HTC Desire :: Clear Sent Messages

Jul 9, 2010

I need to clear my sent messages, but I can't for the life of me find the sent items folder. Where is it stored on the Desire?

HTC Desire :: clear sent messages

HTC Desire :: Ay To Disable The Native Messages Application As Double Messages

May 15, 2010

Installed Handcent and was wondering if there is a way to disable the native messages application as double messages is starting to become annoying

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HTC Desire :: How To Clear Internet History For HTC Desire?

May 16, 2010

I desperately need to clear my internet history. On my new HTC all previous addresses come up when typing in an address and there are two in particular I need to delete.

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HTC Desire :: Where To Get Cache Clear Application?

Apr 27, 2010

We've had our desire's for a few weeks now and was just wondering what the phones performance is like for you guys/gals? you've all put on apps that you want and music and videos etc., has this affected the phone in anyway? Does it still run like it did out of the box or do you experience lag or other faults? Interested what you have to say.

The only gripe that I have is it is sometimes slow to access the market and takes a few seconds to load the page when scrolling down and I've got a stutter when I access an app to read reviews. Other than that it still runs smooth, I've got music, videos, apps, widgets and voice to text on mine and is easily the best phone I've ever had. Has anybody got a cache cleaner app, I can only find one for rooted phones?

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HTC Desire :: What Happens When Clear Data For Certain Apps

Oct 18, 2010

I really need to free up some space for future downloads. Before I just go ahead and clear data for random apps there are a few I'm quite sceptical about doing this to in-case it deletes certain things that can take a while to get back to the way it was before, if at all.

*HTC SENSE 2.42MB I don't use sense I use LauncherPro and don't plan on going back to sense in the near future.

*Facebook 2.52MB

*Facebook for HTC Sense 9.08MB <- I don't use this, I only use the above Dloadable app from the market.

*Google Maps 1.48MB

*Contract storage 9.52MB really? HOW? if i was to remove all my contacts and save them to my sim instead would this sort out the issue? I've noticed over time that certain contacts I have like 10 duplicates for, I think this is because I had difficulty getting facebook profile pics as contact pics. Is there away for me to go through every contact and delete these unneeded, useless contacts?

Are the main ones id like to find out about.

The following few apps I'm guessing if I clear this data it will remove certain settings from my phone but I would still like some info on this if possible.

*Settings 14.74MB

*Astro File Manager 96.00KB Manage space? what will that do?

*FolderOrganizer 1.11MB im guessing that will remove folders & icons if i was to clear this data?

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HTC Desire HD :: Speaker Quality Not Very Loud Or Clear?

Nov 13, 2010

What is the quality of the DHD speaker, I've heard it's not very loud or clear? I'm upgrading from an iphone 2G which had a terrible speaker, so I assume it's better than that. Is it loud enough to listen to music without headphones?

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HTC Desire :: Way To Clear Bluetooth Folder Of Phone?

Oct 9, 2010

I have deleted all content in bluetooth folder via Astro file manager from my SD card but the name of the deleted files still remained in bluetooth folder. Is there any way to clear it off? anyone has any idea? Thanks a lot.

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HTC Desire :: Selectively Clear Notifications Individually

Jun 14, 2010

During the day, my Desire may accumulate a number of notifications from Calendar, the Missed Call app, and from other apps. I would like to be able to clear these individually, rather than using the Clear button at the top of the notification screen, which clears all outstanding notifications in bulk. Long clicking a notification to get an option to clear it would be an ideal solution.

Is there a way of doing this, or something similar? Have I missed something obvious?

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HTC Desire :: Find Clear History In Settings?

Apr 27, 2010

I cant seem to be able to find the clear history in settings?

Also, when the history seems to be removed and i hit back button it goes back to the site anyway. any ideas?

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HTC Desire :: Clear New Phone Of All Orange Stuff?

May 27, 2010

I just received my HTC Desire(Orange Contract) literally 10 minutes ago, I was wonderwing what the best way is to get rid of all the pre installed Orange apps from my network provider, stuff like Orange app market and Orange Maps etc

Is there a reset to factory settings, and if so would this wipe all Orange stuff?

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HTC Desire : How To Get Clear Reception On Phone FM Radio?

Jul 2, 2010

I am not able to get a clear reception on the Desire FM radio. the sound is pretty scratchy and has lot of disturbance. earlier i used nokia phones and the were working perfectly.

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HTC Desire :: How To Clear Calandar Data To Internal Memory?

Jul 27, 2010

I clear that will it delete everything out of my calendar (and then sync up to Google calendar wiping all my events? Or will it clear everything on the phone and then start to re-populate the phone calendar with my online Google calendar? Is there somewhere in android you tell it to only sync X number of weeks with the calendar - I vaguely remember seeing this before but I forget where.

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HTC Desire :: Can't Clear Keyboard Input On Contacts Screen

Oct 13, 2010

Cannot clear text typed on the Contacts (People) screen 'All' tab.I went to the contacts (People) screen, to the All tab.Without selecting any contact, I held down the Menu button. This brought up the keyboard. I thought this could be another way to search the contacts so I started typing.The Text appeared in a grey box over the keyboard. When I pressed the enter key on the keyboard nothing happened. The backspace key also does *not* erase any of the letters I've entered.When I pressed the keyboard away key, the keyboard disappears but the text in the grey box remains floating over my contacts list. I can tap on contacts underneath it but not interact with the box itself.If I hold down the menu key again, I get the keyboard back and can add more letters to the box but not remove any!If I go to one of the other tabs (Groups, Online directories, Call History) the box is hidden but it returns when I go back to the All tab.

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HTC Desire :: Free Up Internal Memory - Clear Data For Contacts?

Sep 22, 2010

33MB worth of data. Obviously all contacts will be backed up in gmail. So I can't lose anything permanently. But will I lose my favorites menu on my Desire? What other hassle will I have to go through if I Clear Data for contacts?

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Android :: What Does HTC Sense Clear Data Actually Clear?

Jun 24, 2010

What exactly does HTC Sense Clear Data actually clear? That may be a solution to reverting back to 5 homescreen pages instead of 7 without having to do a factory reset. Just curious as to what I am going to mess up? Will i just have to personalize the homescreen again, put widgets up, reconnect to fb, twitter, myfaves, etc. It's not going remove any 3rd party apps, just make me create new widgets, etc..?

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HTC Desire :: Printing From HTC Desire - Emails And Text Messages

Aug 27, 2010

Printing limitations. I can print photos using the HP iPrint App, but is there an easy way to print emails and text messages?

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HTC Desire :: HTC Desire -Error Messages

Sep 8, 2010

Im on my second phone through US Cellular the problem I have is that I get a error message ,whenever I get an incoming text concerning my contacts back up

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HTC Desire :: Desire Default Messages App

May 31, 2010

My question is about the default messages application which manages the SMS/MMS messages. I have some contacts who use different mobiles depending on their location (French phone in France and UK phone for the UK). When I receive a message from such a contact, as far as I know, I only have the option to reply (by clicking on the text input box) to the number the message came from, even if the contact already has several numbers stored...Is there anyway round this apart from creating a new message separately?

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HTC Desire :: Desire Sometimes Sends Messages More Than Once

Jun 1, 2010

As per the title of this thread, I've noticed that sometimes my desire sends text messages more than once, even though it only shows one in my message conversation list thing. Seems to happen whenever there's not been any reception, and when trying again might be sending it more than once?

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HTC Desire :: HTC Desire - Messages Keeps Crashing

Jun 6, 2010

Just got my new HTC Desire and it has crashed twice now on my text messages screen losing all my conversations with people. Basically, it comes up with an error message and I have to force a shutdown. Is there something I can do about this? Is this a general fault?

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HTC Desire :: Messages

Sep 1, 2010

Does anyone notice when they have alot of messages - when you make new text messages or just try to browse through old ones it lags alot?

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HTC Desire :: SMS Messages All Gone

Aug 22, 2010

All of my SMS messages have disappeared, I have had my HTC Desire since the end of May and suddenly today all my SMS messages are gone without warning. I had auto backup to SD card enabled, but this option seems to have disappeared on 2.2, even if I could retrieve the old messages that were backed up to the SD card beforehand that would be great, there's nothing left! Delete old messages is turned off and I have tried turning the phone off and back on again but it hasn't helped.

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HTC Desire HD :: Sms All Messages

Nov 9, 2010

Way to go back to sms all messages with having to hit "menu > all messages"? I have noticed the messages shortcut usually takes me to my last sms messgae rather than the inbox(all messages) - can this shortcut be altered? the iphone back to all messages button would be handy on android

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HTC Desire :: Lots Of SMS Messages

Jun 12, 2010

I have around 3000 messages from one person, currently they are all in one conversation, because of the number it takes a few moments to load the page. I know I can set the phone up to delete the old messages, but I don't really like deleting messages, or email, I just don't like doing it. I'm looking for an app (or if the existing message app has a solution) that will allow me to have a smaller conversation or a way to load just the last few messages unless I ask to see older messages similar the the iphone. Does anyone know if this kind of thing exists?

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HTC Desire :: Why When Forwarding Messages They Sent As MMS?

Apr 9, 2010

Earlier today i forwarded a text to 3 people in my contacts list, but i was notified that it would be sent as an MMS. why and what i can do to prevent this happening again?

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HTC Desire :: Txt Messages Lost

Jul 29, 2010

Was wondering if anyone else is having problems with their HTC Desire, wiping their txt messages from their phones? Sometimes when i try to send a txt message my phone forces a close and when it re-opens the txt messages, all my messages have been lost, very annoying it is. Any thoughts on how to stop this or is my phone faulty? Also for some reason my phone won't back up my data to my SD card which it says it will do automatically.

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HTC Desire :: Handcent Get Messages Twice

May 20, 2010

I installed Handcent and i'm happy with it, but one thing is bugging me.When i get a message, i get it twice, once with Handcent and once with the original message application. So i get the same message tone twice AND to message notifications.How do i turn off the "original" messaging app?

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HTC Desire :: Messages Keep Closing

May 2, 2010

For some reason, sometimes, when I open my 'messages', they automatically close after a few seconds. I have the t-mobile UK version of the desire. It is strange because it doesn't always happened and I cannot think of any applications which were running while would effect it.

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HTC Desire :: Backing Up Messages And Everything

Sep 23, 2010

So i had a memory card 16gb sandics but it kept deleteing pics and stuff so i got a replacement from vodafone but i want to save all my messages and all my apps and everything. also i am going to add a new rom on my phone and i will have to do a full wipe and that will delete everything can anyone help me with this?

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HTC Desire :: Messed Up Messages

Nov 2, 2010

I have encountered a problem with messages. I've seen it in both Android Version 2.1 and 2.2. I have not been able to find posts about but I cant be the only one experiencing this. It's a bit hard to explain, but let me try. The problem is that sometimes when I recieve a message that is more than one message long it is messed up. After character 160 something is not right. The text is replaced by a part of a former message (not necesarily the last one). First time it occured I tried to factory reset and the problem disappeared, but problem with market made med factory reset recently. Now the problem is back and of course I could try to factory reset again and hope for the best, but its getting a bit tiresome.

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