General :: How To Modify Boot Kernel

Apr 19, 2012

How to modify boot kernel ?

General :: How to modify boot kernel

General :: How To Interrupt Android Boot Sequence To Force It Boot To Linux Kernel Only

Sep 12, 2013

I am trying to do some low level performance testing related to device processor cores through adb which I feel it is affected by Android background services and system stuff.

As I know that the Android boot sequence stages are as follow:

1.Execute Boot ROM code.
2.Execute the boot loader.
3.Load the Linux kernel.
4.Launch Zygote, which initializes the Dalvik VM.
5.System server which loads the Android system.

So my question is how can I interrupt this sequence to force it stop on stage 3 to load Linux kernel. This can implement my intermediary performance testings before loading again Android system.

Does Fastboot or Clockworkmod recovery can load my device to a kind of Linux kernel?

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General :: Why Won't Allwinner A10 Kernel Boot

Jun 26, 2013

I am trying to use my cheap virtually unbrickable tablet to learn more about kernel development and eventually ROM building.

I have extracted the manufacturers (WoPad) LiveSuit image and used to break up the boot image.

I extracted the config file from the kernel image using extract-ikconfig and it created a config file. I didn't see the config in /proc.

So, I have the factory ramdisk and the factory kernel config.

I have downloaded several kernel sources (lichee-3.0.8, ChritianTroy's 3.0.36, and another one from linux-sunxi 3.0.72). I can successfully compile all of them without errors and they all generate zImages, uImages, etc using the factory config as well as the sun4i_crane configs they come with.

When I repack the boot.img with the newly created kernel and install it on nandc it wont' boot past the android icon (u-boot). When I compare my boot.img to the factory one, they both have the same offset where the kernel starts (0x00000800). I have also ensured I'm replacing the kernel modules when I'm changing kernel versions.

Here is the line I'm using to repack the boot.img

mkbootimg --base 0x40000000 --pagesize 2048 --kernel zImage --ramdisk ramdisk-repack.cpio.gz --board sun4i --cmdline "console=ttyS0,115200 rw init=/init loglevel=8" -o boot.img


Also, I'm building on Ubuntu 13.04 with Google GCC 4.6 from the ndk. I have built kernels for other devices without issues.

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General :: Change Kernel Boot Logo

Aug 29, 2013

How to change the kernel boot logo on my samsung kernel? I don't mean the boot animation. I may have built a ROM but the kernel used there doesn't belong to me.

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General :: Porting A Kernel That Hangs At Boot

Feb 1, 2014

I am trying to port a kernel from one zte 8960 to another. I have cwm recover set up with kexec to get a log of what is going on. the kernel hangs at boot of the phone so I trying to find the cause

-last_kmsg after a failed boot of 3.4

-last_kmsg after a boot of 3.0.8

-split-boot of boot.img

output directory: fi
boot_magic correct: ANDROID!
kernel size: 6045264
kernel address: 2149613568
Base: 2149580800 (hex): 0x80200000

I am thinking it might had hit "un-allocated" memory area, I did have to change the ramdisk_offset from 0x01300000 to 0x02000000 make the kernel fit. what could I do to check to see if it is un-allocated space I am dealing with

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General :: Xperia Arc S Won't Boot Up After Installing Kernel

Dec 1, 2013

my device : xperia arc s

im new in android and a couple hours ago i try to instal beanstalk - legacy kitkat 4.4 and they suggest to download kernel from dark raven "dark kernel cm11.0" 11DarkUrushi20131130 after that im flash the kernel and something happen....

my phone dont boot up and the logo dont appear

im try to connect to flash tool but still dont get it...

nb : for guarantee already pass 3 month ago....

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General :: Any Way To Change Kernel Boot Logo / Animation?

Jan 25, 2014

Is there any way to change my kernel's boot logo / animation ?


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General :: Any 1.4Ghz Kernel For S7562 That Don't Overclock At Boot

Jan 19, 2014

I would like to know if is there any custom kernel (1.4 Ghz) for Galaxy S Duos (Gt-s7562)

That don't overclock to 1.4 Ghz until we do it by app

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General :: Flashed Kernel By MB-14 On Galaxy Ace Plus / Getting Original Boot Logo

Aug 27, 2013

Recently I flashed A Kernel By Mb-14 on my Galaxy Ace Plus.....It Changed my Boot Logo.....i Want my Original Bootlogo back...

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General :: Tweaking Kernel In Ubuntu To Change Boot Logo For I9300

Apr 29, 2013

I wanted to change the boot logo for i9300. Im well aware that you have to incorporate it in the kernel. I installed Ubuntu, the necessary libraries and brought the cyanogenmod source code. Only part is I dont have the necessary experience to tweak it using the NDK tools

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General :: Build Kernel MT6577 - Can't Boot After Build

Feb 21, 2013

I have a phone with a MT6577. The vendor (Wiko) published the kernel source code. So, i'm trying to build it. I can get the zImage. I converted it to boot.img but i can't boot with it on my a good zImage? (if you want to try) : URL...

cp mediatek-configs .config
TARGET_PRODUCT=s9081 MTK_ROOT_CUSTOM=../mediatek/custom make
# sudo mtk-tools/ -boot zImage boot.img-ramdisk boot.img
MTK-Tools by Bruno MartinsMT65xx repack script (last update: 27-01-2013)
Repacking boot image...
Ramdisk size: 2046 blocs
Repacked boot image into 'boot.img'.

Here are the Warnings I got when compiling

mediatek/platform/mt6577/kernel/drivers/video/tvc_drv.c:61:5: warning: "FIXED_WVGA_PARAMS" is not defined
net/ipv4/tcp.c: In function 'tcp_nuke_addr':
include/net/ipv6.h:338: warning: 'in6' may be used uninitialized in this function
net/ipv4/tcp.c:3367: note: 'in6' was declared here
In file included from net/ipv4/netfilter/ipt_LOG.c:27:
include/net/netfilter/xt_log.h: In function 'sb_close':

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Android :: Where Can Modify

Mar 13, 2009

I can find that build.prop in the direction product/generic/system/ build, and there are some items like etc. I want to add my modification here but i see there is a note says "#autogenerated by". So I wonder where can I modify the string refer to ?

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General :: How To Port AODP Kernel To CM9 Kernel

Jun 9, 2012

I have u8800 and 3.0.8 AOSP kernel. But not runnig cm9 with AOSP kernel. How to port aosp kernel to cm9 kernel.

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General :: Android App To Modify APK?

Sep 3, 2013

I would like to ask whether there is an app to modify apks on your phone or not I'm asking because I don't get to use the computer that much.

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General :: How To Modify XML File

Jan 17, 2013

How to modify .xml file which editor on mobile and pc work for that

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General :: How To Modify Kii Keyboard

Feb 28, 2014

I tried to modify this keyboard .. I already modified what i want except one thing > Row numbers in arabic language

It look like that

And i want it like That

I Searched a lot in the xml files and found this one and i think it is the file i should modify but i don't know how ?

HTML Code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Key latin:moreKeys="!text/more_keys_for_symbols_1" latin:additionalMoreKeys="!text/additional_more_keys_for_symbols_1" latin:keyLabel="!text/keylabel_for_symbols_1" />
<Key latin:moreKeys="!text/more_keys_for_symbols_2" latin:additionalMoreKeys="!text/additional_more_keys_for_symbols_2" latin:keyLabel="!text/keylabel_for_symbols_2" />
<Key latin:moreKeys="!text/more_keys_for_symbols_3"


I want to know what does this text mean ( !text/keylabel_for_symbols_1 )

which file i should modify ?

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General :: How To Modify Rom Windows Style

Jul 31, 2012

how can i modify my rom's windows style?

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General :: How To Modify Application Already Included In ROM

Jun 30, 2012

I'd like to modify the Gallery3D application , which is already included in my current rom (CM7 nightly), using eclipse and adb. However when trying to install the version I compiled, it fails.

There are two conflicts at least : the package name, and the providers.

I tried to freeze the ROM version with titanium backup, but it doesn't change anything.

The package name, I could change it in the source code (using sed utility, since eclipse was generating an exception with the Android tool to rename the package -_-)

But the providers, this is really annoying to have to change their names as well, it's a much more complicated operation, and I'd prefer to be able to use the source code as is.

I suppose I could try to remove Gallery3D from the ROM, but not sure how to do that. Or other possibilities ?

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General :: How To Modify Stock ICS Launcher

Feb 12, 2012

I want to modify the stock ICS launcher (like Trebuchet, Nova, etc. did). How can I do this? I understand that source code of Launcher from Google cannot be opened in Eclipse like an ordinary application (because it uses private APIs). So how does Cyanogenmod team do this?

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General :: Modify Contact Reading App?

Sep 10, 2013

i like to modify an app which is reading the whole phonebook. this app sends the complete phonebook over the internet.

Ive tried to modify the decompiled smali file with jar file, but its very difficult. Im a experienced programmer in PLC programming and some other languages like c# but the smali code is very difficult.Is it possible to implement fix contacts in the app like disable the access to the contacts an give an fixed array of hard programmed contacts?

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General :: How To Modify The Lock Screen

Nov 14, 2012

I was just wondering if it is at all possible to modify the lock screen on android? I don't mean replace it with an app or anything like that. I mean for example, if someone were to input the incorrect passcode is it possible to have a little "special" message if the pin is wrong?

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General :: EVO Design 4G - How To Modify Stock Rom

Aug 8, 2012

I have an EVO design 4g, stock 2.3.4 ROM, rooted, and s-off. I just downloaded the OTA ICS ROM and want to know how to modify the zip to be cwm flashable, without overwriting my recovery or hboot.

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General :: How To Modify Rom For Galaxy I9003

Jun 3, 2012

how to modify rom for my galaxy i9003?

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General :: Modify APK To Add File In Specified Path?

Dec 16, 2009

How i can modify an existing apk and add a file to a specified path during installation. Better...i need that installation creates a file in data/data/ where is the path of program data.

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General :: Possible To Modify Google Music?

Mar 8, 2012

Issues with google music not recognizing music stored on their sd card, if their phone already has internal storage, but I have noticed on my HTC Amaze that google music will only recognize the music on the internal storage and not all of the songs I had on my micro sd. Is it possible to modify google music to read or find music from more than one location on your phone?

PS I have more music than what would fit on the the phones storage so moving songs from micro SD to the phones internal storage would not be an option.

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General :: Android Boot Sequence And Backup / Access To Boot / Recovery Partitions?

Oct 4, 2012

I try to understand android boot sequence on my JB (under CM10). I found some docs and there should be specific partitions (boot, recovery, system, cache, data).

My understanding of the boot sequence is now:

A) normal boot:
1) Power ON ->
2) bootloader ->
3) boot-partition where i flashed the kernel aka boot.img ->
4a) system-partition with the OS (libs, UI, etc) where i unpacked over CWM my ->
4b) data-partition, where i unpacked and installed all the apps ->
4c) cache-partition with user data

B) recovery boot (adb reboot recovery):
1) Power ON ->
2) bootloader ->
3) recovery-partition with CWM where i may unpack all the .zip stuff to proper partitions, or restore from sdcard, etc.

Is this correct? I wonder, because i didn't installed CWM into recovery-partition. It cames from install of CM10 (fastboot -i 0xfce flash boot boot.img), so it must be in boot-partition and not in recovery?

So, next confusion: i looked up to /proc/mtd and i don't see neither boot nor recovery partition here:


# cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 19000000 00040000 "system"
mtd1: 00600000 00040000 "appslog"
mtd2: 06580000 00040000 "cache"
mtd3: 1a400000 00040000 "userdata"

I did a backup with CWM and loocked the data. There aren't boot, and recovery backups:


# ls -lha /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/2012-10-
d---rwxr-x 2 system sdcard_r 4.0K Oct 4 18:56 .
d---rwxr-x 3 system sdcard_r 4.0K Oct 4 18:49 ..
----rwxr-x 1 system sdcard_r 1.6K Oct 4 18:54 .android_secure.vfat.dup
----rwxr-x 1 system sdcard_r 54.6M Oct 4 18:55 cache.yaffs2.img
----rwxr-x 1 system sdcard_r 360.2M Oct 4 18:53 data.yaffs2.img
----rwxr-x 1 system sdcard_r 212 Oct 4 18:56 nandroid.md5
----rwxr-x 1 system sdcard_r 214.6M Oct 4 18:51 system.yaffs2.img

So, i think i didn't understand the boot sequence and partition schema corectly.

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General :: Can Android Boot Logo Screen Be Configured To Show Linux Boot Logging

Jun 13, 2012

Instead of seeing the boring old Android logo or my service provider's logo, I'd love to see the standard text-based Linux boot screen that shows the status of all the hardware and configuration info as my phone boots. My current phone is an HTC EVO 3D running Cool ICS with Sense 3.6 and Revolutionary CWM.

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General :: Can't Modify Anything On Samsung S3 Mini (Rooted)

Apr 24, 2014

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, GT-8190.

The first symptom was that my phone reboots itself constantly. My phone is rooted. I have TWRP installed.

I tried to flash a stock rom with Odin, it seemed to go well, but when the phone rebooted it was the same as before. I tried wiping the data with TWRP but when it reboots, everything is there again. I tried uninstalling the apps manually, but when I reboot the phone, they appear again. It's like I can't change anything in the internal memory. I can't do a factory reset, it reboots exactly the same as before.

It is like the internal memory is completely frozen. If I uninstall a program, it reappears on reboot, If I install an app, it disappears, If I turn off the wifi, it appears ON when reboot...

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General :: How To Modify Background Of Stock Apps

May 31, 2012

how to change the background of stock apps such as settings,dialler etc??

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General :: App That Will Easily Allow To Modify Status Bar Appearance?

Jun 30, 2013

Status bar color is quite limited and doesn't change everything.

I'm looking for something to change the colour of the status bar icons and the transparency. Is there anything for that without changing system apks?

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