HTC Desire :: Data Cables - How To Identify Fast Charging Ones?

Jun 2, 2010

Hopefully i'm not asking anything obvious here.Basically I worked out that my HTC cable which came with my handset charges a lot quicker than the ebay ones I bought. I did some testing and initially I thought the spare 1000mA adaptor I bought was at fault. I only got about 6% charge per 30 mins. But then I tried the same adaptor with my HTC cable, and it gave me 15% in 30 mins.So I want to buy a spare cable, but I don't know how to tell the difference. Anyone able to explain, or direct me to a cable?

HTC Desire :: Data cables - How to identify fast charging ones?

Motorola Droid :: Charging With 3rd Party Cables?

Nov 8, 2009

I purchased some additional microUSB cables for use with my Droid at work and home so I'm not carrying one around all the time. I've found that the third party cables will not charge the Droid when plugged into the AC plug. The cable supplied by Motorola works fine, so I know it's not the AC plug. The cables do work as data connections when plugged into my laptop. Did I just buy crappy cables, or is there something special about the Moto cable?

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Samsung Captivate :: 3rd Party USB Cables Charging Only 50%?

Aug 29, 2010

Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that if you use any other USB cable aside from the one provided, that your Captivate only charges up to 50%? I tried using the sync cable from my old Nokia (which is that same USB A type to mini B like the Captivate), plugged into the Samsung wall charger, and even after a full night of being on the charger, the battery indicator was only at 50%! What's the deal with that!? The other thing to note is that, when I use the Samsung cable and the Samsung charger, it just charges, like what you'd expect. But if I say, use my Samsung charger, and the USB cable instead, it prompts me with the same question you get as if plugging into a PC (Mass Storage, Kies, Media player, etc.)What's going on re?

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General :: Fast Charging For Galaxy

Feb 6, 2013

When I did a search, but no results. How do I let the battery charge full speed? OR what Rom I Should to install?. Since I need till 3 hours to charge the battery, but use less than 2 hours to surf.

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General :: Kext For Fast Charging On Mac OSX?

May 16, 2013

Is there a kext for fast charging for Android on Mac OSX?

Like for iPad, they get extra operating current 1600mA, so with the original 500mA the iPad is charging by 2.1A, right from the USB port. Even Blackberry Z10 gets the same treatment!

Can we do a OSX-side kext mod for Android to specify the extra operating current, such that Android charge faster on Mac? As most devices can take at least 1A nowadays.

Are Android Composite loaded by /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOUSBCompositeDriver.kext ? How can I locate and modify the field for extra operating current?

I hope to build the kext mod and, in the future, to build a small utility app for users to specify the extra operating current for Android.

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General :: Battery Dying Very Fast Even In Charging?

Jan 6, 2014

I am using crystal clear ROM by Fuser-invent battery is dying very fast and not charging more than 48%.And also is not charging when its ShutDown(shows charging). Nexus 7

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HTC Desire :: All USB Cables Are Not Alike

May 4, 2010

This is similar although not identical to some other threads.I bought a cheap (Nokia) USB cable to use at work. It seemed not to be charging the phone very quickly. Today I did some tests. It does charge the phone from my work PC but not nearly as fast as the HTC supplied cable.Generally, if I leave the phone plugged in but do some browsing on and off during the day, at the end of the day the phone is pretty much where it was, battery-wise, at the start.With the HTC cable, it charges pretty quickly (i.e a couple of hours).The data transfer rate is the same with both cables.Is there a sure way of knowing what cable to buy to get the same performance? (Short of buying an HTC cable

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Tethering Eating Battery / Usb Not Charging Fast Enough

Jan 20, 2010

Anyone else have this issue? I'm tethering using wireless Tethering for root users and it's murdering my battery. the usb port couldn't even keep the battery stable.I currently have it charging from the laptop turned off. Does this sound normal? Do I have something eating my battery up?

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HTC Desire :: Are All USB Cables Created Equal?

May 15, 2010

Or is my Desire faulty?Hi, had my Desire about a week now and absolutely loving it.I bought a couple of spare USB cables from eBay (they were listed as being suitable for the Desire fwiw) - mainly for charging - but why I plug the Desire into my laptop with them I get Device not Recognized - even before I've selected the connectivity option on the Desire.It works OK with the HTC cable and a cable that came with my Jabra headset. The eBay cables seem to recognise an old Nokia 6300. So, as suggested in this thread, are all cables not created equal and the eBay cables of insufficient quality for the Desire or is the Desire faulty?

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HTC Desire :: Use Ipod Charger Plug With Other Usb Mini Cables?

May 31, 2010

Can i use my ipod charger plug, with one of my many spare usb-mini usb cables i have for many gadgets (ie cameras/camcorders), to charge my desire? or is the ipod plug rated to push through a different numbers of amps/volts/currants/electrons/whatever to my desire, ultimately killing it? this will save me and probably a lot of other folk a few quids in buying spare chargers etc, as i am sure we've all got a spare mini-usb cable and an ipod lying around. i am talking about this part, or one of these for car charging.

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HTC Desire :: Identify Unbranded / Unlocked Phone?

May 12, 2010

The Desire I obtained from the local 3 Store came in a standard HTC Desire box with no special marking and just the standard HTC quick start guide. I just had a thought that it might be unlocked so I tried Orange, Vodafone and O2 PAYG SIMs. All seem to work giving me phone service but not data. The box is marked HTC Desire A8181. Am I correct in thnking it is unlocked?

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HTC Desire :: Identify Screen Type - Slcd / Amoled?

Nov 19, 2010

I searched many forums but there seems to be no clear way to identify the screen type other than by eye. Clue #1: The box has no mention of AMOLED. Clue #2: P/N is 99HKZ009-00 Clue #3: Made in China Clue #4: Unbranded, unlocked phone bought from a US retailer. My plan is to root. According to what I've read so far, the method depends on the type of screen, SLCD or AMOLED. I need to know for sure, so as not to brick the phone.

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Android :: Fast Way To Compress Binary Data?

Nov 2, 2010

I have some binary data (pixel values) in a int[] (or a byte[] if you prefer) that I want to write to disk in an Android app. I only want to use a small amount of processing time but want as much compression as I can for this. What are my options?In many cases the array will contain lots of consecutive zeros so something simple and fast like RLE compression would probably work well. I can't see any Android API functions for this though. If I have to loop over the array in Java, this will be very slow as there is no JIT on most Android devices. I could use the NDK but I'd rather avoid this if I can.

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HTC Desire :: Fast Connects To Satellites?

Apr 19, 2010

I just got my Desire last week, upgrade on Vodafone from a Samsung Omnia, and this one is by far THE best one ever. PRO: with 1Ghz cpu it runs like the wind apps:lots of them and till now haven't had any problem with any game or app, one of my favorites is AndFTP...use it to conect to my computer via wifi to get all that i need GPS: i can't belive how fast it conects it self to satelites, i haven't tested it on a cloudy day, cause it been all sunshine these days. the time it took to conect was les then 10 sec out side, and less then 30sec-1 min indoor near a window. with my previous phones N95-8G and Omnia, if it was sunny...2-3 min, cloudy-more the 5min...sometimes 10min, and indoor by the sick of waiting more than 10-15 min.'s big enough network conection....never fails...full signal anyware, unlike my wifes sam jet on "3" network witch kind of suck, outside signal quite good, but more or leass with no signal came preinstalled with a sandisk 4g microsd card very thin-for what it has inside....

-can't install apps on sdcard (why is that???is that how all andoird OS are? do i have to root it, and if so is it possible to root the desire?) low memory on the phone to install apps and practicly asks for rooting wheres all the memory???...on gsmarena and other the desires specs the Internal memory si 576 MB RAM; 512 MB ROM, and i use smart monitor lite and at system my it says my memory is 398.34, and at storage (/systems+/cache+/data adds to 250+40+147=437)...can't properly close and app -no DIVX...come one...why???..

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HTC Desire :: Screen Turns Off Too Fast

Jun 14, 2010

When i am having a wank over some of my pictures the screen turns off before i am even close to finishing and i dont want to touch the screen again incase it gets sticky.

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HTC Desire :: Main Music Player Seems To Drain Battery Fast

Jun 17, 2010

So, after getting rid of my iPod Touch and a lovely Sony Ericsson Elm, I'm in the possession this beautiful device. I've been currently using this device as my main music player as well, it seems very good (apart from no equalizers).

The problem is, the music player seems to drain the battery pretty fast. I've been searching around and people have said to have gotten max 7 and a half hours on a full battery? Compared to even the iPhone 3g, which I know is UP TO 24 hours, but that doesn't ever mean you'll get full time, probably 15 or 16 hours, thats very poor.

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HTC Desire :: Updates Come Thick And Fast With Loads Of Cool New Features?

Mar 30, 2010

I'm new to this whole Android game so you'll have to excuse my n00bness.

As I understand it, the Nexus One gets any Android updates quickly because they come straight from Google and the Nexus is a vanilla install.

The Desire uses Sense though so we would have to wait for updates on that to be made compatible by HTC

Am I right so far?

So I guess my real question is how much of an issue is this? Do updates come thick and fast for Android with loads of cool new features, or is it once in a blue moon you may get something new? Do HTC generally keep Sense up to date with the latest release?

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HTC Desire :: Battery Running Out Fast Sometimes Not Getting Incoming Calls / 63% Is Normal?

Jun 30, 2010

I have my desire from the end of april. Everything was ok, battery runs about 30-50 hours depending on the load til last week monday. I start to receive a sms about missed calls and peoples tell me what then they call me operator says that phone is out of reach. Now the battery runs only a day. about 12 hours.
I take a look into Battery use and there shows that Android system uses about 63% Is this normal?

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General :: Desire HD Battery Drains Very Fast Even In Deep Sleep

Nov 22, 2012

Battery of desire hd drains very fast even in the deep sleep. Tried every rom did full wipe turned off wifi gps etc tried every thing but no luck i tried current widget it not below 60 MA. Is it the problem of battery or the hardware? and when i switch to airplane mode amazingly it goes to 2 MA.

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HTC Incredible :: When And Where Can We Get Video Out Cables

May 6, 2010

Love to play videos on my tv - When and where can we get video out cables

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Samsung Moment :: Are There Any Cables For Tv Out?

Aug 6, 2010

Are there any cables for tv out on the Samsung Moment? Does the moment support these cables? I want to display the home screen and browse the Internet and play emulators on my tv with the moment if possible.

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Motorola Droid :: USB Docking Cables

Feb 14, 2010

I left the USB cable that came with my phone at the office, so i decided to try and use a generic cable that i had lying around to transfer files from my computer to my phone (with the help of a micro USB adaptor). However, when plugged up to my computer, it only charges the phone but does not give me the option to mount the SD card as it does when i use the Motorola cable. The generic cable i have came with my external hard drive, and i've been able to use it to transfer files to multiple devices with no problems. I thought all USB cables were pretty much the same, so did Motorola put something like a chip in the cable to get people to buy OEM?

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HTC Incredible :: Just A Heads Up On Some Retractable Cables

May 13, 2010

I tried several retractable micro usb cables that didn't quote work for me; some of them did data and no charge, while some charged but didn't do data.I found these cables on ebay and bought 5 of them. Finally, a cheap retractable cable that charges reliably (even from AC outlet) despite being thin and flexible. Data works perfectly too.As a note, I have no affiliation with the seller - in fact, I think that multiple sellers are selling the identical generic cable under several labels so you might be able to get it cheaper.USB A to Micro B Retractable Cable For LG Rumor Touch - eBay These are great because they are so much smaller than normal cables when retracted - I keep one in my car, laptop bag, plugged into a few AC chargers, etc. My only gripe is that I wish they were a bit longer (they are only maybe 2.5ft long) but I can live with that since it actually charges the phone properly.

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HTC 4G :: Micro USB Cables Insert Without A Hitch Into EVO?

Jun 8, 2010

Will other micro-usb cables insert without a hitch into the EVO? Or only HTC's?FEDEX is bringing my EVO any minute!!!I want to make sure I didn't waste money on three of these:USB 2.0 A Male to Micro 5pin Male 28/24AWG Cable w/ Ferrite Core - (Gold Plated) - 3ft

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HTC Desire :: Charging Your Phone In Car

Jun 18, 2010

I have had my Desire for a few days now, and yesterday we decided to go out for a drive, so I thought I would use the Sat Nav to get us about (NDrive). The battery in the phone was about half charged. Was listening to music whilst using the sat nav, and when we arrived at our destination, the battery was still reading half charge - even though it had been charging for over an hour in the car.

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HTC Desire HD :: Phone Not Charging

Nov 22, 2010

I noticed last night that my Desire HD wasn't charing, I had it plug'ed into the socket, then tried charging it via my laptop and then X box 360, the orange light stayed on until I went to sleep, but when I woke up, the battery was still orange, around 25% full. I don't know if its relevant, but I had upgraded the firmware around the day before, anything to do with it? Phoned up e2 Save who said I need to take it to the Car phone warehouse tomorrow, but wondering if there is something I can do at home?

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HTC Desire :: Phone Gets Hot While Charging

Aug 10, 2010

Me and my bf have both got these phones and both of them get quite hot when they charge -particulary when we are playing games or browsing when its charging. Is this "the norm" for these phones? Anybody else get the same thing on their Desire?

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HTC Desire :: Phone Not Charging To 100%

May 27, 2010

put my phone to charge over night and it charges like 90% to 95% never gets to 100% but did a few days ago. over literally had it a week. anyone know how to fix this.

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HTC Desire :: Charging USB And AC Differences

May 7, 2010

If I use my HTC Desire for Google Navigation in the car, with the phone plugged into a USB power adaptor for the cigarette lighter socket with the cable that was supplied with the phone, the battery still runs down.A dialogue pops up when the battery is getting low saying words to the effect that the phone is using more power than is coming in via the charging cable.I notice that the phone distinguishes between being charged on AC and being charged by USB. In Settings->About Phone->Battery it says, "Charging (USB)" or "Charging (AC)". I believe that charging from a PC USB socket is limited to <500ma by the USB spec. I guess the phone knows that it can draw more current when connected to the AC charger.The supplied AC charger must have some way to tell the phone that it is connected. Perhaps it communicates with the phone via the USB data lines, or something simpler like the data lines being shorted together?The USB power adaptor I have in my car can source 1A. If I can work out how to convince the phone to switch to "Charging (AC)" mode then perhaps it can do Google Navigation and charge the battery at the same time?

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Samsung Moment :: Cheap Micro-USB Cables?

Dec 8, 2009

So I had several micro-USB sitting around from monoprice (I ordered the wrong cables a year ago, and they happened to be micro at $1 a pop I wasn't so concerned with sending them back) and after shaving the tops down a bit with a dremel (so I could still slide the kb open) I tried them out. I can charge with a wall-to-USB charging base or with the cable plugged into my PC, but I can't use them for any sort of data sync apparently. I'm really wondering if I'm just suffering from badly made cheap cables, or if there's something actually different between these and the cable that came with the phone. Anyone have any idea? Has anyone been using micro USB cables that they found for a good deal online?

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