HTC Incredible :: Phone Reboot During App Install - Can't Finish Or Cancel Install

Oct 22, 2010

So the other day I went to download an app out of the market. The download finished, but it seems my phone decided to auto-reboot itself in the midst of the installation. After the reboot completes, I go back to the market, reselect the app, and it's hung at "Installing..." (And when I say "hung," the market is still fully functional except that one app). I'm given no option to cancel the installation. Killing the market app then trying to go back in has no effect - same deal. Hung on install. Another reboot didn't help.

Is there any way to delete the install package and make the market forget I even tried in the first place?

It's Angry Birds (wanted to see what all the fuss was about), but the install seems to have failed in a way that any app install could have failed.

HTC Incredible :: Phone reboot during app install - can't finish or cancel install

Motorola Droid X :: Market Apps Finish Downloading But Unable To Install

Oct 3, 2010

I've had this issue since the 2.2 leaks (2.2.9-2.3.15 and now with RubiX) and have finally gotten tired of it. When downloading apps or updates from the market, 1/2 the time it'll finish downloading but then won't install. It just hangs there at 100% and nothing happens no matter how long I leave it there. I have to cancel download and then re-download, sometimes multiple times, before it'll install it automatically. This happens with every app, and while I do eventually get everything install, it will still very annoying. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Motorola Droid :: Cannot Reboot Into Recovery Or Install New ROM

Jul 3, 2010

I've been having some trouble with rom manager not booting into recovery. I fixed it by reflashing, but can someone refresh my memory on using SP recovery? If I power off, then power up by holding the power and X button, it doesn't reboot into recovery.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Error Upon App Install _ Reboot

Dec 5, 2009

Anyone else having problems with error messages when they install apps? I was in the habit of installing multiple applications from the market before rebooting, but started having problems with the phone not working and getting other error messages so I now try to reboot after each install. I just tired to install and run advance task killer (ATK) twice and after each reboot I'd get at least 2-3 errors. If I uninstall it and reboot all seems to be ok. Same happened with Bloo and an AK-47 app (game).

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Motorola Droid X : AppBrain Stuck On "Cancel Install" / How To Fix?

Sep 9, 2010

After I upgraded to the leaked 2.2, and I've put some more apps on my phone, when i go to Appbrain, it still shows those *new* apps I've put on after the upgrade as "Cancel Install", rather than "Installed".

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HTC Incredible :: Can I Wipe My Phone And Install RUU After OTA 2.2

Sep 2, 2010

So I did the 2.2 OTA update yesterday and now it has screwed up my phone. My question is, can I wipe my phone and start over? Can I install 2.2 RUU? My phone has all kinds of bugs now, including but not limited to:
-Cannot get on the internet, browsers close after a few seconds
-Cannot get on Pandora
-Swype does not work, even after reinstall. I cant download new version because I cannot get on the internet because of the browser issue.
-Menu button no longer unlocks the phone This is awful, my android device is now just a phone.

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HTC Incredible :: Can't Install Phone Revolution From Rom / Way To Fix?

Oct 24, 2010

So, I just Dled the incredible revolution theme from ROM manger and tried installing it over virtuous 3.1 I wiped the data using ROM manager and everything went smoothly until. it's looping between the HTC quietly brilliant screen and a black screen with 3 dots in the center. How should I deal with this? Should I pull the battery and wipe and restore my nandroid backup of virtuous?

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HTC Incredible : Install Spotify On Phone?

Sep 9, 2010

HTC incredible 2.2 froyo.
how do i install spotify on my incredible? i have the apk. file on the root of my sd card , i use astro to install. it installs but spotify want run. it crashes. every time i try to run it. what gives

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HTC Incredible :: How To Get Google Earth To Install On Phone?

May 5, 2010

When I click on the app in App Brain it gives me a broken link but others are getting it to work and leave comments. Anyone else get Google Earth to Install on an Incredible?

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HTC Incredible :: Way To Install Themed Widgets On Phone?

Apr 29, 2010

I have a smoked glass Feedr widget and a smoked glass news and weather widget on my droid that i would like to install on my new Incredible. how do i go about installing these themed widgets? push them on with ADB maybe? if so any idea which folder i can put them in? can i push them to data/apps or does it have to be system/apps? i tried copying and pasting them from the system/apps folder on my droid onto my sd card, i then put that sd card into the incredible, and they would not install through astro. so it wasn't as simple as it could have been.

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HTC Incredible :: Need To Root Phone To Install Apps With ADB?

Aug 11, 2010

Do I need to root my phone to install apps with ADB?I think I followed all of the tutorials online for setting up ADB right, but when I try to install an app, it says "access denied" or something.Do I need root to get this to work, or am I doing something else wrong?

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HTC Incredible : Can I Install Mail App On Phone Without Sense?

Aug 6, 2010

I have the vanilla 2.2 rom so no HTC sense. I miss being able to search for mail so i want to put the HTC email program back on without installing sense. is this possible?

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Android :: Eclair Install Choked With Errors About Locks And Died - Leaving Corrupted Install

Oct 27, 2009

Followed the instructions in for adding 2.0 as components to an existing 1.6 SDK, from within Eclipse.

It didn't work. Not by a long shot. Instead, it got partway through and then said that C:android-sdk-windows-1.6_r1 tempDocPackage.new01 couldn't be copied because of a lock, and similarly for PlatformPackage.new01.

It said to shut down running programs, but the only program running was Eclipse, which was needed to do the upgrade.

The cancel button was disabled, and the close box didn't work. Shutting down Eclipse killed it, but left C:android-sdk-windows-1.6_r1 in a corrupted state. Restarting Eclipse showed the Android projects with errors, no SDK, and a disabled Android SDK and AVD Manager (which means no ability to rerun the install).

Shutting down Eclipse, renaming the corrupted SDK directory, unzipping 1.6 again into C:, and restarting Eclipse made it as if nothing had ever happened, which is good. But it is not possible to complete the install from Eclipse, which is bad.

The dialog says:


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Android :: MapView Works With Eclipse Install But Not Adb Install

Aug 4, 2010

When I run my application on a physical phone from within Eclipse, my Google MapView works perfectly. If export the app to an apk file and install it to the same phone from the command line with adb then the MapView comes up but shows only the Google logo and grid - no map tiles appear. I'm using a debug application key and a GMaps API key generated with that debug key. I've verified that this happens on both the Droid and N1 phones. The logcat looks identical in both the working and non-working cases - no obvious error messages.

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Android :: Google - Active Install %? Bug In Install

Sep 1, 2010

Yes we have threads about this already but we still have not gotten an answer AND I think it's about time somebody at least explain what does this number actually MEAN. I'm getting frustrated with the lack of transparency on this.

My apps used to be around 56% active installs

VERY soon after I updated the apps to allow install to SDCARD (preferExternal), then the active install count started dropping like a rock. Now it's around 39% today for my main app.

My opinion is there is a bug in the SDCARD install feature somewhere that is not counting those installs. We know there already is a bug with home screen icons if you install to sdcard you will get a blank icon until the Home app restarts.

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Android :: Install Command To Install Apk In System/app

Nov 17, 2009

Anybody knows the install command to install an apk in system/app directory .

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HTC Incredible :: How Soon Can Incredible Users Hack Phones / Install Froyo?

Jun 9, 2010

Just wondering...How soon can Incredible users hack phones and install Froyo?

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HTC Incredible :: Won't Install New Apk

Sep 21, 2010

I searched and couldn't find an answer. I'm trying to install a different version of genie.apk than the one that came from the OTA 2.2. I uninstalled the stock version, and now when I try to install the new one through root manager, or astro, it says that application wasn't installed.

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HTC Incredible :: Can't Install 2.2 / What I Need To Do?

Sep 12, 2010

I have a rooted Droid. I'm trying to install 2.2, I dont even want/need root. Just never really used any of its features. Well 2.2 won't install. I had a black screen with a explanation point sign and a Droid for 15-20min and nothing happened. I restarted in Hboot. There is said it failed to update. My phone also now says its update, yet I'm not on 2.2
What do i need to do?

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HTC Incredible :: ROM - What Is This / How To Install It

Oct 25, 2010

I am looking to change the look on my DINC and I was instructed to install a different ROM... 1st I dont know what a ROM really is or how to install one. I see people have trouble with some ROMS also and want to go back to stock can anyone help explain what a ROM is and how to install one and uninstall one.

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HTC Incredible :: S-off / What Does It Mean - Use And Install It?

Aug 18, 2010

So I tried searching but "s-off" doesn't search well on this forum. What does it mean? I keep reading how it affects your ability to install the OTA update, etc.. How do you use/install it?

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HTC Incredible :: Install 2.2 Mms.apk

Aug 3, 2010

I tried to install the 2.2 mms.apk onto my rooted 2.1 just because I like it better. After reboot, only a missing shortcup appears! No trace of the messaging app anywhere. Anyone have the stock 2.1 mms.apk and mms.odex?

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HTC Incredible :: How To Install New Kernels?

Sep 27, 2010

I always have gotten great help here - and for all the talk of wiping dalvik and other caches, I haven't found a straight forward guide for now to prepare my phone for installation of a new kernel.I've been on skyraider awhile, and put King BFS 4 on. I'd like to go to the new BFS 5 and see if it improves the battery life.Can someone point me toward a simple guide of how to prepare the phone for a new kernel? I know how to install it. What caches need to be wiped? Can it be done through clockwork? I've already done the nandroid backup.

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HTC Incredible :: Install An Apk File

Sep 3, 2010

I had the Droid X keyboard installed on my Incredible, but I can't remember how I did it. With the update today, the keyboard is not working, so I uninstalled it. I got an apk file that is supposed to work on 2.2 downloaded onto my SD card, but I don't know what to do next to install the app. It's a zipped file. When I click on it (I'm using Linda File Manager), I get 2 folders. Can someone tell me what I should do next to install this keyboard. I can't live without it. It's so much better than the stock and I can't get used to Swype (which I also installed, but can't remember how).

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HTC Incredible :: How To Install 2.2 Without ROM Manager?

Jul 16, 2010

I rooted my phone using the new unrevoked, and then installed the 'Google Apps (froyo)' ROM from the ROM Manager. Clearly this wasn't the right thing to do. So when I restart, it's still sense UI with 2.1. Google apps keeps force closing, preventing me from adding my google account, and in turn having the marketplace. So I have no way of downloading the rom manager and reinstalling my old ROM. I did create a backup ROM. Though if I get the ROM Manager and can install 2.2, I don't see why I would need this. So I guess my trouble stems from the google apps force closing.

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HTC Incredible :: To Install New Rom / Does This Need Root?

Jun 26, 2010

To install jager's froyo rom does my Incredible need root? Or can I simply install it. According to what I have encountered I do not have sufficient permissions to run the "" for the rom. Can anyone help?

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HTC Incredible :: Should I Root Or Install OTA First?

Jul 26, 2010

I have a Droid Incredible on the way and it should be here in about 2 weeks *crosses fingers*.I want to get all the software I will need downloaded ahead of time, and I am confused about the order in which to do things.I have previously rooted and installed roms on my wife's Motorola Droid so I am somewhat familiar with the process.My plan is to have a rooted and OTA updated Incredible running 2.1 until there are 2.2 roms that function well with the camera. What I need to know is what order to install things. Do I install the leaked OTA update and then root?Is the OTA update officially out yet, and if so should I just wait for that to download and install before rooting?

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HTC Incredible :: Why Install Apps To SD?

Sep 9, 2010

I am trying to figure out what the advantage is to installing to the SD rather than to built in storage.Since my phone has 8GB of internal storage, apps are small, and videos/music are big, wouldn't it make more sense to install the apps to the internal memory, and store media to a 32GB micro sdhc?

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HTC Incredible :: Apps Keep Trying To Install

Oct 16, 2010

For the last few days i have several apps that dont want to install, or uninstall, or update.I tried deleting them via appbrain, and that hasnt changed anything, i tried canceling their updates or installs in the market, but that hasnt worked,i tried shutting the phone off, i tried a battery pull.every time though when i boot back up these 4 apps keep trying to install and i cant seem to cancel them no matter what, any ideas?

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HTC Incredible :: How To Install A Patch

Aug 11, 2010

Is it as simple as placing the zip file in SD root, restarting the phone in recovery mode, and install the zip?

Are backups needed for just patches?

I am aware of one patch so far for froyo and it's

Is there a different patch I should be looking at?

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