even reference systems, and HOW. This might be useful for all procrastrinating couchpotatoes like me. Right now I'm using something very simple: Mobisle Notes, with 2 lists: a sorted "Inbox" which is basically just all tasks that come to mind (Sorted as in, priority first, then due date, then projects, then random stuff) And a today list with 5 actions I want to do today. Far from perfect, and Mobisle doesn't handle tags and moving of tasks from list to list a hassle, which keeps me on the lookout.

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Android :: Run Same Application Multiple Times - Name In System?

Nov 19, 2010

I would like to run multiple instances of same application for dev purpose. How does app define it's name in the system, through which of the files is that configured.

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Android :: Repackaging System Classes In An Application

Jun 16, 2010

I came across this today and was wondering does this work in production app or does it merely work because my phone allows non market apks.

Here is an example, Take a class like, android.view.IWindow, and copy it's source into your project and recompile it after changing a few things. (Don't rename or repackage it).

Now when your APK loads in the VM, something odd happens.


So the logging is a little ambiguous, but is it saying that the classes in this APK are blocking out previous versions and that these new classes aren't being verified. If so I hope this is only succeeding because as developers most targets are in development mode when allowing non market apks (non rooted phones). However does this work in market released apps as well? This seems like a really nasty security exploit if I can override system interfaces just for my application.

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General :: Use System PIN Dialog In Android Application

Apr 11, 2012

I am trying to write an application which works like described below.When user start application it check if user have registered PIN on his device.If user have registered PIN, application must show button "Continue with PIN".When user press on button "Continue with PIN" system standard PIN dialog must appears.User enter his PIN and press "Continue" button.After System must check if entered PIN is correct or no and continue working.

I have made some researches and find some articles on stackoverflow and other internet sources which say "There is no way to develop a new custom unlock mechanism on a non-rooted phone." or "I would be surprised if you could, because then you would be probably able to steal the pin code, and I don't think anyone would want that.".

Also I have watched some video tutorials like Tutorial: Android Internals - Building a Custom ROM, Pt. 1 of 2 and Tutorial: Android Internals - Building a Custom ROM, Pt. 2 of 2.

Decision:So I think that the only way to get access to the Android system PIN dialog is to root the phone make some changes in the system files and use system PIN dialod

getting access to the system PIN dialog in the rooted phone.

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Android :: Slow Gallery 3d System Application Alternative

Oct 12, 2010

I hate how slow the Gallery3D system app is. It's been slow on both my Motorola Droid & HTC Incredible running various ROMS, including stock. It's ridiculous, actually. The HTC Gallery is great by the way it organized photos and is easier to use, but isn't an option for an AOSP ROM [afaik]. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what my other options could be? Thanks, and please don't flame.

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Android :: Need System - Wide Touch Event Application

Sep 5, 2010

I'd like to receive a TouchEvent in my Android application any time the screen is touched. Even if my application is not in focus.Is there an general even listener or intent filter I can write to achieve this? The goal is to write system wide gesture engine. So for example, if the user swiped up and then down, a certain application would be launched regardless of where the user is.

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Android :: Compile Droid Application With System Permissions?

Aug 30, 2010

I need to compile an application with system permissions in order to use target application For now while I try to run my apk I get the error message

Test run failed: Permission Denial:
starting instrumentation
from pid=354, uid=354 not allowed
because package com.jayway.test does
not have a signature matching the

How can I compile my application with system permissions?

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Android :: Using Open GL In Application Reduce System Efficiency?

Oct 14, 2010

I have heard that a processor without graphics card will take a lots of time to produce a graphical entity,than one with graphics card. So is there anything like that if we use Open Gl in android application?
will my application become slow?

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Android :: Execute A System Command From Droid Application?

Nov 19, 2010

I would like to know how to execute a system command from an android application?

For example :

I would like to create a directory while I am running an application, so i need to execute the command "mkdir -p /x/y".

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Motorola Droid :: Unlock Application To Replace Power Button?

Nov 10, 2009

I have been searching for an application to replace the need to press the power button up top in order to get the screen activated so that I can start using my phone once the screen powers off. I am hoping there is some kind of application that can do this just by changing the way the phone is held like if its accelerometer changes by a certain number of degrees or something like that.

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Android :: How To Reduce Power Usage In Location Based Application In Android How Can Implemented

Apr 17, 2010

How can reduce the power usage in my application.

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Android :: How To Link Paid Application User Account To System?

May 3, 2010

I have an issue related publishing the paid app to android market. (My application is internet connection based app.) If I've put the app to the android market, can user who bought the app pass to anyone? How is its security (I mean safe of .apk file)? Also, what is payment tool of android market? My main point is choosing the best way to link paid user to our system. Actually I don't know how to link paid user account to my system(by email address or device unique ID? What is better way?).

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Android :: Application Compatible With System Assigned Permissions Automatically

Apr 7, 2010

I've noticed a troubling issue with app permissions. It seems that after installing, some apps that didn't ask for these two permissions:
Storage: modify/delete SD card contents
Phone calls: read phone state and identity
will magically acquire them after install! These apps do not ask for these permissions during install, nor do their Market pages disclose that they need them. After looking through many logcat messages during an install, I found this:
04-07 03:23:08.973,I,PackageParser,1016, compat added android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE

Digging around, I found this online:
Android permissions: Phone Calls: read phone state and identity - Stack Overflow. It seems that an app that is compatible with systems earlier than 1.6 will automatically be assigned those two permissions. If a developer is willing to make their app compatible only with 1.6+ systems, they can change their app's manifest:
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="4" android:targetSdkVersion="4" />
and when users on 1.6+ devices install the app, those two extra permissions won't show up.

I bet a lot of app developers don't know this, and therefore their apps will seems to acquire those two permissions magically. Users will install those apps, see the two extra permissions when they inspect the app security setting and be very puzzled. They'll probably think the app is malware and uninstall it. I've contacted some app developer about this issue, so that they can (hopefully) fix their app so it doesn't look like malware. Unfortunately, until all legit apps are fixed, it'll be hard to distinguish amongst apps that have those permissions, which app actually needs those permissions, which apps need fixing, and which apps are malware.

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Android :: How To Explicitly Launch The System's Home Application By Code

Mar 10, 2009

How to explicitly launch the system's Home application by code?

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