Android :: Designing In XML Vs Coding UI / Which Is Better?

Sep 2, 2010

I have a small doubt, Which is the best way to design UI for Android Coding or Desinging in XML? Which is better in performance?

Android :: Designing in XML Vs Coding UI / Which is better?

Android : ContentProvider Designing In My App

Aug 24, 2010

All the example codes, tutorials or video I see, there is always one ContentProvider per SQL Table with the SQLiteOpenHelper extension defined as a private static class... Is it some sort of standard have one ContentProvider per SQL Table? Or I can define one generic ContentProvider and use its instance for ever update? Is there some issue with that? Could anyone please help as my application has like 5-6 tables.

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Android :: Designing And Implementing App Idea

Jun 27, 2010

Does anyone have any good references for designing and implementing an idea I have for an android application. My idea is for an application that stores information and reviews about a specific location and presents this information to user.I have gone through all the tutorials and have been reading up on anything and everything about android. Now I am ready to challenge myself with my first app.

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Android :: Designing Nesting LinearLayout?

Mar 3, 2010

I am facing a problem in designing LinearLayout. What I want is the Textbox at the top and button bar at the bottom. But the top Textbox just don't appear. The xml file looks like this:........................

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Android :: Designing UI For Board Game?

Jan 5, 2010

I need to design a board UI using android platform. I was planning to take one image as board and moving the required images over the board. How do I achieve the same? I need to find the coordinates for image and need to move the required images to specifies coordinates. Is there any andorid API for this?

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Android : Best Practices To Be Followed When Designing Database?

Aug 30, 2010

I have to create a number of tables for caching some amount of textual data, obtained by reading XMLs. These tables need to be created only once - on the initial run of the application. The data in the tables should be cleared after fixed time period. There should be a class exposed to other classes that would allow CRUD operations on this database. Googling found me some links to tutorials for creating databases and Data Access logic.

I have some questions, please help:

How many DataBaseHelper(DBAdapter) classes should I have, I am guessing only one? Is it okay to have all the SQL DDL and DML statements, DB name, Table Names as static strings of this class?
How do I ensure that the tables are created only once?
Is it possible to clear the DataBase after a fixed time interval?
Are there any best practices to be followed when designing the database?
The data in the database is to be displayed in Lists. I have data in ArrayLists(created when parsing XML) as well as Database(after these lists are persisted). What adapter should I use to back the list up? Should I use ListAdapter or CursorAdapter?

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Designing For Multiple Screen Android

May 25, 2014

Eclipse has provided us with different qualifiers like size, ratio , etc. So when I select a qualifier, it provides us with the right emulator screen to make our layout. But are these emulators screen loaded under the right layout folder? I dont understand, how Nexus 10 which is a xlarge screen size is loaded when I load the activity_main under the Normal layout folder?

am I blindly arranging these layouts? Because before this, I had arranged all layouts perfectly and when I went to run it on a Virtual Device, it looked a complete mess. I looked at the xml files and they were completely in the wrong places.

I have used qualifiers like : normal-long, normal-notlong, large-long, large-notlong, small-long, small-notlong, xlarge-long, xlarge-notlong,Should I change the qualifiers?

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Android :: Designing Downloadable Skins Packets For An App

Oct 26, 2009

The idea is to allow users to download a skin packet from the android market and be able to change the skin via the main application.I assume this skin pack would contain only the layouts and res names that I would want to overwrite from the main application. How could I approach such project?

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Android :: Getting Started Designing And Implementing An Idea For App

Jun 27, 2010

Does anyone have any good references for designing and implementing an idea I have for an android application.

My idea is for an application that stores information and reviews about a specific location and presents this information to user.

I have gone through all the tutorials and have been reading up on anything and everything about android. Now I am ready to challenge myself with my first app.

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Android :: Some Coding Errors From A Novice

Nov 16, 2010

I'm a beginner android developer, and I've only been coding for a few months. I'm testing some layouts in a project using eclipse, and I'm following the guidelines from a textbook (beginning android 2.0) and I'm getting some rather perplexing errors. The first error is in my main.xml. my code is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android=" android" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:orientation="horizontal"

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Android :: Coding Translate Animation?

Jul 19, 2010

I m really very fed up coding translate animation. actually my image is moving from one position to another but it is coming back to its actual position. can any body here provide me the code to move image from one position to another position without coming back.

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Android :: Designing A System Based On Arbritary Zones?

Jan 14, 2010

How would you go about designing a system based on arbritary zones? Think of the American states - basically the whole map is carved up into irregular zones. Then again another one might show a salesmans territory, TV stations coverage area etc. I need to be able to retrieve the current GPS position and determine which zone I'm in. I can't use an address/zip lookup - its purely based on the lat/long point. So the data structures which define the enclosing boundaries must be flexible enough to provide fairly accurate positioning. As a bonus, I'd also like to be able to render these zones on the map, maybe with different colors. Any tips/pointers to anything close to this would be very welcome, thanks.

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Android :: Design Issues I Need To Follow While Designing UI In Droid / Fix It

Jun 30, 2010

I'm using Relative layout for designing UI. Please give me guidelines to follow.

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Android :: Audio Stream Trans Coding?

Jan 11, 2010

Let me first state that I do not know Java. I'm a .NET developer with solid C# skills, but I'm actually attempting to learn Java and the Android SDK at the same time (I know it's probably not ideal, but oh well, I'm adventurous :)) That said, my end goal is to write a streaming media player for Android that can accept Windows Media streams. I'm okay with restricting myself to Android 2.0 and greater if I need to. My current device is a Motorola Droid running Android 2.0.1. There is one online radio service I listen to religiously on my PC that only offers Windows Media streaming, and I'd like to transcode the stream so my Android device can play it.

Is such a thing possible? If so, would it be feasible (i.e., would it be too CPU intensive and kill the battery)? Should I be looking into doing this with the NDK in native code instead of Java? I'm not opposed to writing some sort of service in between that runs on a desktop computer (even in C#), but ideally I'd like to explore purely device-based options first. Where should I start?

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Android :: Set Image's Margin Top Using Coding Not Xml In Phone

Sep 6, 2010

I am using android:layout_marginTop="100dip" in my imageview,i want to set margin top to each image depending its height using coding not using xml,how can i set image's margintop?

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Android :: Chaning Coding Style Due To GC Performance?

Apr 7, 2010

I keep hearing that Android applications should try to limit the number of objects created in order to reduce the workload on the garbage collector. It makes sense that you may not want to created massive numbers of objects to track on a limited memory footprint, for example on a traditional server application created 100,000 objects within a few seconds would not be unheard of.

The problem is how far should I take this? I've seen tons of examples of Android applications relying on static state in order supposedly "speed things up". Does increasing the number of instances that need to be garbage collected from dozens to hundreds really make that big of a difference? I can imagine changing my coding style to now created hundreds of thousands of objects like you might have on a full-blown Java-EE server but relying on a bunch of static state to (supposedly) reduce the number of objects to be garbage collected seems odd.

How much is it really necessary to change your coding style in order to create performance Android apps?

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Android :: How To Set Image View Property In Coding

Sep 6, 2010

<ImageView android:id="@+id/ImageView01"

I want to set this property in coding for image view not use this,how can i make it?

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Android : How To Add Coding For Displaying Address When A Particular Set Of Latitude

Apr 28, 2010

This is a recent install of the Android SDK. I just bought a Mac so even though I've previously done all my testing on a PC (and everything works fine there), I had to set up my mac for development. Installed latest version of Android SDK Installed Eclipse Helios and Android ADT. Now I really don't think this is a Helios or ADT issue since I can do all this without starting Eclipse at all using command line to start Emulator and using geo fix commands, and I get the same problem.

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Android :: Designing Screens / Icons Display For List View

Sep 29, 2010

I never do graphics type programming. I'm designing a screen that will need to look good on all phones, and all resolutions. It's for displaying in a list view, and there will be a small graphic for the summary view, and a larger graphic for the detail view. Normally I use a 32x32 (res 72x72ppi).png for the summary view which looks good on my G1. The second image is for the detail view and it basically should fill the entire width of the screen (roughly, it's ok if it doesn't use the entire width as long as none of it is chopped off). The size I use for my G1 is 468x60.

So, the question for the guys that really know this stuff is: What sizes do I need to make these images to support all screens and densities with the fewest number of images? I know that the answer is a little subjective, but I remember seeing a post with a link to a page that recommended 3 different images for the different screens (and it seemed to make sense when I read it), and I think but don't remember for sure that then you would need 6 layouts to support those with both landscape and portrait orientations.

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Android :: Best UI Java Markup Language For Designing Applications For Google?

Jan 17, 2010

What is the best (meaning: most popular) UI Java markup language for designing applications for Google Android?

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Android :: Designing Service For Consumption On Multiple Mobile Platforms

Apr 27, 2010

I am building and designing a (mostly) read-only interface to some data. I'll be uing ASP.NET MVC to build a psudo-restful API. I'm wondering if anyone can provide some resources for building full-client applications for various mobile platforms, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc. I'm thinking that serving up XML data is going to be the most simple and universal, but parsing XML in objective-C for example doesn't sound like fun to me, but maybe there are some good libaries out there to help ease this task?

In other words, what formt will be the quickest to implement on the client side? Are there any JSON parsrs for iPhone or Android? I know there are .NET JSON parsers, but not sure about other platforms -- is ther another format that might better? Or should I stick with pure XML and deal with it on each platform differently?

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Android :: Service (online) And App For Designing And Following Running / Cycling Tracks

Jul 18, 2010

I am going camping next week and need a application for tracking while running. I would like to design my routes online (in google maps or other mapping service) and then use an application for displaying these while running. Anyone knowing such a service/application?

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Android :: OpenGL Coding - Emulator Doesn't Work

May 26, 2009

After spending the better half of this day getting my HTC Magic to work in developer mode, I've now found that some of my frist openGL coding attempts that appeared to work fine in the emulator doesn't work as expected on the device. I've narrowed this down to glColorf(r, g, b, a) not working as expected on the device itself. The provided OpenGL samples do work though. So for example, after modifying from the samples to the below code I find that I get the expected grey square on the emulator but a blank white screen (background fill colour) on the device.

class Cube { public Cube() { int one = 0x10000; int vertices[] = { -one, -one, -one, one, one, -one, one, one, };
// Buffers to be passed to gl*Pointer() functions // must be direct, i.e., they must be placed on the // native heap where the garbage collector cannot // move them. // // Buffers with multi-byte datatypes (e.g., short, int, float) // must have their byte order set to native order
ByteBuffer vbb = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(vertices.length*4); vbb.order(ByteOrder.nativeOrder()); mVertexBuffer = vbb.asIntBuffer(); mVertexBuffer.put(vertices); mVertexBuffer.position(0); }
public void draw(GL10 gl) { gl.glFrontFace(GL10.GL_CW); gl.glVertexPointer(2, gl.GL_FIXED, 0, mVertexBuffer); gl.glColor4f(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f); gl.glDrawArrays(GL10.GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP, 0, 4); }
private IntBuffer mVertexBuffer;

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Android :: Tips For Saving Memory When Coding Under Phone?

Sep 6, 2010

I'm currently developing a software under android and im getting quite quickly some OutOfMemoryException.... I did modified some part of my code to use more static variables instead of making new allocation with the "new" operator but is there any things else to do ? or any other tips ? Any advices would be welcome.

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Android :: JAVA Coding Standards For Phone Platform

Jul 17, 2009

I wanted to check whether there is any JAVA Coding standards in Android platform for performance improvements.

For Example, like an Effective Java code in J2EE environment is to defined the number of elements in the ArrayList constructor rather leaving it blank (new ArrayList(noOfRows)) etc. I definetly suspect these performance tuning tips should be available because of the memory and resource constraints.

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Android :: Clear Sd Card Memory Via Droid Coding?

Aug 25, 2010

I want to clear sd card memory via android coding.

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Designing App - GIMP / Photoshop

May 5, 2012

I am using GIMP to create graphics such as buttons and background but don't have a proper understanding of the process. Do I create a background and then layer it with the buttons and then save each layer separately? Do buttons have to be squares or circles or can they be stars for example? Do I need to create every background and button as a 9patch or do I just create 2-3 different resolutions? and finally where do I set things like dp?

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Android :: Hard-coding Button's Width In Dimension Units

Aug 1, 2010

I've got the hard-coded layout, consisting of buttons, and need to enlarge some of them. I found Button's method setWidth(int value), accepting width in pixels, but I need to set value in dp. So, how can I set dp value in program code?

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Android :: Doing Coding In Linux Through A Virtual Machine On Windows VS Partitioning

Mar 29, 2010

I already have experience with setting up virtual machines, running them and other minor tasks. Im a gamer, so I wont get rid of windows (for now at least...) but I do want to be a great programmer and to be involved with the Open-Source community Id like to know if its a good idea to do my programming in linux through a virtual machine, vs giving it a partitioned section of the HDD. Id like to know about performance pros and cons and functionality.The type of programming I intend to dive into : Android Dev, Web Dev, Desktop Dev...More Android and Web right now though. I do web designing as well, so dreamweaver is added as an "essential". But im sure I can do dreamweaver files and upload them to the server after programming in Linux...Right? And any info on IDE's in Linux for the above mentioned are appreciated, but i would prefer going the coding route and understanding the essence of whats happening "under the covers".

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Android :: Eclipse Debug Issues While Coding Phone Applications

Sep 27, 2010

I have an application I am writing for Android that basically does a screen scrape of a large table on the web and presents it in a nicer way on the handset. Its 500k of html and takes about 20 seconds or so normally.

When I have my phone hooked up to the computer, I used to be able to just click on "Run" and my code would execute similiarly speedy, as opposed to Debug where it would take 10 minutes to complete.

Now, however, clicking "run" behaves just like debug mode.... I don't want this overhead, how do I get eclipse to stop sending my app to the debugger already? I have searched online and found a couple people with the same issue, but simply rebooting my phone doesn't fix it, and there have been no other solutions posted that I have found.

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