HTC Incredible :: Screen Quality On Incredible Vs. Droid

Apr 29, 2010

I just got my incredible in the mail to replace my droid and i'm hoping that i just have a lemon here. anyone that is coming from a droid, do you notice a huge drop in quality in the screen resolution vs the droid? yeah, the incredible's screen is brighter, but the screen is so heavily pixelated compared to my old droid. it's a big shame because i absolutely love the phone but the websites are almost unbearable to read.

HTC Incredible :: screen quality on incredible vs. droid

HTC Incredible :: How To Improve Incredible Call Quality?

Aug 27, 2010

Codes to enter the programming menu can be found here: How to Increase Droid X Call Quality? Relevant EVRC-B settings are under NAM CDMA Settings on the Incredible. I myself am not experiencing the call quality issue, so I can't vouch for the results. Link above indicates it may cause extra drain on battery. I used this same code years ago on a Samsung "dumb" phone and it did wonders for call quality and I did not notice a difference in battery life.

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HTC Incredible :: Poor Incredible Sound Quality - Poor Verizon Customer Service

May 26, 2010

I (like hundreds of others) have had a call quality problem with the two Droid Incredibles I purchased for my wife and myself when they were released on April 30th. Verizon recognized that there was a problem and replaced both devices with ones manufactured about a month later (5/02) and the same issue with poor voice quality continued.

We love the device EXCEPT for the lack of ability to understand callers. So, I asked Verizon to extend our 30-day opt out to give them an opportunity to work out the issues with this device. I just received a call from Verizon customer service (which I could barely understand) and was told they would not extend the 30 day period and my option was to live with the poor sound quality or switch to another device. Verizon has no other devices that were interested in at this time so well be canceling these two lines (and one other) and returning to T-Mobile. T-Mobile may not have the best coverage, but they do have great customer service, unlike Verizon.

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HTC Incredible :: Camera Quality

Aug 17, 2010

I love my HTC Incredible, but I've compared my Incredible to my friend's Incredible. The camera quality is TOTALLY different. We set both phones on the same setting. His picture is crisp and can take detail quality picture without any flickering or noise problem, but mine totally craps out.

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HTC Incredible :: Sound Quality

May 12, 2010

The sound quality on my Incredible is bad, especially compared to by Blackberry. Has anybody else had this issue? Verizon thinks it may be a bad handset and they're going to replace it, but I'm wondering if I should switch back to the Blackberry.

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HTC Incredible :: Voice Quality GONE

Sep 6, 2010

I did the Froyo update and I seriously cannot hear anyone barely. I have to strain so hard to hear. Its choppy and terrible! How can I fix this? Is this fixable?

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HTC Incredible :: NFL Mobile Quality

Sep 13, 2010

I know everyone is started threads complaining about the $10 fee for the NFL Mobile app, but I'm more concerned about the quality. I absolutely HAVE to watch my Redskins. I can't have a Dish at my apartment so my options are pretty limited.

If I get the TV-Out cable (the one that has the male and female plug so it can charge) get the job done? Can I expect at least a pleasurable viewing experience for a football game? At $10 it's really my only option and that's actually a pretty good price considering....

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HTC Incredible :: Audio Recording Quality Very Low

May 14, 2010

Voice recorder and all other 3rd party apps record audio like absolute garbage. I am very disappointed. Such an awesome camera and camcorder but it sounds like I am speaking through a damn kazoo. I am dying to know if it's firmware or just cheap hardware, not to sound bitter but the iphone has a SUPER high quality mic being that Incredible just came out I was very surprised at the low quality of the audio recording

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HTC Incredible :: Somewhat Scientific Look At Audio Quality

Jun 27, 2010

Today I hooked up the headphone outputs of my D.I. to my M-Audio Profire 2626 audio interface and sat down to do some semi-serious testing. I tested using 3 seconds of white noise (to test frequency response), a 20-second 20-20k sweep (to test phase coherence), and the Apples in Stereo's "Sunndal Song" (to test the ability to rock). Signal generation and MP3 conversion were done in an old version of Cool Edit Pro, and Incredible recordings and wave comparisons were done in Cubase 5. I was going to take screen caps and make a whole big thing about it, but, as an older and wiser man once said: I went into these tests being completely happy with the performance I'd got from the Incredible so far, and expecting it to pass with flying colors.

Sadly, I was just a little bit disappointed. Firstly, there appear to be major sample clock issues. "Sunndal Song" is 3:30. By the end of which there was a perceptible audio delay of roughly 35 milliseconds (the D.I. was playing back slightly more slowly than the source file). Meow, that may not sound like much, but trust me, it's an eternity. Oddly, I didn't hear any pitch-shifting occurring, and I have a really, really good ear for that kind of thing. So it's not a sample rate issue, just a clock issue. Obviously, no cell phones are going to have word clock sync or s/pdif output (and s/pdif output would have defeated the whole purpose, which was to test the DACs). I had not expected perfect sync from the Incredible;s DACs, but I had expected better results than I got.

Secondly, on every recording that I did, the Incredible appeared to be playing everything phase inverted. I switched cables and inputs on my interface, just in case either of those were faulty. Meow, this is not a huge issue, since it was phase-inverting both stereo channels at the same time. It's end-user transparent, but definitely not as it should be from a technical point of view. But what I was most concerned with was frequency response. The goal for any digital playback device is accuracy you want the music to be reproduced in the most faithful and accurate manner possible (with the highest, one might say, fidelity). In this area, the Incredible's measured results were pretty good. Here's a link to a screenshot (I don't want to risk the dreaded sidescroll and incur the wrath of the forum).

The green lines on the bottom are the Incredible's measured audio output, the red lines on top are the source file. The Incredible does a pretty good job of both matching the subtle inflections of the original test file, and staying flat up to 20k, above which it drops off pretty quickly but that's fine, since a) that's all the frequency response that was advertised, b) no headphones can reproduce frequencies that high and c) no humans can hear them anyway. Which is why I'm at a loss to explain the very real difference in what the human ear hears from the Incredible when playing a song. I A/B'ed "Sunndal Song" repeatedly, and there are some very real and discernible differences between the Incredible's recorded playback and the source file. I used this song specifically because it's one that I had ripped from CD myself, so I know the files on the incredible and on my computer are identical. The low frequencies (bass to most of you), while it was certainly there, sounded almost compressed. Nothing was gone, but it certainly didn't seem to have the dynamic range (or "punch") that the source MP3 did. At some point, I may revisit this and do specific testing to see if there's any kind of bass compression algorithm built in to the D.I.

It would make sense for HTC to do this because loud, low frequencies with high fidelity would draw a significant amount of power from the battery. The midrange, while it didn't seem to be compressed, was definitely more pronounced and noticeable. The easiest explanation for this would be that HTC built in a mid-boost, but the white noise tests show this to be false. The high frequencies seemed to show the greatest fidelity, without any noticeable compression or attenuation, though the seemingly more pronounced mids tended to distract from them. The good news is that neither my ears nor the Profire saw anything even approaching clipping. The D.I.s audio output was actually very low, but it's designed to drive a pair of headphones, not function as a +4 dBu pro audio device. So I guess my subjective verdict is that, while the Incredible's DACs didn't perform as well as I'd hoped, it's nothing I am going to lose sleep over. It's still fine for riding my bike, plugging into the speakers at work to listen to Pandora, and everything I intended to use it for. Will it ever integrate into my live rig as a sample player? Probably not.

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HTC Incredible :: TV Out Quality Through Mini USB Port?

May 18, 2010

What kind of quality can the Incredible output to a TV through its mini USB port? I'm thinking that it would be pretty cool with nesoid, snesoid, genesisoid (whatever it's called). Like 3 classic consoles in one. Does anyone know what kind of quality the Incredible can output? Also, does anyone where I can actually get a cable?

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HTC Incredible :: Sound Quality From 3.5mm Jack

May 11, 2010

I use some higher end balance armature earphones and also some regular traditional earphones.

Anyone else notice the sounds quality ... isn't exactly that great?

I hope its just me but the frequency range seem incomplete. The highs are missing and the low end is clipped out pretty early. The midrange is decent though.

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HTC Incredible :: WVGA Quality Video

Apr 30, 2010

I took a WVGA quality video and uploaded it to youtube. The video looks great on the phone but looks crappy on youtube. What am I doing wrong?

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HTC Incredible :: Camera Quality Not Good?

May 3, 2010

This was taken with no changes to the setting - right out the box. (Note: Tons of sarcasm in the title)

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HTC Incredible :: Call Quality Comment From International Use

Jul 5, 2010

I know there are lots of comments that some folks have issues. Maybe OTA will fix it etc etc. My wife called my from Beijing, China on her Incredible to my Incredible here in California. Sounded PERFECT. Crystal clear no issues on either end. FWIW data has worked perfectly. She can access some sites like Facebook that the wifi in her hotel firewalls.The network itself was pretty amazing too. No call lag whatsoever.

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HTC Incredible :: Call Quality Very Sub-par (not Signal Strength)

May 2, 2010

I've had my Incredible since the 29th (yes, I had to wait) and it is been fantastic except for one important thing - call quality.I know everyone in here has been discussing signal strength and bars, but I've been experiencing very poor quality in calls. It only seems to be the audio I'm hearing (people on the other end say I sound fine) that is bad - with everything from little 1 second "scuffs" (sounds like someone blowing on the phone mic), to 1 second moments of silence while someone is talking, to what sounds like auto-tune on the person's voice. When there isn't distortion the person sounds kind of muffled. Many times even the audio of the ringing cuts out a couple times or sounds distorted when calling someone.Anyone on here experiencing a similar issue? I stopped by my local VZW store to which the technician didn't feel there was a problem and refused to replace my phone (although they had no new phones anyways). I've done a hard reset to remove any apps that may be interfering with the calls and it's still the same. Also have tested at least 50 calls in several areas of Rochester, NY (30ish mile radius) over the past 4 days.

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HTC Incredible :: Improve Call Quality Hack

May 30, 2010

I noticed this under the Incredible Wikipedia page the other day as a "tip" for improving call quality;

- Go to Phone and Dial ##778
- Choose Edit Mode
- Password is 000000
- Go to CDMA Settings
- Scroll all the way to bottom
- Change Home Page, Home Orig, and Roam Orig from option EVRC to EVRC-B
- Hit Menu and Commit Changes
- Phone reboots

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HTC Incredible :: Google Voice Quality Not So Good

Jun 11, 2010

Has anyone else noticed that calls placed using Google Voice don't sound as good as a regular cell call? I hung up from a friend and called right back using Google Voice, and it was more difficult to understand. I was using my bluetooth speakerphone, and their voice kept fading in and out. So I hung up again and called back via the handset, and experienced the same problem. I did this last week and also had this problem, but thought it may just be a temporary glitch. Apparently I also sounded fuzzy to them. Shouldn't be too much different from a normal call should it? It's just basically calling a Google number, and then Google is calling to the actual number you want to call.

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HTC :: Incredible Lacking In Quality Wireless Communications

Apr 26, 2010

I wonder if sometimes I don't get caught up in the hype of all the features and cool stuff and forget that first and foremost this is a phone and expect that part to be good, too. I'd love to hear opinions from those who already have received the Incredible as far as call quality and reception issues. Hoping to hear good news because I really want this! Yes, I will keep in mind that this review was only the opinion of the reviewer and it is actually nice to hear the bad with the good to help make an informed decision.

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HTC Incredible :: Call Quality Update Being Released

May 4, 2010

Im being told by a Verizon Corporate Rep, that HTC is going to be pushing out an update by weekends end to fix signal strength and call quality.Apparently its a bigger problem then previously thought.Can anyone confirm?

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HTC Incredible : Need Opinion About Call Quality Performance

Apr 30, 2010

Just got the HTC DROID INCRED yesterday...was pre-ordered. Like to know if anyone has expereinced of call quality like dropped calls, audio breaking up and poor reception in general? I understand there is a "quere" on how many bars appear on the display, but frankly coming from a Blackberry Storm 2, I have never had any of these issues. The location is well within city limits and was never a problem with other models of phones. Any possible patches or fixes in the works?

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HTC Incredible : Fix For Streaming Audio Quality Through Pandora?

Aug 5, 2010

Wondering is there is a fix yet for the poor audio quality through pandora? Sounded much better before 2.2. The only "fix" I have seen drastically slows down performance.

Yes, I did turn on the higher quality sound in the Pandora settings.

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HTC Incredible :: Poor Signal Quality Inside Buildings?

May 13, 2010

So far I have had bad luck with the signal/call quality. This is not just me not liking the number of bars but actually loosing all signal, not being able to make or receive calls, and it draining the crap out of the battery.Facts:

1) When outside, in my car, near the windows in buildings, the call quality is great

2) A Moto Droid in the same office gets acceptable signal and call quality

3) This is an issue anytime I'm in a building; Lowes, Walmart, the pet store, a mexican resturant... anything larger then my house.

4) My old iPhone never a problem in all of these places.

5) The side affect is it kills my battery life. I purchased the seido extended battery and it is always down to 30% by the time i leave work at 5pm (10 hours off the charger) On the weekends it lasts 40-60 hours no problem.

After talking with a Verizon Tech she told me they would send me a new phone. But due to the back order I won't get it before the end of the month. Which scares me since that puts me out of the 30 day return policy. So I asked her about that and she said this would extend it another 30 days. Which I wish I had in writing but heres for hoping this works because I love the phone when it works

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HTC Incredible :: Is Red-eye Bubble Causing Poor Photo Quality?

Aug 9, 2010

I now understand that the strange red-eye housing over my camera lens, which looks so much like an android (or maybe an HTC engineer) after a long night of drinking, is purported as protection for the actual lens. Why HTC didn't just settle for a sliding blackout cover instead of this bulky lesion is anybody's guess. I know that it's relative permanence over my lense will certainly not protect my photos from any dirt and scratches which this protector picks up, so I have been extremely careful to keep it clean and un-scratched. What I suspect is that this lens cover may be responsible for some of my camera quality issues, such as high noise, a reddish tint which tends to flicker on and off, some periodic jerking of the autofocus (flashing out of focus) when you are hardly moving, and indoor shots which are much, much darker than life without the flash. Hey, I get that this camera, no matter how many megapixels they can list, doesn't come with a world-class sensor, but I would like to know from anyone with a background in photography what they think of my concern that even a clean, transparent cap can reduce the amount of light entering the actual lens, while adding its own reflective noise. The same with the opaque cylinder which surrounds the lens (the red eye housing), from a photo-quality standpoint is looks to me like it's only good for cutting the light. If removing this cover would make a significant difference, then it may still not be the best solution as it leaves the lens at risk, but I am still interested in any qualified opinions on how much this red-eye housing causes, if any. It may be good for the future of smart phone design if they see that they have educated consumers, who are paying attention to such possible problems.

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HTC Incredible :: Having GREAT Signal Strength And Call Quality?

May 7, 2010

With all the doom and gloom threads around here it makes one feel that the phone is a complete dud and no one is getting good signal strength. "If you hold the phone wrong your dBm signal strength drops by 20!" "The battery doesn't last through the day!" etc. etc.I know usually it's a "vocal minority" thing but the sheer volume of complaints on this forum is worrying me.Is anyone here having a more or less flawless experience with the Incredible as far as phone calls are concerned? I.e. are you getting good 3G reception as compared with prior phones you've had on VZW and so forth?I am really REALLY on the fence between the Incredible and the Motorola Droid and I don't want to regret getting the Inc if these problems are blown out of proportion.

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HTC Incredible :: Getting Call Quality Creep - Caller Would Drop In And Out

Jun 28, 2010

My Inc worked well for about the first-ish month. I sometimes had "muddy" call quality and the caller would drop in and out (to the point I thought they hung up, but I would start hearing them again). I attributed this to the caller's device/network and not my device.

I went from noticing this just a few times, to almost all calls have the problem now, to some degree. It does not matter if using the ear or external speaker. GPS through the speaker is perfectly clear and so is playing movies and music.

This suggest it is not an audio output problem, but an actual voice call problem. It is getting so bad that I am beginning to dislike the Inc, since phone calls are obviously a critical function of the device. Everything else works fine.

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HTC Incredible :: Inc's Music Sound - Headphone Output Quality

Aug 28, 2010

I've recently come to the conclusion that the sound quality on the Droid Incredible is sub-par. I'm talking about the headphone output when playing music MP3's or Pandora streaming ... not call/reception quality. The sound is just not as clear, bass is very muddy, and treble is compressed.

Anyone else make these observations? Maybe it's just my phone? Fwiw, I compared the Inc against a Creative Xen Micro MP3 player and a Nu Force USB DAC on my PC. Headphones I tested were with decent Westone UM2 and Grado SR80. Most of my audio sources were electronic / trance MP3's at high bit rate, which tend to have a very full range of bass & treble.

I'm assuming this is just HTC's electronic design ... choice of DAC's, opamps, etc.

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HTC Incredible :: Camera Pictures Losing Quality - When Moved?

Oct 10, 2010

I'm not sure how to explain this. If I take a picture with my camera, it looks great on my phone. Colors are deep and full and the sharpness is fine. However, when I mail it to myself or try to access it from my computer, the colors look washed out and flat. It's not really a blown highlight problem and I'm shooting at 8MP. Here's an example:
I'd really like to fix this.

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HTC Incredible :: Sound Quality And Loudness Through Headphone Jack

Apr 22, 2010

To those that have gotten the incredible early (lucky bastards!), how is the sound quality and volume through the headphone jack? i currently have a moto droid and might switch to the incredible. one concern is the output through the headphone jack. the droid is very quiet through the headphone jack and before the 2.0.1 update had a terrible crackle on the left channel. does the incredible sound good through the headphone jack? any crackle at higher volumes? does it get loud? really loud?

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HTC Incredible : Contact Photo Almost Pixelated - Low Quality In Phone

May 21, 2010

So I select a contact photo from a high resolution picture on the sd card. When that contact makes a call to me or I call them, the contact photo comes up on the phone app and is very low quality and almost pixelated. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I couldn't find a spot to change the resolution or quality.

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HTC Incredible :: Camera Application Software Improve Photo Quality?

Aug 9, 2010

I'll keep this one short - I just want to know if anyone has tried some of the available camera apps, and actually noticed better Incredible photos with less noise, brighter indoor photos without flash, color rendering, or better focus. If you could explain any theoreticals on how software interacts with the hardware to produce such improvements, that would be appreciated too.

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