HTC Incredible :: Send Button Hidden When Replying To Email

Apr 29, 2010

Anyone else having a problem when replying to email using the default mail app that the keyboard hides the send button? i keep having to minimize the keyboard to see the SEND button.

HTC Incredible :: Send button hidden when replying to email

HTC Hero :: Replying To Facebook Post Via Email A Contact Is Added / Way To Stop It

Mar 26, 2010

my contacts list is growing quickly, thanks to facebook.

the problem is that i get emailed when someone replies to a post i make. if i reply to that email, sent by facebook, it updates the facebook post (which i like) but it also adds the facebook email message to my contacts. since each facebook email is different my contacts list is growing quickly.

is there a way to stop the facebook replies being added to my contacts, while still keeping other replies being added to my contacts?

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Android :: Send Email Without Invoking Any Activity (with Send / Send To Action)?

Sep 8, 2009

Can I send an email without invoking any activity (with Send/SendTo action)? Just compose a mail and send to recipient from my application.

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Incredible :: Unable To Send New Email From HTC

Jul 16, 2010

I recently received my new HTC Incredible and connected to my exchange account. Everything thing seemed fine until people told me they had not received my emails. I checked and the emails were in my sent folder and appeared to have been sent. Looking into this further I was able to narrow the problem down to only NEW emails to an outside email address are not received. Any email that I reply to and any new email to someone on the same exchange server are received fine. Just new emails to an out side address are never received but are happily sitting in the sent folder.I deleted the exchange account from the phone and set it up again and had the same results. Pulled the battery, etc. I then setup my account on an HTC Hero and got the exact same results. As a side note the same setup on an iphone works fine.Searching around I think I may have narrowed the problem down to a pin issue between the HTC mail client and the Exchange Server but am not sure. Has anyone else had this issue?

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HTC Incredible :: Unable To Send Email After Rooting

Nov 2, 2010

I have not been able to send any email after rooting my inc. Have checked my settings. All seem to be correct.

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HTC Incredible :: Anyway To Use Enter Button As Send Text In Landscape Mode?

May 1, 2010

I switched from my Motorola Droid to the Incredible a few days ago and the one thing I have noticed is that on the Motorola in landscape mode on the touchscreen keyboard was a send button to send the text right from that screen. Is this possible on the incredible in anyway on sense ui? Its driving me nuts to have to lower the keyboard or hit back button to send it. Any idea? I know its a minimal problem, but its annoying to me.

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HTC Incredible :: Mail For Gmail - Send As Different Email Address

Apr 30, 2010

I am using the HTC mail app, to get emails from a Gmail account, which gets messages from a POP3 account. In Gmail online, I can send all messages as being sent from the Pop3 account. I cannot figure out how to do this with the HTC mail account, which makes it pretty useless. Anyone else using HTC mail and receiving and sending from different accounts? I've tried changing the outgoing server stuff, but I keep getting failed message sent errors.

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General :: Unbrick Android TV Smart Player (no Hidden Button)

Jan 6, 2014

I could not find an answer to unbrick my android smart tv player. The player does not boot I believe since ther is no picture on the screen and it does not show any reaction on inputs from the remote (usually the LED on the front blinks at input). Only the power button on the remote works and turns the device on and off. Thats it

I found several solution to unbrick Android Players which have a hidden button behind the AV jack, but those are different models that have different ports. I also tried holding down Vol- Home and Power on the remote to get into recovery, but it doesn't work. I attached pictures of my device.

Is there a way to boot into recovery using USB or SD Card. The dievice has 2 USBs and a SD Card slot. Or any other way to unbrick or factory reset it.

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HTC Incredible :: Everytiem Go To Send Email It Tells Me Settings Are Wrong

Oct 1, 2010

I have up til 2 weeks had no problems sending email via AOL on my incredible. Now all a sudden everytiem i go to send email it tells me the settings are wrong. I have

1. Let it check the settings and it goes through fine.
2. Delete the POP/IMAP account off the Inc and added it back

Still can't get it to email anymore...

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HTC Incredible :: Seem To Send Duplicate Messages When Replay Email / Correct It?

May 6, 2010

I'm using HTC Mail synced with my gmail account. When I compose an email or reply to an email, I seem to send duplicate messages. Does anyone know how to correct this?

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HTC Incredible :: Not Receiving Email Especially Gmail Unless Use Refresh Button

Aug 16, 2010

I'm having problems receiving my email especially my gmail unless I use the refresh button. Also I have weatherbug and it doesn't refresh by itsself either.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Hidden File Makes Pictures And Music Hidden

Mar 3, 2010

So I made a folder on astro and I put some pictures in it and then I made it hidden and now my music and pictures are hidden . How do I fix this with out making the pictures unhidden.

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Motorola Droid X :: DX Not Syncing All Email Accts / Won't Send Corporate Email?

Nov 2, 2010

I have searched and haven't been able to find any threads with one of my issues, so I apologize in advance if I missed one. Anyways, my DX has been working flawlessly since I got it back on 10/6. Sunday, 10/31, my DX quit syncing just my corporate Exchange 2003 emails, then yesterday it started not sending emails as well and now, this morning, it quit syncing my personal email. Corporate email will sync manually, just not push. I have rebooted several times, pulled the battery several times, and also deleted both my Exchange account and my personal account and re-added both and the problem still persists. I don't have any task killer apps installed and haven't recently added any apps since the issues started. Anyone have an idea what may be causing the lack of push (in and out) on both of my accounts?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Outlook Email - Able To Receive Work Emails But Cannot Reply Or Send An Email

Nov 13, 2010

Hello! I'm trying to set up my wife's droid 2. She uses outlook at work. I have outlook webmail set up on her phone. She is able to receive work emails but can not reply or send an email on her phone. It always says message not sent. Is there a setting I'm missing?

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HTC Incredible :: Hidden Notifications Panel

Apr 30, 2010

If you place your finger on the top bar, for example on the time in the top right hand corner, a second bar will appear. Without lifting your finger, slide your finger down to open the box. To close it you can slide it up from the bottom or tap the dot in the middle of the bottom bar.

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HTC Incredible :: Hidden Sub Menu With Lot Of Info?

Sep 8, 2010

I remember there was a menu, not the *#*#4636#*#*, but something that was #776 send and it brought up a lot of info. I cant even remember what the info was exactly, but I remember looking at it when I first got the phone. And its not #228.

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Android :: How To Use Built In Email App To Send Email From App

Mar 11, 2010

I want is to automatically compose an e-mail with a subject line, recipient address and an image attachment, and an e-mail app should then pop up with this automatically composed message, to let the user decide whether to send, edit or discard the message.

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HTC Incredible :: Android Can Be Connected To Hidden SSID Wireless?

Apr 30, 2010

Can Android connect to a network with a hidden SSID? I hide the SSID on all my wireless networks. I've tried two android phone's that simply fail to connect. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or can android just not see hidden networks? I connect to broadcasting networks just fine.

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Android :: Need SMS Auto-replying App

May 18, 2010

I know there are apps that can auto respond to all SMS's received with a predetermined SMS. is anyone aware of an app that lets you select certain people and not just everyone in the contact list?

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General :: Viewing Threads Without Replying?

Apr 7, 2012

I'm a member of quite a few forums and this has to be the only forum where hundreds of members click on a thread topic to view and not reply or provide any feedback. Why? If you have no intention of providing information, and you see that there are zero replies in the thread, why enter it? I can understand if you are seeking info that pertains to the thread topic, but if you see there are zero replies, what's the point of entering it and offer no feedback?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Wrong Person Selected When Replying To Text

Sep 20, 2010

I have this issue where when I am trying to reply to a text message and select the person's name to display the message but another person's name appears. I am not hitting the wrong person since the other person's name is nowhere on the screen. I've had 3 HTC EVO that did the same thing so im assuming this is software issue.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Screen Will Not Rotate When Replying To A Text

Jun 11, 2010

When I am responding to a text, the screen will not rotate.If I initate a text, it will rotate for me when I rotate the phone, but, when someone sends me a text, and I turn the phone to landscape to get the larger keyboard to send with, it will not change.I do have it set to rotate, as it will rotate if I try to do so when sending.Anything I can do about this? I've tried rebooting the phone a couple of times.

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Samsung Moment :: No Valid Recipient Found On Replying SMS

Jan 1, 2010

When texting I often would get an error sying " Cannot send this Message" Your message has no valid recipient even though I am replying to the txt msg thread that I have been engaged and was able to txt 5 times all the sudden I cant so I have to delete the thread select the contact create a new txt msg for it to work and then at some point later same error what gives?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Handcent Popup Replying In Pocket / What To Fix?

Jun 8, 2010

I've used SMS Popup and Handcent's popup feature and both reply to messages while the phone is in my pocket, and obviously they are jibberish and it annoys some of my friends (I don't even realize they texted me most of the time).

Is there any way to have some sort of unlocking feature when the phone 'wakes up'? Has anyone else figured out a way around this problem?

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Samsung Moment :: Texts Bouncing Back With Too Few Digits When Replying

Feb 23, 2010

My contacts are all setup as area code+xxxxxxx. I'm using the stock messaging app on my Moment. I get a text from someone in my contacts and reply to it. The text bounces back as not being in the ten digit format.

Is this because of the way the sender has their number configured or have I failed to setup texting correctly?

I called Sprint and they suggested a hard reset but I think the rep was clueless.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Cant Send Video From EVO Through Email?

Sep 13, 2010

I cant send videos through my Gmail or stock email app via Yahoo. I can attach the video but when I click send it just sits in the outbox for a long time then I get a "message not sent" error in the notification bar. This notification keeps popping up till I go into the outbox and delete the Email.Is this a problem with the EVO or is this an isolated problem?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Cant Send Videos Through Email

Jul 7, 2010

I can't send any of my recorded videos by e-mail or text message. I had no problem with this on my exclaim or Instinct HD. How do I go about this?

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Android :: Send Email

Feb 18, 2010

How to send a email in android?. I need to send from some other website email id's like I need not want Gmail.

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Android :: How To Send The Email

May 5, 2010

I am new in android.I need one help from all.

I need to send the email, I have tryed in emulator, i have checked my mail but i didnt got any mail,. how to do that?

I have mention below the my code for your reference.



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Android :: Send SMS To Email

Feb 16, 2009

I would like to send an SMS from the device to an email. I use this code for it:

SmsManager sm = SmsManager.getDefault(); sm.sendTextMessage(bodyText, null, "test123", null, null);

When the "bodyText" variable is set to "1234567890", then it works. When the "bodyText" variable is set to any character, even "n", it tells me a java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.

Is there any way to trick it so that it will let me send to an email?

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