HTC Incredible :: What Does Moto Droid FroYo Mean For Us?

Jun 30, 2010

A new FroYo version has been released for the Moto Droid, found here Motorola Droid Froyo build FRF84B leaked | Android Central well this isn't the newest and most exciting news for us incredible owners but my question is how hard would it be to port it over seeing as the both are cdma devices, both on verizon and almost the same amount of pixels. obviously there is some BIG difference between the devices such as hardware but i was just wondering. maybe combine the Nexus gsm FroYo and the Moto Droid FroYo update?

HTC Incredible :: What does moto droid FroYo mean for us?

Motorola Droid :: Can't Root For Moto Froyo 2.2 FRG22

Sep 13, 2010

Yes i recently had to flash my phone back to 2.1 which i did in a flash then i waited till it did a normal update to which i though would be FRG1B but to my surprise it was FRG22. Now i installed Easy Root and tried rooting it said it worked but it didn't so then i tried Universalandriodroot and it didn't work either.Now i tried to flash back to 2.1 and then just root from there but this is were my problem happens. When i try to Flash i do the normal plug up usb and restart phone and while waiting on it to boot hold up on the D Pad and Nothing happens i did this 15 times it will not go into the menu at all.

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HTC : My Moto Droid Sd Card Into New Incredible

Apr 19, 2010

Sound dirty, but you guys think oi t will work?

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HTC Incredible :: Moto Droid Boot Animation

Apr 29, 2010

Was just curious if anyone knew if you could get the Motorola Droid boot animation on the Inc? I have been fooling around with the live wallpapers alot and thought it would be pretty cool to get the boot screen on this to. I already have the Droid sounds on here.

Answered my own question, if others are curious on where you can go for boot animations here is a good site.

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HTC Incredible :: Bluetooth Has Weaker Signal Than Moto Droid?

Jun 20, 2010

I upgraded from a Moto Droid due to its dropping call constantly. I have a Dinc now but my Bluetooth skips a lot when I have the phone in my pocket while running. I am using Moto S305 headphones.

There were never any problems with the Moto Droid but I cannot use the same headphones without skipping unless I hold the Dinc in my hand.

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HTC Incredible :: Moto Droid Vs Droid Inc Signal Strength

Apr 30, 2010

I just did a little test and sat them side by side. the moto showed -83 and the inc showed -79. both fluctuated but the inc was consistently 2-4 lower than the droid. if you still have your moto,give it a try...

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HTC Incredible :: Moto Droid To Droid Incredible - Smart

Apr 20, 2010

I have a Moto Droid and I LOVE IT, problem is I am an early adopter and am addicted to phones. I have three lines, me, my mom and sister, and I always just use their upgrades and give them my current phone which is always a newer phone because I get so many. So thing is, I can probably swing getting early upgrade on one of the accounts for the $199 price tag on release day, but I sort of feel like I'm finally at a point where upgrading is possibly just not worth it? I mean sure the snapdragon is sexy, but I'm OC'd to 1 ghz already, and that camera would be nice because Droid's sucks ass, but other than that it's just a bit sleeker due to no physical QWERTY..

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HTC Incredible :: Switch From Moto Droid To Droid Incredible

Jun 9, 2010

I currently have a Droid rooted and overclocked to 1ghz. I just found out that I can upgrade to a new phone (I took a family members upgrade to get my Droid in October). I really like the Incredible, its fast, sleek, and I happen to like Sense a lot. Sense seems to make Android a whole new better OS. Now should I spend the $200 and get the Incredible once it is in stock again, or just keep my Droid. I used to like the keyboard, but I realize that is is more annoying than useful. Is the Incredible that much of a difference for me to switch or should I wait for something else?

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HTC Incredible :: Cancel My Order / Wait For Moto X Instead?

Jun 14, 2010

I placed an order for the Incredible a couple weeks ago, and it should arrive sometime next week. I was really psyched to get the phone until I found out that the Motorola Xtreme (or shadow) is coming out in July (or so I have read).I really like the UI of the incredible, and believe the phone will fit my needs very well. I will primarily use the incredible for apps, pictures, and video. My only hang-up is that I dont really want to buy the incredible if it will be surpassed by the Moto X a few weeks after I get my incredible. Does this sound legitimate? Is the Moto X going to be that much better than the incredible?I dont love the way the Moto X looks (at least from the pictures I have seen), and I also do not really want a huge phone either. Verizon told me I can still cancel my order without a penalty, but Im not sure if I would be happier with the Moto X. What should I do?

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HTC Incredible : Droid 2.2 Froyo OTA Update

Jul 12, 2010

Droid incredible OTA update will be pushed on ???? to phones and to a lucky few before that date. My source says it will have the 720p as well as wifi hotspot, as well as the back end, speed, and battery life enhancements. They also mentioned that there would be some new htc widgets and better skype support.take it for what it is worth but i will try to get some visual evidence.if anyone is getting the ota on there phone please post a picture here!

Update 1

720p, 802.11n,3g mobile hot spot, New HTC widget for email, New HTC widget for news, Amazon MP3, New pop/imap email updates


Source says that It looks like this might only be a minor update and not full 2.2 from reports of people getting it already. We will have to wait and see to know for sure.

I am sorry to say that i have far less faith in my source after this blunder... now things may have come up such as a problem with the update or the fact that they are pushing out updates for the Droid x, droid Eris and the BB curve right now and the data load would be too much. What ever the case i thought that my source (who has been a very reliable one) would be right on but apparently something has come up. I'm sorry for getting everyone's hopes up but at least some good came of this.(leaked OTA) next time I will be a little more general with any dates that I put out.Verizon all but confirms Droid Incredible's getting Froyo soon | Android Central. So the latest rumor is that it will come out on the 18th of august.lets hope that this time it is true!

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HTC Droid Eris :: Can I Use Froyo For Incredible

Oct 13, 2010

I have the file meant for the Incredible. Before I brick my phone: I've allowed non-sanctioned software in Settings. 1) Will this allow me to use the 2.2 meant for the Incredible, and 2) will it brick my phone? I have the procedure to root the phone and install the 2.2 ROM that way, but this seems easier. Plus, can I then unroot?

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HTC Incredible :: Droid - Froyo 802.11n Wireless Support

Jun 19, 2010

From Android Central;

HTC Droid Incredible may be gearing up for Froyo, 802.11n wireless support | Android Central

Perhaps a good sign, even without specific dates, etc?

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HTC Incredible :: Froyo On Droid - No Wifi Tethering

May 25, 2010

Don't know who here has seen this as its for the Motorola Droid....but if things stay this way...... looks like Big Red is going to take away that function. More Android 2.2 Photos on the Motorola Droid | Droid Life: A Motorola Droid Blog

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HTC Incredible : Droid Froyo 2.2- Problem With Stuck SMS Message

Sep 7, 2010

As I was clearing my entire inbox, someone texted me at exact same time. Now that message is stuck and will not go away. It will start randomly streaming in my notification bar, and at the bottom of the unlock screen. When I click on the person's contact information, it always shows I have a new SMS message from them. If you attempt to click it to read it, it just says "loading" forever. Also, when I receive a text it will show that I have 2 new texts since that other one is stuck there and technically still "new" since I can't click it. This has been there for days. I tried restarting the phone, I tried taking the battery out, I tried some program called SMS cleaner.. that thing will NOT go away. I've received texts at the same time I was clearing them with 2.1 but I never had this problem until the upgrade to Froyo. Anyone know how to get rid of it or will I need to do a hard reset?

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HTC Incredible :: Port Froyo's Browser With Flash Support To Droid 2.1?

Jun 29, 2010

As it may be a little while before Froyo is available for the Incredible I wonder if it might be possible to port Froyo's browser with flash support to Android 2.1. Ah the things you dream up when stuck at work doing data entry all day.

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Android :: Moto Droid 1

Aug 17, 2010

My Motorola Droid will turn on, but it will not go to my home. It will just stay on the start up screen (black background with white logo in the center).

Now this didn't happen until i decided i wanted the CyanogenMod on my phone. I used this tutorial: Full Update Guide - Motorola Droid - CyanogenMod Wiki.

So I started with the first step and I installed SPRecovery succesfully using RSDLite, but when it rebooted it wouldn't get to the home screen. Then on RSDLite it said "REBOOT MANUALLY". I waited longer to make sure it wouldn't turn on eventually but it didn't. I finally disconnected it and tried various things... to try and get it back to normal. Did i brick it? also my phone was already rooted.

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Android :: Droid X And Droid 2 Phones Locked Down - Replace Moto Droid With

Jul 14, 2010

Seeing as Motorola is locking down the Motorola Droid X and likely the Droid 2, what should I replace my Moto Droid with? I've been totally happy with the phone to the extent that I tell people it's the coolest thing I've ever owned in my entire life... that's 51 years for you youngsters. I'm of course on Verizon and will stay with Verizon. I've paid zero attention to any phones other than the Moto Droids. Alas, lockdown is not acceptable. So now I have to go through the whole learning process all over again.

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Media :: Nfl Mobile - Moto Droid 1- 2.2

Oct 31, 2010

Nfl mobile plays fine on my phone Moto droid 1 (2.2). Then on my sons phone it says he has to pay. I never had to pay on my phone. He has the same exact phone as i do. And on the same plan.

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Games :: Best Emulator For Moto Droid

Jun 9, 2010

An emulator seems like a great idea for my Droid, with a huge selection of games at my disposal that I might actually play for once (thanks to a number of situations where I find myself bored with nothing but my phone on me), but I hesitate to pick one because they all cost money.

I'm looking for a bit of information before I jump into anything. What are the different platforms emulated, how well to they run (if there's a site with compatibility ratings, that would be excellent), how much do they cost, and most importantly, how well do they control?

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Motorola Droid : Need Moto Blur Rom

Apr 5, 2010

Is there anyway someone could make a Moto Blur Rom for the droid?

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Android : Photos On A Moto Droid

Jun 19, 2010

How do I get pictures/photos from my computer onto my Moto Droid?

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Android : Change ESN Of Moto Droid?

Mar 10, 2010

Does anyone have any info on how to change the ESN of a moto Droid? maybe a link or something?
got two droids, filed a claim and want to keep both phones

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Motorola Droid :: Saving Numbers To Contacts (on The Fly) Moto Droid

Jun 30, 2010

Every time I type in a number and then go to 'Add To Contacts' my phone NEVER saves the number. if that person calls me the correct info will show up but for me to call them is impossible... because they are not on my list. I have searched everywhere for a fix for this. All the correct display option are checked (for gmail i have EVERYTHING checked now)

This drives me absolutely insane. Ive added the same contact several times... and when i hit 'done' they don't show up. PLEASE HELP


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Motorola Droid X :: Launcher Pro Vs Moto Stock

Jul 15, 2010

What are you going to use? Launcher Pro or the Moto Blur? And what is launcher pro? How does it work? Where do you download it?

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Motorola Droid X :: Moto X Vs IPhone 4 - Videos

Jun 28, 2010

I was just wondering if there are any videos putting these phones head to head in a speed test.

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Android :: How To Send Tex Message From Moto Droid?

Jun 8, 2010

I id a search, and the results were wide, varied and not to my point, so no I am asking the veterans.I would like to know how to initiate a text message on my Motorola droid. If I click the messaging icon on my home screen it takes me to gmail. if i open my phone and contacts, i get the email address and phone number displayed only, no option to text the desired contact.the only thing i seem to grasp is the call log. from there i can text or call again. seems like i can only text from call log, but if i have no call to tor from them in my log, and i want to text them, i do not know how. is there a good tutorial for texting and contacts? sorry if it seems like a dumb question, i just got my droid a couple hours ago. i am stokes because it was a sweet deal and i am not due to upgrade from my lame omnia for awhile. but i need to know how to text and initiate calls instead of just emailing everyone. the phone is sick sweet though.

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Android :: Eris Applications On Moto Droid?

Mar 31, 2010

I have a Moto Droid and was just playing around with my friends Droid Eris. I really like the HTC widgets (calender, email, txt and such). Has anyone gotten those onto the Moto Droid or found any like them?

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Android :: Program Crash On Moto Droid And G1

Mar 16, 2010

I have made a program that reads in a txt file of the users choice from the sd-card into and edittext window. I am reading in the file using a strings and a vector. This seems to work fine on most phones except on moto droid and g1.

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Motorola Droid :: Instant Msger On Moto

Jan 6, 2010

I've purchased a droid and realized it doesnt have a preinstalled instant message app (aim yahoo etc) like the hero or g1 friend sent me an .apk file from his hero, i tried to install using astro but it doesnt work. is there a way to download an instant messenger that is NOT meebo,ebuddy etc..nothing is in market.

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Android :: VPN Application Than Stock App For Moto Droid?

May 20, 2010

Does anyone know of a better VPN app than the stock app for the Moto Droid?

A couple key features that woud make this a great application:
1) Ability to store the password (though not visible)
2) Ability to automatically redial when disconnected.

I hate having to retype my password everytime the network (verizion not work) bumps me off and it is anoying to have the vpn disconnect and not realize it until I haven't gotten any new messages for a while.

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