Simple SQLite Insertion Operation Not Working?

Apr 17, 2014

I am not able to insert entries in the database. For the record, this was working previously, but I went a few weeks without working with it and now it just doesn't work anymore.

Here is the code where I insert the new row:

//this is the code where I try to insert the data;
dbAdapter.EnterCreateHistory(DatabaseAdapter.WALKER_HISTORY_TABLE, "fdfsf", "fdfsf1", "fdfsf", "fdfsf", "fdfsf");


The thing is, I am not getting any exceptions or anything. It's just that my number of inserted rows always comes out as 0.

Simple SQLite insertion operation not working?

Android :: SQLite Database Slow Insertion

Aug 17, 2010

I need to parse a fairly large XML file (varying between about a hundred kilobytes and several hundred kilobytes), which I'm doing using Xml#parse(String, ContentHandler). I'm currently testing this with a 152KB file.During parsing, I also insert the data in an SQLite database using calls similar to the following: getWritableDatabase().insert(TABLE_NAME, "_id", values). All of this together takes about 80 seconds for the 152KB test file (which comes down to inserting roughly 200 rows).When I comment out all insert statements (but leave in everything else, such as creating ContentValues etc.) the same file takes only 23 seconds.Is it normal for the database operations to have such a big overhead? Can I do anything about that?

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Android :: Simple ListPreference Is Not Working?

Aug 27, 2010

I'm betting im missing one small thing. I've looked on the developer site and i've read some tutorials and i'm just not seeing what i did wrong. I'm trying to use a ListPreference to decide which sound to play on a button click. I have this at the top:

public String greensound;
Here's my OnClick code:
SharedPreferences prefs=PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this);
greensound = prefs.getString("greensound", "gsone");
if (greensound == "gsone") {
} else if (greensound == "gstwo") {...................

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HTC Desire :: Simple Guide To Follow To Get App2sd Working?

Jul 9, 2010

just wondering if theres a simple guide to follow to get app2sd working? rooted but just wanna get that working lol any help is appreicated :>)

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Android :: Can't Get SurfaceView Working - Trying To Make A Simple 2D-shooter

Nov 1, 2009

It is way to slow and in the first example it doesnt even move. How do I make a game? With SurfaceView or OpenGL? And should I draw in a separate thread?


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Android :: Simple Activity Switch Not Working - No Errors

Feb 19, 2010

I have a basic calculator app I'm making. Two activities, the main one and ResultView.

I've made it where I click a button on activity A to go to activity B. The log says activity B is started and "displayed" successfully, the title for the new activity loads, but the body does NOT show. I added a simple Text view with static text.. see the result.xml at the bottom. I also tried inserting information programmatically, but that didn't do.

When I debug the program, I tried putting breakpoints as the activity is called with startActivity() as well as on the first line of the onCreate method within the ResultView class (my activity "B") but the program never hits the second breakpoint. In fact, it looks as if Looper.class is called in the end.

This bit of code is placed in the button handler on acitivity A:


The activity is in the manifest, within the "application" tag:


If more info is needed, let me short, "HELLO WORLD" does not display at all.

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Android :: Android SQLite Insert Working / Query Not Working

Jul 25, 2010

I have an Android SQLite/ContentProvider problem that I have been beating my head against the wall for over the past 3 hours.

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Android Database Value Insertion?

Oct 30, 2013

I have some doubts about Android database value insertion.. How to Store Username and password in the database without using Edit text ?

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Android :: Database Insertion Timings

Apr 12, 2010

I am inserting around 7000 to 8000 records in my database having 4 tables each having 3 to 4 columns.Its taking me around 22 seconds to do the insertion which is i think is too long. I am using transaction while doing this without which its taking around 55 seconds.According to SQLite documentation , inserting 10000 records in a database takes time around 2 to 3 seconds.Am i missing something ,or is the behaviour correct?

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Android :: Bulk Insertion On Device

Oct 4, 2010

I want to bulk insert about 700 records into the Android database on my next upgrade.What's the most efficient way to do this? From various posts, I know that if I use Insert statements, I should wrap them in a transaction.There's also a post about using your own database, but I need this data to go into my app's standard Android database. Note that this would only be done once per device.

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General :: Headset Insertion App Launcher?

Oct 5, 2013

looking for a good app that will launch my music app or whatever when I insert my headphones or aux jack. checking out tasker (trial version). but is there another simple app that

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Android :: SQL Lite Insertion Or Create Table

May 1, 2010

can anyone please help me to understand what could be the problem in the below snippet of code? It fails after insertion 2 and insertion 3 debug statements.I have the contentValues in the Array list, I am iterating the arraylist and inserting the content values in to the database.

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Android : Working With SQLite Database / Getting Cursor Out Of Bounds Exception

Jun 30, 2009

I am having some trouble working with the SQLite database. I am able to create the database, add to it, and delete from it with no problem by following the Notepad examples, but I am trying to avoid duplicates and therefore want to check to see if an entry exists already.

Below is the code I have for testing to see if a game exists. I get the correct Log message of "No Games" when there are no games, as well as the correct value for column from getColumnIndex which is proven to me by the log printout telling me that column = 1.

The error message that I receive if I don't catch the exception says "Caused by android.database.CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index -1 requested, with a size of 1

Where is Index -1 being requested if my call to getColumnIndex is returning 1? Code...

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Mode Of Operation And Nam

Apr 11, 2010

Which is better for the phone hybrid,evdo,1x and which name Nam is best to use.

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Android :: Intent For New Contact Operation?

Jan 19, 2009

I wish to add a new operation to the contact detail view page under the current set of operations for a mobile number (Dial, Send SMS/MMS, ...), such as "Send a file". For my custom activity, what action and category would I specify so that my new operation appears in the contact detail view page? The end result would look like this (apologies for dodgy ascii art): ...........

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HTC Desire :: Call Waiting Not In Operation?

Jul 2, 2010

I don't appear to have call waiting in operation. But, more than that - I seem to have an issue where, if I'm doing something on the internet (e.g. checking email), the call doesn't come through. Take, for example, a mild incident today:
Meeting my beloved mother, for once in her life she's remembered not only to have her phone, but to have it on (will miracles never cease!). I call to find out where she is. She's 5 mins away.
So - while waiting for her, I go into my gmail to respond to a mail. Mother arrives - 'I tried calling to say go queue for a coffee, so we didn't have to wait, but it went straight to voicemail'. I hadn't moved, reception was still good.

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HTC Incredible :: Adb Remount - Operation Not Permitted

Aug 4, 2010

I just got a new incredible (upgrade from eris) and I just rooted it using unrevoked. I tried to use adb like I am used to doing with my eris but it seems I do not have root permission (although I do have super user app and its working from what I can tell).?

[root@studio ~]# adb remount
remount failed: Operation not permitted
[root@studio ~]# adb shell
$ getprop

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General :: Operation Log Into Titanium Backup?

Aug 4, 2013

I'm using Titanium Backup on my SGS2 and android 4.1.2, i search for a feature that i cant find: Is there somewhere i can find the operation log. By mistake i unfreezed some of my apps, and i cant find what those apps are, so i wana check the Titanium log, but it seems there is not, Strange for an application that has 100 options settings we dont care but not a simple option for logging?

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Android :: How To Create Toast From Background Operation?

May 1, 2009

what is a good way to signal an error from a thread that is not the UI thread and you don't know which activity/handler is currently active? Can I somehow get eleto the current UI thread? Can I somehow use the MainLooper from the application context? I use notification for serious events where the user needs to take action, e.g. a login failed, but here I am looking for a transient notification with a toast and it would be ok if the toast is not seen in some cases.

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Android :: - Operation Not Permitted

Sep 11, 2010

nexus 2.2, device connects via wifi port not blocked datagram send works from android 1.5 moto blur.

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Android :: Launched Application - The Operation Timed Out

Nov 2, 2010

I am reading one simple web page, but when I launched my application after 2-3 min it show me output as: The operation timed out. Here ia my code...........

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Sprint HTC Hero :: 2.0 - Can't Find Mode Of Operation?

Apr 24, 2010

I am running 2.0 and can't find mode of Operation? Anyone know how to find it. Previous versions had it under mobile network settings.

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Android :: Got Black Screen After No Operation On Application

Aug 13, 2009

in my app, I came into an Activity from the pre Activity's UI (such as:click a TextView which has added OnClickListener), like this way, after several times, I came into a deeper Activity. I left it for a while (such as left away) , when I came back ,I returned the Activity before the last Activity. then I got a black screen.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Calendar Operation Change

Feb 1, 2010

I recently did a hard reset of my phone and it really cleaned things up and made things run faster (and I got rid of a bunch of apps I never really used.) I did notice that the calendar functions differently now. I used to be able to call up an individual day and see scheduled appointments, then I could swipe left or right on that day to go to the next day or previous day. You still can scroll through time that way in the full month display by swiping up and down but that functionality seems to be gone now for day views. Anyone else notice that change?

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Android :: Is Wi-Fi Adhoc Mode Operation Supported

Jul 6, 2010

I am trying to use Wi-Fi Adhoc Mode in my application. But I could not find any API or method to set the same. I read a thread in Android Forum and could not come any concrete solution on how to use enable Adhoc mode in Android.I used to use WPA_Supplicant conf file in Linux to enable Adhoc mode.

I would like know if I can enable Wi-Fi Adhoc mode in Android from my application and how to do the same.

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Android : How To Do Some Init Operation Immediately After Install

Sep 29, 2009

There is a big database(15M) in my application, it is too big to download the apk if I publish the source database in myapp.apk. So I encode the db to binary files(300k). But the new problem is I should decode binary files and create the database(with data), this procedure take about several minutes, so I can NOT do this in SQLiteOpenHelper.onCreate(), this is too slow for user experience(though it is a one time procedure, it is still unacceptable).

My application has NO main activity entry in launcher, the main entry is Broadcast Receiver.on Receive, the information should display to user immediately when receiving the broadcast, so I have no chance to display a several minutes "Initializing, please waiting..." UI. The best chance to create database and init data immediately after install, but how to do this, is there any broadcast? or is there any AndroidManifest attribute?

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Android :: Cursor Move To First / Blocking UI Until Operation Completed?

Jul 20, 2010

I have a background thread which queries for 1000 records at a time. After querying , when i call cursor.move To First(), the UI gets blocked until the operation is completed.This is very disturbing experience for user , especially if there are 10000 plus records.I use Thread.sleep in between after each 1000 records, As soon as cursor.move To First is called, UI blocks for 2 3 seconds. Am i missing anything here ?

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Android :: - Operation Timed Out - Not Behind Proxy

Feb 25, 2009

I'm developing an app which needs to connect to the internet, but when i send a request using DefaultHtpClient.execute() method it takes 2-3 minutes and then the stacktrace says timed out............

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Maximum Temperature For Effective Operation

Jul 23, 2010

Does anyone have an idea of the max temp the galaxy s will operate effectively at? Mines hitting 87 whilst tethered & charging, the top of the screen becomes sluggish and unresponsive at this stage.

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Android :: Animation Jerking When Background Operation Running

Mar 30, 2010

In the background(seperate thread) when extensive operations are going, like create database and parsing, in the UI thread I am displaying an animation. But its not smooth, the view is jerking. How can I remove the jerking and make the animation smooth.

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