HTC Incredible :: Strange Calendar Color Bug

Jun 1, 2010

Strange Calendar Bug:

As of this morning my Google calendar has 3 calendars. I have the one that is my main account, another which I created under the main account and share with the wife, and the third is US Holidays. This morning the colors of the calendars were as follows:

Main: Orange
Shared: Blue
Holdidays: Greyish Blue

I just changed them to:

Main: Orange (The orange that is the top left choice of the color chart)
Shared: Blue
Holidays: Green (The green that is on the left directly below the orange)

Here is the bug. In the HTC Calendar app, all of my calendars now show as Orange, however, in CalWidget the colors are displayed correctly. It seems to only happen when I choose that particular Green.

HTC Incredible :: Strange Calendar Color Bug

HTC Incredible :: Change Exchange Calendar Color

Jul 24, 2010

On the iPhone I was able to go into the database that stored the calendar colors and modify them to my liking. For google calendars the colors seems to follow what's in my online gmail calendar, however I would really like my exchange calendar to be "Navy Blue" instead of orange.

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HTC Incredible : How To Color Code Events On Calendar?

Jul 23, 2010

First I would like to thank all of you for the awesome information you provide on this forum. I learned a ton about my Dinc before it finally arrived. Here is my question: Is there a way to color code your events on the calendar? Or is there an app that does it?

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HTC Desire :: Strange Calendar Behaviour Since Froyo Update

Aug 11, 2010

I downloaded the update yesterday evening, and today I've noticed something pretty weird in my calendar. On the phone (HTC Desire) every day is stuffed full of dozens of repeating appointments, mainly birthdays. These are set to recur not just on the day they should be on, but on every day of the year. These appointments are only on the phone calendar, not on my online Google calendar. What is even more bizarre is that these repeating events come from my old Palm OS device. I don't ever remember importing them to the phone!

It makes no difference whether I use the phone's built-in calendar or Jorte (which is what I usually use). Forcing the phone and google to sync makes no difference either.

Does anyone know what's going on here? The calendar on the phone is now effectively unusable.

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HTC Incredible :: Strange Sound After Startup

Aug 22, 2010

I am experiencing a weird problem. On startu,p while the notification bar is displaying "preparing sd card" and "preparing phone storage" a strange tone is played. It sounds like a ringtone preview...but it doesn't sound pleasant. It makes you believe that there is an error somewhere, but there is no verbal notification. I recently updated several apps at once and installed a new one. I thought this may be the problem, but I still have the sound after uninstalling new app.

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Android : How To Change Calendar Pad Pro Color?

Jun 13, 2010

I just downloaded calendar pad pro and I can't seem to change the colors for specific events. Under settings and calendar settings I see where u can change the colors but it never appears on the calendar. I have an incredible.

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HTC Incredible :: Strange Receiving And Sending Pictures

Jun 3, 2010

I've been using Handcent and I have trouble receiving and sending picture messages. When I get a picture is views it as a movie? how can I change it so it is just a picture, as for sending pictures, It's not working at all! Any fixes?

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HTC Incredible :: Wi-Fi Toggle Widget Acting Strange

Aug 6, 2010

Just recently I've been noticing my Wi-Fi toggle widget acting up. It seems like it doesn't want to turn on my wi-fi for some reason. I've tried both stock wi-fi widgets and when I press them I see the green switch flip, but no wi-fi goes on. Only when I go into Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Wi-Fi Settings do I see "out of range" suddenly disappear and then I'm connected. My wi-fi won't turn on unless I actually watch it do so. Has this happened to anyone else?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Edit Calendar Color

Apr 14, 2010

Is there anyway to change the color for the different Calendars? I have my Outlook calendar showing as a green and my google one is blue. I what my Outlook to be a purple or something. I've tried Pure Grid go...

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General :: Change Color Of Events In Calendar?

Feb 22, 2013

How can I change the color of events in my calendar?

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HTC Incredible :: Strange Option In Quick Contacts With Froyo

Sep 4, 2010

I am not sure if this has already discussed, but I couldn't find the thread with the same issue, so I am posting this. This may be a bug, or may be a feature that is incomplete. I am using the Droid Incredible with OTA'ed froyo 2.2, with factory resetted. My wife's Droid Incredible with OTA'ed froyo 2.2 without resetted has exactly the same issue. This seems to happen from fundamental android OS layer directly, as it appears on both launchpro and Sense UI.

I don't remember if the phone showed the same option with OS 2.1, but after update, I noticed the strange second option has been appeared with some of my contacts. I tried to un-link those contacts (i.e. phone contacts, google contacts or twitter contacts, etc) to figure out which part is making this problem with no success. Does anybody have the same issue? When I click the problematic option icon, the pop-up window comes offering me a choice of action with different applications.

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HTC Incredible :: Receiving Strange Text Message Repeatedly

Aug 3, 2010

During the first couple of weeks, back in June, when I received my Incredible I was receiving text messages from the same individual or something whom I don't know. The messages looked like this: 4756://BREW:0108f3d4:GCD. After a while I stopped receiving them. Now tonight I received another one. Does anybody know anything about this or has anyone else received these messages?

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Samsung Captivate :: Default Calendar Color Is Purple

Jul 18, 2010

My exchange (not my google, but activesync) calendar is purple. Is there a way to change this?

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Android :: Treo 755p - Color Coded Calendar

Jul 18, 2010

Had a Treo 755p & LOVED my calendar! Just got a Droid and I HATE Google Calendar. I can't believe such great company hasn't listened to the users (look at all the posted all over the web!) and altered it to have color coded categories in ONE calendar. I'm really torn about the fun apps vs. the calendar I LOVED (tasks and notes were better too). I'm still within my 30 days, so unless I can find a 30-day color coded calendar view, I may just take it back. Has anyone found an app that works like the Palm calendar?

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Samsung Captivate :: How To Change Color Of Default Calendar?

Jul 20, 2010

How do you change the notification sound for calendar? The one that goes off on calendar is different than the notification sound in settings. Annoying!Also, any idea how to change the color of the default calendar (exchange not google?)Seems like Samsung makes a lot of these kind of settings much harder to find/change than HTC.

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HTC Incredible :: Strange Behavior After Linking Sense Contacts With Facebook

Aug 10, 2010

I manually linked a few contacts in HTC Sense to their corresponding Facebook profile. Afterwards I see strange behavior including one or more of the following:The contact becomes unavailable to Google Gesture Search One or more single digit telephone numbers are added to the contact adding clutter. I learned I can delete these if I click Menu > Edit > choose Google > remove when clicking on the contact in the People app, I receive an error that the contact is not available I am running the stock Android 2.1 that shipped with my Incredible. This seems like a pretty substantial bug. Has anyone experienced and/or solved it?

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HTC Incredible :: Unknown Random Strange Update Fubared My Phone

Sep 19, 2010

My phone died on me Saturday night so I took it home and put it on the charger. When it came back on, it told me my software had been successfully updated to some kind of version 3.2.something. I didn't pay attention to what it said had been updated, I just thought "cool" and hit OK. Well once I hit ok, things start force closing. I reset the phone and Color Notes stops unexpectedly immediately. Lots of my widgets say "Problem loading gadget". At least 3 out of 5 on each home screen. Lots of my apps will not open. They open then immediately close. Lookout will not initialize. Pandora closes immediately. Also, I lost most all of my contacts. My Google contacts are still there, but all the Phone contacts are gone. My call log is gone. Internet history. Some settings are gone like default program settings and sound settings. My wallpaper, emails from my Gmail account as well as settings, unlock password, calendar entries, and some other things are still there on the phone. I have NO IDEA what the hell happened, but I would really like to try to get this fixed without hard resetting my phone.

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Samsung Captivate :: Change Color Scheme Of Stock Calendar

Sep 24, 2010

change the color scheme of stock calendar app? Personally, I don't like black background and want to change it to soft white or something like that. After syncing with google calendar, Maroon color of google calendar events on balck background makes it very hard to read.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Calendar Color Mismatch Between Phone And Online

May 26, 2010

Running 2.1 - Anyone else run into the problem of the calendar colors not matching up on their phone with the colors in their Google Calendars online? Just noticed today that all calendars are either red or blue, and not even close to what colors I use online.

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Motorola Droid X :: Make LP Calendar Widget Opaque / Available In Color?

Oct 20, 2010

Is there a way to make the LP calendar widget opaque? It is too transparent and allowing the wallpaper to show. Makes it hard to see some of the calendar entries. Same thing is true of the Facebook widget.

Is there another calendar option in LP besides the month view. Is there a week view for instance? Are there other colors available for the calendar besides black?

Why are the LP dock icons white. Are they available in color?

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HTC Incredible :: Exchange Active Sync Calendar Events Not Synching With Google Calendar

Jun 15, 2010

I did a search but cant seem to find an answer. I finally got my work email set up through active sync. Is there a way to get the calendar events to show up on my google calendar? I use calendar pro which I love. I don't know if there is a work around or I am just not knowledgable enough to understand it. A for instance would be that my work email gives me an event or will show up on the phones calendar but not on my google calendar/events. (my google notification each morning may say "no events scheduled for the day" but phone calendar/calendar pro will show it)

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HTC Incredible :: Need Notification Of Added Calendar Event On Shared Calendar

Jul 26, 2010

Is there a way to be notified when a calendar event is added to a shared calendar? I love using the shared calendar, but I sometimes overlook new events that were added by others.

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HTC Incredible :: Calendar Widget - See More Than One Appointment Without Opening Up Full Calendar

May 3, 2010

I have a question about the Calendar widget (the HTC one). I want to use the smaller of the widgets since I don't want the calendar to take up a full screen.

Is there any way to see more than one appointment without opening up the full calendar? You would think if you have multiple appointments in a day that you'd be able to flip through them from the widget, but you can't from what I can tell.

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HTC Incredible : Sync Google Account Calendar With Phones Calendar

Apr 30, 2010

I feel like an idiot for not being able to figure this out, but how do I sync my google account calendar with my phones calendar?

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HTC Incredible :: Glitch Between Incredible Calendar And Google Calendar

Jun 12, 2010

Anyone know how to fix the glitch between incredible's calendar and google's calendar.I've read a lot of the posts online and tried all the suggestions.I can post online at my calendar on google and it will sync with htc's calendar on my incredible.I can even delete the same entry off of my incredible and it will delete off of google's online calendar. The problem I have is nothing posted on the htc calendar syncs with my google calendar online.

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HTC Incredible : Incredible Display Is Changing / Setting To Work Out Color Balance

Sep 30, 2010

Over the past week, the display on my DInc has been slowly tinting toward a redish/pink hue. It appears the greys are turning pink. Anybody having this problem with their device? Is there a setting to work out the color balance anywhere?

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HTC Incredible :: Online Google Calendar And Phone Google Calendar Mis-match

Aug 4, 2010

Today, I managed to sync. my Lotus Notes calendar with google calendar (after 2 days of turmoil)Then the notes events were displayed on google calendar but 6 hours ahead (like GMT) thought both calendars were set on the same time zone (CST).At this point, the calendar pad widget synced with google calendar and displayed all my lotus notes events 6 hours ahead as in the google calendar.I then changed my google calendar time zone to GMT so that my lotus notes events showed the correct time .But now, the calendar pad widget still shows the old google calendar events that was 6 hours off even after syncing.Can some one please help configure such that my lotus notes , google calendar and calendar pad widget all show the same events at same time (hopefully, maintaining the same time zone settings for all)

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HTC Incredible :: LED Color Changer?

Nov 15, 2010

I was just wondering if the Dinc can use any of those apps that can control the color of the LED for notifications. If so, what apps do you use rooted or unrooted?

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HTC Incredible :: Can You Change Status Bar Color?

Aug 23, 2010

Can you change the status bar color, and if so, how? I have the Skyraider 2.5.2 Rom.

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HTC Incredible :: Change Color Of Events?

May 12, 2010

I have looked all over and haven't found an answer. How do you change the color of the events? When I look at the widget preview it shows different colors. Anyone know how to?

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