HTC Incredible :: Screen Dimming And Phone Locking

Jul 28, 2010

I recently made the switch from a BlackBerry Curve to the HTC Incredible. One of the "features" of my Curve that I'm having trouble duplicating on the Incredible is this: I was able to set a timeout to lock the phone and a separate timeout to blacken the screen. That is, if the screen went black after 30 seconds of inactivity, the screen wouldn't necessarily lock until 30 minutes of inactivity. I have increased the screen timeout on my Incredible, but the screen doesn't dim at all. I tried installing the No Lock application, but now I can't find a way to manually lock the phone if necessary.

HTC Incredible :: Screen Dimming and Phone Locking

Motorola Droid :: Screen Dimming At Random Times While Using Phone

Nov 10, 2009

My screen will randomly start to dim as I'm using it to say scroll through contacts or texting and the screen will go to like 50% brightness. Is this a bug because why would it be dimming if I am using the phone?

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Motorola CLIQ :: Application For Locking Screen While On Phone?

Jan 13, 2010

We are new to this droid market along with touch screen. She has a problem with hanging up or muting a call due to the touch screen. Is there an app or adjustment to lock the screen while on the phone? Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I attempted to search. Not new to forums but new to this one.

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Android :: Programmatically Turning Off The Screen And Locking Phone

Jan 31, 2010

As we know that Android phone gets locked after screen timeout. But I want to lock the phone on demand as well. i.e. without waiting for screen timeout to occur.. As in nexus android phone there is hard button on top for making screen turn off and lock the phone. i have to do same functionality but by using soft key i.e. in a programmatic way. What are the APIs or routines that can help me ? Can someone point me for getting this functionality?

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Keeps Freezing / Locking Up

Apr 29, 2010

I've had to pull the battery out three times now because the phone freezes up seemingly randomly when I use the browser. Haven't experienced this while using any other apps. Is anyone else experiencing this? Hoping this will stop happening or a new ROM will fix it.

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General :: Prevent Phone Locking - Not Bypass Lock Screen?

Feb 25, 2012

I've tried so many app's over the last couple of days that claim to stop the screen from locking but they have all just bypassed the lock screen... Well, they've tried to anyway. These kind of work arounds don't actually stop my phone from locking in the first place though.

My phone is a W008+ iPhone clone with Android 2.3.3. When it's charging, the screen will time out and switch off; But it doesn't lock. So I can hit any key to bring the screen back on and as it wasn't locked in the first place, I'm taken straight back to where I was.

When not charging, I get the same behaviour for ~2 or 3 seconds... Any longer and it locks forcing me to use the power key and swipe the lock screen along with any other security measures I may have in place.What I'd like is to be able to set the 'lock' timeout in the way that I can set the 'screen' timeout.How far will I have to go to get this functionality?

Is there a setting I've missed? I'm very new to Android so there's lots I don't know yet.

Are there any app's that can really do this? Maybe this would need a root app?

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Samsung Moment :: Screen Dimming Vs. Timeout

Apr 15, 2010

Is there a way to separate the dimming vs. sleeping timeout? It appears that if I set the screen timeout to any value, it dims first, then sleeps. I have the "never sleep when charging" setting checked, and what it does when charging is the screen dims, but the moment does not sleep. Is there a way to prevent the dimming while charging?

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General :: Cyanogenmod - Why Can't Turn Off Screen Dimming

Apr 23, 2012

I have recently installed cyanogen on my desire and have found the mod to be an absolute joy to use. The one irritation however has been the automatic screen dimming. Every 6 or 7 seconds or so the screen dims itself. This can become very annoying when reading long messages or any other text. Surely there must be a simple solution to turn off this automatic dimming setting?

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General :: Thl W300 - When Turn On Mobile Network - Phone Start Locking Screen Many Time?

Jan 8, 2014

When i turn on mobile network, my phone start locking screen many time, until I turn off the mobile connection.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Screen No Longer Turning Off / Only Dimming

Dec 12, 2009

My Eris has been working fine with the screen timeout. It is set to go off at 1 minute. But since last night, it's only dimming the screen now. It will not turn off unless I press the end call button. It hasn't been doing that, so I'm not sure what's going on.

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Android :: How To Stop Screen From Dimming When Playing Game

Dec 17, 2009

In my game because it is a board game, I do not want the screen to timeout which the user is playing my game. Any idea on how to do this?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Prevent Screen From Auto-dimming?

Jun 11, 2010

How in the world do you prevent the screen from auto-dimming? And yes, I do have that setting unchecked. When I have my phone plugged in and it's using Nightwatch as a deskclock, after a bit that screen dims. Help me stop it!

P.S. I did search the forum and I don't want to load Screebl

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Android :: Dimming Before Phone Shuts Off / Need To Stop It

Nov 21, 2010

I've read all the posts I could find. I just want the phone to never dim. The option to have it shut off at 2 minutes is perfect. I just hate the dimming that happens before it shuts off. I have tried screebl but is completely disables screen off timer. I just want it to stop dimming and just shut the screen off according to the display timeout. It dims reguardless of manual or automatic brightness. I don't want to disable the screen off timer either. IF I leave the phone on at the table and walk away, I do want it to turn off in 2 minutes.
What can I do to just keep the freaking phone from dimming yet still shut off with the timer?

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Motorola Droid X :: Locking - Screen Time Out And Screen Fade Out

Jul 18, 2010

Is there any way to change when these 3 things happen separately? Can I make it so my screen fades earlier but still takes just as long to go completely black? Is there a way to extend the time between total blackout and locking? Is there a way to turn off auto screen lock all together but keep the auto fade out and auto black out? I am always able to remember to manually lock the screen and the auto lock is annoying but I still like the power saving of the screen fade and black out.

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HTC Desire :: Locking The Screen Via Touch Screen

Jun 19, 2010

Anyone know of a widget to simply lock the screen or put into sleep mode by pressing something on the screen rather than pressing the power button on the top of the phone. Tried looking around and unless I'm missing something (I am particularly good at missing the obvious!) there doesn't seem to be anything that does just that. Anyone know/come across anything that will do this? Does anyone know if this might be included in 2.2?

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Android :: Any App For Locking Screen

Nov 11, 2010

I have just received my new DESIRE HD fone, it runs android 2.2.I want to know if there is some app for locking screen, i dont want to use the hardware button on the top which activates the screen after the lock.I want something which prevents me from making calls accidently when the fone is in my pocket, also i want to save power by keeping the fone screen off when its not in use.I have seen the same thing in samsung galaxy, where u just swipe on the screen and screens come alive, is there something available for HTC too?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Touch Screen Locking Up

Aug 31, 2010

my Evo's screen will lock that I mean the phone continues to function if I get a call or text, but I can't press any buttons or anything else on the screen (I'm still on v2.1). I can press the Power button and it brings up the power options dialog, but I'm unable to select any option or dismiss it. Usually if I wait a few minutes the screen will eventuall unfreeze and allow normal operation, but on a couple of occasions I had to pull the battery. Coming from the Palm Pre I'm used to this kind of crap, but I was hoping I left it behind me. Is there a way to reboot the phone just using the hard keys (i.e., some combination of Power + volume)? This would be an acceptable fact, I would pay for an app that would turn the Power button into a "power off" button with a long press (hold the key down for 10 seconds and it turns off the phone). Otherwise, this is just annoying, but so far I'm living with it.

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Motorola Droid :: Screen Keeps Locking

Mar 1, 2010

I call my voicemail and before I am allowed to enter my password I have to unlock the screen. When I finish a call I have to unlock the screen before I hang up. When I leave a voicemail I have to unlock the screen before I hang up! This is driving me nuts!

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Android :: Custom Locking Screen

Feb 18, 2010

We are looking to add a new android locking screen (a password based one) with the same behaviour of the current unlock pattern. With some ugly hacks we have been able to create a custom locking screen but we haven't found a way to disable the home key.

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Android :: Add New Custom Locking Screen

Feb 18, 2010

We are looking to add a new android locking screen (a password based one) with the same behaviour of the current unlock pattern. In fact we have been able to create a custom locking screen but we haven't found the way to disable the home key.

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HTC Hero :: Stop The Screen From Locking?

Sep 7, 2009

Is there a way to do this in certain situations? Eg, if I'm playing music in the car I'd like it to stay "alive". Also, this morning I put google maps on to track my route but my screen kept locking. I know keeping it on will kill the battery but I'll be charging it at work via my laptop most days anyway.

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HTC Wildfire :: Set To Light Go Off Without Locking Screen?

Oct 30, 2010

on my old Samsung phone I had the backlight set to turn off after 30 seconds but this didn't lock the screen. With the Wildfire however with the backlight set to turn off after 30 seconds this also locks the screen. Is there a way to set it so the light goes off without locking the screen?

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General :: S4 Vibrates After Locking Screen?

Oct 24, 2013

I turned off smart alert, which solved my other problem like others have mentioned, but my phone still vibrates after locking my screen and it drives me crazy! how to turn this off?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Locking Items On The Screen

Dec 23, 2009

If I had a nickle each time I tried to open the notifications on the top of the screen, but ended up moving the clock, we'd all have a handful of nickles. Is there any way to "lock the items" on the screen so that they will not move unless you really want them to?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Screen Not Locking With Button

Jan 28, 2010

today, as I was setting up my phone, the screen stopped locking when I push on the red button (on the right). this is usually how I lock my phone before putting it in my pocket but now it doesn't work. Is there a setting that can control this or is it a glitch?

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HTC Hero :: Blank Screen Not Wake Up / Locking Up

Dec 5, 2009

I own a hero on orange with the latest orange firmware. Over the past couple of days I've been having a few problems, mainly with my messengers from what I can see. Sometimes when using ebuddy or meebo, my phone's screen will go to standby (blank) as normal but will not wake up or do any functions. I have to take the battery out of the phone and reboot. I tried re-flashing the firmware just incase but it still does it. I'm trying out hi msn to see if that is any better. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and also does it sound like a firmware issue?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Locking Screen While On Call

Oct 24, 2010

Is there any way to lock the screen while on a call? My kids can't get through a conversation with grandma without hanging up on her.

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Motorola Droid X : Locking Screen Pics

Sep 19, 2010

Is there a way i can have my lock screen pic be different then my homescreen? I cant figure it out

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KitKat 4.4 :: Disconnect From WiFi After Locking Screen

Mar 3, 2014

I'm using nexus 7 2013 and have to deal with a problem like this: after locking screen and turn it on back, I can not access the internet. And after that, I have to refress the WiFi connection to access the internet.

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Motorola Droid :: Disabling Automatic Screen Locking

Nov 12, 2009

Is there any way to get my Droid to only lock the screen when I manually hit the lock button? If using it as a mp3 player for instance it's horrible to have to unlock it over and over again every time I want to skip a track or something.

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