Android :: Smart Phone UI Limitations

May 28, 2010

I would like to know, what limitations there are for how far one can go in terms of replacing UI components of current touch screen smart phones, in particular iPhone, Blackberry and android based phones.What I would like to do is create a custom UI for dialing out and incoming calls.

I have some experience with Blackberry development. The theme builder for it, can be used to customize certain items on the incoming call screen, but it doesn't look like that you can increase the size of answer button. I know Blackberry also gives you access to all the phone APIs, but I'm not sure that you can create your own UI that can gain preference over the Blackberry incoming call screen. And if you try to customize the incoming call screen by adding any buttons to it, they would be rendered as pictures.

I could possibly design a complete UI for android, since different manufactures have different UI for android based phones. Can I do what I want to do using iPhone, Blackberry or android? Or any other phone for that matter? I am guessing may be for Nokia phones using Qt, but I prefer the 3 platforms I listed.

Android :: smart phone UI limitations

HTC Droid Eris :: Is There Some Bandwidth Limitations On Phone?

Jan 21, 2010

I have tried doing some speedtests on my eris but have not gotten any speeds over 2mbps down and 1mbps up. This is over a WiFi connection on the DS3 line at work. Does anyone know if this is just a fluke with my phone or is there some bandwidth limitations on the eris?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Smart PhoNes Are For Smart People

Oct 22, 2010

This may have been asked but I can't find what I am looking for in search.Anyway, we have 2 droid phones, we want to use them in the house in a hands-free phone mode, with some sort of external speakers.I found some blueant speakers for cars, and was recommended this one S1 Sun Visor model.

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Android :: Smart Phone - Occasionally Bump Screen While Using GPS

Jul 30, 2010

I'm by FAR not what you'd call a techie, and I'm totally new to the 'smart phone". I just bought a Motorola Droid. I'm still trying to figure this thing out. The one thing I'm kind of not liking is... With my old LG Dare, I used VZ Navigator for my GPS. That phone was a touch screen, but when I would use the GPS to find where I was going, I could lock the screen, and it would stay lit, and the program would continue to run. But if I bumped the screen with my finger, I wouldn't be thrown out of the program, or into another one.

I'm finding that with my new Droid (which uses Google maps) that when I'm using the GPS on that, I will occasionally bump the screen, and then I have to try to navigate my way back to the GPS. So if anyone knows of an app that allows me to keep my screen fully lit and the program working, BUT still locks the screen, could you please let me know?

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Android :: Will The Smart Phone Take The Place Of Your Desktop Or Laptop

May 29, 2010

Will the smart phone ever take the place of the home computer as we know it ie desktop/laptop.

With most service providers now doing unlimited internet and our phones capable of anything ie email, text, facebook, twitter, sell and buy stuff on ebay, watching movies, TV the list goes on and on. Why do we need our home computers ?

I believe the home computer is on its way out, yes we will need the computer in industry, banks, stock control etc ie for business use but for the home market its doomed.

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General :: Smart Phone Flash Tool Doesn't Recognize Phone

Jun 11, 2014

I used the recovery mode first time - it worked, second time playing with NoBloat - it gets stuck in boot screen.I can go to the recovery mode menu, both chinese and english, can do a full clear cache, data, format, but phone still won't boot.

I can use ADB shell, but Smart phone flash tool does not recognize phone, MTK droid tool recognizes it, but I can't backup it.

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Android :: Books And Resources For Learning Smart Phone Architecture

Nov 24, 2010

Can anyone recommend any books or resources for learning smart phone architecture (specifically iphone or droid)? I am looking to learn and get into smart phone development, having been doing desktop development for a few years now.

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General :: Sharing Connection From Android To Inactive Smart Phone?

Nov 26, 2012

I'm trying to share my 3g network from my straight talk LG Optimus zip my old sprint phone samsung galaxTr IPy s phone I have foxfi and pdanet on both phones can't find anything that works

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Android :: How Applications Are To Follow Hardware Limitations

Jul 2, 2009

There are certain application which are default available on Android and certain applications available freely in market place. Greader is an application not available default in the Open source package on web to download.

1) Is it legal to install Greader as an application on the devices when it is shipped to customer? if yes, what is the best way to do it? Can we simply use the apk file of Greader and install it on device? Any other better ways?

2) When the applications are built, it will also have lot of dependency on the hardware availability on device. If there is an application developed for T G1 Mobile using the GPS hardware then this application cannot work on another device which does not have GPS hardware. Since we have market place for Android today and mostly targetting for T G1 mobile, how do we ensure that users must not able to install it on devices that does not support all the required hardware for device? There are few ways to deal with it.

a) Have market place specific to each device

b) The application developers has to clearly document what is the expected harwdare for the applications to work so that the users are aware of whether would work on the device or not. This is mostly manual then.

c) Ideally we should ensure that the application installation must happen only if before installation, the compatibility check passes. This is possible only if we bring in a framework design for this structurally.

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Android :: Limitations Of The MapView And MapActivity Design

Oct 24, 2010

I was surprised to see a couple major shortcomings in the design of MapView and MapActivity.

First, MapView requires itself to be hosted in a MapActivity. According to the documentation,

A MapView can only be constructed (or inflated) by a MapActivity<>.

> This is because it depends on threads which access the network and > filesystem in the background; these threads must be shepherded by the > lifecycle management in MapActivity<[url]...>. > Tiles are cached on the filesystem in your application's directory. The > cache is auto-managed so you don't need to do anything with it, and can > delete it at any time.

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Android :: How Have To Be A Webservice For Use - Limitations - Paramters - Return

Nov 14, 2010

I have a android APP that needs a remote Database, to do INSERT's and SELECT's.

I will use a webservice to comunicate with the remote database, the webservice will be installed in the server side, with the remote database, and webservice will do the SELECTS and the INSERTS and will return me XML data. But i dont know anything about webservices, then a friend will do it.

But my friend need's to known if there is any limitations making webservices for Android. I search on google for days but all i am finding is very complex and i can't find the answer to these three questions:

Webservice needs to be created with a special way? Webservice remote functions can have parameters? (i need to give to the webservice parameters to do the select's or the inserts of data) Webservice can return results in XML normally or needs a special way to do it?

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General :: Smart Phone Without Data Plan?

Aug 29, 2012

I know you are required to have a data plan for a smart phone. But does that only apply to those on 2 year contracts?

I have an old D2 that my wife wants to use. She currently uses a dumb phone. She doesn't want a data plan, doesn't want the smart phone features. She just wants to use it for calling & texting.

Is there any way at all that can happen? Or does any smart phone, even older ones or unlocked ones, need a data plan?

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Motorola Droid :: Dumb Smart - Phone Don't Work

Nov 27, 2009

Grape Holes: 9 Things My Dumb-phone DOES that my Smart-Phone DON'T... and vice versa

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HTC :: Desire Review From A First Time Smart Phone Buyer

May 31, 2010

Well, this is my first post and as the title states i finally took the step to buy a smart phone and the old Nokia 6120 classic is headed for the drawer.I was tossing up between the Iphone and the HTC Desire. Not really wanting to be an Isheep and after reading all the good reviews of the Desire on the net i decided to go with it. First up i'll address the main point i was worried about..... battery life.
All the people saying they get less than a day with theirs made me worry. But after thinking about my usage compared to others i decided it would hopefully be fine. After getting mine about 5 days ago and charging it up overnight i can say that i didn't really have anything to worry about got through my first day (Friday) with a couple of phone calls, played around with it for half an hour at lunchtime, then probably another hour or two of constant use when i got home playing with the settings, widgets etc. It then continued trucking on till the following day (Saturday) where i played around for another hour or so in the morning until about 11am when it started to get low. That was when the battery warning came up on the screen. So i got about 30 hours out of it on the first charge and by the sounds of some other posts this will get a bit better. Without all the time messing around with the new toy and the battery settling in id say i'll be getting at least 2 days without a charge in the future. I realize other people use theirs a whole lot more at work but i have a radio in my car i listen to on the way to work so no mp3 needed and a phone in the office i use, but if your like me and just a casual user to make a few calls and send a few texts, check the weather out and surf the net a bit it will be fine. I realize that im not using it to its full potential, but thats fine with me. Code...

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General :: Galaxy 4S Smart Phone - Undelete Photos?

Sep 16, 2013

Looking for possibly undeleting a few pictures I took yesterday on my Galaxy 4S smart phone.

I know the directory where I need to do the undeleting but none of the un-delete programs I have gathered will show anything that makes sense when it comes to the phone.

When i plug in the phone to my computer I get 2 directories..

Phone and Card (card is my 32gb micro sd)
The pictures I would need to try undeleting would be in the following directory: ComputerSCH-I545PhoneDCIMCamera

I cannot find a way to have any undelete program scan that portion to recover files... I have even taken out the micro sd card which did not matter ..

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General :: Droid Bionic - What Slows Down Smart Phone

Sep 23, 2011

I currently don't have a slow smartphone but when I had my original Droid it would really slow down until I put a new or updated rom on it. Even if I rebooted it it would still be slow. I now have the Droid Bionic and it's really fast but will it someday get slow? I guess I don't understand the smartphone technology very well, yet. Is there or will there be some sort of software that you can run that will speed it back up?

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General :: Smart Dial Only Search Phone Number Not Name

May 25, 2013

smart dial on my phone only search phone number in phonebook but not searching contact name. It was working before, not sure before or after rooting the phone though.

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HTC Desire :: Limitations With No Data Plan?

Aug 15, 2010

I'm new here, and i'd like to start off with a thread asking how limited am i with no data plan and just using wi-fi am i still allowed to use MSN Messenger? Windows Live Messenger , download apps racing games and that stuff. I am soon going to be getting a HTC Desire.

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Motorola Droid :: No Sound During Call / Occasional Smart Phone Glitch?

Feb 8, 2010

So, today as I was rushing to get on the train after school I needed to make a phone call that would determine what train I would take. Of course, since it was time sensitive my droid decided not to make our receive calls. I would dial the number and hear nothing but silence even tho the call had connected. The party on the other end was getting the call but we could not hear each other.only silence. I had to reboot twice at which point I had a number of voice mails from the person i was calling trying to see what was happening. My phone is not rooted and I just have some basic popular apps. Is this just an occasional smart phone glitch or have others had this happen?

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Motorola Droid :: Multi Task Limitations

Oct 30, 2009

I read a review which stated that if you have the browser running you have to CLOSE it, not minimize, to make a phone call. I'm wondering what other multi-tasking type of limitations this phone, and Android, have. I was playing around with a Hero at Best Buy one day and while I had the browser open I couldn't get to one of the other screens. Not sure if it was just me or if you can't do that at all with android. What good is it to have three windows and multi-tasking if you can't open a program in one screen and then leave it running and jump over to another screen. So I'm wondering if that's really true, and what other type of limitations it has? Such as, can I have the browser open while I'm using GPS? Can I open GPS and enter a route while I'm in the middle of a phone call?

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General :: Eboot Error (16008) In Smart Phone Flash Tool (Micromax A25)

Feb 17, 2013

how to fix this error... i also create a new scatter file of my phone.. but nothing works..

Error is

EBOOT ERROR : (16008)

[Android Partition size changed!

[HINT] Partial images download error

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Motorola Milestone :: Firmware Customizations - Limitations - Branding - Telus

Apr 21, 2010

I am in the process of getting the Milestone after many years on the WinMo 6.1 platform (HTC TyTN II), and am very excited at the prospect, but even though I have modded that phone a LOT, I am unfamiliar with the Android OS and Milestone, and was hoping someone could answer a few quick questions, as I'm getting conflicting info reading the posts here...

1. I wanted to get the unbranded / factory unlocked version of Milestone, but looking around I find all those versions are 3G 900/2100 bands, which would not work on NAM 3G 850/1900 networks. Is there a NAM version that can be purchased directly from Motorola?

2. The Telus version seems to be using a custom Telus bootloader. Does that mean this phone has any kind of custom Telus software, startup/shutdown logos showing Telus? I cannot stand customized carrier crap on smart phones and want nothing to do with them

3. I also read a post that says it's now possible to root the Telus Milestone. If I did, does that mean I can put another SBF that has stock Motorola software, and erase everything from Telus?

If I can wipe out all the Telus crap and turn one of theirs into a "clean" Milestone, that would be awesome!

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General :: HDMI Port And Cable For DROID 3 - Capabilities And Limitations

Oct 16, 2011

What are the capabilities and limitations of what can do with the hdmi port and cable for the DROID 3 any hacks of sorts for full hdmi or something.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Mobile Unveils Premium Galaxy S Smart Phone Accessories

Aug 11, 2010

This was not posted yet in the GS section... Samsung Mobile Unveils Some Nice Galaxy S Accessories.

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Android :: Define Some Smart Layout?

Jul 9, 2010

I will have a list view on the top and a button on the bottom in the view. Regardless the height of the list view i would like to fix the button position on the bottom all the time. If the list view is too long then make it scrollable.

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Android :: Set Up Smart Vibrator And Set As Default?

Jan 15, 2010

even if I have to switch apps, what I need is phone to vibrate on call and text. I setup in Smart Vibrator the pattern I want for each, but it's not doing correctly when getting call or text.

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Media : Can Use Smart Playlists With An Android

Jul 23, 2010

I am seriously considering getting the new Droid X and giving my old iPod Touch to my wife. On the iPod, I make use of Smart Playlists that use an one criteria: Plays = 0. When a song or audio book is played, it disappears from the Playlist.

Will I be able to do this with Android? I have read about DoubleTwist as a program that will allow me to sync from iTunes, so it might accomplish this (can't test it, since I don't have the Droid yet). I am not locked in to iTunes, so if there is a Mac program that would sync better, I could move my audio material over there.

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Motorola Droid :: March Smart Phone Madness Finals - Motorola Droid Vs Palm Pre Plus

Apr 2, 2010

They are at the final battle. It looks like we might have a fight on our hands since the Palm Pre just got the free hot-spot options from Verizon. March Smart Phone Madness Finals: Motorola Droid vs. Palm Pre Plus

The main points that I like to enjoy is: Droid beat out the phone that beat the iPhone, and the Droid got further in the brackets than any other Android OS phone Some of the progress is due to hardware, some due to following (over the Nexus'), but a lot due to the v2.01 (and now 2.1) version of the Android OS. Also, this poll is open ALL weekend - it does not close until April 5th, so we have tons of time...but then again, so does the Palm Pre. Let's have at 'em!

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Android :: Looking For Program For Photos That Do Not Make Smart

Nov 15, 2010

Is there a general program for processing photos, to carry out basic adjustments to crop, resize, etc. without reducing my random photos. Until now vaunted Photoshop Express and PicSay Pro arbitrarily reduce the picture and it is only for web.

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General :: How To Root Noontec A9 Smart Box / Android 2.3

Mar 20, 2012

how I would get started on rooting a Noontec A9 Smart Box? It has Android 2.3. I did use search, but all I could find is roms.

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