HTC Incredible :: Downloaded ROM Virtuous 3.0.1 - What To Do Next?

Oct 18, 2010

I just rooted my phone and was wanting to install Virtuous rom 3.0.1. I made a backup with titanium (free) and downloaded rom manager. When I download Virtuous 3.0.1 from ROM manager what do I do next. I thought ROM manager would automatically install it from here. Do I need to choose something from the sd card?

HTC Incredible :: Downloaded ROM Virtuous 3.0.1 - What to do Next?

HTC Incredible :: Virtuous 2.7 Vs Virtuous 3.0.1

Sep 25, 2010

Can anyone detail the differences between these? Im on 2.7 now, what will i notice that is different?Also im not sure what the difference is between the kernals offered as well. There is stock, and custom. Is there also a kernal optimized for battery? or is that built into one of the others?

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HTC Incredible :: 6 Bar Mod For Virtuous?

Nov 1, 2010

seen a few 6 bar mods on cyanogen and skyraider but was wondering if there was one that would work with virtuous.I like the look and feedback versus my wimpy little 4 bar status

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HTC Incredible :: What Does Stock Virtuous 3.0.1 Have?

Sep 25, 2010

What does the stock Virtuous 3.0.1 have that the battery optimized one doesn't? I picked the optimized just to see what my battery life will be like.

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HTC Incredible :: Best Kernel To Run With Virtuous Rom?

Sep 12, 2010

I just installed the Virtuous 2.6 ROM and tried to install King BFS Kernel 4 but it put my phone in a reboot loop.What kernel should I use with this ROM?

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HTC Incredible :: Virtuous 2.7 And DSP Equalizer

Sep 17, 2010

Does the dsp-based equalizer referenced here [[TIP] Installing DSP-based equalizer on Android 2.2 stock ROMs.xda-developers ] work with Virtuous? It says stock roms and while Virtuous is not vastly different from stock it, nonetheless, is not totally stock. Thanks in advance for your feedback if you know.

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HTC Incredible :: Installing .zip On Virtuous

Nov 2, 2010

I'm on virtuous 3.1.0 and I'm trying to install an application that is a .zip file from my phone's internet browser. When I try to open the .zip file I'm taken to rom manager and I can't install the file. Anyone know how I can install it?

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HTC Incredible :: Virtuous NOV OTA Update

Nov 13, 2010

I have an older version of Virtuous ROM installed, 2.2 I think.I have never updated to a newer version of Virtuous can someone tell me the easiest way to deal with this update?I would rather not install or anything, basically I like the way things are now and don't want to change anything

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HTC Incredible :: Virtuous 3.1 For Users

Nov 11, 2010

So I have been rooted for sometime but haven't played with any ROMS yet until I finally got tired of waiting for Nov OTA and realized virtuous 3.1 has implemented the updates already.I figure a new post regarding this rom was warranted and hadn't seen anything in AF INC yet.1st thing to note. If you have been pondering this update and not doing it because you will have wipe the phone, Virtuous does not require a wipe and when you install the ROM you will have all your old data.I thought this was cool, especially for when the next updates come through such as new Sense build as well as Gingerbread.I did have one question for any other virtuous users.

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HTC Incredible :: Virtuous In Constant Sync

Sep 21, 2010

I have been very happily using a Sense 2.2 Lite ROM since August, but what the heck. I've heard good things about Virtuous.I cleared the cache and hard all data since this is a new ROM. Loaded fine. Titanium backup etc.I disabled weather updates. Turned off all google updates. Anything I could find.I still see the sync icon in the top bar spinning. If I go into Accounts & Sync I can hit "Cancel Sync" and it stops, even though I have no idea what it is trying to sync.I restored my older ROM but would love to give Virtuous a shot again.Any suggestions on a setting a may be overlooking?

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HTC Incredible : Way To Get Android Keyboard On Virtuous ROM?

Sep 17, 2010

I had Ruby 1.1.1 and loved it but the one turn off was the lack of audio streaming. So I changed to virtuous 2.7 with the modified kernel which I thought the audio streaming was working on, mine is not. Anyone know a way to fix this? Is this a known problem or just my phone? Also is there any way to get the android keyboard on the virtuous ROM?

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HTC Incredible : Favorite Kernel With Virtuous?

Sep 22, 2010

I have the latest version of Virtuous and the custom Rom from Rom Manager. Just wondering what's your favorite Kernel and why? Whats your battery life? Also, would I just leave the kernel I have on now and install a new on over it?

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HTC Incredible :: Minor Bluetooth Quirk With Virtuous 2.7

Sep 17, 2010

I've noticed that when using bluetooth audio in my car with my current setup (see sig), the audio no longer automatically resumes when I re-start my vehicle. When I was unrooted with 2.2, if I turned off the vehicle with audio playing, it would automatically resume when I started the car again later. Any ideas? I'm using MixZing as my player.

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HTC Incredible :: Want To Install Virtuous Rom / Do I Have To Data Wipe?

Oct 5, 2010

I am about to install the Virtuous Rom, do i have to do a data wipe?

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HTC Incredible :: Update To Virtuous 3.0 - Google Voice Missing

Sep 24, 2010

I just updated to Virtuous 3.0 and noticed my google voice widget wouldnt load. Then I noticed google voice is gone now. I tried reinstalling from market, it downloads, then says installation unsuccesful. Any suggestions? Wipe and reload rom from scratch?

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HTC Incredible :: Using Virtuous - Return To Stock Battery Widget?

Sep 22, 2010

I'm liking Virtuous, but I much prefer the stock battery widget which just shows a qualitative, graphical battery level. Being aware of the instantaneous percentage of remaining battery at all times makes me properly crazy.

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HTC Incredible :: Timestamp Issue While Texting - Frankenrom & Virtuous

Oct 11, 2010

I'm new to the root scene, and have been messing around with different ROMs, but have noticed on two different ROMs (frankenrom & virtuous) that when I receive text messages, the time stamp on them is incorrect. My account was set up in Illinois, but I'm now in Delaware. When I send a text it stamps at Eastern time, however when I receive a text, it comes through at Central time. This causes my texts to become unorganized and I have to scroll up in stock messenger (prefer this over Handcent or chomp) to read my new message. Any ideas? It was fine before I flashed any ROMs but now its really bothering me.

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HTC Incredible :: Running Virtuous 2.7 And Facebook Pics Won't Show Up In Messaging

Sep 21, 2010

I just updated my ROM from Virtuous 2.6 to Virtuous 2.7. Ever since, my Facebook contact pics for almost all my people will not show up in the Messaging app, including my own pic. The pictures show up find under People (HTC's contacts), but won't show up in Messaging.

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HTC Incredible :: Virtuous Custom Kernel That Save Battery Life

Oct 9, 2010

Just installed the custom kernel that save battery life but I am curious as to what it actually does to save battery anyone know?

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HTC Incredible :: Virtuous 3.1 And Google Turn-by-turn Navigation

Nov 29, 2010

in Virtuous Rom 3.1 the Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation voice doesn't work...instead of speaking the directions, the voice rambles on about XML versions and a random website in a slow-motion voice. I'm shocked that I can't find any information at all about this on XDA or here.Does this happen to anyone else who uses Virtuous Rom 3.1? I tried to contact RMK via XDA PM but he hasn't responded yet, sent last night. I would really like a fix for this, Google maps navigation is fantastic.

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HTC Incredible :: Where Do Downloaded Apps Go?

May 1, 2010

where do apps u download save to. using a file manager i can see 2 of my apps are on my sd card, but i cant find any more of em, even on the 8gb on board storage. where do they save to?

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HTC Incredible : Message Not Downloaded / Way To Fix?

Jun 1, 2010

I get this error and i have learned that it means someone sent me a picture but it wasn't downloaded. So i have to go thru all my texts to find the gray box that then gives me an option to download it. (There is no error symbol by the string of texts tho). After i hit download it then shows up. Is this just typical now or is it a setting that just causes me to make the download happen? Btw, im using the regular phone texting setup.

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HTC Incredible : Downloaded An Apk / How To Pull It Up

Apr 29, 2010

I downloaded an apk but not sure how to pull it up.

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HTC Incredible :: No Sound On Downloaded Videos

Aug 16, 2010

I have had my Incredible for a month and I love it. I can't figure out hoe to get the sound from the videos that I downloaded. I can play the videos, but no sound.

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HTC Incredible :: How To Email Downloaded MP3 Song?

Nov 6, 2010

Downloaded a song in Amazon mp3, have to email it. I located it in astro and long clicked to send, but the email goes blank. At a party just need to email it quick.

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HTC Incredible :: Finding Downloaded Document?

May 13, 2010

Have docs to go and quick office and can't find a word doc emailed to me. I downloaded to SD card and phone storage.

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HTC Incredible :: Check App Permissions After Downloaded Them?

Sep 17, 2010

How do you check app permissions after you've downloaded them?

I'd like to review what I've installed without having to uninstall and reinstall everything just to check.

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HTC Incredible :: Downloaded Unrevoked Package

Nov 13, 2010

I downloaded the unrevoked package, moved the drivers onto the sd card, activated the reflash_package and my phone went about halfway through the process before stopping. It went through the white screen with the little green droids at the bottom and then the phone rebooted, but it never went through the last boot screen where it installs s-off. I disconnected my phone and everything works perfectly, but I have no superpermissions. Now when I hook my phone to the computer and run the reflash_package it hangs on "pushing hboot". I've tried it 5 times now and still nothing...

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HTC Incredible :: Watching Downloaded Videos On Android

Apr 30, 2010

So i have the Droid Incredible.I also have a 16gig class 6 MicroSDHC.I have movies at home. Avi's, mp4, mkv, etc.I created a "videos" folder on the root of my 16gig and place different types of video files there.I know the incredible can't view avi's, but it should be able to view MP4 as is, correct? Mine won't read them. I need to convert them with an app (forgot the name) and convert them to 3gp. They videos always end up so crappy and pixelated.

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HTC Incredible :: Move Downloaded Apps To SD Card?

Sep 7, 2010

I'm looking to see how to move my downloaded apps to my card, looked through the and haven�t been able to find it yet.

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