General :: Replacing Files In Rom (Cyanogenmod7) General

May 4, 2012

I am using cm7, but this is a general question about replacing files in roms. I have been working on an issue that involves opening the zip file and then edit and replace certain files. I have seen a few posts in the past where it says to replace certain files in a rom, but everytime that I do I get an error after flashing. After flashing and boots to the main screen that asks you to touch the android, I get an error that says "Sorry, the process has stopped unexpectedly" and the only option is to click on Force Close, but it just keeps coming back. Something is definitely not right with replacing files in a rom, but Im not sure if there's even a correct way. Im using winrar as everyone has mentioned. I have tried using the Fix Permissions option in the Clockwork Recovery also, but no luck. Only option is to reflash. Does the whole rom need to be recompiled?

General :: Replacing Files in Rom (Cyanogenmod7) General

General :: Google Now Is Replacing Apps

Jun 6, 2013

Google Now has replaced the basic "ToDo" list for me. I can say "next time I'm at Target, remind me to get laundry detergent" and bingo, the next time I go to my local Target a reminder pops up! You can make it more generic also by saying "next time I'm in Woodbury, remind me to pick up my wife's gift" and the next time I drive through Woodbury, another reminder. I also use it by saying things like, "in two weeks remind me to xx" or "on June 15th at 2pm remind me to xx".

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General :: HTC Wildfire S - How To Know When Battery Needs Replacing

May 27, 2012

My 8 month old HTC Wildfire S is really acting up lately. Its been restarting on it's own, and in an endless loop of boot screens. Sometimes it boots up correctly, but it just restarts again and gets stuck there. The last time it managed to successfully boot, I notice the icon for the battery wouldn't budge no matter how long I charged it for. In addition, the battery has been getting burning hot when it's just sitting there and doing nothing.

I tried factory reset twice -- but the problem still persisted. The second time I didn't download any of my apps or open anything, and it still crashed.

I've ordered a new battery, but I really don't know if its even the problem. I had an iPhone for the longest time before this, so I'm not familiar with the Droid. And mine isn't rooted either. Was I right to order a new battery?

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General :: Replacing Weather Widget On Galaxy S4

Sep 19, 2013

How can I change the home page weather widget on the Galaxy S4 to Weather Bug?

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General :: Xposed Mod Replacing Battery Icons

Mar 3, 2014

I've tried everything I can think of. I'm trying to build an xposed mod to replace the battery charging icons on my s4 (custom stock rooted touchwiz rom).

So far I was able to get @rovo89 Red Clock tutorial to work, and i've even decompiled a few xposed battery tweak mods but i can't seem to replace the charging icons on my s4.

Here is my latest attempt

import android.content.res.XModuleResources;
import android.content.res.XResources;

[Code] ....

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General :: WidgetLocker Not Replacing Default Lockscreen

Feb 8, 2011

I like using WidgetLocker and it's been working generally well until I realized it does not replace the default lockscreen. After my 3 minute screen timeout for my Droid 2 to lock up, I have to unlock using WidgetLocker and then the default lockscreen. Is there a way so that I do not see the default lockscreen itself? BTW, I am using a pattern lock.

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General :: Replacing Stock Phone APK From Official GB Rom

May 10, 2012

How I can replace stock phone.apk from official GB rom.. I am trying to replace phone.apk but I can't get a signal.. After replacing contacts.apk too I still can't get any signal.. I was trying to replace it with exdialer!

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General :: Can't Boot Device After Replacing System File?

Mar 24, 2014

i was trying to change the background for my x'pop 5035D cause i'm in jelly bean 4.1.1 and all the backgrounds for the system is white and it's very bad for my eyes specially at night ,

i was trying to modify framework-res.apk that exist in :system / framework but i couldn't so i thought i can replace it and i downloaded another frame work- res.apk and i used root explorer to replace it after taking a copy of the original file and since i did that the device restarted and stuck at the logo and i can't boot.

i tried every thing , i did nandroid restore and even wipe data / factory reset and the same result it just stops at the logo every time .

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General :: Keyboard Keys Modifications (Removing - Replacing)

Apr 23, 2012

So recently, I found a flashable zip for a stock LG keyboard. I do have a problem though, when I use the keyboard, I have an annoying and useless T9 button and I want to move/resize some buttons.

Would it be possible to modify the apk from the zip to achieve what I am trying to go at? I prefer this keyboard than any other keyboard because this is the closest to the LG P690 stock keyboard in terms of speed I could find to the original, and this is what I'm accustomed to.

What I'm trying to achieve is:

1.) I want to remove the T9 button, settings button and comma on the first layout.

2.) Move the comma into the symbol layout and move the keys according to the sample layout.

3.) I also need to let the spacebar fill the space the removed buttons used to take up.

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General :: Samsung Note Replacing Desktop Computer?

Dec 14, 2011

I already have a old windows bluetooth keyboard that works with android.

I only use computer to surf the webb, write, read. Watch some youtube.

Can bluetooth mouse be used with android? Not that it's necessery

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General :: Nexus 4 Stuck At Boot Screen After Replacing LCD / Digitizer?

Apr 18, 2014

I just replaced my LCD and digitizer on my Nexus 4 after i dropped it and the screen cracked. It was still in working condition after the damage, but the touch screen was unresponsive. The installation went pretty smoothly but when I went to boot it up after it gets stuck at the bootup screen with the 4 bubbles. I tried some of the solutions people found for a similar problem a few months back when Google released Kit Kat 4.4 for the Nexus 4 but none of them have worked for me. There doesn't seem to be any hardware functionality issues, just some software glitch that I can't figure out.

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General :: Sync / Compare Files (with Emphasis On Music Files)?

Sep 3, 2013

got a Samsung Galaxy S4 (for several years I had iPhones) and I am enjoying it. Now that I have gotten all my music files away from iTunes' clunky clutches I have reorganized them and they are on my S4's sim card and it works great.

The issue is that I have updated a few of the files and moved a couple more around. I want to update those music files on my S4 from my PC. I could just delete the Music folder on the S4 and recopy everything over, but that seems to be a huge overkill.

What is a good way to compare files between my S4 and folders on the PC and match/update between the two? I am using Windows 7. I have tried to map the Sim Card as a drive but couldn't get that to work. I have Kies from Samsung but that is kinda clunky. I have also tried AirDroid (which I think is great) but I can't really sync files with that. Normally I would use a Windows application like Beyond Compare or WinMerge to do something like this.

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General :: How To Upload Files Other Than Images Or Music Files In Web Browser

Jul 3, 2013

I am on a standard website that has a normal upload button, I need to upload a PDF file, But when I click on the upload button on the web site a popup window from my Android phone appears and says "Choose action" and gives me access to the gallery, camcorder, voice recorder , choose music track, gallery (again), select music track and voice recorder (again).

I need to some how get access to my SD card and my download folder to be able to pick the the pdf file that I need to upload. I have tried this both on the default internet browser and Google Chrome, but both give the same options.

I am on a rooted HTC ONE on ATT

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General :: Transferring Files BACK ONTO SD Card From PC (Note 3 Files)?

Mar 19, 2014

My Sandisc 64GB SD card went kaputt last week, it froze at 33GB, luckily the existing files are all ok and I was able to copy all the files onto my PC, however nothing new can be written to it. I've tried formatting with no success. So I copied the files onto the PC and just got a new this time Samsung 64GB micro SD card. Problem I'm having now is that on several attempts it's failed to copy the files back to my SD card (from PC) I've formatted the card in the Note 3..the music files about 4 GB transferred just fine, the problem seems to be with the Pix and Videos. I'm currently trying to copy the DCIM folder back onto the micro sd and it's saying it'll take 6 hours.

I have tried: copying from PC to micro SD in the phone via USB copying from PC to micro SD in SD card adapter plugged directly into PC

copying from PC to micro SD in USB adapter plugged into PC

all results the same

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General :: Exchange Stock Rom Files With AOSP Files

Jan 3, 2013

im trying to exchange some files in /system/framework of a stock jellybean 4.2.1 rom that came with my nexus 10.

I have built a workin rom from AOSP sources and made little adjustments that are present in /system/framework/services.jar and services.odex

I have built full_manta-user (not -userdebug!) so that the rom gets odexed and matches my stock rom.

The problem is i get stuck in a boot loop when i use my services.odex file on my stock rom. Is there a way to make it work or debug it?

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General :: View PC Files Over USB On Android Like When Using Windows To View Droid Files

Jun 29, 2013

My searches all bring back ways to transfer files using my Windows Explorer on my PC Interface via USB and on Android "Es file explorer" using wifi.

I use ES file Explorer to view shared folders on my PC via wifi. I want to do the same thing only faster through USB. Similar to how you connect the android to your pc and it shows the internal sd and external sd in windows explorer.

For example... I want to browse my vast collection of "Justin Bieber's Monkey confiscated by German customs for excessive spanking" pics on my pc to find one that looks good as my android wallpaper. I dont want to use wifi and cant load the 74GB of pics from my pc on my 8 GB SD card on my Android to go through them.

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General :: CM 10.1 - All Files Are Now 0kb?

Apr 26, 2013

I merged /legacy with /0 using Solid Explorer.

The process went fine.

When it finished, all my files are now 0kb.

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General :: Where Do Synced Files Go

Sep 20, 2013

In the screen shown in the attached file, you specify whether you want various types of item synced (app data, calendar, chrome, contacts, etc, etc). Where do these files go?

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General :: What Counts As Other Files

May 30, 2013

I connected my iPad to iTunes the other day, I learned I had a lot of space being used up in the 'Other files' tab and learned it's related to unused Cache information and stuff, and other corrupted files etc, and the way to get rid of it was to backup my iPad, restore it and put the backup back on the iPad - which worked.So I decided to connect my phone to my PC for the first time in a long while to find a similar problem on my phone, but would it be a similar issue? iTunes has an Apps tab unlike Android so I'm not sure if it would be space used by them, or the same problem as the iPad.

Furthermore, if I'm going to do the backup then restore thing, how do I backup my phone?

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General :: App Access To Files?

Jan 1, 2014

what controls the access that apps have to the user-visible file structure that I see via the "My Files" widget (structure shown as "Root" with subfolders "Alarms", "Android", "Download", "Movies", etc. etc.)? Or do all apps automatically have permission to access all of this? If it makes any difference, this is on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Android 4.0.4.

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General :: How To Send Files Via MMS

Sep 15, 2013

I haven't used MMS much. I use Android (CM 7.1) and from what I can tell at least using built-in "Messaging" application one can only send pictures, sound files (AKA "ringtones"), videos and contacts.

Is there a way to send other file types? TXT or PDF for instance? I was able to select "Picture", then use third party file manager to select PDF file but then messaging application said something along "this is not a valid picture file" and rejected it.

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General :: Edit Apk Files

Aug 17, 2012

I have apk file how can i edit it? I need to reprogram it.

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General :: How To Install APK Files

Feb 13, 2013

I have APK files in my download folder on Samsung Galaxy 3. I am having problems installing these files. How do I do this?

1. I click on the APK file and it gives me parsing error.

2. I then moved the files to the root directory in systemapps and tried from there. Didn't work. I get JAVA R2ME runtime error.

3. I have the J2ME files in my download folder. Where do I place them?

It's been two weeks and I am not having luck installing my APK files which are a few.

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General :: How To Replace Few Files In ROM

Sep 28, 2013

I want to replace "System/lib/modules" and "Sysltem/lib/hw" with the other ROM's modules and hw folder. I simply copy pasted but I am getting installation aborted error in CWM.

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General :: How To Edit Lib Files

May 23, 2012

how i can edit lib files such as

I mean how can I decompile it and recompile again? So do i have to "decompile" it at all?

Am I right that i can use eclipse for it? But how to do it?

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General :: CM 10.2.0 - Can't Access Files In ADB

Jan 10, 2014

I'm rooted and running Cyanogenmod 10.2.0. I'm trying to access some files on my device through ADB that require root access. I can change to the directory but when I attempt to list the contents of the directory I get a "permission denied" error.

I did enable Root access for "Apps and ADB" in the developer options on the phone.

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General :: Can't Edit XML Files

Jan 31, 2013

i have big problem when i opening *.XML file in notepad, notepad++ or Wordpad ;( i have this problem with android xml. i used different XML on different roms and problem is the same ;( and i changed fonts and it dont work. in notepad++ in wordpad

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General :: Rebuilding OBB Files?

May 15, 2014

I'm trying to change the Language on Half Life 2 for the Nvidia Shield.So I put the VO folder from the PC version with all the .wav files into the .OBB file of the Android Version with Winrar.It doesn't seem to work though, when I try to run it, the game attempts to redownload the .obb file ..

Is there anything I have to regard, like a signature of the .obb file or something? Or do I need any special tools to build those files?

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General :: Can Transfer Files Via FTP

Oct 23, 2013

I have Karbonn a9+. I Updated to JB. After some days, Its prompt "Software Update" in My Android about 5.7MB.It's Downloaded... but When I trying to click on UPDATE NOW, Its prompt to restart..... and it Restart to CWM/TeamWin (Which i install). Actually Stock Recovery is not available for me because my phone only charge while connecting USB. I Think may be socket problem or else..My USB cable is not working in FASTBOOT mode or Normal Mode... I can Transfer Files via FTP.

Either How will get back Stock rom via CWM/TWRP ??or Where is the update Save in Root ?? so I can delete it...

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General :: Possible To Flash Certain Files Within APK?

May 17, 2013

is it possible to flash only certain files contained in an APK? For instance if I want to modify a XML file in systemUI.apk, can I just flash that file or do I have to flash the whole systemUI.apk containing the modified file?

folder structure within flashable zip:
single file: systemappsystemui.apk

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