HTC Incredible :: Adding Sense Skin

Jul 19, 2010

I saw this skin on XDA and I was wondering if anybody could explain to me how to put this on my phone. I tried once and all I managed to do was make sense crash incessantly whenever I tried to get past the unlock screen.

HTC Incredible :: Adding Sense Skin

Android :: Skin - Htc Sense - Versus No Skin

Aug 21, 2010

Do you like the skins (Htc sense) that are on some Android phones, or do you like the base Android install?

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HTC Incredible :: Put On Phantom Skin For Their DI?

May 4, 2010

Was just wondering if anyone else put on a phantom skin for their DI...I am new at the whole "get your protector wet" application and am trying to figure out how long it takes for the moisture trapped in the screen to dissipate so it is clear. I really hope I didn't do it wrong, as it is mostly clear, but still pockets of a "cloudy" look.

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Android : Change Clock Skin Back To Original After Uninstalling Clock Skin?

Mar 27, 2010

Does anybody know how to change the clock skin back to original after uninstalling a clock skin? When you uninstall a clock skin, it uninstalls but the skin remains.

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HTC Incredible : Create Own Custom Keyboard Skin?

May 16, 2010

One of the posters on xda development has made a great tool for us to make our own custom keyboard skins.head over to the site,create an account and start playing. they're super simple and look great.

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HTC Incredible : Can I Get Skin For Phone Clock / Weather Widget

May 6, 2010

Are there any skins for the stock HTC clock/weather widget?

I've looked at the other stuff available (Beautiful Widget, Weather Widget Donate, etc), but I want to keep it stock. Seems like the 3rd party ones have issues sometimes.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Use Skin/case-Don't Use Skin/case

Jun 4, 2010

And how many people use a skin or case, or even screen protector. Personally, I won't leave the house without my otterbox commuter case on, I just feel like it would be for me to leave me house without clothes on, Dones't feel right.

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HTC Incredible :: Got Droid Incredible / Cant Turn Of HTC Sense

Apr 29, 2010

I cant turn it off is this a issue for anyone else and if you did how did you solve it.

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Motorola Droid :: Adding Contacts To Phone W/o Adding To Gmail

May 3, 2010

I want to add a contact just to my phone and not to my gmail account.Whenever I start to add a contact (phone,, +contact, create new contact,) the next thing it forces me to do is to choose an account to create the new contact under and it lists my 3 gmail accounts.I have no option to just put it on the phone.Any ideas here?We do the same thing on the Incredible but it gives us the gmail account and the phone to choose from but not on the Motorola.

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HTC Incredible :: Sense 2.1 UI

Apr 13, 2010

HTC Sense 2.1 UI - Incredible FAQ


Q: Can Sense UI be viewed in landscape mode? (at the home screens)
A: Not at the moment.
Q: Can Sense UI be disabled?
A: Yes, but certain HTC components will still be accessible/unavoidable. (Widgets and whatnot)
Q: When typing on the Sense UI keyboard:
a) Does a double tap on the spacebar produce a period?
b) When you are on the symbols page of the keyboard and you press a symbol and then the spacebar, does the keyboard automatically change back to the qwerty keyboard letters?
A: a) Yes
b) Yes
Q: What, if any, stock Android apps are removed or permanently altered by HTC/SenseUI?
A: ?
Q: Will the Incredible/Sense2.1 have Bluetooth headset handsfree voice dialing out of the box?
A: No. Although there MAY be an app/hack for it.
Q: Does the sense UI keyboard allow for voice input similar to the stock Android one?
A: Based upon the Incredible user guide that was leaked (page 63, I think), yes, there is a voice input option on the Sense UI keyboard.
Q: a) Does the Sense UI unified mailbox include the push Gmail or is it still a separate app
b) Does the unified messaging include GTalk or is it still a separate app?
A: ?
Q: Can you opt to use the stock Android keyboard instead of the Sense UI one?
A: ?


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HTC Incredible :: Adding Music From Macbook?

Jun 25, 2010

How do I add music from a macbook to where it is put under the music folder? For my folder options when I take the sd card out and put it in the usb thingy to put in the usb drive, I have

1. albumthumbs
2. android
4. download
6. media (which has my pictures in it)
7. rosie_scroll

I have figured out how to put different sounds on it for my notifications and ringtones, but stumped on how to put songs on it to where they show up under the music folder. Again, this is from a macbook to the incredible.

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HTC Incredible :: Adding New Alert Tones

May 7, 2010

I would like to add the 'Droid' ringtone as an alert tone for text msgs. I found a way to add it as a ring tone but not an alert. I hooked the Inc to my pc but couldn't find a folder that stored the ring tones or alerts.

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HTC Incredible :: HTC Serious Lag With Sense Keyboard

Nov 16, 2010

1st I just wanted to know if I was the only one who experiences serious lag with the sense keyboard. 2nd Is their a way that I can shorten the length of the hepatic feedback on it

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Loading

Sep 26, 2010

After I did the OTA to 2.2 I am having a problem with sense loading. When I unlock my screen will say loading... for a bit while all my apps and such pop up on my home screen.

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HTC Incredible :: Can Sense UI Be Turned Off?

Apr 18, 2010

Can the Sense UI be turned off easily? I prefer a phone without it and I've been waiting for the Nexus One for Verizon or Sprint. With the HTC Incredible coming out I'm starting to wonder if the Nexus One is going to be pushed out a little further to give Incredible sales time to build. My contract was up months ago and I really need a new phone. I'm thinking of maybe just biting the bullet and getting the Incredible if I can shut off Sense.

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HTC Incredible :: Wii Remote On Sense

Jul 29, 2010

I know that there is an app to use your Wiimote with your phone, but it doesn't work with HTC Sense yet. Are there any other ways around this?

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Weather

Apr 29, 2010

I work in Basking Ridge, NJ and my Sense home screen keeps saying I am in New York. I cannot find where to make the change from a static location to my current location's weather.

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HTC Incredible :: Icons Used In Sense

Jun 7, 2010

Has anyone found or compiled all the app icons that come stock with the incredible including the folders and shortcut icons?

I want to replace my desktop icons with the icons used in sense and cant find them anywhere!

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HTC Incredible :: Sense 2.1 Can Be Disabled?

Apr 19, 2010

it can be disabled right? im hopefully getting ready to preorder the phone here shortly but want to make sure sense can be disabled

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HTC Incredible :: Need Fastest Sense Rom

Oct 12, 2010


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HTC Incredible :: Is There Way To Flash These Over To Sense Rom?

Aug 23, 2010

Is there a way to flash these over to a sense rom? I'm using Skyraider with sense right now, I'm more interested in the dialer.

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Clock

May 4, 2010

I have a couple of questions about the sense weather clock widget...first, when I had the Eris I though I remembered it actually flipping and I know in WM's sense it does flip. Also is there anyway to skin the clock w/out root? I had the black clock on my Eris after the 2.1v2 leak upgrade.

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HTC Incredible :: Adding Email To A Contact Thats Already Saved?

Jun 14, 2010

I have contacts saved already but want to add their emails or home #'s, not sure how to do it tho.

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HTC Incredible :: Adding A Single Contact To A Page

May 17, 2010

I don't want to add the Favorite's tool aka People Widget. I want to add a single contact to one of the pages. I had my boyfriend on one, but I wanted to move it to another page, and I accidentally deleted the icon (he's still in my People contact list). But I can't figure out how to add just ONE contact to the desktop.

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HTC Incredible :: Adding Programs To Home Screen

Jun 19, 2010

I have the HTC Incredible. Recently I realized that I cannot add any of the apps that I download from the Android Market to any of my home screens. If I try to add a program to my home scree, none of the apps recently installed (e.g, yelp, dictionary) show up in the list. But if I go to "All programs", they are there. Has anyone else had such a problem?

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HTC Incredible :: Adding Program To Player List

Jun 23, 2010

I thought this was covered before, but if it was, I can't find it.Is there a way to add a program, like a video player to the list that pops up when you want to "preview" a video in an email in Gmail"I keep getting wmv videos in my email and the only option is to "preview" it. When I say "OK" a list of players pops up, but none of them play the video, most don't do anything and some play the audio only. I have a player I would like to add to the list and even make it my default, but there is no way to leave the list of choices and "browse" to the player I want to use.Does anyone know where to add a player to the list?

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HTC Incredible :: Adding Music Controls To Notification Bars

Oct 5, 2010

Is there any roms out there that have music controls in pull down notification bar? If not someone should make that!

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HTC Incredible :: Adding Facebook Sync To Custom Roms

Jul 6, 2010

I know this exists, but I'm not quite understanding what step two means when it says mount my system partition. Any help would be greatly appreciated.droidsp0t - The Incredible Resource Want Facebook Sync back on your custom ROMs?

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HTC Incredible :: Custom Boot Animation / Adding Files

Jun 15, 2010

I followed all the instructions on the other really long thread. I am having one issue though. I installed SDK and the drivers, that all went perfect. The only issue I am having is with the actual I am thoroughly stuck. After I download a it shows up in winrar with 4 files (loading, eye, android, and the desc.txt) I know it has to go in tools. I am just not sure how? Do I add each folder or is there a way to add them all? I also know the name has to be I tried a few different ways and pushed it to my Inc. But I cant get it to boot with the animation.

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HTC Incredible :: Adding Exchange Calendar Entry Via Dinc

May 11, 2010

ActiveSync with Exchange works great with one exception. I can't create an Exchange calendar entry on the Dinc because Exchange is not listed as one of the calendar choices when creating a new calendar entry. Any calendar entry created on Exchange is synced to the Dinc & any Dinc modification to an Exchange calendar entry is synced back to Exchange. Just can't use the DInc to create a new calender entry on Exchange.

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