General :: How To Sync WMP And Android

Dec 31, 2013

Is it possible to get WMP and Android to sync and reverse sync - changes made on my Android will reflect in WMP and viceversa.

I have a large music library in my PC and manage it with wmp. At the moment I tranfer music from my computer to the phone via USB and explorer.

I mainly listen from my phone and sometimes I edit playlists, ratings etc and would like to see those changes automatically on wmp. It's a timekiller to make those changes manually in wmp.

Also If I delete a song from my phone I'd like it to be deleted in the next sync from my PC also.

Op system:Win 7 SP 1 , 64 Bit
Phone Huawei Sonic, Android 2.3.3

General :: how to sync WMP and android

General :: Contact Sync Is Off But It Wants To Sync?

Feb 27, 2014

New to android and I have the following issue.

1. I added a google account. Without asking it synced everything.
2. I turned off all sync except gmail.
3. But when I add a new contact it still warns me that it will sync it with my google account!
4. I tapped ok. Now by default the google account is on the top of the screen where I add contacts - obviously it syncs it.

Also, when I now go to settings > account > google account I can't seem to turn on/off settings. Eg if I touch an item that is turned on it starts to sync it instead of switching it on.

Obviously I could remove the google account altogether but I would prefer to keep it just for gmail sync. How to do this?

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General :: Sync Outlook Or Exchange And Google Calendar Without Google Sync?

Dec 21, 2012

so i screwed up and got a windows 8 machine (sony tap20) anyhow its past end of life for google sync but i need to sync outlook calendar with my google calendar, prefer ota like it used to be

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Android :: Implementing Sync Adapter / Sync Icon Wont Disappear

Oct 18, 2010

I'm implementing my own sync adapter and everything works great. A strange i'm having is that after the sync is over, the Android still shows the sync icon (the one with the rounded arrow) in the account activity, and that someone (i guess its the account manager) repeatedly calls the sync again and again, every 30 to 60 seconds. Now i tried all sort of things to test this issue and i have discovered something strange. In my code, i do resolver.applyBatch every 50 new rows. (each new contact i sync has about 5 rows). If i remove the applyBatch (which means i retrieve the data from the next, sort it and prepare it, but never "commit" it) - the problem goes away. The icon disappear and the account manager never calls it again on its own (I'm using Android 2.1). I must also state that no exception is being thrown in any of the cases and that all the methods finish gracefully.

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General :: Best Sync Software For Android 4.04

Dec 31, 2012

I was an Apple fan, therefore I had iTunes. Now I bought a Galaxy S2 and love it so much more. But what program is the best "iTunes: for android ICS? I tried Kies but its absolutely horrible, its slow, and acts up a lot. Won't even sync my playlist which I wasted 30 minutes putting back together again.

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General :: Sync Two Folders (PC To Android)

Aug 21, 2013

I currently have music stored both on my Android phone and on my PC, both are in their own "Music" folders. Previously to sync them I would use Microsoft's SyncToy which allowed me to point it at my Music folder on the PC and the microSD card on the Android device and it would easily and simply sync the two folders.

However now I have a device that only supports MTP which SyncToy does not, I've tried different syncing applications but they too seem to have some issues with the MTP protocol. I'm wondering what's the best way to sync music between my PC and Android phone preferably using USB as my collection is slightly large.

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Android :: Contacts Disappearing - Sync Out Of Sync

Oct 11, 2010

Anyone else having Sync problems. My contacts started disappearing and when I went into my accounts settings there is a message at the bottom that says that Sync is currently experiencing problems and will be back shortly. This started yesterday.

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Android : DDMS Screenshot Not In Sync With Sync

Nov 12, 2010

I'm currently developing a game for Android and I want to take screenshots of it.I did so using the DDMS tool in eclipse. However, most of the screenshots are a mix of two frames:The separating line is in different positions.This leads me to the conclusion that the screenshot is being made while the current frame is still being drawn.Is there a way to get the screencap in sync with the hardware?Are there other methods of making screenshots where this doesn't happen?

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General :: Sync Outlook And Android Calendars?

Feb 8, 2012

How do I sync the Android calendar on my Thunderbolt (not rooted) with my Outlook calendar events that I type into and save on my PC (Windows 7)? Which is the easiest way (not hardwired/USB'd)?

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General :: Sync Bookmarks Between Desktop IE And Android?

Jun 22, 2012

Currently have a droid x phone (upgrading to Samsung GSIII shortly), but have never figured out how to dynamically sync bookmarks between it and my desktop. On the flip side, I have an ipad and through icloud, bookmarks are dynamically synched between the two - add bookmark in IE on PC and it appears on ipad, as well as the other way around.

I have found posts where people say on export/import, but that is a one time shot. Looking for something that is automated.

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General :: Can't Sync Contacts To Android 4.0.4 And Up From Exchange

Sep 19, 2012

We have a Exchange 2007 HMC setup. We are unable to sync contacts with android versions 4.0.4 and forward. Contacts simply do not apear, and no errors are shown on the android device. (SDK emulators and Samsung Galaxy S3, and NEXUS have been tested and we cannot get them to work)

Android version 4.0.3 and below are working fine.

Activesync on IOS and Windows phone, and older Android devices seem to work fine.

Our setup is very small. CAS,HUB, MBX on same server.

We only have Exchange 2007 SP1 - Rollup 6 i am afraid. Would the issues perhaps be because of that?

Have access to an android 4.0.4 or higher and Exchange 2007 HMC or not.

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General :: Android Will Not Sync Exchange From Within Network

Apr 14, 2012

I can't get my android to sync up with exchange from within my network where my exchange server is located. From any external network, it works fine.

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General :: How To Sync Android S4 With Mac-based Outlook

Sep 26, 2013

Want to ditch the iphone for S4 but not sure if it will talk to my Mac (10.8 OS). I almost know that ICal and Mac contacts will not sync with android but hope that Outlook would ? I was told Eltima could do that!

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General :: Contact Sync Across Android Phones

Dec 26, 2013

I have just bought a Moto G (although this question is a generic Android one.) I am considering buying a second for my wife. We have not had smartphones before, but both of us use Chrome and I have a Chromebook.

What is the best policy for keeping identical Contacts on the phones?I am guessing both Moto G's could be registered to my Google account. My wife would have access to all the paid for Apps I have and all contacts would be there immediately for her. The phones would only differ in the mobile phone number attached to them. We use SIP phones in the house and I have CSipSimple on my Moto G - my wife's phone would add to the VOIP options.

What are the merits of registering my wife's phone to her own Google account and using CardDav to sync contacts? The two accounts are delegated to each other anyway and all mailboxes are visible to both of us.

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General :: Sync All Apps Between Android Phones

Mar 31, 2012

I have 3 android phones, one old G2, one xperia X8 and recently I got a free motoluxe from t-mobile.

I would like to make sure all the installed apps are always synced between each phone: If i install a few apps on the G2, I will be able to install them on any other phone by clicking a button or such without having to remember what i did install.

One major problem is that the motoluxe is not rooted yet, but both the other have custom roms.

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General :: How To Sync Android Browser With Chrome

Nov 2, 2012

I have motorola defy running CM10, and I can sync chrome bookmarks using chrome for android. But the app is a bit laggy on defy, so I am using stock android browser and here is a method to sync bookmark between chrome browsers and android browser:


When you go to Android browser it only shows your local bookmarks. Whenever you try to go to settings -> accounts and sync it says that there is a problem in Sync Browser, yet it doesn't say what exactly the problem is. If you have faced this problem here is the solution you were continuously looking for. How to Fix Sync Browser Problem in Android? I identify this problem as a bug when interfacing different Google products. The root cause of problem is Google desktop browser supports encryption for all data types while Android browser supports only for passwords. If you have already encrypted entire data only thing you can do is clear all the data and start it again with only password encryption.

Here is how to do it and sync Chrome bookmarks with Android browser. Go to Google Dashboard confirming your password. Scroll down to section chrome sync and click on Stop sync and delete data from Google. This will delete entire synced browser data in Google account and it might take few minutes. Now open Google chrome, go to Settings. There you can find sign in section. Click sign in to chrome. Here you will have to generate Application specific password if you have enabled Two Step verification. Then it will take you to Confirm sync settings window. Click advance and make sure you have selected encrypt passwords only. If you encrypt all synced data android browser won't be able to work with them. Click OK to proceed with syncing. In your android Smartphone go to Settings -> Apps -> All -> browser and Clear data. Now go to Settings -> Accounts & sync. You will be able to see Sync browser is working fine now. Open the browser and go to Bookmarks. Now you can see all the Bookmarks that you have in desktop browser in your Android Smartphone browser as well.

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General :: Sync Between Android Stock Mail App And Outlook?

Sep 27, 2013

I have this problem that when I delete an email from my android on the stock app, it doesnt get deleted on the server.Is there a way to make it work?

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General :: How To Sync Music Between 2 Android Devices Without PC / Laptop

May 2, 2014

I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy Tab 3. I want all of the music from my phone to automatically sync with my tablet. I download to my phone directly and don't want to transfer everything manually each time I download a new song.

I see that Google Music can do this but it's designed for music that is stored on a laptop/pc. I'd rather not do it this way if possible as the whole reason I bought the tablet was to avoid carrying the laptop around.

note that the music is stored on the SD Card and not the handset. Not sure it will make a big difference but I thought I would point it out.

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General :: Sync / Save Android Calendar From Old To New Phone

Mar 23, 2014

I have an LG Spectrum 2 and I can't figure out if/how I can get my calendar from my old phone onto my new (same model) phone. I have tried syncing it, but I don't know where it's syncing it to. I don't know if it can be synced/saved to my SD card? I tried syncing it to my gmail calendar, but it only shows the events that are saved as yearly occurrences. (And somehow it's showing saved yearly events from my work Outlook calendar?)

I did see suggestions for clearing the cache and data in the Calendar Settings, but since I don't have the calendar backed up, I don't want to risk loosing my information.

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General :: Sync IPod With Android Phone Nexus S?

May 17, 2011

I have an Android phone (Nexus S) and a tablet (Xoom) and an iPod touch. What I want to know is this. Is there a way I can put my music on the Xoom and then sync my iPod touch to it?

I don't want to use the phone because the battery life isn't good enough, the ipod I can charge once a fortnight, the phone I charge daily and it wouldn't make it through a working day if I use it for my music.

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General :: Google Bookmarks And Chrome For Android Sync?

Mar 1, 2013

I don't use Chrome on my desktop but I do have a ton of bookmarks stored in Google bookmarks, part of Google labs I believe. Is there anyway to sync them with my device? I should mention my PC is down so the answer can't be to use chrome on my desktop.

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General :: Program To Sync Android Device To ITunes Mac

Dec 13, 2013

I've recently been informed that I'm getting a 2013 nexus 7 for Christmas (Booya!) and I use a MacBook Pro with iTunes. What's the best way to sync my iTunes with my Nexus?

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General :: How To Sync Mobile Bookmarks In Chrome For Android

Jul 2, 2012

I have three root folders in Chrome for Android: Other, Desktop, and Mobile Bookmarks. "Other" and "Desktop" sync to Chrome's desktop counterpart. But, how does one get the Mobile Bookmarks folder to sync, which incidentally is the default folder opened in the browser? Presumably, this is the folder that you would most likely want to have synced, no?

And, for those bookmarks I have indeed saved on the device to the "Mobile Bookmarks" folder, I can't for the life of me figure out how to sort them. Yet, the other two seemingly less important root folders can be sorted with a simple automatic sync using the desktop Chrome version.

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General :: Does Having Sync On For Calendar Drain A Lot Of Battery Android

May 10, 2013

Does having sync on for calender drain a lot of battery android ?


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General :: How To Sync Contact Picture Between Two Phones (Android 4.2x)

Mar 1, 2013

Between two phones using Android 4.2x. Each of us has setup our own contact image. How can we sync automatically the contact picture between the two phones? For example, is it possible when we talk (or SMS), I get the contact picture of the remote person and the other person gets mine. Of course, providing that the contact picture is to be sync'ed is not yet set up.

Must use GMail Contact sync: [URL] ......

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General :: How To Convert And Sync Books To Kindle Using Android Tablet

Mar 5, 2013

It seems amazon really makes things a little complicated trying to concert PDF files into ePub files and sync with the default kindle app. I cannot get kindle to recognize the books I converted for anything. I downloaded file explorer and I'm moving it into the kindle app and into the amazon android folder and no luck. Does converted PDFs to other formats know which folder it's supposed to go into?

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General :: Facebook App No Longer Supports Contact Sync - Android 4.04 (CM9)

Apr 2, 2012

Unhappy with Samsung's stock ICS version, I moved on to a CyanogenMod9 nightly build for my SGS2 - an admittedly risky thing to do on April 1st - which proves fantastically stable and fast.

However, when I installed the Facebook app, I found that the option to sync and merge contacts is gone. From the app, but also from the Accounts and Sync option in Android's settings. It still says "Facebook" under the accounts that I can add, but nothing happens when tapped.

I wiped and re-installed everything, but to no avail. The setting is no longer there and I cannot sync my Facebook contact details with my existing contact list.

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General :: HTC Sync / Windows 7 No Longer Sees Android Phone

Apr 22, 2013

The phone and cables are good as I can get HTC Sync to work on my old PC and this one worked just a few weeks ago and I can even get it to work in a VMware session. But for whatever reason the phone just keeps showing up as Unknown and is put under Other devices as “Android phone”. On the other PC and in the VMware it is added as "My HTC" under Android USB Devices in Device Manager.

I’ve tried a bunch of uninstalling and rebooting and so on but something on my new Windows 7 PC is stuck when connecting the phone. It thinks it has no driver for it but it does. If I try and point any of the HTC INF files Windows just says they are not for this device.

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HTC Desire :: Sync Isnt Working - Says Sync Is Currently Experiencing Problems It Will Be Back Shortly'

Jun 22, 2010

My phone sync wont work

Everytime i try, it says 'Sync is currently experiencing problens. It will be back shortly'

Ive had this problem for several days

I also cant download from the Market, the download appears to start & says 'Starting download' but never progresses, i assume this could be to do with the sync not working.

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Samsung Captivate :: Facebook SNS Sync Error - Sync Is Currently Experiencing Problems

Aug 19, 2010

Anyone seeing the following message under "accounts & sync": "Sync is currently experiencing problems. Will be back shortly"

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