LG Ally :: Cool Application List

Sep 27, 2010

Here is a list of cool android applications.

Hey we were all there once
P= Paid apps
F= Free apps

-Rooted apps-
(you need to use universal androot or an equalivant to run these)
Universal Androot Beta -roots your phone to allow certain apps to run
Titanium Backup -delete stuff with this F
Astro -manage applications and files with this F
SetCPU -manage cpu use and is good for overclocking and conserving battery power P
AdFree Android- Removes most ads in the browser and other apps. F
GScript- Running/loading shell scripts from within Android using a single touch. F/P
Switcher PRO - lets you reboot to recovery or bootloader from a widget, it also allows you to put up a whole bunch of other tools.
Metamorph - Lets you change your theme
Rom manager - manage you roms... use the amon ra recovery zip with this for the ally


Angrybirds full F
Graviturn F
The Moron Test ?
Abduction world attack P/F
Bejeweled P
Hyperjump P
Nosecandy F
Snesoid -Super Nintendo P/F
Gensoid -Sega Genisis P/F
Gameboid - Gameboy Advanced emulator, needs a gba bios P/F
GBCoid -Gameboy Color, needs a gbc bios P/F
Nesoid -Nintendo P/F
Find the the roms (games) and bios on torrents
Find most of the apps on the market or on the fourm

-Normal apps-

ADW launcher -my favorite application launcher, makes phone run faster and more stable F
Lookout - a good antivirus F
Zeam launcher - a fast lightweight application launcher, makes phone run faster and more stable F
Call Filter - keeps the solicitors away F
Launcher Pro -another good application launcher, makes phone run faster and more stable F
Opera mini - a really fast and easy to use web browser for the ally F
Dolphin HD - a secure web browser for the ally, it is theme-able and has tabbed browsing F
Skyfire - a good web browser for the ally which allows video playback F
Weather & Toggle widgets -clock with weather it is the best looking one P
Beautiful widgets -nice looking widget buttons for wifi , bluetooth, ect... P
Spare parts-configures phone, hepatic feedback, compatibility mode,transition animation F
Flashlight LED - created by Wily Apps (only one that works with ally) F
HTC Calibrate -calibrates screen F
Swipe beta -nice keyboard P/F
Vignette -Good camera app P
Advanced Task Manager -helps you close running programs P/F

(auto task killing can make your phone run slower look at death2all110's post. It can work well if you don't kill all your essential running tasks. task killers can be helpful if a user wants to manual end a locked up programs such as emulator. this can be easily be speed up by excluding system essential tasks from your end all button)

-Here's my exclude list for my task manager:
sync feeds - voice search - voice search - Google talk storage - weather & toggle widget - setcpu - superuser - adw.launcher - clock - calendar - beautiful widgets - advanced task manager -

I have 50mb free mem most of the time. (more than enough)
This allows me to keep all essential programs within memory and to free up my locked up programs easily, just remember to exclude your launcher.

Bty heres my setcpu profile also, it saves battery power (600 max for non overclocked users)
charging full 768max 320min on-demand 50%
battery<80% 748max 320min on-demand 50%
battery<65% 600max 245min Conservative 50%
battery<30% 320max 122min Power Save 50%
battery<10% 122max 122min Power Save 50%

LG Ally :: cool application list

Android :: New Cool Application SportyPal - GPS Tracking

Jun 2, 2009

I just ran into this very cool application Community | SportyPal;
It seems to be very interesting application more about exercising I prefer biking, it works on every type of android. Very organized web page. Easy to upload the information and it gives full info about the position, movement, distance, average speed and calories burned. Simply amazing and it's free. I'm using A. dream and on my phone it works perfect.

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LG Ally : Way To Get List App?

Aug 9, 2010

Im looking for a simple list app that has somewhat of a handwritten like look to it with a notebook/notepad like background and when you tap an item you have added to the list it strikes it out. any recommendations?

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LG Ally : New ROM List On Manager

Aug 23, 2010

The rom list on the rom manager says Trident but it won't open it.. does this mean there is a new rom??

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LG Ally :: Remove Bluetooth Devices From My List?

Sep 8, 2010

I've spent hours trying to figure this one out with no luck. I have an LG Ally and Jabra BT350 earpiece. How do I remove Bluetooth devices from my list? I've tried everything. I can add as many as I want, but I can't figure out how to remove them!!

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LG Ally :: ROM Manager / Error Occurred While Downloading In Development List

Nov 21, 2010

When I go into ROM manager and click download ROM it says "error occurred while downloading in development list".

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Android :: Remove Application From Recent Application List

Sep 21, 2010

I guess that Android won't let people to do this, because they think they have perfect handle for the task/applications. However, I really need to do this in my case.

I have an activity A acting as the entry point of my application. In that activity, it reads the preference and decided which activity to start, say B or C. After that, it finishes itself. So, activity A never appears to the users.

My application stores things on sdcard, and reads from it constantly. So, when the sdcard is unmounted, I need to display a message to the user that the sdcard is unavailable, instead of opening B or C. I set a check in A to display that message when sdcard is unavilable. When that message is displayed, A will not try to start B or C.

Things works perfectly if user only enter my application from application launcher. However, I found that user can also enter my application by long pressing home and choose it from the recent application list, if he has opened it recently. When user does that, it skips A and goes directly to B or C. I don't have the check in both of them, so exception is thrown while I am trying to access sdcard, and force close dialog pops up.

I can simply move my check to both B and C to fix this problem. But in the future, the number of activities started from A will increase. If there are 6 of them, I'll need to copy this check to 6 places. Needless to say, this looks very ugly, and is a maintenance nightmare.

So, the best fix should be removing my application from recent application list when the sdcard is uunmounted. However, I can't find how to do this. Even killing the process or use ActivityManager.restartPackage, it still appears in the list. Can anyone tell me how to remove it from the list?

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LG Ally :: Removing Stop Application

Sep 11, 2010

If it's possible how about removing every stop application that you can not download from the marketplace? If the application isn't downloadable by preference leave it, if it can be downloaded at a later time remove them. I have some applications like car home, clock, gmail, and google talk that I never use.

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LG Ally :: How To Read Available Memory Without Application?

Sep 26, 2010

I was curious how to read the available memory in the process manager screen. I don't know what the x+x in x also x in x means. I don't want to install an app that eats up memory to see how much memory is being used. I'm not trying to control how it uses memory but, I do like to see how much memory there is available after I install and run new apps and/or widgets so I can try and only use lighter apps when possible.

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LG Ally :: How To Remove Corporate Calendar Application?

Aug 27, 2010

Has anyone removed any or all of the calendar apps without causing any problems to the phone. I'd like to ditch all of them if I could because I will never use them, but I'd at least like to get rid of the corporate calendar. Just want to make sure the calendar applications are not needed for normal phone functioning.

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LG Ally :: YouTube Application Gone (Velocity .3 Installed)

Oct 7, 2010

Velocity .3 installed on my phone and I just realized that I don't have any Youtube app on my phone. I'm having a hard time locating the apk for youtube.

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Android :: Hide Application From Application List

Nov 1, 2010

Is there any way to hide an application icon from Android applications list ? The application should be downloaded from Market and opened some GUI for configuring my application. I don't want to see any icon of my application in applications list. User should not be able to run it.

By the way I know some way:
remove this line from manifest
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

But it is not worked for me, because the GUI is not shown.

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Android :: Hide An Application From Application List

Nov 1, 2010

Is there any way to hide an application icon from Android applications list ? The application should be downloaded from Market and opened some GUI for configuring my application. I don't want to see any icon of my application in applications list. User should not be able to run it.

By the way I know some way:
remove this line from manifest
category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"

But it is not worked for me, because the GUI is not shown.

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LG Ally :: Cannot Add Widgets - Settings Application Force Closes

Nov 21, 2010

Regardless of the launcher when I try to add a widget and the list is about to show up I get a force close from the Settings app. Im assuming that the Widgets list is part of the settings app but I don't know what I can do to fix it. I've tried:
1 - Using Clockwork to fix permissions.

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LG Ally :: New Stock Music Player Application - APK File

Oct 27, 2010

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this new stock music player. I found (here:MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service or Mirror:new stock music.rar in the .rar file I included 2 things;
1. A Program called system app backupper
2: Data file for System app Backupper.
In order to install the new music app you have to either push the music.apk file in the sysAppBackup folder included, or you can fallow these steps.

Warning: I am not responsible for any bricked or broken phones.
*requires root*
1. Download .rar file included in this post.
2. Unzip
3. Copy contents of the "new stock music" folder found in .rar to root of sd card so that the folder titled "sysAppBackup" and the file called com.bg.sab.apk is sitting in the root of your sd.
4. Install com.bg.sab.apk to phone. this will install system app backupper to phone.
5. Open the app you just installed. when open it will ask you if you want to be in "backup" or "restore" mode.
6. Choose "restore"
7. On the screen it will just say "music.apk" (unless you already use the app) click on that to check it.
8. Press the menu button, and than press restore.
9. Restart phone.
10. All done.

If phone goes into boot logo loop, reboot into recovery and than clear cache/dalvik cache and fix permissions! I did not make any of these app, nor know who did. I would give credit to the developers if I knew who they were.

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LG Ally :: High Speed Downloading Links For Ally Software

Aug 30, 2010

I noticed many of the links around here are on low speed servers, Personally I fount it annoying. So I collected a whole bunch of links for various things and put them on my private server. I was able to Download at about 6MB/s.

LG Ally Source Kernel
Ally SDK (Includes Old Root Tools)
AllyRR Tool
Drellisdee's Rooted and Lite Custom Rom
Ally V8 Stock ROM
Ally 2.1 Stock Source Code
Velocity Rom 0.1.1

Feel Free to HotLink, and share these links. If any developer or creator would not like there product posted and shared here just let me know. The Links will be available all the time and there is no limits. You can download as many times as you want.

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LG Ally :: Ally Stuck In Loop At VELOCITY Screen

Oct 17, 2010

My LG Ally is stuck at the "VELOCITY" boot screen and is stuck in a loop. I had Velocity 0.3 flashed yesterday and I decided to re-flash today. I have tried wiping data/files/cache/dalvik cache. I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. Also I never did a Nandroid backup (because I'm slow).

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Android :: Android Application Isn't Showing On Main List Of Application

Sep 1, 2010

I'm beginner of Android.I want to run my first application on emulator. I use eclipse.I don't know what's happen. I installed my apk. I "register" my acitivity in manifest file, but I can't see it in list of application. When I open manage application setting it's written that my apk is installed. I searched about it everywhere. Even in faq of Android Development there is post about but I did all this things.

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Android :: Cool Widgets - Any Recommendations?

Aug 18, 2010

Let me start by listing the ones that would be useless to me:
I don't get the point of weather widgets. I don't need to know the exact temperature every time I look at my phone. I just check the weather app once in the morning and I'm good for the day. The weather doesn't change that often people!

I don't need a clock widget. The time is always displayed at the top anyway, and on my phone's lock screen too along with the date. I don't use any alarm clocks. I don't use the calendar for anything. My days are all the same. I don't follow any sports. I got rid of the search widget that was running on my phone since there's a dedicated search button on the phone.

I do enjoy following politics and technology news (I'm a computer programmer). Right now there's a single widget running on my phone called "Battery Indicator" because I like to know the exact percentage of power remaining rather than an graphic approximation. So, any widget recommendations for me? Any cool widgets you enjoy that you think I might wanna try?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Artsy Cool Wallpapers For Android

Aug 18, 2010

I have designed some artsy cool wallpapers for Android EVO 4g users. If you fancy one or more of the wallpapers and you have a different android phone, please let me know what you like and I will resize them to fit your phone.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Cool Site For Free Wallpapers

Jun 17, 2010

Check out this site for free wallpapers or at least inspiration. You may want to resize them first. Let me know what you think.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Cool Animated Wallpaper Where Different Colored?

Aug 2, 2010

How do I get that cool animated wallpaper where different colored lights are running north/south and east/west. I thought it came with the update 2.2

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KitKat 4.4 :: Hangouts Update IOS Not Cool?

Mar 13, 2014

When will hangouts be updated on Android to make calls for free. It seems very uncool that it came to iOS first. I know this has probably been posted here before about the subject.

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Android :: Todo List Application

Mar 24, 2010

Trying to learn android by doing a todo application.

So far i have: list all todos create a todo(insert into database)

Adding a delete feature my xml structure for todo list is that i have a TableLayout. and to display my todo list, i put my todo in a textview and i put that textview into a tablerow and i put that tablerow into my tablelayout.

Now i want to add a delete button to the right of my todo list.

My question is there a default delete button that i can use? how do i handle the onclick event, i mean like if a click on a delete button, how do i know which todo this button is for? and is my layout correct?

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Android :: List Activity In Application?

Sep 2, 2010

I have a list activity in my application. i have tried to make it so that when a list item is selected to show the selection the background of the view should change. but now when i select one item, the item does get selected but the back ground of random listitems changes at the same time, but the selection is still correct

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LG Ally :: LG Ally To Cricket / How To Change Mms Settings?

Oct 15, 2010

I've already flashed the prl and have the phone programmed on cricket but it seems like the data settings are locked. Im trying to change them to fully flash the lg ally and I also need to figure out how to change the mms settings.

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LG Ally :: Full Flash LG Ally 740 To Cricket?

Nov 23, 2010

I figured out how to full flash the LG Ally 740 to cricket but 3 out of every 5 phones I flash do not save the NV settings. When I go to manual programming (##program740 send) then select DATA. The MIP & DUN MIP settings always revert back to the default 0000000000@vzw3g.com settings. I've changed them in LGNPST,CDMA Workshop & QPST but still reverts back to VZW. It's rooted and tried several different ROM's to fix the problem. Could it be the kernel? If anyone can help, please let me know.

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LG Ally :: Ally Stuck In Safe Mode

Aug 29, 2010

My lg ally has been stuck in safe mode for the past few days now. I have tried a power reboot, as well as a battery pull, yet no luck. Because of this, I cant use any of my application downloads.

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LG Ally :: Incredible Battery - Would It Work On Ally

Jul 6, 2010

Found this for the incredible...

Reviews, Tech Help, Tutorials, and More - Droid Incredible Battery Fix

do you think it would work for the Ally?

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LG Ally :: How Do I Make Games Run Smoother On Ally?

Oct 22, 2010

Some of my games like Homerun Battle 3D and Backbreaker Football aren't running as good as they should be. In fact, They're laggin a lot. Does anyone know a way to make the LG Ally less laggy?

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