HTC EVO 4G :: Isnt Sending Videos Working?

Jun 29, 2010

Why cant i send videos from my evo to anyone?... its a 30mb bile but it wont email or nothing i cant even send it to my brother who has a evo.

HTC EVO 4G :: isnt sending videos working?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Bluetooth Isnt Working

Jul 23, 2010

Got my new Xperia x10 mini today and tried to bluetooth some pictures from my old phone to my new X10 MINI but it kept failin.It picked the other phone up in the bluetooth menu but when sending from my old phone to the x 10 it wouldnt let me.Also when takin a picture and then wanting to send the pic to my Girlfriends phone theres no option to bluetooth the pic.

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Motorola Droid :: Rooted - Phone Isnt Working

Jun 28, 2010

I ended up rooting to BB0.2 lastnight, did not have a chance to download 0.3, I have not installed any kernals yet, but just wondering why my camera and power buttons no longer work? do I need to script them, and what is the point of typing in scripts anyways, it just seems like more work to do rather than pushing a button to power off the phone. Also, if there was a problem with instalation, how do I revert the phone back to stock and start over, stock meaning non-rooted

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Multitasking Isnt Working Properly

Mar 13, 2010

We all know that if you hold the Home button it gives us a pop up of recently used applications that run in the background for a certain amount of time. But when I do this, then I press home to get back to the home screen, I get that annoying pop up asking me if I want to use Home or HTC Sense UI. So I checkmark the box to set HTC Sense UI to default and when I press home any other time, it goes to the home screen... But when I use that multitasking feature, it shows that damn screen again...

Is this because of Fresh 1.1? Or is there a way I can get rid of this?

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HTC Desire :: Sync Isnt Working - Says Sync Is Currently Experiencing Problems It Will Be Back Shortly'

Jun 22, 2010

My phone sync wont work

Everytime i try, it says 'Sync is currently experiencing problens. It will be back shortly'

Ive had this problem for several days

I also cant download from the Market, the download appears to start & says 'Starting download' but never progresses, i assume this could be to do with the sync not working.

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Media :: Sending Videos - Forward With Mms

Dec 16, 2008

I put a couple of videos on my sd card. Is there any way to forward them to someone else with the mms?

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Motorola Droid X :: Sending Pics And Videos

Sep 16, 2010

Sending pics and videos to a site for sharing is pretty easy. Now this is considering you have Photobucket and You Tube. Couldn't tell you about others. Basically after setting up your accounts with them, the camera software will send the pics to them thru the "share" option. Videos require a Wi-Fi connection. The new You Tube now does HD video, so they show up in high-quality 720p. Pretty much easy as can be. Sent a 15mb video in about a minute or so. Thought that was darn good.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Sending Videos To Facebook

Apr 7, 2010

I'm having a hard time uploading videos that I record with my Eris to Facebook. After recording the video, Facebook is not one of the options that is presented to me when I click share. When I try YouTube, I get an error message that the video is too large. My only option is to e-mail it to myself, then go to my computer and upload from there. Not really what I'm looking for.

I believe there's an app called Qik or something like that which my do this but I'm not sure?

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Motorola Droid :: Sending Videos As A Text

Apr 12, 2010

I use to be able to send short videos to my family and friends as a text. My droid doesnt allow this. Am I missing something.

Another issue I am having is there doesnt seem to be a way to send videos to through the facebook app.

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Samsung Captivate :: Sending Videos Via MMS / File Too Large

Oct 16, 2010

Well, I am sure that at some point in time you all have sent a video but I am trying to figure out why I can't send videos. Last night, I was performing at a night club and I wanted to send the videos to friends and what not so they can hear our singing. However, the video clips are anywhere from 8-20 seconds long and they are not in HD quality but 3gp. Yet it tells me the message can't be attached because it's too large.

Today I had a show, and my brother recorded me and I wanted to send the video out and it still says the same thing. Is there anything I can do? I love At & T but I am wondering does this have anything to do with their Data cap because when I had my Droid X and Incredible on Verizon. I was able to send videos up to 30 seconds long to phones via MMS but I can't send videos on my Captivate. I couldn't send videos either on the Xperia X10, I had, the aria I had, and now the backflip. (I am just using it because I love motoblur for the social networking, not the phone).

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Pictures / Videos Through SMS Not Sending

Sep 28, 2010

I can NOT send pictures through SMS on an X10a Unbranded phone, but if I use a X10a Rogers unlocked it works, I'm on AT&T, both phones have the same APNs and all the settings I can check, any suggestions?

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HTC Incredible :: Sending A Video Still Not Working

Oct 16, 2010

Im having an issue sending a video on my incredible. i dont understand whats going on and i dont think im doing something wrong but who knows...

I went into camcorder, changed everything to defult. i changed the resolution to the 640 and was able to send up two a 2 second video. then i went to the lowest resolution which was like 320 or whatever and was able to send up to a 5 second video. thats about it... i sat on the phone with verizon maybe...2 hours? THEY could not figure it out. they said they has to borrow another verizon enployee's phone to mess with it and she kept getting the same issue saying the file is two large. its set for 30 seconds, then 20 seconds, 15, 10, all of them will not work over 5 seconds of a video to send. they said they dont understand why there is nothing in the settings saying switch to mms or sms or something and contacting someone to update that asap because it made no sence to them. i dont understand this and its getting annoying.

So then, i tried downloading some app called youcast or whatever, and it kind of worked. it says it bypasses the size limit or whatever. i sent a video to my friend and it says he got it, but needs to download the app first to view it. im waiting to hear from him if he downloads it and is able to view it. but that still sucks because what if you dont have an android? then youcast wont work.

And not only is this issue with me, but 6 of my friends with the htc incredible are not able to send videos either after they messed around with it all.

So my questions are...

Is there any other apps out there like youcast that might work or be better too?

My settings right now on camcorder are...

white balance: auto
resolution: QVGA(320x240) and i tried switching around between that all the way to 720p(1280x720)
storagehone storage and i have switched to storage card
encoding type MPEG4
Recording Limit: 30 seconds. again i tried all other settings.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Trying To Send Videos And Not Working

Nov 21, 2010

so I take a video that's 30 seconds long which seems short to me for sending videos but it keeps saying file too large. Is there some settings I can adjust. it just seems like a phone like this should be able to send longer video then 30 seconds Im using handsent.

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Motorola Droid X :: Convert Videos For Working On Mac

Oct 10, 2010

I have just started playing around with the video on my new x. I uploaded some files onto my mac and they opened with Quicktime. Im not sure what format the files were copied in, but I tried to import them into imovie so I could edit them and it doesnt seem to recognized the files I uploaded from the x. Can someone tell me what format the x video is in and how I might convert this to a mac friendly file (preferably for free).

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Motorola Droid :: Videos Not Working On Custom ROM

Oct 11, 2010

Im rooted running chevyno1 v4.8...videos that used to play on my phone on the internet dont now. it tries to load them then i get a popup that says video cannot be played.i do have flash player downloaded...

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Samsung Moment :: Youtube Videos Are Not Working

Apr 24, 2010

For some reason, youtube videos are not working on my phone. They were working lasst night!? I am running the HQ youtube app FYI and am on Dd10. Why did it suddenly stop working? Now when I click into videos, it says cannot play video.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Most Youtube Videos Not Working After Update

Dec 13, 2009

Ever since my update I get a message that I the phone cannot play the video. Some play in low quality but when you try high quality it says it can't play it. I just go to the music category and most of the top videos I no longer can view. Did they change something with the update to prevent youtube videos from playing. A very low percentage play.

I'm using the youtube app on the menu.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Youtube App Not Working - Videos Don't Load At All?

Apr 25, 2010

Every single time my boyfriend goes on youtube on 3G, the videos don't load at all...why is that?

It works well on wifi >.

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Android :: Application Goes To Background Still Continue Working (sending / Getting Data From Internet)?

Oct 19, 2010

my application is not a service, it's a normal application, with some windows and some stuff. i dont wanna make it a service cos is too munch complicated and i prefeer to avoid it then, if my application is not a service, when it goes to background (home key pressed for example), it continues working (sending/getting data from internet)? i ask this because i read this on a developer guide tutorial: "Because an Activity can perform actions only while it is active and in focus, you should create your status bar notifications from a Service"

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Videos Taken On Phone / Not Working With MediaGo?

Oct 8, 2010

I've taken several videos using my Xperia X10 (fantastic phone btw!). I can watch them back on my phone, however, when I open MediaGo, they are not on the "video clips" area but instead are in the "other files" area. Fine, however, when I try to play them, I get the following message "The file does not appear to be supported.

If you would like Media Go to attempt to play it, right click the file and choose re-scan". I do the "re-scan" but alas, am met with the same message when trying to play the video file? It seems strange that I captured the video on my x10, can play it on my x10, however, MediaGo for some reason doesn't support it?

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HTC Hero :: My Computer Isnt Recognizing

Jul 10, 2010

I have downloaded the HTC sync program. I have plugged in my Hero, to the computer... I went to the notifications menu and had it serach for the HTC program. and it said it did not recognize it... But the Sync program was up and running. Also on the left hand corner of the sync program. It said disconnected. What can I do to fix this?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Touchscreen Isnt Very Sensitive

May 19, 2010

ok my hero's touchscreen isnt very sensitive, i will try to click somethign and it wont respond, like when i am dialing, it will work to good for some numbers, but other numbers refuse to work.

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Android :: EVO Is Offering The 2.2 Update - But Isnt Changing Anything

Aug 6, 2010

I downloaded the Android 2.2 update, it installed and everything, but it is still showing Android 2.1-update1 in the Phone info. After it reset, it said that Froyo was installed.

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HTC Incredible :: Why Isnt Sense Syncing Facebook

Jul 22, 2010

So i removed my Facebook account from sync and tryd adding it back, now it doesn't sign in or sync.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Youtube On Wifi Isnt Clear And Music Player Is To Low

Jun 15, 2010

whenever i play videos on youtube thru wifi it looks like im running 480p which i dont like because i want to watch videos in 720p whats going on here? also has anyone found a program that will give the phone an equalizer or something ? the stock music player sucks and music plays to low.

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Android :: Can Download Apps If Market Isnt Available In Country

Feb 15, 2010

Well im looking to get an android device soon, and after some searching around i came across this link:

Supported locations for distributing applications - Android Market Help

which doesnt list my country (cyprus). I basically cant download free or paid apps from the market
So is my only choice to download the .apk file from the net and put it on my SD card? Is there any other way? Also will the market app "recognize" which apps i have installed?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Email Isnt Loading On Its Own

Oct 3, 2010

The email is setup to be checked every 10 minutes but it wont load unless i go into the email app and refresh it and then it loads my new emails. it was working fine earlier and most of today it hasnt been working.

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HTC EVO 4G :: On The Front Page Of And The Headline Isnt Positive

May 30, 2010

4G wireless: It's fast, but outstripped by hype - Yahoo! News

The author of the article is right on for the most part. Im willing to pay $199 for the latest and greatest once a year so I dont mind if WiMax will be the niche 4G tech in a year or two. By then, I'll move on to an LTE phone of stick with WiMax, who cares whats happening in 18 months...I'll have my EVO Friday and be able to upgrade in a year.

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Android :: Why Isnt WebView Filling Up The Entire Width Of Screen

Oct 4, 2010

My WebView doesn't fill the entire width of my phone. I am telling to fill_parent.

Not sure why?


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Samsung Epic 4G :: When Press The Back Button All The Way Isnt It Suppose To Close The Browser

Sep 30, 2010

When I press the back button all the way isnt it suppose to close the browser? The web browser still shows as a running app.

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