Sprint HTC Hero :: Camera View Is With Pink Screen And No Visibility

May 26, 2010

Not sure what happened exactly but the camera view is now a pink screen with no visibility. Phone is not modded so I doubt it's something I did. Is this the result of water damage maybe? Everything else is working fine and the water indicator hasn't changed.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Camera View is with Pink Screen and no Visibility

HTC Incredible :: Camera Screen Flashing Pink / Fix It?

Aug 11, 2010

I was taking videos on my Dinc when all of a sudden the screen started to flash pink static. The screen is completely pink, flashing, and you can't see anything through it. The only cure is to do a battery pull. I've tried everything else but a factory reset. Has anyone else had this issue and has anyone figured out a way to fix it? This is now a daily occurrence and it is very annoying because I use my camera quite a bit and have to pull the battery every time to use the camera again.

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HTC Hero :: Taking Picture And Only Pink Screen Seen

Jun 7, 2010

I'm not sure what I did but when I go to take a picture now, the only thing I see is a pink screen when I activate the camera applications.

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Android :: Phone's View Visibility Gone?

Sep 8, 2009

If i set a views visibility which as been inflated, to gone, will it Speed up my UI?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Pink Spot In Center Of Photos / Out Of Focus Camera?

Jul 29, 2010

I seem to have the pink spot issue in the center of my photos. I don't see it in all of them, seems to be more in grey days or shooting concrete. The center of the image seems soft or out of focus. Here is an example (You can see how the center of the image is pinkish and out of focus)

I did some searching and see this was an issue with some HTC phones, but it didn't seem to show up in search for the EVO. Has anyone had this issue? Is there a fix for it? I am in the 30 day trial and would like to know before I commit to keeping this device.

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Android : Pink Color Fill On Photos Taken By Camera In Droid 1.5 / How To Fix?

Aug 3, 2010

I have written an application in android 1.5 to take a snapshot using SurfaceView. The image taken will have pink color fill at center. When we use a default camera application the photos are fine. I know there are some issues in android 1.5, also some hardware issues in some devices, however is there any workaround or settings to overcome this ?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Installed Fresh .3 / Back Camera Shows Pink White Fuzziness

Jun 29, 2010

I installed fresh .3 now my front camera works but but rear camera just shows like a pink white noise type fuzziness anyone heard of or seen this?

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HTC Desire :: How Bad Is Screen In Sunlight / Visibility Level While Out

May 16, 2010

How bad is Desire's screen in sunlight? Read this problem at many places. What's the visibility level while you are out? Is it just that colors are not that crisp in sunlight or one can barely see anything?

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Android :: Detect Screen Not Belonging To App Comes Into Visibility?

Aug 26, 2010

I have an application that has many screens. Is it possible to detect if the screen NOT belonging to the application (not defined in my android manifest) comes into visibility?

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HTC Incredible :: Pink Screen / Fix It?

May 2, 2010

I think I'm having the pink issue. Has anyone returned the device due to this? I took a pic of this site on my iPod touch and the Inc. The thread looks blue-ish on the Touch, but pink on the Inc. Does anyone else's look this pink?

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HTC Incredible :: Refurb Or New - Pink Hue On Screen?

Aug 12, 2010

Getting a replacement today. what are my chances of getting a refurb vs. a new phone. I really don't want a refurb, they are POS usually. are they still having the pink hue on the screen??

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HTC Desire :: Want Wallpaper / Brightness Setting For Outdoors Screen Visibility?

Jul 7, 2010

What is the best wallpaper/brightness setting for outdoors screen visibility? This morning I was running late for my lift and I missed a call from my mate asking where I was. I got my phone out and couldn't see a thing on the screen so had no idea who was ringing me. Turns out a plain black wallpaper and lowest setting brightness does not like being outdoors.

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Android :: How To Handle Visibility Of Itemized Overlay In Map View In Android?

Mar 19, 2010

i want set the visibility to itemized overlay in map view. if the zoom level is less than 10 i want to set visibility of overlay is GONE else VISIBLE. how to do that? and also cant set zoom level Listener.

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HTC Incredible :: How To Replace Pink Screen To White?

Jul 11, 2010

My Incredible has been exhibiting some annoying problems, but the one that really irked me was the VERY pink screen when it was dimmed to a lower brightness setting. I got a very nice tier 2 rep who said he'd put me on the list for a replacement, but I would not receive it until mid august.Yesterday, my neighbor came over with a box; said that FedEx gave it to him since I was not home to sign. It was another inc! It was just the bare phone, and in the "certified replacement" packaging.No pink hue, no sound quality issues. I'm happy. I just found it strange that these things are on heavy backorder, and I somehow got one immediately.

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HTC Incredible :: New Batchs Of Phones Have Pink Screen

May 30, 2010

Just got a new replacement. I never knew how PINK my screen was until I compared my old phone (which I got at launch day) with another unit side by side. Finally after 2 weeks wait I got a new replacement today and the screen is perfect now. Not even a slight amount of pink screen (other than on the rare gray shades). I thought my phone had only a mild case of "pink screen" but the comparison shot with the new replacement is shocking. I had no idea how BAD it was with the screen at low to medium brightness. Could this be the cause of AMOLED shortage. Its obvious HTC deemed these pink screens acceptable and now with so many returns are rejecting them because the new phones coming in are perfect. I HIGHLY recommend testing your phone with the new units coming in and compare at low brightness. If WHITES like on googles homepage have even a SLIGHT amount of pink hue at low brightness, return your phone.

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General :: Galaxy S3 Pink Screen No Display

Feb 6, 2014

My galaxy s3 doesnt show any display at all excpet a pink screen that sometimes turns green n random colors. This is exactly what happened i had it in download mode than I accidentally turned it off after that its when it started happening. There is no water damage or broken lcd what can it be?

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Nexus :: Entire Screen Pink And Colours Distorted

Mar 28, 2010

Last night, I noticed there was a pink blob down in the lower left corner of the screen, it bothered me but wasnt too bad, the rest of the screen looked normal. I went to bed, and when I woke up this morning the ENTIRE screen was pink - apart from that little blob which is now black. The colours are completely ruined, red and white is now pink and it doesnt show yellow at all, the messaging icon etc. is now a dark orange. I just bought the phone on thursday so this is a major problem for me, it's not exactly cheap.

The problem is that I'm from Norway and the Nexus isnt sold here, I bought it from a guy who had bought a lot in the US and was reselling, through our version of eBay. The box was unopened and everything, so it had not been tampered with. The problem is that they maybe won't let me return it because of this, and if I want help I'd have to ship it to the US, no help to get for it here.

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HTC Hero :: Colours - Brown - Silver - Pink

Aug 21, 2009

I have been looking at the Samsung Galaxy but as 02 keep pushing back the release date i have given up on it and decided to go with the Hero.

I have found that Car phone warehouse and mobile phones direct have much better deals on this phone but not in my prefered colour of black.

i can get it in

Pink is out 100% what do the rest of you think the the Silver and Brown versions ?

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Android :: Little Droid Green And Can It Be Changed To Pink On Hero?

Dec 13, 2009

Why is the little droid Green and can it be changed to pink on the hero?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Camera Application For CM6?

Oct 2, 2010

I've been running CM6 for awhile now and I love it. My only problem so far is that I absolutely hate the camera application. I much, much preferred the Sense take on it; so, I'm sitting here, wondering if there's a good camera application to replace the crap stock one.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Best Settings To Have Camera On?

Apr 10, 2010

What is the best settings to have the camera on so when i take pictures it comes out great.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't View Pictures Sent To Me On Hero

Jul 20, 2010

When someone send me pictures sometimes even important ones I can't view them y is this and I can view pics on a cheap ten dollar phone.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Camera Not Working After Fresh 1.1

Jan 27, 2010

I finally rooted and installed fresh 1.1 and now my camera is not working? tried rebooting still camera, video camera, and even barcose scanner?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Camera Eats Up Battery Even When Off

Jul 5, 2010

I've noticed a few people have had the same problem. Notice to charge your phone, check battery usage and it says "camera a million percent." Best advice so far is to turn your phone off then back on and it goes away. But this happens every time I use my camera. Am I gonna have to turn off my phone every time I'm done with the camera or is there a way to make this stop happening? It's only a recent problem too. When I got the phone a few weeks ago, I had no problems. If the battery was low and I checked why it'd show display and cell standby and phone idle. It's just been the last few days that it started showing the camera.

BTW when I press on it (where it says "camera a million percent") for more details it says "turn off GPS" why do I need to turn of GPS to make my camera stop draining the battery or is that totaly unrelated advice?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Camera Quality After Upgrade

Nov 19, 2009

Unfortunately I thought of this after I updated but if anybody could post before and after of the camera quality in reference to the recent update.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: If Root My Phone Can Use My Camera Still

Apr 13, 2010

I just want to know if i root my phone can i use my camera still. And whats the best rom to get?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: CM6 Camera And Lockscreen Freeze / Fix It

Sep 19, 2010

Started with EXTBlue 09sept, had the phone freeze up a couple times when exiting sleep mode. Flashed a nightly over that, problem persisted. Also had it randomly restart a few times. From there, started over by wiping everything, and flashing a nightly (091710 I think). Still had the problem, found the so-called "6.1" update, wiped again and went with that. I still have the original problems, and now it's also freezing up on the camera screen. Otherwise happy with the performance and such, any suggestions?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Using TRENDnet IP Camera With Phone

May 15, 2010

I have a trendnet TV-IP422W Internet camera. Its all set up with an IP and I can view it from any PC.I use it for security.How to I view the camera with my hero? I do the same thing I do on my laptop. Just type in the web address and it ask for a password, and then the picture pops up. On my phone the picture will not pop up! I see that I'm logged in and can see my control panel. But the picture/video does not show its blank.Is there a special app for this?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: When Trying To View Pic Or See A Video Get F

Mar 27, 2010

Why is that when ever i tried to view a pic or see a video on my hero i get f! And what is that mean?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Anyway To View Sim Card?

Dec 17, 2009

is there a way i can look at pics stored on my memory card besides doing it on my comp?

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