How To Run Multiple Apps Sharing Same Screen Simultaneously

Jul 16, 2010

i have a requirement where i need to run multiple applications simultaneously sharing the same screen space at one time. For Ex. one part of the screen might be displaying a youtube video, while to right of it, the user might be chatting with his friend, and below some application download progress...

In Short, different applications sharing same screen.I guess this has already been done as i when i google for droid tablets, i can see images that show multiple apps running simultaneously, displayed side-by-side to each other. how it can be done and if i can simulate it on ADT and AVD?

How to run multiple apps sharing same screen simultaneously

Android :: Run Multiple Activities Simultaneously

Aug 30, 2010

I have buil a file explorer just like a reads the whole storage and system for files and directories now.i am working with start menu.i have built it in an other activity i wan to make them active at the same time?

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Android :: Running Multiple Istrumentation Simultaneously

Jun 27, 2009

This is what I have,say:


All of the above is in single APK.

Instrumentation Runer used is - android.test.InstrumenationTestRunner itself.

This is what I am trying:

- I launched Emulator having above apk

- I opened three terminals , two to run instrumentation and third one to log results i.e.


Terminal 2:


Terminal 3: This is what I saw in the middle of logcat dump:


Queries: 1. Is not it possible to run instrumentation in above manner? 2. I tried another TestSuite2 in terminal 2 instead of TestSuite1 , this also gave same results.

My aim is to run 2 testsuites parallel, using same apk. Is it possible? Or I have to use two different apks?

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Android :: Support For Multiple Gmail Accounts Simultaneously?

Sep 25, 2010

I'd like to have two GMail (Google Apps mail, if that makes a difference) accounts active at once, both getting new mail notifications, and having the ability to send and reply through both accounts. My current solution is to simply forward all of Account #2's mail to Account #1 -- but then I can't send. Am I missing an option here? Surely this must be possible on Google's OS.

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General :: Split Screen With Multiple Apps?

Jan 31, 2012

I would like to use my tablet to replace the navigation interface in my car.It would be nice if I can split the screen 3/4 to 1/4. for the navigation and Pandora.

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Android :: Options For Sharing App Data On Multiple Phones

Aug 22, 2010

I'm looking for suggestions for ways to share Android app data between phones running the same app. For example, lets say I have an app that stores a database of book reviews. If person A has a book review that person B doesn't have, what are the options for getting that information from person A's phone to person B's phone?

Currently, I'm aware of the following options:

- Upload data from person A's phone to a server, then download data from server to Person B's phone.
- Write code to have the phones sync up using bluetooth
- Write code to send SMS messages

I'm wondering if there are any more options besides these, and if there's actually a best-practice for accomplishing this?

Ideally, I want the users to simply click a button in the app to make the sharing take place, so I don't want to go down the bluetooth route because that requires the user to do a bit of setup (or assumes they already have set things up in the form of bluetooth settings).

Since the data can be of variable length and potentially large, I believe that would rule out text messaging.

As far as the server route goes, from what I understand this seems to be an ok way of doing things, but my problem is that I have no experience with having users potentially sign in to a server and then uploading data. I don't know of the cost concerns (if any), or of potential security concerns (allowing just anyone to upload data, I'm not sure if I would have to take steps to ensure someone couldn't bypass the app and upload malicious data).

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Android : Sharing Common View Layouts And Resources Across Multiple Applications

Jun 2, 2009

I am working on developing several individual android applications. We had created common UI Layout View XMLs, classes and resources. I would like to share these common layout xml, classes and resources across all of my android applications. I dont want to duplicate them in my applications. Is there any easy way to do this?

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HTC EVO 4G : Looking For Way Of Sharing Apps

Jun 11, 2010

I'm new to Android with a HTC Evo and was curious about the app system of Android. The paid apps for the Android are they shareable? I was wondering if that was possible like how Apple let's you authorize 5 different computers to transfer your app purchases to others. Does the Android Market have that ability or do you have to buy it separately by each phone? I've searched the forums, but nobody seem to have an answer. Was hoping some of you veteran android users, would know.

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Android :: Sharing Sqlite Database Between Multiple Android Activities

Oct 12, 2009

Can two or more Android Activities open an sqlite3 database for write?

I have two Activities that need to insert data into the same sqlite database. When the second Activity calls SQLiteOpenHelper.getWriteableDatabase() an IllegalStateException is thrown with the message "SQLiteDatabase created and never closed".

I've been able to avoid the Exception by making my database object a singleton but I'm thinking there must be a better way.

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Android :: Sharing Data On Two Apps

Oct 20, 2010

I am new in android development. i was wondering if i could share some data between two applications in android. One way is to place the text file on SD Card but i dont want to do this.Second way is to place in data folder, and i dont know how to.3rd way is to place the data in shared memory so both applications can see it.also i dont want the user to see or delete this file,only my two applications can change this file or data.Please help me.I've been wondering on this for 2 days.

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Android : Sharing Apps By QR Code?

Dec 22, 2009

Fred meets Bob at the pub and shows off the latest app he's installed.Bob likes it and wants to have it on his phone, too. Q: What's the best way for Fred to help Bob install an application? Hint: On a Palm, Fred would just 'beam' the app to Bob's pda (we're assuming that it's a freely downloadable app, not requiring payment or registration). On an Android phone, can Fred somehow share it over Bluetooth, or display a QR Code for the app so that Bob can use his Barcode Scanner to get it from the Market (or, or wherever)? As far as I know, no file manager has a "display barcode" function (like Contacts does when you have Barcode Scanner installed), so I'm forced to describe the app, or go into the application list and dig out its "" name. This seems decidedly un-slick.

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General :: Android 4.2 Sharing Apps Across Users?

Nov 24, 2012

Is it possible to share apps installed on the device across multiple users?

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Android :: Google Apps Found To Be Sharing Data

Sep 30, 2010

BBC News - Google Android apps found to be sharing data


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General :: Sharing Google Play Account Without Sharing Everything Else?

Sep 19, 2012

I have my Google account also setup on my wife's phone so we can share purchased apps. However, everything else is shared too. For example, even though I have sync for everything on my account turned off, my calendar still showed up on my wife's phone until I disabled it in the calendar app. Also, I can't remove my Google Talk account from her phone so my messages show up on her phone.

This is on a pair of stock Samsung Galaxy S3 phones.

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General :: Screen Sharing From PC / Tablet To HDTV

Aug 6, 2013

Would like to have EASY capability and not the need for anything bulky to take the screen on a PC / Laptop / Tablet and share that onto a HDTV or Projector for group projects in an office setting. Tablet is not a must but would be nice to be able to do going forward. So the idea would be someone who show an idea from their Laptop and plug in something of a USB device or could be software based but that is not preferred option. The project then could be sent to HDTV or Projector via possible wireless casting device. Have looked into various devices but hoping for some feedback from someone who has set this type of room up. Additional notes would the HDTV or Projector would NOT be connected to any server or PC we want it to be done wireless directly from the PC / Laptop / Tablet and screen shared directly to the HDTV / Projector.

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General :: Does All Share Offer Sharing Screen With Several Devices

Sep 21, 2013

I have to say that an user profile is a must have feature in an education. So no devices under android 4.2 aren't possible, because there must be an option to use "student profile" in a device to prevent any installation from an user.

1) If i have several devices (like 50 Android devices, Android 4.2 or later), what is the easiest way to manage them all at the same time?

- wifi?
- sync application for this?
- administration profile?

2) Do I have to make an account for each devices in GooglePlay or can I add them all under one account?How can i buy and install apps for each devices?

3) And does the Allshare offer sharing a screen with several devices?

How to manage several devices easiest wat - administration, installing/deleting apps, emptying devices (for example photos/videos...)...Or is it just better to choose iPad with a sync case? Im more interested in Android tablets because they offer much more for less money (example Galaxy Note serie). But I have no idea how to manage them all at the same time.

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HTC Incredible :: How Multiple Apps Going At The Same Time

May 2, 2010

I like to listen to live fire dept dispatch, and then be able to go to Google Maps, while the audio is still going, to look up addresses. Is there a way to do this? As soon as I leave the dispatch/web screen, the audio stops. How do I do this? I know there's got to be a way to have multiple apps going at the same time right.

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Multiple Activities Showing As Apps?

Sep 1, 2012

My Background. Currently I am a .NET Developer working mainly with databases. Taking an interest in Android development by creating my first app. To understand it all, I am just trying to create a data collection application.

For example, collecting user information. My main activity will show a list of users and a button to add a new user. So, I created a new activity for the add a new user form.

I am using eclipse, with the normal AVD (ARM (armeabi-v7a)). I can successfully take the user to the add new form, no real issues with that. However, when I run the app in the AVD, I see my main activity (or the actual app) and the add new user activity as an app.

Is there some way to define the main activity for the app?

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Android :: Run Two SQL Queries Simultaneously

Nov 5, 2009

I start a long-running SQL SELECT query and, before it finishes, wish to make a short-running SQL SELECT query. Both queries are on the same tables. The whole database can be considered read-only. My initial tests show that the short-running query only actually starts when the long-running query has finished.

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Android :: How To Use Contacts API For 1.x And 2.x Simultaneously?

Feb 22, 2010

Mi problem is that I need to implement Contact List in my application for both android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.x.I did it using the old Contacts API, not ContactsContract because of backwards compatibility with 1.x series. But when displaying my app on 2.x the contact list is not complete. In some devices it's shown as empty, and in some devices it only displays some of the contacts in the device.I know that using Contacts API on 2.x series it will show only main account contacts, but this is not the case. It looks like only recently updated contacts are shown but that's not the case either.So the question is: How to correctly implement contact list for both 2.x and 1.x android version?

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Android :: Silent Uninstall Of Multiple Apps

Oct 12, 2010

Had android phone for about three weeks. Samsung Galaxy S (T-Mobile UK) Loving it to bits, but as per usual there have to be "but's". so, BUT, i hate uninstallation procedure and how you cannot uninstall stuff without going through millions of annoying "are you sure", "done", "ok" buttons. It's a problem because, as should be expected, i jumped into app downloading pretty deep. So now i have boatloads of stuff needing uninstallation and the process put me to sleep yesterday, very literally. I haven't even gone fifth of the way to intended uninstallation target. Got some apps that supposedly do batch uninstall, but you still have to mash, "uninstall" and "done" buttons for every single uninstalled app, which kind of defeats "batch uninstallation" purpose. Any ideas on the app, where i can select, push "uninstall" and forget about the rest? I do understand the risks, btw, you dont have to tell me.

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Android :: Jar Files Shared By Multiple Apps

Oct 9, 2009

If there are multiple apps using the same jar file, it makes sense NOT to package the jar in EACH app. However since the jar file cannot be pre-installed on the device, what are other alternatives for developer.

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Android :: Purchased Apps On Multiple Devices?

Mar 20, 2010

I have a question about the way the Android market handles purchased apps.I've seen in other posts where if you upgrade to a new phone, your purchased apps will follow you.But how about if you use more than one Android device? For instance, later this year I may get an Android tablet. Presumably the apps I purchased on my Droid will downloadable on the tablet. But will they remain downloadable on my Droid? And if I purchase an app on the tablet, will it also be downloadable on my Droid?It seems to me that if the apps are associated with your account, then you should be able to download them on multiple devices.I was just wondering if anyone has actually tried and confirmed this.

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Android : Multiple Apps Use Same Content Provider

Jul 22, 2010

I am developing a set of apps that are distinguished only in certain brandings (think different sports teams); however, I am running into a problem where I am using one Library project for all of the specifically branded apps and want to use the same ContentProvider for all of them. When I created the ContentProvider I declared the AUTHORITY as a constant in the class (per the dev example code) and I am using the same authority in every specific app in the manifest files. It looks like I can't use the same authority across every app as I get this error when trying to install a second app (I install one branded one just fine but the second install):

WARN/PackageManager(66): Can't install because provider name (in package is already used by com.zzz

I've tried several approaches but none of them seem to work. One idea that I haven't done yet, was to create a library jar and just omit the Provider class I have and customize it in each specific app. Any ideas on how to get around this problem without resorting to that?

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General :: Share Multiple Apps On Webpage?

Oct 31, 2012

Is there an app that I can use to share a number of apps I installed on a webpage including QR-codes, GPlay-links, short descriptions etc.? The apps I know of mostly share text only and/or links but none I found allow me to generate a webpage (or use a site for this) which has all the info in a neat, organized way so that my friends can read the descriptions and decide which apps to download from there.App Brain's API has an app widget that would be somewhat fitting but

1) there is no app to automatically create those based on a list of apps on your phone and

2) it requires people to use App Brain, which some people don't like.Basically, I'd like to have it created automatically and look like the ones used by Android Police (but with links to Play-Store only and no need for ratings)

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Android :: Is It Possible To Run (and View) Two Applications Simultaneously?

Nov 3, 2010

I have some questions about android development. I have googled around, but cannot seem to find any answers to my questions.
- Is it possible to display google maps in a widget?
- Is it possible to run (and view) two apps simultaneously?
- Is it possible to run an App within an App?

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Android :: Gtalk - Two Login Run Simultaneously

Nov 11, 2009

Objective: The ability to have multiple (two) Google talk accounts run simultaneously. Currently I've set up my phone with my Gmail ( account. The Gtalk application has been configured with this account by default (I think) which is great. However I would like to be able to be signed into my work chat as well, which is a Google apps premier account. I have not found a way to accomplish this without having to download another app. The apps that I've tried so far are: Ebuddy and Meebo. Ebuddy works awesome with my Google Apps account except for the fact that it sends messages after I chat indicating that I am using Ebuddy. The spam message includes a link to a webpage. I can't figure out how to turn this off, so I've stopped using it. I'm willing to pay for a version that doesn't do this, but I don't think there is a pay for version of Ebuddy for Android. And Meebo doesn't work with my Google Apps account. Can anyone point me in right direction? Maybe a recommendation?

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Android :: Possible To Publish Two Versions For Same App Simultaneously?

Apr 25, 2010

I am working on an app that uses the rating bar (stars) to allow the user to grade information. The SDK version is 3 (OS 1.5 - <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="3">, but the rating stars are shown incorrectly for devices with OS 2.1. I read some posts in the forum that suggest to upgrade the SDK version to 4 (OS 1.6 and higher), however this will excluse 1.5 users to download my application, and I do not want this to happen, because there are still a lot of 1.5 devices.

This makes me wonder: Is it possible to publish two versions for the same app simultaneously? For instance, publishing one APK for version 1.6 or higher version and another APK for 1.5 version simulataneously in the Market, both intended for the same application.

Is there a workaround for these kind of situations?

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Android :: Closing Several Activities Simultaneously

Mar 17, 2010

In my application you can navigate through several Activities until the Activity stack is quite deep.

We'd like a button on every Activity that will take you straight back to the main menu - i.e. pop all Activities from the stack except the first one.

I've put the button in a View that I can easily put on every Activity in the application, but I can't figure out how to close several Activities in one fell swoop.

(If possible, it would be good if the View could work out how many Activities to close by itself - i.e. detect how deep on the stack its own Activity is.)

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General :: Can Mount Two SD-Cards Simultaneously?

Apr 17, 2012

After putting a lot of thought into how to best backup my photos and videos while on the move, I decided that a tablet would be the best solution.

Now, I will shoot quite a lot of HD video in the near future, which means that even a 64GB tablet won't be large enough. Solution: Backup on a second SD-Card!

So right now I am waiting for the Acer A510 (with support for USB-OTG).

Can a Dual-SD-Reader like the one linked below will be working on Android, so both SD cards can be mounted at the same time?

[URL] .....

I know that I could also go SD->Tablet->Backup SD, but direct copy would make life much easier.

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