General :: Can Mount Two SD-Cards Simultaneously?

Apr 17, 2012

After putting a lot of thought into how to best backup my photos and videos while on the move, I decided that a tablet would be the best solution.

Now, I will shoot quite a lot of HD video in the near future, which means that even a 64GB tablet won't be large enough. Solution: Backup on a second SD-Card!

So right now I am waiting for the Acer A510 (with support for USB-OTG).

Can a Dual-SD-Reader like the one linked below will be working on Android, so both SD cards can be mounted at the same time?

[URL] .....

I know that I could also go SD->Tablet->Backup SD, but direct copy would make life much easier.

General :: Can mount two SD-Cards simultaneously?

General :: How To Mount Directories Across SD Cards

Aug 10, 2012

Okay, this is what I want to do. Under Linux, it would be done via /etc/fstab, but Android has changed some things up.

Certain apps store files and other things on the internal SD card of the RAZR. For example, the Amazon MP3 Cloud player stores all downloaded music files to /sdcard/amazonmp3. There is no way to change this. However, I store all my music on my external SD card. So, what I want to do is create a mount point on the internal sdcard for the /sdcard/amazonmp3 directory that points to a directory on my external sd card (/sdcard-ext/amazonmp3).

That way, when I download music, it will still attempt to save it to /sdcard/amazonmp3 which really is a mount point that points to /sdcard-ext/amazonmp3.

Now, there is an app called FoldersPlug which does this. However, it's not doing it across reboots and it's a little buggy in how it works. I'd rather just fix the /etc/vold.fstab file (if that's possible) to mount my directories for me, but I don't completely understand all the needs to be set up in it.

If I have the following directories set up:

/sdcard/amazonmp3 (this will be empty)
/sdcard-ext/amazonmp3 (this will contain all the files and folder structures that would normally be in /sdcard/amazonmp3)

I want it so that the /sdcard-ext/amazonmp3 directory is mounted to the /sdcard/amazonmp3 directory.

Here is what I see when I run the "mount" command to look at the current mount points that are mounted:

/dev/block/vold/179:97 /mnt/sdcard/amazonmp3 vfat rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1015,fmask=0702,dmask=0702,allow_utime=0020,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro 0 0
/dev/block/vold/179:97 /mnt/sdcard/DCIM vfat


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General :: Phone Not Mount SD Card But Mount In Recovery Mode

Apr 1, 2013

When the (HTC Desire) phone is powered up it is unable to mount the SD card, and I am unable to have it mounted from the "Settings > SD card & Storage" menu. Having said that, the micro SD card can be accessed from a computer (when plugged in directly to the computer, i.e. no issue with the card), and moreover, when I am in the recovery mode, I can have it mounted and browse it. By the way, the card could be accessed from the phone until I downgraded the O/S, and managed to have it rooted.

When the phone is running normally, and connected to the USB port of a laptop, the laptop does recognize a device connected (can even do ADB), but I believe because the SD card is not mounted, the phone does not offer the option to make the card appear as a disk drive for computer access.

I am running the original (RUU, Telstra) Android 2.2 (2.26.841.2) on a HTC desire, after I had it "S-OFF'ed". After reloading the original 2.2, I had it rooted.

The micro SD card is a 2GB one, with approx 1.5GB formatted as FAT16 (contains typical file and photos), and 0.5 GB as EXT3 (contains nothing at the moment).

HBoot: 6.93.1002
S-Off ( Revolutionary)
Recovery mode: ClockworkMod v5.0.2.0 (I manually loaded it)

I have searched online for solutions, and have not been able to have it fixed. Others seem to have different issues to that of mine. Usually, they cannot mount the SD-card at all (not even from recovery), or their SD card just needed to be reformatted. I think I have indicated that these do not appear to be relevant to my issue at all. I have also tried "Fastboot oem enableqxdm 0", and it made no difference.

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General :: Way To Mount System Root To PC As Disk Mount

Jun 14, 2013

Is there a way to mount the system root to pc as a disk mount cause I want to recovery data from it that I wiped.

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General :: App That Can Send Posts Simultaneously?

Jul 10, 2012

Is there a TweetDeck like app that i can post to Google+, Facebook & Twitter at the same time, simultaneously?

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General :: GMAIL And MS Exchange Simultaneously Sync?

Aug 17, 2012

I have a common quesiton about synchronising my gmail and Exchange (work) account with my HTC Desire HD Android Version 2.3.5

At the moment I synchronise my gmail accoutn with mail, calender, tasks and phone directory.

For future use I want to synchronise with Exchange from work, even the same functions like gmail.

For gmail I use the given gmail-mail program which is implemented with Android.

For Exchange I'd like to use the "Mail" function which is also a standard tool from Android.

My question:

1. I've seen that there is the possibility to show or not show different calenders, phone books etc. When I creat the Exchange additionally to the gmail account, is there a complete new calender built with the Exchange rules or does it use my gmail calender? The same for phone directory.I want to avoid that the two accounts will be fully mashed in the future. So, if I quit my workplace I want to delete the Exchange account and all work information will be lost but not my personal gmail account, settings and personal data like calender, phone directory etc.

2. Is the Exchange completely separated to the gmail account?

I'm a littel bit frightend to configure the Exchange accoutn because I don' want to mix up the two accounts.

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General :: LAN And Mobile Data Active Simultaneously?

May 17, 2013

Any way for keeping LAN via WIFI and Mobile data active simultaneously ?

I ask this because I need to use both networks at the same time, my 3G for internet and wifi for my local network, i need to connect my phone to check a PC via VNC, but the internet where the PC is connected is very slow, so I want to connect my phone. But when i connect my phone to the wifi all the data tries to flow for the wifi which is slower than 3G (in this case).

My phone is a GS3 International, running ParanoidAndroid

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General :: Get Working Steaming Audio To Wireless And Wired Headphones Simultaneously?

Nov 2, 2013

is that possible (at least theoretically) to get working steaming audio to wireless and wired headphones simultaneously [Android 4]? It doesn't matter, if you steam the whole system sound or just sound of single program (for example music player). The idea is to get audio output on 2 devices at the same time. If that is not possible, can confirm possibility to steam audio using A2DP to 2 separate headsets? I've met some old devices (for example samsung cell phones on their own OS) which allowed to select multiple bluetooth devices as clients and steam music from the player simultaneously to multiple headsets.

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General :: Duplication Of SD Cards

Mar 16, 2013

upgrading sd card from 8 to 16 gb. when copying from one sd card to another there is still 5 mb of uncopied files? first made sure the show hidden files was checked, tried a couple progs and to no avail all say directories are the same? is the additional data a swap file or a program.

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General :: Google Now Weather Cards Always On

Sep 11, 2013

Any setting to force Google Now to keep the weather card "always on"? I have noticed that this has been disappearing lately, and doesn't even show up when I press the "show more cards" button.

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General :: CM9 - Unable To Write To SD Cards

Oct 2, 2012

Few months ago i installed CM9 on my Galaxy Tab 7+. Everything worked fine to begin with, but after a while i was unable to delete stuff off my microsd card. I wound up buying a new card, copied the music and tv off the old card and installed it. Same problem. Now i have 2 microsd cards that I'm unable to write to at all. I can't write anything to them, can't delete anything off them and can't format them. I've tried using them both in my phone and on 3different Windows PCs with the same results. I have tried the SD card write fix referenced in the Galaxy Tab Plus development section and that didn't fix anything. The problem seems to be with the cards themselves, not the tablet (and phone and multiple pcs).

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General :: Framework For Dual SIM Cards?

Sep 26, 2013

I have a Motorola Razr D3 (XT920) Dual SIM and I want to port a CyanogenMod ROM to it, but the device is Dual SIM, and CM don't support it.

How to modify AOSP (or CM) Framework to Dual SIM! The kernel code of my device is available?

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Samsung Moment :: USB Not Working - Will Charge Phone But Will Not Mount Or Ask To Mount

May 9, 2010

I recently purchased an 8gb sdmicro card for my samsung moment, which i put in my phone, then got home tried to hook it up to my pc with the usb cable...nothning happened, but i got this error warning or so talking about usb malfunction or something, heres a screen shot of what i saw popped up. do i need to install new usb drivers for the phone? also i can hear the pc making that dun dun,... dun dun sound when u plug in a usb device, but it keeps doing it over and over... while the phones charing thru it.

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Motorola Droid X :: Mount System - Mount Data

Oct 31, 2010

So I'm pretty new to rooting. On some themes or roms they require me to Mount System and Mount Data. I have clockwork recovery installed and when I select the option Mount System, it just acts like i didn't select anything. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Samsung Captivate :: USB Connected - Mount - Dont Mount

Sep 5, 2010

Trying to follow instructions to sync the music on my Captivate with i-tunes on my PC. Using the "Know Your Cell" website instructions, but I can't get the option to mount my device in order to write from the I-Tunes agent to the device.

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General :: Google Cards Not Working Galaxy Nexus?

Aug 13, 2012

I have a Google galaxy nexus ( from Google). The Google now works as far as voice recognition and asking questions, however cards are not displayed and at the bottom of the Google now screen I do not have a area that is supposed to have "more Google cards" button. I have activated everything I can think of and cards still do not display. I even allowed google to save web searches on my account ( its active). It also said to tap in the Google now window go to settings and then "Google now" to turn on or off....well I do not have a "Google now" option....strange! I am on 4.1 Jelly Bean ( did not root ) its standard upgrade.

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General :: SGS3 - View Files Of Internal And External SD Cards On Computer

Dec 3, 2012

I must have changed a setting somewhere. I used to be able to connect my SGS3 to my computer and see the files of both my internal and external SD cards. For some reason now all I can see is my external SD card. I am running a CyanogenMod 10 ROM. I have USB storage activated.

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General :: Swap SD Cards In Galaxy Grand Quattro Win Dual I8552

May 30, 2013

swap internal sdcard and external card but i couldn't find a solution for galaxy grand quattro win dual i8552. is there a way to do swap or not? i try same way of i9082 but no luck

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Android :: Run Two SQL Queries Simultaneously

Nov 5, 2009

I start a long-running SQL SELECT query and, before it finishes, wish to make a short-running SQL SELECT query. Both queries are on the same tables. The whole database can be considered read-only. My initial tests show that the short-running query only actually starts when the long-running query has finished.

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Android :: How To Use Contacts API For 1.x And 2.x Simultaneously?

Feb 22, 2010

Mi problem is that I need to implement Contact List in my application for both android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.x.I did it using the old Contacts API, not ContactsContract because of backwards compatibility with 1.x series. But when displaying my app on 2.x the contact list is not complete. In some devices it's shown as empty, and in some devices it only displays some of the contacts in the device.I know that using Contacts API on 2.x series it will show only main account contacts, but this is not the case. It looks like only recently updated contacts are shown but that's not the case either.So the question is: How to correctly implement contact list for both 2.x and 1.x android version?

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Android :: Is It Possible To Run (and View) Two Applications Simultaneously?

Nov 3, 2010

I have some questions about android development. I have googled around, but cannot seem to find any answers to my questions.
- Is it possible to display google maps in a widget?
- Is it possible to run (and view) two apps simultaneously?
- Is it possible to run an App within an App?

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Android :: Run Multiple Activities Simultaneously

Aug 30, 2010

I have buil a file explorer just like a reads the whole storage and system for files and directories now.i am working with start menu.i have built it in an other activity i wan to make them active at the same time?

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Android :: Gtalk - Two Login Run Simultaneously

Nov 11, 2009

Objective: The ability to have multiple (two) Google talk accounts run simultaneously. Currently I've set up my phone with my Gmail ( account. The Gtalk application has been configured with this account by default (I think) which is great. However I would like to be able to be signed into my work chat as well, which is a Google apps premier account. I have not found a way to accomplish this without having to download another app. The apps that I've tried so far are: Ebuddy and Meebo. Ebuddy works awesome with my Google Apps account except for the fact that it sends messages after I chat indicating that I am using Ebuddy. The spam message includes a link to a webpage. I can't figure out how to turn this off, so I've stopped using it. I'm willing to pay for a version that doesn't do this, but I don't think there is a pay for version of Ebuddy for Android. And Meebo doesn't work with my Google Apps account. Can anyone point me in right direction? Maybe a recommendation?

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Android :: Possible To Publish Two Versions For Same App Simultaneously?

Apr 25, 2010

I am working on an app that uses the rating bar (stars) to allow the user to grade information. The SDK version is 3 (OS 1.5 - <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="3">, but the rating stars are shown incorrectly for devices with OS 2.1. I read some posts in the forum that suggest to upgrade the SDK version to 4 (OS 1.6 and higher), however this will excluse 1.5 users to download my application, and I do not want this to happen, because there are still a lot of 1.5 devices.

This makes me wonder: Is it possible to publish two versions for the same app simultaneously? For instance, publishing one APK for version 1.6 or higher version and another APK for 1.5 version simulataneously in the Market, both intended for the same application.

Is there a workaround for these kind of situations?

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Android :: Closing Several Activities Simultaneously

Mar 17, 2010

In my application you can navigate through several Activities until the Activity stack is quite deep.

We'd like a button on every Activity that will take you straight back to the main menu - i.e. pop all Activities from the stack except the first one.

I've put the button in a View that I can easily put on every Activity in the application, but I can't figure out how to close several Activities in one fell swoop.

(If possible, it would be good if the View could work out how many Activities to close by itself - i.e. detect how deep on the stack its own Activity is.)

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General :: Using Micro SDHC Cards In Tablet Micro SD Media Slot

Apr 17, 2013

Most of the specs for tablets which have a micro SD media slot do not give any details about it. I'm generally wondering if a slot labelled "microSD" will accept a micro SDHC card (as opposed to a micro SD card). I know, for example, that some older memory card readers won't read the SDHC cards, even if they have an SD slot. I'm not sure about the tablets however.

Example of some of the tablets that I'd be interested in knowing this about are: Acer Iconia A700 or A210, and Toshiba Excite.

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General :: New Google Search - Google Now Doesn't Show Cards

Nov 14, 2013

Just installed the new Google Search. But i dont have any options to turn on cards, like TV shows, local transport etc. Do these appear over time? I only have 4 things in "Everything else" but i have seen people have like 20+

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Motorola Droid :: Two Bluetooth Connections Simultaneously Possible?

Mar 27, 2010

Can the Droid be connected to two bluetooth sources at once?
For example:
I am always connected to a parrot handsfree bluetooth car kit when in my car. But I also want to be able to stream music via bluetooth to a separate bluetooth dongle attached to my stereo receiver.

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HTC Incredible :: Record Video And Stream On Tv Simultaneously

Oct 4, 2010

Record Video and Stream on Tv Simultaneously?

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HTC Incredible :: ROM Handle Bluetooth And Wifi Simultaneously?

Oct 1, 2010

Tried 4 ROMs so far, Skyraider 2.5.2 and 3.0, and Virtuous 2.7 and 3.0. My wifi completely turns itself off about a minute after beginning a phone call while on bluetooth. Can anyone please confirm if your wifi stays on and connected while on a bluetooth call, and if so, what ROM, radio and kernel are you running?

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