HTC Incredible :: Antenna On Back Of Battery Door

Apr 16, 2010

Just came from twitter where HTCPedia had this article about the black, yellow and red insides of new phones. and they said the antenna was located on the back of the battery door and if you had it off you would have no signal haha im just a little amused i guess by that because i dont really understand how this works i mean if it doesnt connect somehow when the door is on and im a little worried the signal might not be the best what if the battery door gets loose or something idk what do you guys think From Black to Yellow and Red. HTC Adds Color to HD Mini, EVO 4G and Incredible Devices

HTC Incredible :: Antenna on back of battery door

HTC Droid Eris :: Battery / Back Door / A Clear Screen Protector

Jan 15, 2010

I have a battery, and back door for sale, and a clear screen protector for sale. I upgraded to the 3500 mah battery.

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HTC Incredible :: Battery Door Flimsy

Aug 23, 2010

I am fairly new to the incredible and I got mine off of ebay.I was just wondering My battery door seems fairly flimsy.if I grab the phone on the sides and squeeze a little bit it gives and creaks a makes the phone feel pretty darn flimsy and was just wondering what you guys have experienced yourselves. You think I just have a loose/bad battery door? You guys think a replacement may fix this issue?

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HTC Incredible :: Removing Battery Door

Jun 3, 2010

How do I get the back of my phone off without damaging, or scratching it up?

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HTC EVO 4G :: How To Remove Battery Door?

Jun 8, 2010

Can someone please tell me how to remove the battery door?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Battery Door Not Flush?

Jul 10, 2010

just got the EVO today and it has a build date of 6/22/10 and is V003. Everything seems ok on it (there is a little bit of light leak, but not bad...I inspect a couple of them and they all had the lower screen level with the bezel while the top was recessed slightly) except for the battery door. It seems snug enough and doesn't pop off, but the right side (if you're looking at it, opposite the volume button) isn't flush. It's as though the two lock tabs on that side don't completely engage and you can manage to get a finger nail in there to pop it off. I know its a little OCD, but I don't like it. Anyone else have a door like that? I searched, but didn't see this exact issue. It will stay fairly flush on that side until you snap in the other side and then it lifts up. Should I try to get a new door or just exchange the whole unit? I know it's probably not a big deal, but to me it's annoying.

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HTC Desire :: Battery Door Replacement

Aug 18, 2010

im a new htc desire user need to replace my battery door but HTC are out of stock. anyone knows if the NEXUS ONE battery door fits the desire?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Battery Door Cover Does Not Fit Tight

Aug 12, 2010

Finally got my replacement EVO yesterday was all excited until I just noticed the battery door cover does not fit tight! There is a gap along the whole right side. big enough for dirt and dust to get into the phone. The build date is 7/05/10. Also, the camera lens is not centered in the cover hole. There no red showing on the bottom of the hole and a big red gap on the top of the hole. I cannot believe HTC lets phones like this out the door! Where is the QA/QC?

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Motorola Droid X :: Does It Get Hot Just Below Battery Door Or Not?

Oct 3, 2010

Looking to see how many of you have the same problem i do, when ever i used the phone for internet, twitter etc, my phone gets REALLY warm just below the battery door. and my battery life is not great like others. looking to see whos does, and whos does not.

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HTC Droid Eris :: OEM Battery Door Replacement?

Dec 16, 2009

Well, it was bound to happen. Dropped my Eris getting out of the car last night. Sitting on my lap, forgot about it, stood up, and heard it hit the pavement. The battery door got some scratches, luckily nothing else happened.
Does anyone know any sites that are selling OEM battery replacement doors? I might try to go to Verizon today and see if they have one, (highly doubt it) because these scratches are killing me.

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Motorola Droid :: Battery Door - It Just Fell Off

Jul 15, 2010

So, I was walking home from work and the battery door on my Droid must have fallen off. I don't know where, so now I have a half naked Droid.Does anyone know if Verizon stocks replacement battery doors in store, or am I SOL and stuck ordering one?

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Motorola Droid :: Rectangle Above Battery Door Is Getting Hot

Nov 10, 2009

Will messing around with my Droid, which I love!, I have noticed that the rectangle piece above the batter door gets very warm, and sometimes hot. Is this normal or is something wrong here? I have disabled wifi, bt, gps, the sync feature?, and dimmed the screen to low and nothing seems to fix it. It happens all the time, no matter what I am doing.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Battery Door Covers

Mar 29, 2010

Why are there no battery door covers for the sprint hero. What if the cheap volume buttons stop working what are we suppose to do then when that happens. I was looking for battery door covers online and couldn't find one but one that was for an extended door.

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Motorola Droid :: How To Open Battery Door?

Nov 7, 2009

well I must be a damn fool got my Droid this morning by FedEx and first thing is I can't quite figure out how to open the battery door, and don't want to try the wrong thing and possibly scratch it or something!the 'quick start' instructions that come with it don't show which way the battery door opens!

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Motorola Droid :: Repair Loose Battery Door

Dec 9, 2009

My battery door was continuing to slide off. Especially since I got the holster. It seems that when putting the Droid BACK in the holster my fingers 'slide' down the back of the unit and pop the door out. I have had to pick up the door off the floor several times. For those of you with this issue, I have found a way to fix it, once and for all time! (Note: There is a video on the forum showing a fix, but it didn't secure it enough for my unit). So, here is what I did. If you do this, just don't 'squeeze' too hard. And squeeze EACH of the four tabs. It works. when I put my door back in place now, there is a nice, loud SNAP as it pops in. Yes, I noticed the grammar error the distance NEEDS to be shortened.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Extended Life Battery And Door?

Oct 4, 2009

Wondering if there will be (and if so then when) an extended life battery and rear door either OEM or after market seems like although it would add bulk I wouldnt mind the extra juice.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Loose Battery Door Cover?

Feb 28, 2010

I searched the forums and couldn't find any posts on this yet. I can't imagine I'm the fist one to have this problem. Has anyone noticed that over time the battery cover seems to get looser and looser? Its to the point now where it sometimes falls off in my pocket. Other then getting a new case has anyone came up with any solutions. Anyone else experience this problem?

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HTC Incredible :: External Antenna Mod

Jul 25, 2010

I want to use the FME female connector below the battery for an external antenna mod. I bought a FME cable for another phone and I'll see if it fits. I want to use a telescoping antenna for it for portability, but I'm open to using something like the Wilson Electronics mirror mount antenna.Has anyone done this? This is a general Verizon/FME question, but since I have a Dinc, I thought I'd post it here. I'm going to drill a hole in the back cover and route the cable to the top of the phone. I live in a weak signal area and drop about 10% of my calls.

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HTC Incredible :: Cell Phone Antenna For 1x/3G Coverage Was Located

Jun 22, 2010

I was curious where the cell phone antenna for the 1x/3G coverage was located.I live in an area with excellent verizon service and when phone is in standby, the incredible gets one bar.When I make a call, it miraculously gets full coverage.I think its on the bottom of the phone, but is it on the very bottom edge (like where the microphone is) or is it along the back side of the phone.How is the best way to hold the phone to maximize service?

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HTC Incredible :: Taking Back Battery Cover Off?

Nov 21, 2010

Does anyone ever have trouble taking the back battery cover off? I just got my phone on Monday, and ever since I put the cover on I've wanted to take the cover off to see if I can find where the SD card is (which if anyone could point that out for me that would be great). However, when I get where only the part where it has the slit open, I feel like I would break the rest if I keep pulling that is how good it is on my phone.

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Samsung Captivate :: Display Battery Door Fit With A REAL Captivate?

Sep 24, 2010

So I painfully watched my Cappy's battery door crushed under my friend's car as one of their "harmless" joke. Now there's not a single site on the internet selling these doors, and I'm desperate. I found dummy/display Captivates though, so I was just wondering if anyone knows if the dummy battery door can replace the REAL door by any chance?

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Motorola Droid X :: Battery Door Compared To Droid?

Jul 15, 2010

Anybody have problems with this battery door coming off in your pocket like the original droid did? How does this battery door attach?

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HTC Incredible :: Recommended Wait Time To Put Battery Back In After Pull

Jun 15, 2010

Is there a recommended wait time to put the battery back in after a battery pull?

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HTC Incredible :: Swiping Down Notification Bar / Back It Up - Hit Back Button?

May 5, 2010

Instead of trying to grab the notification bar and swiping it down, simply start ABOVE the screen and swipe down. Fast or slow makes no difference.

You can swipe it back up, or simply hit the back button.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Have Clearwire Antenna By My House

Jul 12, 2010

I went on and found a clearwire tower .13 miles from my house. Does this guarantee I will get 4G coverage? I'm a bit south of the L.A. area.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Antenna Will Compare With Hero?

May 26, 2010

Does anyone know how the Evo's antenna will compare with the Hero?I just moved to sprint to get the Evo, but had to switch early. My wife and I were given Heroes to hold us over for two weeks until the Evo launch.I'm noticing that i'm having reception issues in areas where my iphone, and Incredible got decent to great coverage.Is this an issue with the Hero alone or a sign of Sprints smaller footprint then AT&T and Verizon?

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HTC Desire :: Use Of Passive Antenna Booster

Jun 2, 2010

My reception at work is terrible. My colleagues have full reception, and I dont have a signal at all. Seems to be an issue with some of the desire handsets. Have any of you tried any passive antenna boosters, like this one: HTC Desire Antenna Booster ? Or some bigger boosters that I can place on my desk.
I love my phone, but it is essential that I can use it while im in the office.

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Samsung I7500 :: Exterior Antenna Adapter

Jun 25, 2010

Is there a way to connect an exterior antenna into the Galaxy? I am down in a valley, and if I could put an antenna on the roof, my reception would be great.

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Android :: Wake Locks And Cellular Antenna

Sep 30, 2009

When the application has a PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK, the CPU stays turned on, but what about the cellular antenna? Does the PhoneStateListener not receive any change in state from the antenna when the PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK is acquired?I have an application that needs to continuously read the signal strength while the user isn't using the phone.I suspect I need a FULL_WAKE_LOCK to do that. Is that true?

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Android :: Microwave Detector Using Phone's Antenna

May 21, 2010

Every cell phone has a microwave emisor/receptor and it is used to make calls. My question is Do we can use it as a microwave detector to detect another cellphones, microwave oven leaks? Also use it as a mw radar.

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