Sprint HTC Hero :: Any Good Application For Podcast Management?

Nov 13, 2009

Anyone know of a good podcast management app. I was spoiled with apple's os. Right now I am just dragging them over, but when I have music everything gets mixed in with each other.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Any Good application for Podcast Management?

Android :: Music App With Integrated Podcast Management?

Oct 29, 2010

Having a little trouble with my music/podcast management, primarily because of my Bluetooth connections. I have the stock music app for my music, and then Doggcatcher for my podcasts. Unfortunately, this causes confusion when I am pausing and playing via Bluetooth - both apps will start playing, or one app will play and the other will pause...

It would be mostly solved if Android would give priority to the focused application when responding to Bluetooth commands (so I could just open the app I want and then it would act normally), but unfortunately, such is not the case.

Is there any kind of good music app out there that does good podcast management? I don't need much, just the ability to download podcasts on demand, and remember how much of the podcast I've listened to.

Suggestions? DoubleTwist claims to do this, but I have to connect to the computer to sync, which I think is friggin' stupid. I just want to be able to do everything OTA.

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HTC Hero :: Best Podcast Application That Update Automatically

Sep 19, 2009

I have searched but failed to find a definitive answer on the matter! I have used "listen" by google, but it dosen't update automatically, or find the new "kermode movie review" podcast for this week. So my question is, what android podcast app can I subscribe to a podcast to and just let it update like on itunes? Or am I using "listen" incorrectly and what should I do to get the most out of it?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: What Does OSGi Management Means?

Nov 5, 2009

Does anyone know what "OSGi Management" applications means?

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Media :: Where Are All Good Podcast Applications?

Sep 23, 2010

I'm really surprised and disappointed by the lack of podcast apps out there, especially for videos. I don't want to pay for Doggcatcher, but all the free ones are very poor apparently and don't do a good job. I use Google Listen for my audio podcasts, and even tho it isn't great it is does the business. However I can't view any video podcasts with ease or without having to download them first. Does anyone know of any at all? or of any that are in development?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Cool Desktop Management Tools For Device

Nov 12, 2009

Droidexplorer(Windows Only)- Requires Root Access and compatible ROM (works with MoDaco), USB connection - Allows you to view, transfer, copy, delete and manage various files on your phone with windows user interface. Allows you to capture video and stills of your phone. Has various plugins. (please be careful using this tool as you can delete and move important files as it has root access)
http://androidforums.com/Desktop SMS (windows only - requires root, java runtime - USB connection) - Allows you to send SMS with your pc.
Moto Phone Portal for Heoro - Works over WiFi network with a web browser. Allows you to view and manage files, contacts, various settings. Allows you to view and send sms through your computer.

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Android :: Podcast Management On Android?

Jul 19, 2010

I am a iPhone user now and I am considering an Android Phone. I prefer the more "open" environment. I am a software developer and I want a phone that I can program without purchasing a Apple Computer. My most common use of my iPhone is to listen to Podcast. I have 24 different podcast that keep up to date on. Some News, Some Comedy, some Technology.

I use itunes to keep up to date and build play list of podcast that I listen to while I commute; So while I commute to work in the morning I listen to CNN News, John Madden, Fox 5 min podcast, and John Davork's 5 minute technology podcast all in a playlist. I understand that Android phones do not have a iTunes type app; so what would be the best way for me to manage my podcast?

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Sprint :: Is There A Good Charging Pod For Sprint HTC Hero?

Dec 25, 2009

I came from the BlackBerry world, and they have these great charging pods that you can set your device in and it charges it upright. Works great to just keep on your desk and keep the device charged throughout the day without having to plug and unplug a cable. Any good options for this phone?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Good App For Notes?

Jan 29, 2010

Does anyone know of a good app for "notes"?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Good E-Mail App For CM6?

Nov 11, 2010

Anyone know of a good E-Mail app so i can get my AOL E-Mail? i just rooted and installed CM6 and this is the only thing i'm missing from the stock sense rom

loving how smooth the phone runs now though!!

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Sprint HTC :: Need Good Hero Arm Bands

Mar 31, 2010

I am looking for an arm band that will fit the HTC Hero for sprint. I have saw a generic on Ebay but i am always a little bit skeptical about buying generic cases. Has anyone bought any arm bands for this? I really want this so that i can workout with it.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: List Of Good Podcasts?

Jan 13, 2010

I was hoping that we could get a good list of Podcasts going that people enjoy. I really enjoy listening to them, but don't really know what to look for when I search google's "Listen" app. Lets get some suggestions and descriptions going!

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Any Good Keyboard MODs Out There?

Jun 21, 2010

I just feel like there generally too much lag on the Hero's keyboard, I'm running 2.0d, I flashed the xda v26 keyboard by jonas, its usable but, there has to be something better and please no Swype suggestions.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Evo Being Repaired What's Good Rom To Flash?

Aug 16, 2010

So my EVO was damaged..well the back-light does not come on anymore(I think due to moisture).I've tried RICE and other Drying technique...no fix So 'm gonna put in a claim.Knowing I will probably not have a phone for a little bit, I bought a used Hero for a backup phone.(It will do for now, got it cheap).It came with the latest .6 Patched rom.I downgraded to .5 and rooted it.What's a good flash rom to try with 2.1 fixes wifi and mostly everything working? As most I wanted my phone a little bit faster/cleaner and more control(why I rooted). I still do like some HTC things but not all of it, can I install some of it back when I flash to a new Rom? I'm sorta new to this and first time Rooting. I'm still not sure how you flash new Rom.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Good Car Charger For Phone?

Apr 25, 2010

I have been able to find online Hero instructions in PDF, but wondering if there are any good online instructions that might also include video. I am getting a Hero next week and will need all the help I can get in figuring out how to use it.

By the way, does anyone know of a good car charger for the Hero?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Website For Good Wallpapers?

Jan 24, 2010

I have lost all the wallpapers.. do to my messing around with rooting and changing out SD cards..

Now I am looking for some good wallpapers...

Any good sites for interesting wallpapers

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Water Damage / Good Way To Recover

Apr 7, 2010

I have recovered several water damaged phones and thought maybe this could help someone else. If its a toilet or some kind of non-chlorinated water, your phone most likely can recover. First shake it out as best as you can. If it is not off turn it off. Put it in a bowl of rice for about 12 hours. (just with the back off and the battery removed) then disassemble your phone as far as you can.

Take all pieces and set in the sun (preferably outside, unless you live in a humid climate) Seriously do not try to reassemble for 2 days! If you turn it on and any part is wet, you take the risk to short something out. Reassemble it. At least it works for me!

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Any Good Music Player Apps?

Nov 30, 2009

I just got a new 8gb memory card and want to dump a bunch of music to my Hero, but the music player seems lacking in many respects (functionally) despite looking nice (aesthetically). Has anyone tried other players that both work well and look stylish? sidenote - I was unable to format my memory card with it plugged into my network printer due to not having an adapter, but when the card is mounted and the hero is connected through usb it is reported as FAT32 in the open window. Do I need to worry about formatting? I wasn't sure if there would be any performance gain by doing so. Its a Transcend 8gb class 6.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Best Way To Do Good Deep Cleaning Of Screen?

Oct 28, 2009

So I expected this as I have friends with iPhones and I see it on their phones. Smudges! I hate smudges! So normally I just wipe it clean with a microfiber and it looks pretty good, however that does not always remove all the oils caught on the screen. I would think that over time, the oils sitting on the screen will end up degrading the screen or make it look nasty later on. I am wanting to clean it and not sure what to use. I have a cleaning kit we use on the document scanners at work. It has microfiber pads and a cleaning chemical which after reading the ingredients is just isopropyl rubbing alcohol.I heard the HTC Hero has a special coating on it that keeps it resistant to scratches and makes smudges easier to clean. My concern is that the isopropyl alcohol will beat up that coating.So after beating around the bush...the question is, what is the best way to do a good deep cleaning of the screen?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Looking For A Good Windshield Mount For Phone?

Mar 8, 2010

Any one have/know where to look for a good windshield mount for the hero? I'm specifically looking for one that will hold the phone in landscape mode so I can use the google turn-by-turn navigation (thanks for 2.1 flipz!!!). Most of the universal mounts seem extremely bulky and also only hold the phone in portrait mode.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Good Alarm Clock App On Market?

Feb 16, 2010

Or is the hero's stock alarm clock completely useless? I set an alarm for 9:30 this morning and absolutely nothing happened. It even said "alarm will go off in 7 hours 43 minutes" or whatever when i created it. Whats a good alarm clock app on the market?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't Find Good Source For What App Does And How To Properly Use It?

Oct 27, 2009

It seems to me that if you are not a programmer or have a solid knowledge base about operating systems then you will struggle with apps.I can not find a good source for what app does and how to properly use it.Very frustrating.Seems there are tons of good apps out there but I have no idea how to use them or if they would make my "smartphone" experience better.

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Android :: Podcast Application That Allow Authentication?

Oct 20, 2010

Are there any podcast players that allow authentication? I have the streamlink account for coast to coast am and they dont yet have an android app. I can download the MP# files of the shows every night but would much rather be able to just stream with podcast. I have a link to the RSS feed for said podcast but it requires a UN/PW. Can anyone suggest an app that will handle this? They also provide Real Player links and Windows media player links so if anyone knows how to make these work with the droid that would work as well.

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Media :: Looking For Video Podcast Application?

Sep 19, 2010

I use listen for my audio podcasts, works great. Anyone have any recommendations for video podcasts. Search found nothing.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Tips For Good Widgets / Icons Or Lockscreens?

Sep 24, 2010

I'm new to rooting and custom roms, and just started using fresh 2.4.0. I was wondering if anyone has any good tips for places to find some new widgets, icons, or lockscreens to customize the phone a little more with?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Good Website That Lists All Android Apps?

Oct 19, 2009

Is there a good website that lists all the android apps? I have searched but cannot seem to find one.

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Android :: Best Podcatcher Client (Podcast) Application?

Dec 30, 2009

I've been using Google Listen since october (started on htc hero, now on moto droid), what it lacked in features I figured updates would soon bring but what I've received is frustration after frustration.

*I need a podcasting app that will be able to automatically download new episodes (when plugged in and/or only on WiFi)
*Automatically add the latest download episodes and add to some sort of a queue/playlist and automatically remove them once listened in full.
*Have a UI that works well from a couple feet away, I dock my phone in the car and use daily on my commute, so I need to be able to reach over and tap pause/play/next/ffw/etc.

*And the Big One - When updating podcasts, actually pings the RSS feed direct (unlike Google Listen) instead of a single server. I can't stand being 12-24 hours behind on most of my podcast feeds, especially when I want to listen to a daily podcast that comes out in the morning at 4:30pm on my way home from work and can't without browsing to their website.

I'm willing to pay, really don't want to pay the $7 I see some clients go for but will pay up to $7 if it works well enough.. I do not need a full on RSS news reader, I'd prefer a dedicated podcatching client.

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Motorola Droid :: Best Podcast Application - Most Popular

Jul 8, 2010

I found a few, but I was wondering what the most popular one is out there?

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Android :: Any Application To Speed Up Playing Podcast?

May 24, 2010

Got used to listening to my podcasts on my iPod touch in 2X speed. Would like to use my Incredible the same way. Anybody know of a way to speed up the playback? I looked in settings, and didn't find anything, so suspect will need an app or something. On second note, is there a way to access the Market from a computer? Searching via the phone is pretty hard to do.

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Media :: Any Application To Upload Podcast In Easy Way?

Aug 30, 2010

I been trying to decide what phone I wanted to go with between the Iphone4, Droid x and the Windows 7 phone. After hearing from many people and looking a reviews I think I am going with the droid X, the one thing that is really kinda holding me back is that I listen to a lot of podcast and its so easy to manage listening to them with itunes. It just seems very easy to upload new episodes and auto delete them from my ipod. I am curious is there a program that droid has that operates like itunes? I have looked all over and I cant find a program that droid uses to upload music and podcast in a easy way.

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