HTC Incredible :: Need Fastest Sense Rom

Oct 12, 2010


HTC Incredible :: Need Fastest Sense Rom

HTC Incredible :: Fastest Way To Discharge Battery?

Sep 6, 2010

What is the fastest way to discharge the battery?

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HTC Incredible :: Got Droid Incredible / Cant Turn Of HTC Sense

Apr 29, 2010

I cant turn it off is this a issue for anyone else and if you did how did you solve it.

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HTC Incredible :: Sense 2.1 UI

Apr 13, 2010

HTC Sense 2.1 UI - Incredible FAQ


Q: Can Sense UI be viewed in landscape mode? (at the home screens)
A: Not at the moment.
Q: Can Sense UI be disabled?
A: Yes, but certain HTC components will still be accessible/unavoidable. (Widgets and whatnot)
Q: When typing on the Sense UI keyboard:
a) Does a double tap on the spacebar produce a period?
b) When you are on the symbols page of the keyboard and you press a symbol and then the spacebar, does the keyboard automatically change back to the qwerty keyboard letters?
A: a) Yes
b) Yes
Q: What, if any, stock Android apps are removed or permanently altered by HTC/SenseUI?
A: ?
Q: Will the Incredible/Sense2.1 have Bluetooth headset handsfree voice dialing out of the box?
A: No. Although there MAY be an app/hack for it.
Q: Does the sense UI keyboard allow for voice input similar to the stock Android one?
A: Based upon the Incredible user guide that was leaked (page 63, I think), yes, there is a voice input option on the Sense UI keyboard.
Q: a) Does the Sense UI unified mailbox include the push Gmail or is it still a separate app
b) Does the unified messaging include GTalk or is it still a separate app?
A: ?
Q: Can you opt to use the stock Android keyboard instead of the Sense UI one?
A: ?


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HTC Eris :: Need Fastest Rom

Apr 26, 2010

Which one of the Roms is the fastest AND most stable.

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HTC Incredible :: HTC Serious Lag With Sense Keyboard

Nov 16, 2010

1st I just wanted to know if I was the only one who experiences serious lag with the sense keyboard. 2nd Is their a way that I can shorten the length of the hepatic feedback on it

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Loading

Sep 26, 2010

After I did the OTA to 2.2 I am having a problem with sense loading. When I unlock my screen will say loading... for a bit while all my apps and such pop up on my home screen.

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HTC Incredible :: Can Sense UI Be Turned Off?

Apr 18, 2010

Can the Sense UI be turned off easily? I prefer a phone without it and I've been waiting for the Nexus One for Verizon or Sprint. With the HTC Incredible coming out I'm starting to wonder if the Nexus One is going to be pushed out a little further to give Incredible sales time to build. My contract was up months ago and I really need a new phone. I'm thinking of maybe just biting the bullet and getting the Incredible if I can shut off Sense.

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HTC Incredible :: Wii Remote On Sense

Jul 29, 2010

I know that there is an app to use your Wiimote with your phone, but it doesn't work with HTC Sense yet. Are there any other ways around this?

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Weather

Apr 29, 2010

I work in Basking Ridge, NJ and my Sense home screen keeps saying I am in New York. I cannot find where to make the change from a static location to my current location's weather.

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HTC Incredible :: Icons Used In Sense

Jun 7, 2010

Has anyone found or compiled all the app icons that come stock with the incredible including the folders and shortcut icons?

I want to replace my desktop icons with the icons used in sense and cant find them anywhere!

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HTC Incredible :: Sense 2.1 Can Be Disabled?

Apr 19, 2010

it can be disabled right? im hopefully getting ready to preorder the phone here shortly but want to make sure sense can be disabled

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HTC Incredible :: Is There Way To Flash These Over To Sense Rom?

Aug 23, 2010

Is there a way to flash these over to a sense rom? I'm using Skyraider with sense right now, I'm more interested in the dialer.

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Clock

May 4, 2010

I have a couple of questions about the sense weather clock widget...first, when I had the Eris I though I remembered it actually flipping and I know in WM's sense it does flip. Also is there anyway to skin the clock w/out root? I had the black clock on my Eris after the 2.1v2 leak upgrade.

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HTC Hero :: Fastest Custom Gsm Rom

Jun 21, 2010

I flashed my recovery image. not i am waiting for a custom 2.1 htc hero rom...i want it rum fast and have cool weather animations...can you guide me thorough a stable htc ROM which you liked.and please kindly help me to proceed flashing the new ROM.

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HTC Eris :: How To Get Fastest Bug Free Rom?

Sep 17, 2010

I'm going to flash my first Rom...what's the quickest/no lag bug free Rom?

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General :: Fastest Way To Restore SMS / MMS

Apr 1, 2014

What is the fastest way to restore SMS/MMS after flashing a clean install or updating a ROM?I use Titanium Bkacup and I have about 13,000 messages and that takes about 20 - 25 minutes.

Also tried SMS Backup & Restore and that one is the same.

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HTC Incredible :: Updated To 2.2 OTA / Sense UI Restarts

Sep 8, 2010

I received the 2.2 OTA update. The phone is not rooted. Ever since 2.2, the Sense UI restarts dozens of times a day. By "restart" I mean the while HTC screen, followed by (loading...) with a spinner for about 10 sec. It happens sometimes when unlocking the screen, sometimes when returning from some app (totally random, no pattern that I can see). I know, "Factory Reset" or "Wipe and do RUU" or whatever other old wives' tale you want to dredge up from the posts here. Those drastic measures seem to have created new problems for as many (or more) people than they've helped.

Meanwhile I've seen references to this issue woven within threads on the many battery life and browser lag threads, but no thread on this issue itself. At the risk of creating more old wives' tales ("Uncle Festus told me I should"), I'd like to see if folks can detect a pattern or an app that might be making it happen. I suspect it's a bug in Sense on 2.2 and not some app. It started immediately after my 2.2 OTA, and before I installed any new apps. It seems to happen more often after some type of notification like an alarm or something that puts a notification into the pull down list. Did it start right after 2.2? When do you see it? Has someone found a cure apart from "reformatting the hard drive" (the ultimate sledgehammer)?

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HTC Eris :: Want To Orting 2.2 Sense From Incredible?

Aug 16, 2010

I really love the Sense widgets for messaging and email and was wondering if there are any alternatives out there I have overlooked. I have tried Launcher Pro and I have tried every app on the market for these items and can find nothing that does the trick for me. I love the speed and features of Froyo but it does nothing for me without these type of widgets. Am I forever stuck with extra Sense, Plain Jane, and Smash and Suave Sense? Has anyone made any progress with porting 2.2 Sense from the Incredible or Evo to Eris?

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HTC Incredible :: Stock Status Bar On Sense?

Sep 29, 2010

I am running the latest version of frankenrom. My question is can I get the stock status bar while still using sense? is there a them that would allow me to do that? I really only want to change the status bar so it looks like stock Android but nothing else.

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HTC Incredible :: Sense UI And Facebook Contacts?

Apr 21, 2010

Back when my friend first got her Droid, she showed me that she synched her Facebook account to her phone and all of her contacts were from Facebook. Does this still work the same way for HTC's Sense UI?I know that you can synch your Facebook account to the Incredible but does it actually make all of your contacts your Facebook friends? This is a feature I would like alot because all of my friends that I am close with are my FB friends and I really like having all of my contacts have pictures and their full names.

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Works In Landscape

Oct 30, 2010

So I got my sense to run in landscape, its clearly a glitch, but a repeatable one. I'm toying around with LP so I have home switcher. When you push home, the switcher comes up, as you select HTC Sense turn your phone into landscape, then sense will run like that. The home screens are a little werid, but all the apps and things work fine. FIGURE IT OUT HTC CMON

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HTC Incredible :: Droid X/2 Keyboard For Inc Does Sense

Oct 11, 2010

Tried loading the Droid 2 Keyboard I have onto IncDoes Sense v0.8.1 and I get FC every time. Anybody have any other APKs that have worked or that I could try?

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HTC Incredible :: Advantages / Disadvantages Of Having Sense?

Jun 28, 2010

I've rooted my Incredible, and I keep seeing roms that have Sense disabled. Can anyone point out the advantages of getting rid of Sense, and also what you'd lose if you got rid of it? (I really don't know much about Sense, I just know it was a talking point before the phone came out

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HTC Incredible :: Sense Launcher Crashing

May 26, 2010

my sense launcher on my DINC just crashed on me and I had to restart my phone. Anybody else have this problem? This is one of the first issues that I have had with the dinc besides the short battery and the intermittent signal that everyone seems to be experiencing. i hope they have an update soon and with any luck some of that sweet 2.2 goodness. let me know if anyone else haas experienced this.This message is being sent from my Incredible not using Tapatalk!

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HTC Incredible :: Can't Use Launcher Pro Plus / Sense Froyo

Aug 11, 2010

First Impressions of Android 2.2 for the DROID Incredible | Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog That article stated that you if you cleared the defaults for the home button in Sense Froyo, that it wouldnt let you select a different launcher (widget locker, launcher pro etc). Does this mean I can't use launcher pro on sense froyo? If not, does someone know of a stable ROM they're using that does allow this? I just rooted my phone today for the first time, and am getting the Froyo itch.

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HTC Incredible :: Window Animations And Sense

Aug 3, 2010

I came from stock android on the Moto Droid and now have the incredible with Sense... How come there are no sweet window animations in sense??? I miss this dearly and always thought it made the UI look nice...What I mean is when you open an app the app kinda of like expands out and when you close one in shrinks away... Can anyone help me get that back? I know I can have it on a hoime replacement app but I do not want to lose all the HTC widgets!

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Android :: Ringtones On 2.1 With Sense - Incredible

Apr 29, 2010

How or where should I store mp3 files that I want to use as ringtones, but don't necessarily want in my music library? I know you use the Music app to set a ringtone, but it only shows the files in the MP3 folder... I added a "Ringtones" folder, but I guess it's not reading it...

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Motorola Droid :: Sense UI From Incredible

Apr 15, 2010

I know i may be jumping the gun and it kinda has been done but since the incredible will be a CDMA phone, do you guys think that the Sense UI will work better with the Droid? I know on the Sense UI port from the Desire the problem was the radio was not matching up correctly.

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HTC Incredible :: Lock Screen - Sense/2.1

Apr 20, 2010

Let me start off with saying I love Sense. I would be getting the incredible if it didn't have it.

That said - I hate the lock screen. I don't know why, but that curved bar - swiping down..... i just don't like it.

The standard android lock screen, IMO, is 100x times better( nexus and droid).

Does anyone know if there's a quick way to turn off the sense lock screen, but keep sense active? I know there's ways w/ rooting. But I don't plan on rooting.... after flashing winmo phones forever, I know better. Fixes one thing, but usually something else ends up not working.

So basically - looking for a way to disable sense lock screen w/o rooting.

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