General :: Will 4th And 5th Gen Pokemon Be Playable On Android?

Aug 20, 2012

I tried a lot of kinds of DS emulators on android but all of them were too slow. Wondering if android can play DS games in the future?

General :: Will 4th and 5th Gen Pokemon be playable on Android?

Games :: How To Get Pokemon On Android?

Apr 9, 2010

I've yet to get an Android device but should be purchasing the Desire shortly. My question is are there any Pokemon emulators available for Android handsets, if so, are they half decent?

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Playable Video Formats?

Sep 27, 2010

What video formats does the epic play when using allshare cause I cant play any on my home network.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Convert Videos To Playable Formats?

Aug 15, 2010

What do I need to convert videos on my PC to a playable format for my Eris?

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Motorola Droid X :: Converting Anime To Playable Format?

Jul 14, 2010

The only video I have is anime in HD from torrents. All recent and current anime is encoded in HD Format H.264 under .MKV. I have tryed converting these files to .avi or .mp4 but they always lose the subtitles in the process. Any one knowledgeable enough to provide some input please. Also what is a good *free* video converter and what would be the desired resolution and audio qualities I should be converting to?

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Games :: Pokemon FireRed Cheats

Sep 29, 2010

I have the Gameboid Lite app at the moment, and have been playing Pokemon Firered for a few days; now it's time to cheat. The app seems to have a simple way to input Gameshark/Action Replay codes, but I can't figure out exactly how to accomplish this. Any help?

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Games : Can I To Play Pokemon On Phone?

May 15, 2010

I have the HTC Incredible and I want to be able to play Pokemon on it but I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm completely new to this. Can someone give me a walkthrough or info on how to do it? Also I have looked at other posts and have no idea what a ROM or BIOS is, sorry I'm a noob .

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HTC Hero :: How To Install Gameboy Emulator / Pokemon?

Jun 9, 2010

I have a HTC Hero, and I wondered whats the best emulator to play the game boy game Pokemon on my phone. And how I set it up for Pokemon. A step by step guide would be wonderful.

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Games :: Lengthy RPG - Another Kind Of Game Like Old Pokemon GameBoy?

Apr 26, 2010

I'm in the mood for a Good RPG or another kind of game like the old pokemon GameBoy games that you can play over an extended period. I just can't find any in the Android marketplace. Does anyone know of any good games like this?

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Games :: Digimon Or Pokemon Type Game In Application Store

Aug 20, 2010

anyone know if they have this in the app store or anything like it?

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General :: General Voice Search Punctuation With Non-English Languages?

Jan 5, 2013

It seems there is a general voice search / voice recognition issue with non-english languages. The problem is basically that punctuation is written in plain and not recognized. It seems to affect a number of devices (if not all?) running ICS / JB.

So period will write "period" and not "." .
Same for comma that will end in writing "comma" and not ",".
(this of course in each different Language)

This basically makes the voice recognition totally unusable and useless for anything but English. So far, this issue has been reported with the following languages:


I'm not allowed to post links yet but if you go to Android official project page, in the Issues and search for punctuation, you'll basically see all those.

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General :: Get Into General Settings Page In Gmail On Hudl?

Jan 10, 2014

I am trying to get in to the General Settings page in Gmail on my Hudl to change the "swipe to delete" value, but I cannot find the page. When I go into settings there is a General link but it only shows

- Auto advance

- Message text size

- Ask to show pictures

I have tried different contexts, inbox, recycle bin, unread email, read email, but cannot find this setting, in fact according to the Google support page I am missing a whole range of settings.

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General :: How To Root General Mobile Discovery

Aug 24, 2013

Recently I bought new General mobile discovery, but I don't know how to root it because I havn't got any tutorial bout rooting general mobile discovery.

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General :: Replacing Files In Rom (Cyanogenmod7) General

May 4, 2012

I am using cm7, but this is a general question about replacing files in roms. I have been working on an issue that involves opening the zip file and then edit and replace certain files. I have seen a few posts in the past where it says to replace certain files in a rom, but everytime that I do I get an error after flashing. After flashing and boots to the main screen that asks you to touch the android, I get an error that says "Sorry, the process has stopped unexpectedly" and the only option is to click on Force Close, but it just keeps coming back. Something is definitely not right with replacing files in a rom, but Im not sure if there's even a correct way. Im using winrar as everyone has mentioned. I have tried using the Fix Permissions option in the Clockwork Recovery also, but no luck. Only option is to reflash. Does the whole rom need to be recompiled?

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General :: Titanium Restore - Slow Down ROM In General?

Mar 19, 2012

install quite a few roms on my phone, and i usually restore my apps/data with Titanium Backup.

What i am asking, could restoring these apps for each rom slow the rom down in general? Or will restoring the data not effect it at all. Its just some roms feeling a bit sluggish after restoring them.

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General :: Is There A General Way To Root Most Of Devices

Jul 21, 2012

i know there are many ways to root different devices.however when the hackers hack the new devices, how do they root them?

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General :: How To Put Android 4.1 Into Zii Egg

Aug 18, 2012

I don't how to put Android 4.1 into Zii Egg

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General :: HTC HD2 WM To Android

May 30, 2012

I have HTC HD2 on WM6.5. I want to change to Android icecream or gingebread on SD. my current radio is and protocol and OS 5.2.21869. what are the necessary changes need to go this done. but i do not want to flash the ROM.

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General :: WP7 Possible On Android?

Feb 28, 2012

Is WP7 possible on Android or not? And when it's possible, then how? I've seen a video with a HTC HD2 running WP7

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General :: Any Way To Use NPM On Android

May 22, 2014

I built node.js for android and it is running great.Now i need some modules for a new project (serialport, express, but I can't use npm on my android device, since i cross compiled node and just put the executable on the device.

Is there a way to use npm on android or what would be the best way to do it?I also tried building the packages on an arm qemu but the modules weren't working o the android box.

What I am trying to do at the moment is including the modules as core modules when building node, but I am unsure what to include. All modules and all the modules that those modules depend on, etc. etc. This doesn't sound right?

I am following these instructions, that were for a similar problem: github / mapbox / building for android (can't post link sadly).

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General :: Possible To Run GTA 1 Or 2 On Android?

Aug 21, 2012

I was thinking if it's somehow possible to run GTA 1 or 2 on android.. Maybe on an emulator? I'm using rooted Xperia S. LT26i

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General :: Bluetooth Mouse Cursor - Android / Framebuffer Ubuntu Without Turning Off Android UI

Jul 31, 2013

I'm using GT N8000 with android 4.1.2 and chroot Ubuntu Raring for my daily work.. I manage to use framebuffer as display WITHOUT turning off android UI using Linux Deploy, all went great but one thing missing is since android and ubuntu shares the same display, input problems pops in, I currently disable s-pen cursor on android so it will work best on ubuntu, as well as bluetooth keyboard.

one thing left out is my Bluetooth mouse, its bugging to have dual mouse pointer on screen whenever I boot ubuntu and each didnt match others in calibration.

if only I can disable android mouse cursor just the way I can disable s-pen cursor in android, this will make a perfect machine.. now I'm stuck using only s-pen as pointing device in ubuntu to avoid erratic mouse behaviour. I understand android have idc as input config, and I've located my dev/input for each devices, I'm looking for a way to disable mouse cursor in android to use it solely on linux.

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Android :: General Sucky SMS

Jul 3, 2010

Has anyone noticed that the whole Android platform, no matter what version or SMS app you use, sucks. Not the experience of reading or replying but things like SMS appearing in the wrong order and sometimes just not coming at all.But the most annoying thing is that no matter how hard I try Android wont delete a large tread of messages. It freezes up my phone, Force Closes the SMS app and then the Home screens are laggy and just down right ******ed until I soft reboot. Im growing extremely tired of this and its something that makes me think about getting an iPhone, Pre, or BB device.

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General :: Can Android Do Satellite-only GPS

Jan 17, 2012

If you are out of cell tower and wifi range, as in wilderness, can your adroid phone be of any support in navigation? Does this require special software or phone model? Is this practical if you are paying for minutes?I have yet to purchase a smartphone but looking for one-device-does-all.

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General :: Set Up Rocketmail With Android?

Feb 19, 2010

So far I love the OS and my sprint Hero. The only fly in the ointment so far is that I cannot find any info on how to set up a Rocketmail account on my phone. Even the guy at sprint didnt know.

Rocketmail is really just a yahoo email but I need all the correct info to enter into my phone to get it to work. Is this even possible?

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General :: Notifications On Android?

Jan 9, 2014

I've come from an Iphone 4S to a Galaxy S4. I'm really liking android and I don't know why I thought iPhone was better, android is just amazing. I don't really like the way notifications are handled. On IOS you get a banner which yes can be obtrusive but I could click on the notification and it would take me to the app. For example if I got a comment on a Facebook post and was notified then I could click on the banner and it would take me to that post on Facebook so I could see the comment.

While android notifications are way less obtrusive I don't seem to be able to click on them to open the app and instead I have to open the notification shade to click on them. I would like to be able to tap the status bar when it changes to a notification but I don't seem to be able to. I have gotten round this by downloading an app that adds IOS banner like notifications that work just fine and I can still swipe them to dismiss them. However I would like to be able to tap the status bar when it changes into a small like banner thing.

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General :: How To Know If Android Has Been Rooted

Sep 12, 2013

How to know if an android had been rooted (and installed any malware/spyware)?


- a phone has been borrowed to somebody
- a phone has been unattended for a while
- a second hand phone just purchased

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General :: Way To Use New SD Micro In Android

Oct 4, 2013

I had switched my sd micro card in my phone to retrieve pictures from my moms phone. She also had a cricket phone which had a larger mb, sd card that she wasn't using due to her getting a new phone, sd card so I put her sd card she wasn't using from the cricket phone and I put it in my phone and took my original sd card from my phone and put away for now. I went to try to install a app and it said it needed rooted so I goggled for a root app and downloaded it and after it loaded I wasn't really sure what to do with it. But then it let me use that app I wanted to install before rooting so it may of done something to let that app work. After looking thru the internet forums someone said to ES file explore and it shows a bunch of folders that is on the /mnt/sccard-ext and on the /mnt/sdcard .

What I would like to do is to put my original sd card that came with my LG Optimus Dynamic LG-L38C. When I put that sd carn into my card reader it shows this list of folders .android _secure, audio, brew, diag, download, image, LOST.DIR, other, video

How do I go about switching out to put the original sd card back in? Is there anyting I need to do before hand? Would I need to turn off the phone and switch out the cards if the phone was rooted? And after putting the original sd card back in, would it be a good idea to do a factory data reset?

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General :: Stuck At Android 4.1.1?

Sep 24, 2013

For xmas last year i got an ipad 2 and loved it!! but it fell off my car last year sna smashed, so this past xmas my dad got me a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1

I have been loving it so far to this date but as i just realized the android device will not update to android 4.2 or 4.3.It says is updated to as far as it can and i keep hitting the button but it keeps saying " the latest updates havwe already been installed!!

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General :: How To Sync WMP And Android

Dec 31, 2013

Is it possible to get WMP and Android to sync and reverse sync - changes made on my Android will reflect in WMP and viceversa.

I have a large music library in my PC and manage it with wmp. At the moment I tranfer music from my computer to the phone via USB and explorer.

I mainly listen from my phone and sometimes I edit playlists, ratings etc and would like to see those changes automatically on wmp. It's a timekiller to make those changes manually in wmp.

Also If I delete a song from my phone I'd like it to be deleted in the next sync from my PC also.

Op system:Win 7 SP 1 , 64 Bit
Phone Huawei Sonic, Android 2.3.3

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