Android :: Google Login Service On 2.1?

May 14, 2010

I'm trying to run some of the google applications like calendar, market, and email but the google login service doesn't work. The various errors (like NoClassDefFoundError) make it seem like the pieces aren't even installed.

Android :: Google login service on 2.1?

Android :: Google Login Service Not Working On SDK 1.5

Apr 28, 2009

I downloaded the latest release of android SDK 1.5, but unable to give the credentials for the "Google Login Service" from devTools. Clicking on the Google button or any other button crashes. I need to specify the google credentials to access the calendar application so that I can customize it as per the requirements. Can you please let me know if there is any other work around of doing this and accessing the calendar application?

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Android : How To Get Auth Token Google Login Service?

Mar 1, 2009

I'm wondering how to use the GData APIs without requiring the user to type their username and password in my app. The user has to login to the phone, so it doesn't make much sense to me that apps would require them to type it in again. The phone's calendar and Gmail apps obviously don't prompt so how is it done?

I found some threads on this which indicate this isn't possible, but they are pretty old and I was wondering if there is any new information (i.e., given that we have a new SDK version 1.1).

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Android :: Use Google Talk With Separate Login From Gmail App?

Jan 31, 2010

I use the Gmail app for business, but I'd like to use Google Talk with my personal Gmail account. I can't figure out how to do this? Is it possible? Seems completely lame if not.

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Android :: Login Page - Match Username And Password From Database To Allow User To Login

Jul 1, 2010

I managed to create the logic for the function but I have no idea how to match it with the database. I only know how to do it the hardcoding way.

Below is how I did it. I believe an sql statement should be inserted there am I right? And I know I missed out something. Before I match the username and password, I should check whether the user exist in the database first, and then check whether the password match with the username.

So in conclusion I need help on the 'if else' statement.


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Android :: Create Multipanel Login And Remember Login Info

Aug 24, 2010

I've downloaded a few networking apps (games) that have you log in, then take you to a "home" type screen where you can change your settings, or start a new game, or view your buddies etc.My question is two-part:

1) how are these "multipanel" apps created? Is each panel its own activity? I've tried adding different panels through Views, but on the apps I described above, when I hit the back button on my phone, it takes me to the previous screen and in my apps, it just takes me out of the app when I hit back (again I'll I've done are add separate views). Can someone point me in the right direction of what I need to do to create a multipanel application that when I click a button, a new panel loads, then when I hit back on the phone, it takes me to the previous panel?

2) one of my panels will be a login page which I will post the log-in credentials via http post to my server for authentication. I would like to remember the log-in "token" that is passed back to the client so they don't have to log in every time they use my application. Again, referring to some of the apps that I have, they offer this feature but I can not locate anything on the phone where it would be saved. Is this done with xml usually?

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General :: LG-P500 - There Isn't Any Google Login For CM 7.2

Mar 23, 2012

Can I install an apk to solve this problem? if yes, where to get apk? I can't use play store


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General :: Bluestacks Can't Login Google+

Mar 11, 2014

I'm using bluestacks from my pc to run some apps.I like to play Clash of Clans. Now i have a tablet that can run this game so i want to trasfer my village on my tablet (with Android). So how i can do it?

I tried to open Clahs of Clans from bluestacks --> Game settings --> And click on connect for google+ but the app stop working on loading without any errors. I tried a lot of times also clicking on "Link another ..." but it's the same problem when i clicck on log in for google+ the app freez.

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HTC Hero :: Reentering Google Account Login

Oct 16, 2009

I bought a HTC Hero the other day and when I started it the first time I must have gotten the google account password wrong, cause everytime I start the phone it says I have to reenter a valid password before it will synchronize, How do I tell it the right password so I dont have to reenter it all the time?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Get Google Login Information Back?

Jul 8, 2010

About a couple of weeks ago, I purchased an HTC Hero (Sprint) and had it all going... until I lost it at work a couple of days later. I instantly deactivated it through Sprint and, the short of it, I was unsuccessful in retrieving it and finally received my replacement phone yesterday.

As I went to Sprint to activate it, they asked me to enter my Google account information. As I went to enter it, the password was invalid. After entering all of the possible passwords that I generally use, they were all invalid. So I came home, got on my laptop and tried to retrieve it through Google's website, thinking this would be resolved pretty quickly. Except the security question that was asked was not the one I remember entering in when I first registered my Google account, so the password was unable to be retrieved.

However, the strange part is that there's an option that says that if you can't answer the security question, they will send an e-mail to your alternate e-mail address. So I clicked that... and it said that it sent an e-mail to a Hotmail account (it had the e-mail address X'd out). The problem with that is that my alternate e-mail address is a Yahoo! address, which Google confirmed to me when I asked them to confirm if maybe I was entering a wrong username.

So it's a strange dilemma... when I ask them to confirm my username, they can send an e-mail to my actual backup address. But when I try to request or reset my password, the security question is different, and Google send it to some Hotmail address that is unknown to me. I tried filling out a form on Google's website that would try to get the account back in your hands if you provide enough data, but given how little I had my original phone, I couldn't answer all of it, so subsequently, that failed.

I guess the question is: are there any other alternatives I have? Is it possible that when I lost my phone that the person who found it got it and changed the information on me? It's just very weird and something I'd like to get to the bottom of.

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Submitting Login Details Of Screenshot Where User Can Login To Their Account?

Jul 27, 2013

I am doing an an android application on student app. I have managed to make the buttons, however i need submitting the login details of a s creenshot where a user can login to their account. With listview in making a good one displaying list of students registered in an IT course. These are the codng that has been used so far, which have worked perfectly fine

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View; [code].....

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Needed To Login On Google Account

Jun 20, 2010

it said that i needed to login on a google account. but i dont have a google account. i tried my brothers account but it was invalid. how can i make my phone work?

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Motorola Droid :: Can I Change My Google Market Place Login Account?

Aug 6, 2010

My husband's Droid was factory-reset by Verizon yesterday, and he lost all of his apps and also forgot his Google login for Marketplace. We set up a new account, but then realized that he can't get his apps back. I figured out his original login, but cannot figure out how to log him out so we can log him back in using his original account.

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Android :: How Reliable Is The Google Voice Service

Sep 23, 2010

GV was working well for me for several months. But in the last month, most of the GV calls that I've made have not gone through. I use it mostly from the desktop and when I start a call my phone usually does not ring.

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Android : Needs To Navigate To A Google Service Webpage

Jun 18, 2010

I've an android application that needs to navigate to a google service webpage (say calendar). Because I already have a Auth Token (using Android Accounts manager), I want to skip user being redirected to web login. Would auto-login be possible using authtoken? If yes, what is the exact Url with params

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Android :: Google App Store Without Having Cell Phone Service?

Sep 26, 2009

Does anyone know if it possible to see the Google app store without having cell phone service on the Android (like from my ADP with no SIM card)?I can see bits of it at, but can you see all of it without the Android on a cell phone account?

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Android :: Does Google Voice App Need To Be Running For The Service To Work

Jun 19, 2010

I've never quite understood the connection. If you have a Google Voice phone number set to forward those calls to your cell phone, do you need to have the app running on your cell phone for this to work or can it be manually turned off?

I would imagine that the call forwarding would work regardless, but what about the app keeping track of those calls in a call list, or keeping track of the voicemails, etc.? Can you just open the app manually and all of this information will be there, or does it need to be running at all times in order to record the phone calls/voicemail as they come in?

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Android :: Chrome To Phone - Don't Kill Google Messaging Service

Aug 3, 2010

Based on some quick tests, I've noticed the following: if you kill the Google Messaging Service, Chrome to Phone (a.k.a. Send to Phone) will stop working.

This seems rather obvious, but I had been in the habit of killing the Google Talk Service (GTalk) prior to Froyo. After Froyo, it looks like the service was renamed/replaced with Google Messaging Service.

I suspect that killing the Google Messaging Service could affect other Google services too.

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Android :: Automate Process Of Publish Droid App / Google Have Web Service To Do That?

Nov 10, 2010

We have several Android apps and found that the process of uploading apps for each release via Android Developers website slow and ineffective. We like to automate the process. To be more clear, we have automation for compiling and building the apps, it's a matter of uploading them to Android Market and fill in the app details for publishing. This is where we are left with manual publishing.

I am interested to learn how people automate the processing?

Does Google have a web service of some sort for publishing Android App on Android Market?

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Android :: Using Calendar Api - VerifyError

May 26, 2010

I am trying to integrate the application I am developing with google calendar. The code I wrote for the calendar integration works in a java standalone project.

The problem is that I am getting an error when in my app I do the actions that uses the code that "talks" to the calendar api. I have created a "libs" folder in the root of my app project to put all the libraries I need. Then add jar from the build path config screen (in eclipse).

The error: 05-26 14:18:54.512: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(3522): *java.lang.VerifyError: >*

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Android :: Get Estimated Time Travel Between Two GeoPoint From Google Service?

Oct 21, 2010

Someone have a smart tip for get estimated time travel between two GeoPoint from Google Service?

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General :: Install Google Play Service On Android Phone

Sep 9, 2013

I need to know how I can install Google play service on my android phone...

I am using tecno N7

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Android :: Google Marketplace ID Of Purchaser Of App To Send It To Back-end Service Database

Oct 22, 2010

Is there a way I can get the Google Marketplace ID of the purchaser of my app? I mean from within the app at runtime. I want to send it to my back-end service database to help detect pirates.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Blocked Google Navigation Service At All?

Jun 2, 2010

I know the EVO is coming with sprint navigation. Have they blocked Google navigation service at all? Im doing research on this phone for a friend needing an upgrade.

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HTC Desire HD :: Google's Free Sat Nav Service?

Oct 20, 2010

HTC Desire Z and Desire HD to Come Loaded with TomTom Maps | Android Phone Fans. Interesting, how will this interact, if at all, with Google's free sat nav service?

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HTC Incredible :: Google - Voicemail Service

May 19, 2010

I am using google voice for voicemail but kept my original phone number, not when it asked if I want a google number. My question is under Settings > Call > Voice Mail service, I see My carrier in Google Voice. Which one should I use and what does this do exactly. Would this effect my text messaging via verizon at all because I believe you can sms with google voice now?

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HTC Incredible :: Can You View Google Maps Without Service?

Jun 8, 2010

So say you want to use your phone as a personal map, and you don't have service.This still possible. Seems to me that it would call and stream the available map.

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HTC Incredible :: Way To Link Up Phones Through Google Service?

Jun 18, 2010

My buddy just got an inc and I thought there was a way you can link up phones through the google service for like a private chat that is not txt message. Am I wrong? Is there n e thing like that?

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General :: How To Remove Google Play Service

Feb 5, 2014

I want to get rid of from google play services and google's other cartel softwares. I dont want to share my location information via google, but ı want to share my location information via forsqaure. But google lay down "if you want to use forsquare, you must run google play services and you must share your information to us". And I dont want to pay money for google's ads; any android program has google's ads and it consumt cpu, ram and gsm internet connection. As so, for any android software before run, firstly try to show ads, after software running.. How can I get rid of from google cartel? If I make root and ı use different mod os(cyanogenmod etc), can ı stop these google's spy softwares? Any suitable mod os?

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General :: Disabling Google Messaging Service?

May 21, 2013

how to disable loading "google messaging service" running in background as attached? It uses 10mg of my RAM and I don't need it !

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