General :: Rooted Phone And Now Can't Get 3G Or Hspa Coverage

May 31, 2013

Here's what I get from my phone status. I flashed back to stock and still not working.

Network: 02- uk
Mobile network time: GPRS
Service state: in service
Roaming: not roaming
Mobile network state: disconnected
My phone number: unknown...... HOW?
ERI version: not available
IMEI: (its there. Not sharing
Wifi MAC address: its there
Bluetooth address: unavailable
Serial number: its there
Device status: normal

General :: Rooted phone and now can't get 3G or Hspa coverage

Samsung Vibrant :: Rooted App That Shows On Hspa?

Aug 17, 2010

ok, so i work at tmobile and some guy came in and told me that theres an app when you have a rooted vibrant that shows an "h" at the top where your connection shows when your running hspa, any idea what hes talking about? Ive looked and found nothing?

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Motorola Droid X :: My 3G Coverage Is Terrible - Weak Signal Or No Coverage At All

Aug 11, 2010

No matter where I go I have terrible 3G coverage. Either a weak signal or no coverage at all. I've had a blackberry before and always had great 3G coverage in these same areas. What could be the problem?

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HTC Desire :: Hspa Phone Not Compatible With Network?

Sep 21, 2010

I bought a Htc Desire which is a Telus phone it is supposed to be unlocked and runs on Hspa 1900mhz and 850 mhz, but Sasktel's website says that it doesn't seem to be compatible. So the question is why? It appears this device is not compatible with the SaskTel 3G+ network. If you believe your device should be compatible and the tool does not recognize it, please bring it to a SaskTel store or authorized dealer for more information.

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General :: How To Disable UMTS But Keep HSPDA And HSPA+

Oct 31, 2012

I am rooted with a SGS2 with Cyanogenmod Jelly Bean. how to disable UMTS but keep HSPDA and HSPA+?

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General :: HSPA Mode In Samsung Galaxy Y

Jan 1, 2012

i recently purchased samsung galaxy y...but there is no setting to put the phone to HSPA toggles in 3g(UMTS) and HSPA. is there any way to set it to HSPA permanently?

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General :: Rooted Apps Aren't Working With Rooted Phone?

Jan 24, 2014

I have a rooted mytouch 4g slide phone that seems to work fine but when I try to use certain apps that require root (for example "extended power menu") it doesn't work. here is a quick video : [URL]

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HTC Hero :: Need Phone Coverage For GPS To Work?

Jan 3, 2010

I have observed with my HTC Hero that it needs phone coverage for the GPS to work. For applications like the GPS tracker and my position they did not work in places where there was no phone coverage. Could some one please let me know whether this is the case or do I need to change my settings for the GPS to work independently of Phone coverage.

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HTC EVO 4G :: How Is Phone Coverage In West Hollywood CA?

Jun 19, 2010

I am thinking of getting this new Sprint EVO 4G phone but I am hearing all kinds of horror stories in these forums. How is the 4G coverage in West Hollywood CA?? Los Angeles is scheduled for sometime before the end of the year. I am new to this whole Android world and I hate AT&T with a passion.

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HTC Desire :: O2 Phone Coverage - Unlimited Data Package

Aug 12, 2010

We had a shock at work yesterday when our Orange bill arrived charging me �826.00 for the 1032mb of data I used over my 500mb allowance in the first month of owning a Desire. At the moment we're negotiating with Orange about that, and they're even sending me something approaching an itemised data bill to look at, but in the future I want to get onto a truly unlimited data account to prevent this happening again. Early indications from Orange are that they only do 500mb bolt ons and no more (and it's very hard to actually confirm this on their not too informative website), meaning this issue could easily rear it's ugly head again. If this is the case then I have to consider going elsewhere. Even though we're only in the first month of the contract I'm prepared to completely downgrade my Orange account and keep it running for my wife or something, and to take out a new account with O2 on an unlimited data package (plus I'll have 2 Desires to play with). The only trouble is that in the past (but not in the last 2 or 3 years) I've heard some horror stories about O2's coverage in the West Midlands (I live near to Wolverhampton) and wondered if anybody has local knowledge and can advise whether this has changed in recently.

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HTC Incredible :: Cell Phone Antenna For 1x/3G Coverage Was Located

Jun 22, 2010

I was curious where the cell phone antenna for the 1x/3G coverage was located.I live in an area with excellent verizon service and when phone is in standby, the incredible gets one bar.When I make a call, it miraculously gets full coverage.I think its on the bottom of the phone, but is it on the very bottom edge (like where the microphone is) or is it along the back side of the phone.How is the best way to hold the phone to maximize service?

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General :: No Network Coverage On Huawei U8500?

May 28, 2012

good day.i got huawei u8500 and i installed a custom rom witch is cyanogenmod 7.2 by $anek. after that the phone goes ok untill i found out that there is no siganal at all.. im from philippines and i'm a noob..

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General :: Error With MIUI Rom - No Network Coverage

Sep 8, 2012

I Have Upgraded my SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB GT-P1000 with Clockwork recovery mod & installed MIUI Rom To convert it into icecream sandwich.

I'm Facing with 2 problems now-
1) I have no network coverage whatsoevr i do.I cannot call or text ot use the GPRS.
2) The automatic keypad which is supposed to pop up does not when i have to type anything.

I have tried Changing all possible settings n rebooting n reinstalling the ROm..!

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General :: Network Coverage Audit / Report Application?

Feb 20, 2012

I have recently switched from AT&T to Verizon, is there any app for Galaxy Nexus (ICS) that will run in the background and watch the coverage and keep track it of it (preferably including GPS location) so I can check how well the service is in the areas where I mostly travel?

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General :: No Network Coverage For Ubislate 7c+ After Factory Reset

Feb 23, 2013

I got ubislate 7c+ tab with sim function.

I have done factory reset on my tab after that it doesnt shows network. I have tried all company's sim cards but it does not work.All other functions are working properly only it does not show network so i cant use the calling function and gprs. I have called customer care they told me to use reset button, I have done that also but no use also the inbuilt browser i.e ubisurfer shows that "the device is not registered error 0001".

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HTC EVO 4G :: Wimax Vs HSPA Or LTE

Mar 29, 2010

I was just thinking yesterday about download speeds and such and I remembered, just 10 years ago a T1 line was the standard for any real business to have internet access. T1 was so expensive also. only the people with real money could afford one to their home. T1 is a dedicated 1.5Mbps.

I could do anything I wanted with a T1 line.

Wimax will give me more then a T1. Why do I care about theoretical speeds that HSPA+ or LTE will give me? I don't.

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HTC Desire :: Is There A Difference Between HSPA / 3G?

Aug 9, 2010

I have my Desire on the Telus network, and I noticed that the icon on the top bar shows and "H" instead of 3G. Is 3G the same has HSPA? I know Telus runs the HSPA+ network but I'm just wondering if there is something wrong with my settings or device.

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HTC Hero : Difference Between HSPA And 3G?

Sep 20, 2009

I always thought H to signify HSPA, which is normally what shows as my connection when in areas of good reception for O2 in the UK, so why does it sometimes show up with 3G? is that not the same thing, isint HSPA 3G?

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Android :: T Mobile HSPA Plus Network

Jul 20, 2010

Trying out a vibrant. The T-Mo rep told me it used the hspa plus network. Now i read the the first hspa plus phone for T-Mo will the HTC vision/vibrant. Was i lied to? It is a bit of a moot point, if the vision/vanguard has a bigger screen and real keyboard i will be re boxing the vibrant and limping the G1 into September.

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Android :: G2 Speed On T-Mobile's HSPA

Sep 29, 2010

HTC G2 appearance wise look like the Nexus 2, but hardware it's a different beast. i just saw this HSPA+ result from android central and i cant believe. T-mobile might have the worst coverage, but where i live, it's pretty damage good and comparable to Sprint 4G. But seeing this, it totally blew my mind away. Is it possible??

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Need A List Of Cities That Have HSPA?

Oct 22, 2010

Can the Behold 2 support HSPA+? and is there a list of cities that have HSPA?

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HTC Desire :: HSPA Signal But No Internet Access

Sep 2, 2010

I have a HTC Desire on o2 pay as you go. At home I have a E signal, sometimes 3G and everything works fine. In certain areas I get a H signal which works great. Here's were my problem lies - At my workplace I get a H signal but can't gain access to the android market, browse the Internet or use Facebook etc. Has anyone else experienced the same problem or have any ideas on how to fix this?

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General :: Updating A Rooted Phone?

Sep 25, 2012

I have never had a smart phone before and ill be getting on to the next 1 to 3 days its a Virgin Mobile chaser. and im planning to root it. (the question) whenever i root the phone , how should i update the phone , the apps , widgets , and ect?

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General :: Phone Is Not Rooted - Using Multicon?

Sep 27, 2013

I have been using multicon, but have recently had to do a factory reset. I'm a complete novice at this sort of stuff, so my phone is not rooted. When I tried to go back and add a bookmark as one of my multicon widgets, they option was no longer there. I have tried to contact the developers three times, but no reply. Or recommend something like multicon that can?

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General :: Activating Rooted Phone?

Oct 19, 2013

I am about to go to Verizon and hook up a new line and give it to a friend. I of course am going to get the new phone and I am going to give her my current Brand new Galaxy S3, which is only like 2 weeks old (2 weeks and 1 day to be exact). and I am just gonna hook myself up on the new line and give her mine. My question is, can you hook up phones that are rooted/Rom'd. I believe you can, cause I hooked up my buddies phone temporarily a week or so ago, and it was a LG Revo with the Gingervolt ROM on it. and they gave me a new SIM card, hooked it up and i was ready to go. So I don't think their should be an issue.

and yes I know this has been discussed over and over, but Galaxy Note 3 or LG G2 ? They are both amazing. But I want the one that has the best Dev work on it. and I do like the size of the Note 3. But I heard the LG G2 has a bit of a better camera, but I am not a huge photo taker, mostly just at parties, and when I am playing shows with my band I will have my GF take pics with my S3, and they turn out perfect. so I don't think that's a deal breaker for me.

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General :: How To Add 3G Support In Non 3G Rooted Phone

Feb 2, 2013

can we add 3G support in a non 3G rooted phone? I have purchased Micromax A45 it doesn't has 3G. but i want it .. however ....

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General :: Rooted HTC Desire - Can't Turn On Phone

Feb 3, 2014

I have a HTC Desire Bravo C I rooted it with clockwork mod and I went into the boot loader and clicked wipe data/factory reset I didn't know what it meant but now I cant turn on my phone! I can still load the boot loader menu and access restore..when I try to restore from a backup via the recovery menu it says the fallowing

-Restoring Data android_secure.img not found. Skipping restore of /sdcard/.android_secure.

-Restoring Cache sd-ext.img not found. Skipping restore of /sd-ext/.

-Restore Complete! I power it off then it puts me right back into bootloader.

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General :: How To Eliminate Lags On Rooted Phone

Feb 16, 2012

I am on a rooted phone. on accasion, i experience lags on my phone.. its annoying.. how do i eliminate them?

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General :: Status Bar App That Can Work With Non Rooted Phone

Nov 23, 2012

Is there any good status bar replacement app that can work with non rooted phone?

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General :: Phone Won't Rooted - Give Error 155 And 170?

May 1, 2012

i can't install any rom on my desire hd , the phone won't to rooted , won't to downgrade, won't to go on s-off i tried all things .i tried now an official rom , it won't install it and give error 155 and 170

my Dhd is on 2.2 with a plenty of bugs and hope do upgrade to 2.3.5 or higher

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